Will the Silent Majority Speak Up in November?

Posted on June 6, 2020 by Robert Ringer


The decade of the Sixties was dominated by major riots throughout the United States, with four of the most destructive occurring in New York City (Harlem) in 1964, Los Angeles (Watts) in 1965, and Newark and Detroit in 1967.

Riots usually have a flash point, and some of the most memorable ones in the Sixties and early Seventies included the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, followed by the assassination of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King in 1968, and, in 1970, the Kent State shootings in which the National Guard opened fire on student antiwar protestors, killing four and wounding eight.

More recently, we’ve been through Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown (Ferguson), Freddie Gray (Baltimore), and today’s nationwide riots, said to be in the name of George Floyd, who was the victim of excessive force used by a Minneapolis cop.  The gruesome video of a rogue policeman pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck brought condemnation from all quarters — blacks and whites, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, which appeared to be a sign of moral unity.

Nevertheless, race charlatans and the race-obsessed media were not satisfied.  They were not about to take a pass on a situation crying out to be exploited.  The ensuing protests were for the most part out of sympathy for George Floyd and his family, but the Radical Left riots they morphed into most definitely were not.  Nor were they about “systemic racism” or racial injustice.  Plain and simple, they were about anarchy, opportunity, intimidation, and power.

It’s merely another chapter in the Radical Left’s determination to bring about the fundamental transformation of America that race hustler Barack Obama infamously boasted about just prior to the 2008 election.  And, make no mistake about it, the fundamental transformation he was referring to was the implementation of a left-wing, authoritarian government in the United States.

The foot soldiers of today’s answer to the antiwar protests of the Sixties and Seventies are for the most part white, overprivileged, suburban kids whose meaningless lives have overwhelmed them with boredom.  As such, they are prime prospects for becoming the kind of zombies Eric Hoffer wrote about in his book, The True Believer, in search of their own Kent State or Vietnam War.  The merits of the cause are not nearly as important to them as the excitement it offers, an excitement great enough to dull the pain of their inconsequential existence.

With the coronavirus lockdowns destroying the American economy and the riots destroying American cities, the Democrats and their robotic true believers are confident that they finally have a lethal combination that can bring down the evil Donald Trump.

So, are they right?  Some of us vividly remember when Richard Nixon, a dull, mediocre swamp creature, swept to victory in 1968 by appealing to the so-called silent majority, those millions of law-abiding citizens who believe in the American way of life, the sanctity of the Constitution, and civility, but do not express their opinions publicly.  It was one of the most amazing comebacks in political history, given that Nixon was written off politically when he was destroyed by upstart John Kennedy in 1960, then humiliated by losing to incumbent Pat Brown in the 1962 California gubernatorial election.

To fully appreciate the enormity of Nixon’s comeback, consider that in 1964 Lyndon Johnson (and his running mate, Hubert Humphrey) won a whopping 61.1 percent of the national popular vote.  Yet four years later, in 1968, Humphrey won only 42.7 percent of the vote when he ran against Richard Nixon.  It was the lowest percentage of the popular vote won by any candidate, Democrat or Republican, in more than thirty years.  Further, Nixon was reelected in 1972 when he won by a 49-state landslide by promising the silent majority he would restore law and order.

If you’re wondering whether the silent majority is, in fact, still a majority in America, a new poll from Morning Consult appears to provide the answer.  The poll found that 71 percent of voters support the use of the National Guard to control “protests and demonstrations.”  Of these, 42 percent said they “strongly support” the use of the National Guard and 29 percent said they “somewhat support” it.  Even 63 percent of Democrats either “strongly” or “somewhat” support it as well, while 42 percent of African-Americans either “strongly support” or “somewhat support” the measure.

Thus, the important polls today are not the ones that tell us that Sleepy Joe is ahead of Donald Trump in the popular vote.  So was Hillary — even after she lost the election!  The truth be known, popular-vote polls are meaningless in an election decided by the Electoral College.  Strange that no one in the media seems to understand that, Fox included.

All of which means that the 2020 election is Donald Trump’s to win or lose.  The odds are that he will continue to do all that he can to destroy himself, but the Radical Left seems to be even better at self-destruction than the president.  So much so that many doubters in the silent majority are likely to see him as the lesser of two evils and vote for him even if they don’t like his style.

Think about that, Mr. President, the next time you feel the urge to say something stupid.  Why not be smart and just let the Democrats hand you the win with their uncontrollable support of the barbarians?

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

12 responses to “Will the Silent Majority Speak Up in November?”

  1. JurassicRick says:

    So much has transpired since last December, where the economy was riding at its highest and social protests, riots, and violence were at a low point or non-existent, and we didn't have Covid-19 to worry about. Also, it looked as if Sleepy Joe was done for as far as getting the presidential nomination. Now, all of this has changed and been thrown into the equation, and Donald Trump has got his hands full in terms of getting re-elected. Yes, there is a Silent Majority, and they need to reawaken and come out to vote this coming November if he is to win again.

  2. bluejay72 says:

    Polls don't matter 40% of black voters will support DJT. If you take that number and divide it by two, he still wins in a landslide. With the administrations efforts to minimize voter fraud and his ability to bring our economy back to pre-Plandemic levels, Dementia Joe is not going to get a sniff…If you think the Wuhan red death virus was about health and these riots are about George Loyd, I have a bridge in London I would like to sell you. my guess is Trump wins 47 states. There is only one way they take out Trump …I will let you use your imagination to figure that out. Stay tuned the Coup attempt continues. Watch DC today and it's so called million man march. Interesting that the anarchist mayor wants the White House barriers brought down and is chasing the military and national guard our of town. Watch the White House today. This is not about D's and R's. This is about patriots defending our Republic vs. the New World Order Globalist quest to take down Gawd Damn America. 3/4 of the R's are swamp reptiles.

  3. larajf says:

    At least the economy is opening back up and people are able to go back to work. Then we'll know that the only "protesters" are just paid shills. And I do hope the president takes a bit more of a high road. My mother in law is conservative but cannot stand him…she thinks he's crude. (but I can't get her to stop watching news) And it's people like her who may not vote for a candidate at all. That makes me nervous. I hope people look at his real track record.

  4. bluejay72 says:

    5 months before the Presidential election …a lifetime in politics. If the Rasmussen Poll, which had him garnering 40% of the black vote is anywhere near accurate, he wins in landslide. I worry more about voter fraud than Joe Biden. The Left is voting against Trump not for Biden. Quid Pro Joe doesn't know if he is afoot or horseback….What a dog faced pony soldier using his own words. Style vs. substance…A lot of people don't like a fighter. We have never had a conservative president take on the Left and their DNC-Media Complex who hasn't uttered a truth in four years. They are straight out of the pits of hell. Your mother in law needs to put her big girl pants on and suck it up. You can tell her I said that though she would probably think that was crude as well. Keep the faith….God wins in the end. What a time to be alive…

  5. pokertiger says:

    Several things here.I heard on Tucker Carson that a grand total of 10 African-Americans in 2019,had been killed by police when they were unarmed.In a majority of instances the police were threatened and none of them were convicted.I am not sure what the white cases were but I believe Tucker said around 50.And more whites by far were killed by white policemen than African Americans,even though there is a big disparity in criminal activity.
    My next question is where were all the protests in the Obama regime when many more unarmed blacks were killed or some other injustices occurred?I certainly don't believe we had 2 weeks of protests at any time during his administration.
    If these protests are going to prove anything,It's going to be the herd immunity(a word democrats hate) that the covid is going through ,since cases have not gone above 25k per day in 2 weeks,and are shrinking to less than a 1 percent increase per day.At one time New York cases were doubling every 6 days.Now they are only doubling once a year and shrinking even smaller.If states like Pennsylvania,New york,and New Jersey showed their real recovered victims of covid,the scare tactic(of so many covid cases we can't reopen) would be a lot less.In southern Miss.and southern Alabama where I reside-We couldn't have 100 active cases right now.(a population of 500,000)

  6. JF1017 says:

    In ginning up race riots, the left forgets one thing: it's not 1968 any more. There are three generations of whites who have grown up with the reality of Affirmative Action programs, and have seen that despite weighting test scores for merit-based promotions (in police and fire departments, among others) and denying academically gifted whites and Asians places in universities so as to have the proper proportion of minorities in place, the black community by and large still has issues and continues to blame "institutional racism." There are a lot of nonblacks who are sick and tired of being blamed for things they not only had nothing to do with, but have sacrificed for to avoid or mitigate. In addition, we've already begun what appears to be a V-shaped recovery. Unlike the "recovery" former president Obama touted, which was essentially a flat line with a slight upward trajectory in 2016, the COVID economy is bouncing back with a fervor. The silent majority is much larger than the left (and the mainstream media) anticipate.

  7. smucko says:

    I'm going to repeat my same question to RJR and to all of you — "WHat are you going to do after President Trump leaves the stage? Hope for another King to single-handily hold off the barbarians that are inside the gates?" The barbarians that I am talking about here are the Dirty Dems, Republican RINOs, the Deep State, Main Stream Media, weak State Officials, CEOs, and Big Tech. That is quite an army.

    President Trump bought us four years to repent from our foolish, immoral ways and take back the country that we inherited. And what have we done with that time? Nothing. We just sat back congratulating ourselves and left our RINOs in place, and they responded by keeping their heads down and their hands out while they undermined President Trump and sold you and your children's future down the drain.

    So, what now? We are either at the end of the 2nd quarter of the Trump Game, or the 4th quarter, as we come up on the November 2020 election. President Trump may buy us another few years with the same non-supporting Congress, or it will be time for Annie Get Your Gun. I'm not a big fan of his, and I have no use for the Republican Party, but they are the only thing that we have FOR NOW to fight back the barbarians. Since they are all that we have, we have no choice but to vote straight ticket Republican in November. This is no time to stay home, or submit a protest vote.
    The reason that we do not have a real choice in our elections is because about two-thirds of you have told them that you don't think that we need a 3rd Party. I have never understood why you constantly give Congress an approval rating of about 11% while consistently awarding them with more power to control every aspect of your life. The picture that emerges in my mind when I think of the absurdity of that disconnect is of the Jews during the Holocaust running with their hands up into the freshly-dug ditches to be gunned down by the Nazi soldiers standing on the banks.
    You always get the government that you deserve. We did this to ourselves, and there may or may not be time to turn it around. My personal opinion is that we are looking at a generational 25-year conflict between the Boomers who caused it and the Millennials who have to pay for it. Hopefully, I am wrong.
    It is too late in this political season to change horses, but my challenge to you is that no matter the outcome in November, our job is to warn our RINOs that we are going to get off our butts and try to find (if they are out there) constitutional candidates to run against them IN THE 2022 PRIMARIES. We did this before with the Tea Party, but those successful candidates for the most part went over to the Dark Side. This time, we must vet them and make sure that they are committed to the constitution, or no cigar.
    The goal here is to get Trump some help if there is a second term. He is too narcissistic to ask for it himself, but we need to put in place Congressmen who will hold his feet, and the feet of the Deep State, to the fire.
    If there is no second term, then it is even more paramount that our RINOs are told IMMEDIATELY that if they continue to lean toward the Dark Side, we will remove them from office in the next election.

    Let's get started. Like Noah, start searching for constitutional candidates and like-minded groups to take over the Republican Party. We don't have time to try to get a new party on all 50 ballots. Good Hunting!

    • HonestProfessor says:

      Too late–Iowa congressman Steve King was just primaried out–replaced by an establishment-chosen RINO.

    • pokertiger says:

      Tea party days ended with the shellacking of Ted Cruz in the republican primaries of 2015 and 2016.If republicans want to remain in control,all they have to do is stay slightly right of center.(garnering all the independent vote),Trump isn't a real republican(He was once a democrat-He is more independent if anything).
      The democrats are trying to win the white house with a supposedly more right candidate as well.The problem is their only candidate is a senile throw back who passed a not well liked crime bill back in 1994 and has a lot of baggage of his own.(So Trump should win by default) And I think Mike Pence might be your 2024 president.I don't know what Rino's like Paul Ryan will do in 2024,but he could beat anything the Dems throw out there. I am really surprised a 3rd political party hasn't emerged with all the distrust in Congress,and the general feelings of the country.

    • thebacksaver says:

      My 2 word reply: Mike Pence

  8. HonestProfessor says:

    Incidentally, the 1967 Newark riots were also triggered by reports of police brutality involving white police officers abusing a black defendant who was resisting arrest. History repeats itself.