Has the Public Finally Had Enough of Clinton Cleverness?

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Robert Ringer Comments (52)


Some of my readers are absolutely convinced that no matter what happens, no matter what the real vote count is, the criminal left (a.k.a. the radical left) will anoint Horrid Hillary president of the United States. And they could be right, since Obama and his hacks have made it clear that the Constitution and U.S. law are now irrelevant.

Even so, I’m sticking with my long-held belief that the Face of Evil will never become president. While there’s no question that much of the citizenry resides in Watters’ World, I guess I’m still naïve enough to believe that when the People of the Lie go beyond a certain point, the average low-information voter feels like they’re insulting his intelligence.

Whenever I start feeling discouraged by what the clever knaves in Washington get away with, I remind myself of something Thomas Sowell once said. To paraphrase, Sowell opined that the problem with clever people is that there is a tendency to try to continue to be clever long past the point where what they have to lose is much greater than what they have to gain.

Of course, Bubba got caught by his own sperm when Monica Lewinsky brought her infamous blue dress out of the closet. But even after lying to the public by insisting that “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” when the dress emerged shortly thereafter, he simply put the whole matter to bed (pun intended) with, “Indeed, I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate.

End of story. Nothing else to see here. Let’s move on folks. And, indeed, most of the anesthetized public cheered Bubba when he insisted that he intended to serve out every minute of his second term — and, by golly, he did.

But we are now in a new era where even the cleverest scoundrels are no longer believed by a majority of the public when they cross over a subjective moral line in the Washington muck, and that line was clearly crossed when:

  • Obama announced that he was endorsing Hillary and would be campaigning with her.
  • Bubba then quickly had a private meeting with Lyin’ Loretta Lynch that stunned even loopy liberals.
  • James Comey then listed Hillary’s crimes on national television, but shocked the world when he recommended that she not be prosecuted!
  • Sultan Barackus then flew the Face of Evil to a campaign event in North Carolina on your dime (Air Force One). That in-your-face antic on his part may have been one thumb in the eye too many.
  • Lyin’ Loretta then refused to answer any of Congress’s questions. In effect, the Attorney General of the United States took the Fifth Amendment.
  • Finally, the Face of Evil went right back into her high-gear lying mode when asked about James Comey’s revelations about her email crimes. And to this day, she is still repeating the same lies.

Call me gullible, but I believe that if Manafort & Co. keep a tight leash on The Donald, especially now that he has the ultra-creditable Mike Pence as his running mate, he will leap far ahead of Horrid Hillary in the polls following the Republican Convention — and stay far ahead of her throughout the final months of the race.

As I’ve said before, only Donald Trump can defeat Donald Trump. Not to be immodest here, but I truly believe even I could beat Hillary if I were running against her. In fact, I believe you could beat Hillary — and I’ve never even met you! Why? Because she not only is the most flawed and despised candidate in my lifetime, she is, unlike Bubba, also the worst liar on the planet. She’s still trying to be clever and, a la Thomas Sowell, the more she tries, the more it’s working against her.

Of course, the real problem for the Face of Evil is that vast right-wing conspiracy that just won’t stop picking on her. Poor little thing … just can’t seem to catch a break.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

52 responses to “Has the Public Finally Had Enough of Clinton Cleverness?”

  1. larajf says:

    I felt that way about McCain and Romney and they still lost. And some watchdog group (sorry I can't find it) discovered that Florida had something like 1/3 of the votes were from dead people? How can we fight utter fraud? I think in 2008 election, someone tried to sue Delaware for fraud and the Supreme Court said he didn't have standing. (a voter doesn't have standing to protest voter fraud??). Then in 2012, there was clearly massive fraud in Ohio.
    I think people need to stop looking to the government and somehow, we need to get the rule of law back.

  2. Winslow says:

    Mr. Ringer, I certainly hope that you are right in your analysis. Maybe Her actions and BHO's lack of action on terrorism will be enough for many of the low information voters to stay home and not go to the polls. Hoepfully it will also finally wake up the quiet majority that are living with this nightmare to go out and vote. Excellent move on Trump to select Governor Pence. The people have a clear choice. They vote for a known serial liar or a Business man that has put everything on the line for the country that he believes in.

    • Nat Smith says:

      I love your response. I am scared to death and repulsed by that "Face of Evil" and antics so well written on this blog. Praying so hard that the anesthetized will finally feel enough pain to exhibit some intelligence in the voting booth.

  3. John Parker says:

    True the Vote (truethevote.org) is doing an excellent job of having voter rolls updated and they are training poll watchers for election day. An outstanding organization doing the work Congress should be doing! I hope you'll join and support True the Vote – I do!

  4. TheLookOut says:

    Robert, I agree, IF the polls are not corrupted again, only "The Donald's"
    mouth can defeat Trump the candidate.

  5. Michael Burrill says:

    Horrid Hillary sat there and deflected Wolf Blitzer's questions about email security onto the people she sent and received emails from, never answering questions about her own direct involvement. I suppose "guiltless by association" is her stance. And, he didn't call her on it. One can only hope that the low information crowd could see that too… I personally don't hold a lot of that hope. The question I have is this: how can a person face others, and cameras, and spew outright lies with no sense of shame, guilt, or remorse and not be a sociopath? I fear our government is riddled with them. Say whatever about Donald Trump, he has real American values and speaks his truth… so far.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I saw the Blitzer interview and thought it was amazing. Every time he asked her about the crimes Comey had said she committed, she acted as though he were asking her about her underlings at the State Dept. and magnanimously defended THEM. If our very civilization were not at stake on the outcome of this election, It would have almost been funny.

    • chris says:

      speaking of sociopath– read the new book CRISIS OF CHARACTER by Gary J. Byrne a retired uniformed
      Secret service agent in the clinton white house -it gives a whole new meaning to the word

      • Jim Hallett says:

        The Clintons don't understand "character" because they have none. They are the poster children for AMORAL humanoids. And Wolf Blitzer is just another "progressive" shill from Constantly Negative News that is not about to call Hildabeast or any left-wing wacko out.

  6. John Fallon says:

    While I agree that Clinton "antics" should preclude her from being president they pale in comparison to every Republican candidate since Nixon including the Chump.
    Some time in my life I hope not to eat a shit sandwich called the president.

  7. Robert, I am wondering why you are not on Trump's advisory team. Surely he must have read Winning Through Intimidation and Looking Out for #1. I can't imagine that he wouldn't respect your accurate opinions above others. Would you like for me to arrange an introduction :)

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Yes, I would. All I want is to get three or four major points across to him that his people seem to be missing and a landslide victory would be assured. The two major issues are how to handle Trump U. and his bankruptcies. I would turn both of these into humiliations for Hillary. I want to credit. I just want to help him defeat the Face of Evil.

      And, yes, he would have had to read WTI when he was a young many wheeling and dealing in real estate.

      • Bobolito says:

        Robert, I hope you WILL MEET with Donald Trump. You would give him great advice. He MUST defeat the Face of Evil and her compatriots now.

  8. Smaltz says:

    About that Mike Pence guy, here's a 42 sec analysis:

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Judge Napolitano's analysis and insight is always welcome, of course, but he was even broadsided by Comey and the DOJ's whitewash of the Clinton criminality. The District of Criminals is full of statists, and since Ron Paul was hardly going to accept the VP nomination, there were few ideal choices. I do think he helps Trump some, but if huge numbers of dumbed down sheeple show up at the polls, Hildabeast can still win. Morality and Sanity mean little in pre-apocalypse Amerika of 2016.

  9. Mary J. says:

    Check out the new movie "Hillary's America" for more insights and perspective. And check out the new book by Anne R. Pierce: A Perilous Path: The Misguided Foreign Policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

  10. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    Trump, I believe, will address ISIS, and that is necessary. before potential escalation. But, I now hear on TV the situation is described as a World War. Nostradamus, and others, has assured the world that WWIII will happen, or is now happening. If so, perhaps it overall will be less painful than WWII, hopefully, since it does not involve whole countries pitted against each other. Once completely engaged, I like to think that ISIS could be stopped in a relatively short time and without the devastation of WWII. Am I just/only into "geezer hope"?

    • Yash says:

      Richard, I think this is inevitable. Donald Trump will not be able to address ISIS. It's above his pay grade, in that it's created by the machinery that runs the system.

      There's hope he might be able to, but I doubt it.

      The global narrative is getting shaped to be Muslims are bad, and every month there will be more horrible instances that will have people crying out for peace.

      Horrible Hillary has created this stage through her decisions while Secretary Of state. Libya and Iraq and now much off Syria has become the playground of this never before heard of group that's suddenly on everyone's lips.

      So WW3 imo, is inevitable.

  11. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    Yes, spread the word to everyone. Dinesh D'Souza deserves a Medal of Honor for the work he's done in taking on the Marxist crowd.

  12. Michael Burrill says:

    My heroes: Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and Dinesh D'Souza.

  13. Jurgy says:

    "Sultan Barackus then flew the Face of Evil to a campaign event in North Carolina on your dime (Air Force One). That in-your-face antic on his part may have been one thumb in the eye too many." … isn't this illegal??? …

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      It seems blatantly illegal to me – but what do I know? Taking it to its logical conclusion, it would seem to mean that a president can use any and all government resources to help get someone elected.

    • Jay Smith says:

      Then Barack, taking Her up on Air Force One, showed Her all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And Barack said to Her, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours.”

  14. Albert says:

    I sit up here in "lovely socialist" Canada where the wacky left is driving this once truly strong and free country into the abyss and would love nothing more than Trump to win the presidency. Then I'd love to see our Mr Trudeau kiss Mr Trump as he did Mr Obama….now that would make for good TV!

  15. Rocketman says:

    Mike Pence is my governor and he is a great choice for Trump. No one has anything bad to say about him and he is unusually honest. and tries to work towards getting along with everyone else. He is everything that Trump needs to balance the ticket.
    Hillary on the other hand needs to have her exact opposite to balance out her ticket and the only person that could do that would be Jesus himself. Good luck getting him on the ticket Hillary.

    • Jean says:

      Especially since the Demoncrap party booed God at their last convention. Jesus might take issue with that move.

  16. Rock Roach says:

    I think I said something to the effect if Trump chose Pence,he should be almost a cinch over Hillary.I can't see Trump losing Penn.,Ohio,Fla or Iowa with the coal loving conservative.I even think DT can win some strange states like New Jersey or Conn.
    And with all the strange events in Turkey,I expect our Ostrich president to act like you guesed it-a turkey.
    With more turmoil on the horizon,people out of work,and revolts in other countries-you would think voter's eyes would finally see the light.
    And in a final note-how about a tremendous job by Reince P (the republican chairman) who has helped keep everything together with the GOP chaos.If their is truly an American hero,it might be RP who has faught off the elites and held this thing together.

  17. Johnyy Twosheds says:

    Actually, in a sane world, Charles Manson, Jeffery Dahmer and Aileen Wuornos could easily beat Hilary, since all three of them are/were far more decent human beings that she is. Alas, we are living in a very flawed country where the lowest, the most vile and vulgar, and the most corrupt always seem to come out on top. Welcome of the the America of the single digit IQ.

    • ◄Dave► says:

      Single digit IQ is joking, of course; but double digit certainly wouldn't be. It has been a very long time since America's average was anywhere near 100. I sincerely doubt that it even reaches 90 nowadays, since we bought into the Malthusian ZPG nonsense, and have outsourced our reproductive duty to third world peasants. ◄Dave►

      • Jim Hallett says:

        And Europe did the same thing on an even grander scale, so they cannot reproduce their own population, and are being overrun by immigrants from Islam and other parts of Asia.

      • Jean says:

        We've also encouraged the least capable in our country to reproduce wantonly by rewarding them via wealth redistribution schemes (Great Society programs) while the productive class has more and more extracted from its income and is required to live within its means, effectively reducing the number of children per household for the self-reliant among us. 60 years of public policy has created an entrenched dependent class that has little incentive to learn or even to be functional in society.

  18. Reality Seeker says:

    Lawlessness is now openly ( and proudly) practiced by the Beltway People.

    Personally, I was wrong. I thought that Hillary went too far; too many laws were broken; too many classified secrets were illegally handled; too many lies were told; too many favors were sold via the Clinton Foundation…….. Nope! She got away with more lawlessness, lies, fraud and treason than any political figure in American history.

    What does this prove? It proves that the Republican Beltway Party and the Democratic Beltway Party don't want Trump to move in the White House.

    If Jeb was the nominee, then there would have been an indictment.

    Make no mistake about it: The Beltway People hate Trump so much that they are going to attempt to stop Trump at ANY cost —- that includes looking the other way while Hillary high crimes and misdemeanors are "fixed".

    If Trump wins, then Mike Pence might be president sooner than many people think, if you know what I mean.

    • Richard Lee Van Der says:

      Within Trump's first term is my prediction.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        Yeah, within the first year of the first term is mine.

        They better kill Alex Jones, too, because he's just now coming into his prime. Today, on his way to the RNC, Alex confronted Karl Rove and called him out. Karl called the police….lol.

        The Beltway People are going to have to kill off a lot of people. This isn't going to end well. That's my prediction. I also predict that if this ends in a Second Amendment shooting war the Beltway People will lose everything — including many of their lives. The police won't be able to protect the Beltway People because the police will be too busy running for their own lives.

        Once a real, shooting revolution gets started, nothing, not even the military, is going to stop it.

        • ◄Dave► says:

          LOL… Alex, like Trump, doesn't play by their rules. Your comment about the police being too busy is profound. This is likely to be an interesting week. Buckle up! ◄Dave►

          • Reality Seeker says:

            It's obvious that the Police would be useless during any large scale and widespread violence. Hell, the cops are getting taken out left and right by lone shooters. What's going to happen when armed groups of Pissed People start gunning for " law enforcement"? And what happens when well trained patriots decide they've had enough of government goons, officious beaurocrats and prevaricators like Hillary?

            When the bullets really start to fly my money is on the runners and gunners — not the government. And I actually have the inside story on the cops. And it basically is this: when the going gets tough, the cops get going —–. Meaning, they get the hell out of danger as fast as they can…… " Fuck the public" is what I've heard they'll do when the real SHTF. You see, the police chiefs know what's coming. And when it comes, the cops are looking out for # 1. Period.

          • The real evidence of a police retreat can be seen by studying what happened in the first few hours of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. LAPD retreated to safe positions throughout the city. Good citizens were left to protect themselves from the mayhem. The police eventually regrouped in the next 48hours. But, during that time there was so much looting and stores set on fire that they were left to burn. Nearly 60 people died in the riots and almost all have gone unsolved. This is not meant to be a history lesson, but a real lesson on the topic that the police will retreat of all hell breaks loose as described above. My knowledge of what I have just reported is as first hand as first hand can get.

          • Reality Seeker says:

            I was in San Diego when the verdict was announced regarding the "officers" who beat Rodney King. When the riots broke out I remember watching the action live. So, yes, I totally agree with you. Further more, just look at what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Not only did the cops flee from the danger, in some cases they became the worst kind of criminals.

            So, the lesson is don't rely on the cops when in fact they just might be the ones who shall Rob and kill you —- or, at the very least, "confiscate your gun". All for your protection, of course.

            Finally, I'm not on the side of Black Lives Matter or The Black Panthers or and of the those other similar type groups nor am I on the side of the goonish, thugs who dress themselves in a government uniform and do the government's dirty work.

            I support peace officers, not the military police and the SWAT teams who kick down people's door for non-violent crimes….. The cops have, for the most part, developed a bad attitude. They view the citizen as a "civilian". And in many cases, they mistreat and disrespect the citizen. So, to all those shithead cops I say: payback is a bitch……

          • ◄Dave► says:

            I couldn't agree more on all accounts, RS. However, I did thoroughly enjoy Sheriff Clarke's evisceration of CNN's Don Lemon tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAu44wVgb58
            I look forward to his speech Monday night in Cleveland. ◄Dave►

    • ◄Dave► says:

      My blogging partner keeps reminding me that months ago, Bill Bennett predicted that 'they' would kill Trump, before ever allowing him to become POTUS. Now that he has made the deal with the GOP to select Pence for VP, they would probably wait until soon after the election…

      I still think Comey's move was a gift to the GOP, which left the Dems stuck with Hillary, after brutally verbally indicting her. Perhaps, it was meant as a gift to Pence, rather than Trump? It sounds like a three rail bank shot; but think about it… ◄Dave►

      • Reality Seeker says:

        This is what happened after Karl called the cops. Alex confronted him again and called him "turd blossom".

        This is why I like Alex, because he gets right in their face……

        It's going to be a fun week at the RNC.

      • Richard Lee Van Der says:

        Being "wealthy" to say the least, Trump could shut up and live a good life. That's proof, to me, that he is on a mission and serious, ie, AUTHENTIC! I hope The Force will protect him so he can do the job, but "how to take someone out" can be sophisticated. In any case, no one knows the personal risk more than him. (Maybe he has a terminal disease and has decided to finish by doing a Grand Mission. Sick joke.)

  19. Robby Bonfire says:

    I look at odds offerings at a major offshore sports book, from time to time, to ascertain whether the gap between Clinton and Trump is closing. After Nice, I figured no one in right (or left) mind would want Hillary in the White House, given her Benghazi fumbling and lying, and the borderline Apocalyptic state of our world, today.

    However, Hillary still is the over-whelming favorite to win the White House. As of today, July 19, you have to put up $250 to earn $350 gross, betting on Hillary. Whereas, a $100 bet on Trump returns a gross $305.

    I think we can conclude from this that the basic Democrat Party constituency along with the rest of the tattooed-down, baseball cap on backwards, baggy pants, Big Gulp crowd is still very much in control of our political future, given that nothing that happens abroad or here at home seems to shake them out of their Democrat Party First – America Last lethargy.

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