The Democratic Primary Derby

Posted on February 14, 2019 by Robert Ringer


I view the following candidates as serious contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, not because they’re quality people — they’re not — but because fate has elevated them into the public spotlight.  You might say they are accidents of history.

Joe Biden.  One-percent Joe has a real shot at the Democratic nomination, for no other reason than because he was Obama’s stooge for eight years.  He’s such a clown, however, that time is against him; i.e., the more he’s in front of the cameras, the more he will screw up and the more support he will lose.  Trump would have a field day with Joe’s gaffes, but whether Biden will even make it to the general election is questionable.

Michael Bloomberg.  Nanny Bloomberg is America’s version of Napoleon, but he’s far more dangerous than was the famous French emperor.  He’s a self-righteous little varmint who seems intent on using his 50-billion-dollar fortune to dictate to others how they should live their lives.

Like all his Dirty Dem cohorts, he’s willing to say anything to get attention.  He demonstrated that in his speech at Saint Anselm College when he ludicrously said about President Trump, “He failed at business, and now I think it’s fair to say he is failing at government.”  This kind of “don’t believe your lying eyes and ears” stuff is sure to backfire on Bloomberg if he runs, because it’s insulting to all halfway intelligent voters.

Bernie Sanders.  Let me make it clear that I have a soft spot for Uncle Bernie.  He’s a character right out of the movie Reds — a red-diaper baby who honeymooned in his beloved Soviet Union.  I doubt he can win the Democratic nomination — and certainly not the presidency — but this time around I expect him and his rabid supporters to be out for blood now that they realize Horrible Hillary and the Dirty Dems screwed them out of the 2016 nomination.

That’s right, no more stupid comments like “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.”  Uncle Bernie and his Radical Left supporters are wiser and much madder now, and they might just tear the Democratic Party apart this time around if the Dirty Dems’ shenanigans start up again — which they will.  Go Bernie, go!

“Beto” O’Rourke.  Beto is perhaps the biggest joker of all in a field saturated with jokers.  But remember, many jokers have actually become president, Jimmy Carter being the best example of that.  Beto’s credentials are paper thin, so he relies on gimmicks like putting his teeth-cleaning appointments on Instagram and coming on stage at his rallies on a skateboard.

He’s become something of a fad with the Dirty Dems, but over the long haul I expect him to outcool himself with his childish, attention-getting behavior.  Democratic voters are attracted to clowns, but ultimately even they are likely to grow weary of Beto’s middle-school antics.

Howard Schultz.  Schultz is the wildcard in the Democratic presidential race.  He’s threatening to run as a “centrist independent,” which has the Dirty Dems up in arms.  Like many billionaires, Schultz has long been a guilt-ridden liberal who has instituted some of the most hairbrained schemes imaginable for his Starbucks stores, two of the most embarrassing being his “Race Together” and open-bathrooms projects that made him look like a naïve fool.

Now, the capitalist compartment of Schultz’s brain has started to emerge, and he says he is dismayed by the Democrats’ radical ideas, especially their push for socialism.  He says he is also concerned about the national debt and the idea of free, universal healthcare.  This, of course, has infuriated most of the Democratic Party, even though Schultz is still quite liberal on social issues.

Clearly, the Dirty Dems have a problem if Schultz decides to throw his hat in the ring.  If he runs as an independent, he could, along with Uncle Bernie, succeed in destroying what’s left of the Democratic Party.  However, if it actually got to that point, and if the polls showed him doing well, I believe the Democrats might have to eat crow and make a deal with him.  They might have no choice but to give him the Democratic nomination in exchange for his promise to adopt a majority of their radical platform.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  First, we have to see if Schultz actually has the courage to declare his candidacy or if he allows the Dirty Dems to scare him off.

The next installment (update) of the Dirty Dem primary candidates will be when I have something significant to share with you.  Stay tuned. 


Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

85 responses to “The Democratic Primary Derby”

  1. Rick G says:

    Introducing more Radic-Libs on Parade! The next wave of useless loserbeats!

  2. Travis McGee says:

    These are truly some scary possibilities.

  3. Christian Christian Haller says:

    Hello Robert – Normally I agree with most of what you say – And I read RAD 43 years ago. I just can't see the Dems running a white guy. It's the party of women and minorities. Bloomberg and Schultz play to swing voters by calling out the crazies yet the progressives are eating them. I believe CNN and Google have already chosen Harris. I would be interested to hear your thoughts regarding how muslim extremists have moved from the battlefield and into the mainstream to take down America. They are in government at all levels, in the lobbies, in the banking and industry. This is an insidious plan that we hide from for fear of being called islamaphobe.

    • Rick G says:

      Not wanting to see a white guy run saying not wanting to see a black, yellow, or red guy run. That is Racism, which the Radic-Libs will never own up to. Why does everything have to be about race? The Radic-Librocratic Party is also sexist, since there is no room for men. It is clearly a party of division, disunitedness, racism, sexism, prejudice, and bigotry. It was even the party of the Old Confederate South and KKK. It truly keeps living up to its reputation.

      • Jean says:

        It's a matter of marketing. They believe they've already lost the working class white males of the country, so they are pitching to the fringe groups – LGBTQXZ&SOMETIMESY, rabid feminists, communists, druggies, criminals, the unemployed and unemployable, illegals and just plain sociopaths. It is their opinion that although each subgroup represents an absolute minority, together they will comprise the majority. Joe Biden is the vanilla pudding of the group – old, white, entrenched. Schultz is a capitalist who wants everyone else to give up their money, but not only is he white, he's Jewish – anathema to AOC, Omar, Tliab and every other radical leftist. The ultimate democrat candidate will represent the intersectionality (they love that word) of as many of the fringe groups as possible – a gay, female, black, Muslim communist who is in the country illegally.

        • lee says:

          The ultimate Democratic candidate.Will represent every citizen of this great country.The candidate will unite not divide the citizens of this country.The candidate will not collude with the tyrant of an advisorial country.To enrich themselves.At the expense of this country.

          • Rick G says:

            The United Socialist States of America this will never be!

          • Rick G says:

            Your Commie paradise of Venezuela now has Dearh Squads who execute their people who get out of line. There you go, a grand opportunity you don't want to miss out on. You will love it there.

          • lee says:

            Donald trump.Officially recognises Juan Guaido as Venezuela's President.Nicolas Maduro.Will be overthrown.And Juan Guaido will be placed in Maduro's place.

          • lee says:

            Its obvious you have been getting that fake news. From fake fox news.The united States, wants to overthrow maduro.And place Guaido as it's steal Venezuela's oil.

  4. Rick G says:

    Ahhhh Uncle Bernie. Would someone kindly give this guy a comb to manage that unruly hair? Or best yet, let go some of that moldy money to get that awful hair cut.

    This guy is the biggest hypocrite imaginable running for President. That Vermont accent is so irritating, it is like someone scraping there fingernails downward on a blackboard. Get this! This goof was called out last winter by members of his own party for wearing a $700 winter jacket, while championing society's poor and downtrodden, most of which have no warm coat other than a thin hoodie they picked up cheap at Wally World. Heck, I wear a $99 Carhartt duck jacket I bought at Tractor Supply which gets me through a very cold winter. Why can't he set such an example? Nooo-oooooo. We can't do that can we. That would be too big of a step down for him. Well, as far as his jacket is concerned, it was never seen again. Did he donate it to Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul? Most probably not.

    The real coupe de gras is the fact that this champion of the oppressed and downtrodden has three homes, THREE HOMES. Can you believe that? I can see two homes, if, he ever got into a big fight with the ole.lady and wanted to have a convenient getaway for a night or two till things cooled off. Lols! One of those homes has a beachfront, the other a lakefront. Heck, I live in a cramped subdivision in northern Kentucky, in a little hicktown called Elsmere, which I am still struggling to make house payments on. Anyway, this arrogant hypocrite paid $600,000 for this third home which looks out onto a beautiful lake view. Sh*t, when I look out my frontroom window, I see a bunch of weather-beaten cars and pickup trucks, and a bunch of hillwilliams walking around. As for Uncle Bernie, just like in the Commie countries, where the rulers live in exquisite royalty while the impoverished peasants live in abject poverty, a nightmare that hopefully won't happen here.

    At DT's SOTU, Uncle Bernie was feverously busy scribbling notes down, writing it all down on a pad. For what purpose? Who knows? There was nothing in the speech that could ever be used against DT.

    Well, so much for Uncle Berniie

    Sorry, lee. Uncle Bernie did not make it to the top of Casey Casem's Top 40 list of Presidential candidates!

    • Rick G says:

      Casem should be spelled Kasem.

    • lee says:

      I told you that Bernie Sanders was going to be.On Robert Ringer's top list.Of serious democratic contenders.He came in at number three.You should have a soft spot like Robert has for Bernie Sanders.And stop feeling sorry for yourself and start preparing to vote for him in 2020.So that you too can start living the American dream.Like Bernie Sanders.That is what Bernie wants.For every citizen of this great country.Bernie Sanders in 2020!

      • Rick G says:

        Are you on drugs?

        • Jean says:

          No, he's naturally that way. Sad, isn't it. But he is a great advertisement for the wisdom of keeping abortions legal. And post-birth!!

      • Rick G says:

        Three is not on top. Number one is. So he didn't quite make it. Too bad!

      • Jon says:

        lee, I think you should make a nice big donation to Bernie's campaign. That way, you might get an invitation up to his big palatial estate in Vermont. Bernie has no idea of the American dream, other than being in control of gov't handouts. When everything is free, so will your labor be.

  5. Rick G says:

    Beto the Deadbeato. The Radic-Libs like to compare this nutcase's looks to Jack Kennedy. I kid you not! Lols! To paraphrase Lloyd Bentson's remarks in 1988 while debating Dan Quayle……I knew Jack Kennedy. I worked with Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. And you, Beto are no Jack Kennedy. Listen, the Radic-Libs hate Kennedy for two reasons. First Kennedy is too conservative, an old line Democrat, too much like a Republican. Secondly, Kennedy was a Catholic. Radic-Libs are anti-Catholic religious bigots.They hate Catholics, like they hate everything else..I recently saw a Beto rally in Texas where a small flock of Betotards were waving signs back and forth singing B-E-T-O to the tune of YMCA by the Village People. How stupid and moronic can you possibly be! Huh? I find stupidity like this reprehensible. Judge Judy, who I admire and love, says that there is no cure for stupidity.

    I read that his first name is not really "Beto". He chose that name (hold onto your butts, here we go again), because he wants people, oh sh*t it is so hard to hold back the laughter. Let me take a quick break here, then I will tell you. I'll be back. Ok, I'm back. He wants people to think he is Hispanic. Lols! So, he joins the lowest ranks of Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren, aka. Hiawatha, and Kamala Harris, a generic cheap imitation of an African-American who is really a mix of her daddy from Jamaica and mommy from India. This does not make you black, Kamala! And get ready folks. When he comes to a town near you, he will zoom in on his skateboard. Look out, he's on his way and coming through! And lastly, he has a rap sheet of criminal offenses on his record. What he was charged and found guilty of, I have yet to find out. I can only imagine! I am eager to know. But you can bet the Radic-Libs will cover that up.

    So much for Deadbeato!

    • lee says:

      I hope you never appear before judge judy.You know know what's she going to tell you.Your an Idiot.And your go to answer.Wrong!Wrong!Wrong! Wrong!.And she's going to say I've been doing this for fity years.I know an Idiot when I see one.

    • Jean says:

      Beto (or Beta as a colleague likes to call him) was charged with DUI and vehicular manslaughter. He got off scot-free thanks to having a Daddy like Joe Kennedy who twisted arms and blackmailed a few people. And yes, his name isn't "Beto" – that's what his (illegal) Hispanic nanny called him. His real name is Robert Francis O'Roarke (sounds more like the stereotypical police officer in those old James Cagney movies). He culturally appropriated "Beto" to be "down for the shtruggle" with our friends coming over the southern border.

      • Rick G says:

        There you have it, folks. Thanks for yor input on this, Jean. He sounds like a real scum bucket to me.

      • Rick G says:

        His whole, long rap sheet is available online. Just about up there with Horrible Hillary.

      • lee says:

        Now for the truth.Robert Francis O'Rourke.Was given the common spanish nickname.Beto.By his parents.On September 27,1998.Was arrested for driving while intoxicated.After a car crash.His charges were dismissed.After completing a court recommended DWI program.

  6. larajf says:

    There's more to Creepy Joe than his buffoonishness….He's way too hands on with women of any age.

  7. Rick G says:

    Howard Schultz. When I first heard and saw him, I thought hey, a real centrist common sense Democrat a la John Kennedy and Harry Truman. Boy, was I ever wrong. All this joker is, is a mild-mannered Radic-Lib who must be faithfully taking his meds everyday to control his chronic Radic-Liberalism. He is nothing more than a run-of-the-mill Radic-Lib trying to get in the backdoor. A real Backdoor Man, as Jim Morrison of the Doors would say and sing. This basketcase supports Obamacare as a "good" thing. He is extremely against President Trump's tax cuts, you know, the kind that results in a larger paycheck every week for you and me. Well, he is against that. He says he is for real tax reform, which I am afraid to find out what it is. Yikes! Then, he says he represents the views of the average everyday citizen and working people…….yadda, yadda, yadda, the kind of song and dance the Republicrats have been doing for decades.. This same old riggamaroll puts me asleep and bores the daylights out of me. But I welcome him into a multi-way presidential race. If you couple the Green Raw Deal with a Schultz presidential run, Trump is a shoo-in next year. Everynight I light a candle, so to speak, that he runs. The Radic-Libs are having a coronary over this. They don't want him to run, because they say it will destroy their election chances next year. And destroy it will.

    • Rick G says:

      It is feely feely not freely freely, due to predictive testing. My apologies.

    • lee says:

      Stop being afraid and stop lighting candles.All your going to do is burn down that house.That your struggling to make payments for.Maybe we can all start a go fund me. For you.

      • Rick G says:

        The struggle is not from a low income. It is from making all my payments when due, a house, car, truck, boat. I just don't own three exquisite homes like hypocrite Bernie does. As for me, I am a Registered Occupational Therapist who works hard and rolls in the big dough (big bucks) every week.

        • lee says:

          Congratulations.When the green new deal is implemented.You will be able to pay higher taxes.To keep America growing.

  8. Rick G says:

    Chester the Child Molester Joe. Hey, come here closely. Gotta ask you something. Is Joe a sex perv? He's real touchy touchy, freely freely around women, and especially pretty little girls. He does this a lot and he creeps me out. He needs to keep his pervy hands to himself. This perv gives me the shivering creeps. Is this nitwit a real, bona fide child molester? And we all know all the things this stupe says that make him look like the real jackass that he is. Too long a list to enumerate here. And a real foul mouth too, dropping a big F- bomb over the Unaffordable Care Act when it was rammed through and passed. Personally, I drop my share of F-bombs, but justifiably so. They are mainly against the Radic-Libs and Radic-Comms, including the Dancing Ho, AOC, and all the crazy crap they say and do. This bum is a real Racist with a capital "R" that the Radic-Libs won't own up to in his references to Obama. But this turd has been a real stupe even in the 1984 primaries where he was called out on stealing other people's quotes and claiming them to be his own. This goof has issues, A LOT OF ISSUES GOING ON!

  9. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    I think/believe that the Main thing is to keep President Trump alive. Losers hate Winners! I am concerned about assassins thinking big and attempting to get the President in a group situation/setting.. There are those, I believe, who will do or try anything. Whatever it takes. No longer the single, single-shot sicko. Now (Heaven forbid) highly organized-planned "group activity", of the lethal brand. No matter how many is taken out in order to get to THE ONE. I hate the very thought of such an event, but I'm probably not the only one who fears this strategy or idea.
    (I like to think that President Trump "looked ahead" when he chose his VP.)

  10. Ivan says:

    Howard Shultz should be concerned with making a decent cup of coffee first. No more burned and charred tasting coffee for me. Then all those flavored coffees with the UNHEALTHY syrup, sugar and creams that mask the terrible coffee and contribute to poor health, costing the health industry. Americans have choices. If I can't trust his coffee then I can't trust him to run.

  11. Rick G says:

    The Radic-Commies are now trying to disown parts of that Green Raw Deal, and a raw deal it is, (but the Radic-Comms are too dumb to realize it),among others, outlawing of steaks and hamburgers, guaranteed income for lazy asses unwilling to work. They are now saying it is input from the Republicans that is stating this. Sounds like they will be exterminating all the methane farting cows. Poor Elsie the Cow. I swear, they are a bunch of compulsive lying freaks! The Green Raw Deal is their baby, designed and engineered by the Left. AOC, the Dancing Ho, needs to own it. She came up with it. She needs to quit sniffing that model airplane glue. It really messed up her cerebral neurons.

    For those who are for an Al Franken and Jill Stein ticket in 2020, a Franken Stein ticket, that's what you'll get, a literal Frankenstein. Hope you like him!

    Trump is going to win BIG TIME! The Radic-Libocratic Party is so far to the left, it is in danger of falling off the edge of the earth. The Radic-Libocratic Party had better quit moving to the left, or it is going to be left behind. Who wants to lose their car or truck, and even their home? No one, unless you are brain-dead! So keep talking up the Green Raw Deal. And turn up the volume! Talk a lot more about it! Incidentally, the US is not the largest air polluter in the world. It is a Commie country, China, which pours out more than 50% more CO2 than the US does. Sad to say, the Green Raw Deal will not make a dent in the air pollution levels in the world, no matter what drastic measures the U S takes.

  12. Gordon says:

    Never forget that the trouble with political jokes is that too many of them get elected!

  13. Robby Bonfire says:

    All the president has to do, in the next November election debate cycle, is ask his opponent where he/she stands as regards post-birth infanticide?

    Game, set, match.

  14. Rick G says:

    Commie Venezuela, the "paradise" that the Commies here want replicated in the US, is so destroyed that starving people are pulling zoo animals out and slaughtering them for food. Terrible.

  15. Rick G says:

    Now they are having mass executions of their people via Death Squads for people who rebel against their oppressive system.

  16. Rick G says:

    Wonder how the toilet paper shortage situation down there is coming along.

  17. Rick G says:

    The Commies here in this country don't want you to know about how terrible the situation in Venezuela really is!

  18. Rick G says:

    Actually, Nobama was doing that, and not even so much as a tiny peep came from the Radic-Comms.

    Actually some people are so wild and barbaric should be locked up in cages. The Radic-Comms lock people up in cages, but I'm sure that is just alright with you.

  19. Rick G says:

    Yep, we pick and choose who are our villains. Sad, very sad.

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