Posted on November 8, 2016 by Robert Ringer


So it’s all come down to this. After a year-and-a-half of nonstop lies, childish name-calling, shameless race-baiting, and scandals so commonplace that most people have become immune to the rampant criminal activity in Washington, today is the day patriotic citizens march dutifully to the polls, desperately wanting to believe that their vote will help turn America around.

But will it? Let’s step back for a moment and take a clear-headed look at what we’re dealing with here.

On the surface, it appears that the Face of Evil is the biggest threat to America’s survival, but it’s only an illusion kept alive by the biggest illusion of all: Barack Hussein Obama. Millions of folks believe that Obama is a pathological liar, but, in reality, he’s really just a slick, purposeful, calculated liar whose lies never seem to have consequences. How in the world has he gotten away with such an arrogant disregard for truth all these years when he’s been repeatedly caught with his drawers around his ankles and his nose extending out a foot in front of his face?

The answer to that question is that Barack Obama himself — the Barack Obama you see on television day after day — is a lie. That’s right, the Barack Obama that has become a living legend in spite of his being the most unqualified person ever to run for president — and easily the most destructive person ever to be president — is nothing more than a media creation.

Put simply, the Obama that millions of twisted minds are prepared to defend to the death does not even exist! He is 100 percent fiction. If, as Bill Ayers said, Megyn Kelly is a cyborg created in the basement of Fox News (which is probably true), then Barack Obama is a mega-cyborg created by the media, Hollywood, and the radical left.

What I’m saying here is that the Barack Obama you watch lying and spewing out hateful rhetoric on television day in and day out is a mirage. In real life, Barack Obama is the angry kid from Kenya sitting in the pews of Rev. Wright’s Hate America Church; the thug teenager who religiously attended Marxist meetings at Occidental College; the guy looking straight into the TV cameras and telling Americans that if they like their health insurance and their doctors, they can keep them; the silver-tongued, self-absorbed narcissist assuring us that the four Americans killed in Benghazi were victims of an anti-Muslim video; the smart aleck, immature man-child making fun of people who “cling to their guns and bibles”; the Capone-like figure who talks openly about “punishing our enemies and rewarding our friends.”

I mention just a handful of things you already know about the ne’re-do-well in the White House in order to lay the foundation for telling you that this election has never been about Hillary the Horrible, though virtually everyone in both factions of the Demopublican Party have been fooled into believing that myth. The truth be known, it is, and always has been, about Barack Obama’s third term.

Even though everyone knows about Hillary’s forty-year crime spree and self-disciplined aversion to the truth, few people understand that she is but a mere puppet for Barack Obama. The biggest lie of this election season is not one that has been told by HRC or Donald Trump, their surrogates, or the media. The biggest lie is the generally accepted belief that Barack Obama is a charming but inexperienced young man who has done his best to improve things for average Americans, but, due to a variety of factors that are beyond his control, he has come up just a bit short.

In reality, of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Barack Obama has, in fact, experienced tremendous success in fundamentally changing America. And in order to accomplish that feat, he has also succeeded in conning at least half the populace into believing that he is someone who is virtually the opposite of the man who was weaned on communism from a very early age.

It is this belief that allows millions of Americans to sit quietly by as he continues to lie about the unemployment rate, the economy, the increasing lack of respect for America on the world stage, and just about everything else that’s important to the average voter.

The Gipper was said to be the Teflon president, but near the end of his presidency, his Teflon shield was beginning to show some wear and tear. Not so with Obama, because he’s protected by something far stronger than Teflon: the color of his skin coupled with America’s collective white guilt. Reports from his days in college suggest that he has always been acutely aware of how to cunningly use his skin color to intimidate people into bending to his will.

As to the election, no matter who wins tonight, chaos and violence are sure to become a permanent way of life in America, which is precisely what BHO has been working to achieve for eight years. Why? Because chaos and violence are delicious invitations to his ultimate goal — despotism. The political establishment in Washington — Democrats and Republicans alike — has had a system in place, arguably since John Adams took office in 1797, that works extremely well for politicians and bureaucrats, and they have no intention of letting anyone try to dismantle that system.

Though there have been a few close calls, through a variety of devices — including wars, inflation of the currency, lots of free stuff, and, above all, a generally accepted code of conduct — the powerholders have always been able to keep the docile, low-information masses from rebelling.

But that all started to change in the sixties, which laid the groundwork for exploding the national debt to accommodate the demands of the radical left’s desire for socialism, environmental shutdown of the economy, and the political correctness that has turned America on its head. George W. Bush, a supposed conservative, ultimately came along and more than doubled the national debt to debt to $5.8 trillion in his eight years in office, which in turn gave Obama the momentum to again double the debt in another eight years to about $20 trillion.

Does anyone seriously believe that this debt can ever be repaid? Does anyone seriously believe that a new president will be able to prevent it from continuing to rise? Now hear this: The national debt will never be repaid — period! Get over it.

The most anyone can hope for is an explosive economy resulting from drastic reductions in taxes and business regulations, which might possibly raise enough revenue to make it possible for America to continue making interest payments on the national debt indefinitely while taxpayers and tax consumers make enough (or are given enough through the force of government) to continue enjoying the somas that modern technology and loads of entertainment provide.

Now, however, the problem for the power structure is that for the first time in our nation’s history, a significant percentage of Americans are both angry enough and enlightened enough to fight back, which is why this presidential election has been so ugly. As a result, no matter who wins, the revolution is likely to continue and is almost certain to become violent.

In fact, if Trump should win, he’ll be lucky to escape assassination. At a minimum, millions of radical-left goons will refuse to obey the law and will become violent at every opportunity. On the other hand, if the Face of Evil comes out on top, Trump’s most rabid supporters (which does not include all Republicans by any means) will do everything in the their power to prevent her from carrying out Chairman Obama’s orders, which in turn will give those on the radical left the ammo they need to continue painting Trump supporters as dangerous, violent, and intent on “subverting the will of the people.” And that is what would open the door to martial law.

The bottom line is that Barack Obama is not going anywhere. He’s already announced that he’ll be hanging around Washington “for a while” so his youngest daughter can finish her lower education at the same school where she’s been enrolled for eight years. What a convenient excuse.

The truth is that Obama has succeeded as a spy behind enemy lines for eight long years and has every intention of finishing the job he started. He is obsessed with exacting revenge for his alcoholic, polygamist, communist father who was rendered an outcast by the then-president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta. Through some kind of twisted logic, Obama blames his father’s humiliating rebuff on Western colonial powers, which is at the heart of his hatred for the Western world. And, unfortunately, the radical-left media eats it up and totally supports him.

So no matter who wins tonight, you can count on Obama’s continuing to be treated as a sitting president by his lackeys in the media, Hollywood, and every other radical-left group. He will be asked, and will volunteer, his opinion on every aspect of government, the economy, and world affairs. No one will dare to investigate his endless list of unconstitutional actions while in office, nor will anyone suggest an investigation into just how a kid with no experience in the workplace and zero political accomplishments — or, for that matter, accomplishments of any kind — got into a position to run for the office of the presidency, let alone be elected.

That said, enjoy the entertainment tonight, but once it’s over, keep your eye on the guy who intends retain his usurped powers and speed up his attempts to destroy America. And, though the HillBillies hate Obama’s guts, you can be certain they will dutifully carry out his orders. In a humorously ironic twist, it will be they who will be getting him coffee.

As I said shortly after he entered the Democratic primary in 2008, the big mistake most Americans made was taking BHO as a serious presidential candidate in the first place. A white person with his lack of credentials and mysterious, checkered background would have been laughed off the political stage.

So, as I stated at the outset of this article, it’s all come down to this. Make no mistake about it, this election has always been about Barack Obama versus the American people, even though no one dared to make that point publicly. And given that actions do, indeed, have consequences, hang onto your seat belts. It’s going to be a hell of a ride, particularly if the Face of Evil pulls out a victory for Der Fuhrbama.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. Reality Seeker says:

    Good article, as usual, and you'll never see that caliber of political analysis in the MSM, which is no reason it's dying. Too bad the MSM isn't already dead, because it brought us Bush, Obama and maybe Clinton, again…

    The good news is Trump TV is on the way. And Alex Jones, Drudge, WikiLeaks, Brietbart, WND, and thousands of other Alt-right websites are engaged in the Information War which precedes the upcoming Second Amendment veto on Washington.

    Whatever happens, in whatever order, to whomever it may concern, this movement that Trump started isn't going away even if he loses the election. And, actually, I think it would be better if Trump lost—- especially by proven vote rigging. This would energize the movement and give Trump the impetus to totally upend Washington.

    If Trump wins. Expect anything. For example, Obama could, and just might, start a war with Russia before he leaves office. Trump will have the entire establishment gunning for him and mocking him and sabotaging him every step of the way…..

    No, at this point, it's better if Trump battles President Hillary and exPresident Obama with Trump TV….. I couldn't pick a better people to place at the helm of the Amerikan Titanic…'s poetic justice….. 8 years of Obama and a year or two of Hillary and the Deplorables will be engraving the Second Amendment on thier weapons and writing on their bullets, " this one's for you"….. the catalyst for all out war, not just info war, will be an economic meltdown.

    Get ready! Trump or not! It's coming! Lots of fun! Today is only one day! There are many more fun days ahead!

  2. ◄Dave► says:

    Well said… Both of you, RR & RS. Good to see some serious thinking hereabouts again. I hope you enjoyed your vacation, RR. ◄Dave►

  3. jacob says:

    Martial Law may work in the big cities but come on up to the mountains and give it a whirl. Just make sure your life insurance is paid up. Oh, one other thing, who says were going to wait around for the goon squads to come to our front door? Maybe we will beat them to the punch…….Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more. Gen. George Patton

    • East Texas says:

      Amen, brother! They can come out to the sticks of East Texas, where I am from, and see what it's like when a bunch of good 'ol boys hiding behind trees and sitting in deer stands "sight in" their rifles and test the buckshot patterns with their 870 Pumps–with no "plugs" in them. What this victory told me is that all of us "farmers with the pitchforks" were fed up and went into town to make a change in their nation. This isn't rhetoric, either, as you know. The talk I've heard with friends in those small towns is very real, their willingness to arm themselves in order to defend themselves and their families, if need be. So our government would send our Army out there to take what's ours? Well, a lot of those Army soldiers come from little towns across America. They might decide to walk away and join up with their bretheren. I hope it never comes to this, but those guns aren't sitting in closets collecting dust. They are shiny and clean and their owners at the ready if something drastic ever happens.

  4. kerry says:

    1. Nothing will change here if we don’t start with the public education system. I know 1st hand how schools today have the young people leaving school thinking anyone who is not a Democrat is a bad person. In college, it gets even worse. Try walking down most campuses and holding a sign that is pro-republican or pro-business.
    2. The saddest part of this current election madness is how it took a foreign news/information source to finally point out just how corrupt our government is. Where would things be without Wikipedia? Where was the US media? Why did only Fox report on the Wiki info and they waited until a week before the election? Even the liberal British media is asking “How could the US even consider Hillary a legitimate candidate for president.”
    3. If we don’t get our financial house in order, nothing else matters. My parent and grandparents talked often of the depression. It was common for strangers to knock on your door and offer to do chores for one meal. For many people in America, the biggest priority was to feed their family every day. A roof over your head was 2nd and so many didn’t have that. Will people discuss Abortion, Gay Rights, Medicare, Gun Control, you name it, when it gets to the point where what you need to worry about is eating? Not saying those issues can’t be of importance, but when a nation ignores a 20 trillion-dollar debt and almost all the talk is about other issues, no wonder we keep going deeper and deeper into financial ruin.
    4. Above all, right now calm down. Put yourself in Germany or Japan in 1946. Both countries were mostly ruble and ruins. Both were occupied by “enemies” such as the U.S., Britain, France and Russia for many years to come. Japan had no natural resources and both had massive sums of money to repay or borrow. Not only did they both recover, but both became the envy of the world once again (At least for a long time.) Does anyone believe we’re as bad off as they were….yet?

  5. TheLookOut says:

    Ro0bert, as usual you see BHO with 20/20 + vision.
    The Clinton's are no more than lustful greedy whores,
    whereas BHO has always been the DS puppet,
    installed as POTUS to bring this once great country
    to its knees. This election has always been about
    the face of evil winning to maintain the lies of the left.

    • East Texas says:

      The worm has turned and it were the millions of disgusted people, namely White males, who showed up in their little towns all across America to exercise, for many of them, the only thing they had left after this 8-year carnage: that Right to Vote. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would be proud to have seen this, all that red "blood" that was spewing from all over this disgusted, dis-trusting country. I don't think Obama wields the power once he leaves office, though. A lot of his cronies are going to see the train that is Donald Trump start to effect his policies, and then his Approval Rating, and they will know that to remain as Pols, they'd better get on board or at least get out of the way of that speeding locomotive. I think a lot of those Dems will distance themselves from Obama and the Clintons, knowing that it would be a long 8 years if they chose to remain loyal to them. I think Trump will assuage a lot of the naysayers–as much as these perpetually dour people can be assuaged–and that he will shut up a lot of folks who have incorrectly doubted Trump at EVERY TURN. Let Freedom Ring and let it ring loud and clear. Let it blast through PA Systems at professional sporting events while those fuckers sit there during its Anthem. They can refuse to acknowledge the symbols that are this about to be great again nation, but those folks will no longer have any cache or credibility. And WHERE can you make all that money but ANY where else BUT America, Kapernick?

  6. Jean says:

    One description of Obama that was omitted – state senator Obama was gay for pay, using older white men who were on the downlow to help finance his political ambitions thru sexual manipulation and blackmail. Yes, this is more than a rumor. A former Illinois Democrat operative verified the info long ago.

    At any rate, the Deplorables really are up in arms and will not be backing down any time soon, regardless of a Trump win or loss. In Chicago recently, there was another police shooting of an armed and dangerous black gang member. As usual, the BLM crowd swarmed into the neighborhood – and were promptly met by angry community members shouting "BLM go home" "Blue lives matter" and other,less savory, epithets. BLM left quickly. None of this was reported in Chicago's MSM or outside of the area, but the events were widely reported via local Chicago blogs. This is a sign of things to come. Obama and his minions haven't yet won the war, but they did successfully ignite the fuse to a fairly significant powder keg.

    • Barbara says:

      I know what you are saying. We, the people, are not going to lie down for BLM or any other of Obama's minions. Robert Ringer is absolutely correct in what he says. So many white people were brainwashed into stupidity in the last 2 elections. I saw it happening and there was nothing to be done about it, unfortunately. God help us all.

      • East Texas says:

        I agree with you. However, I don't think most people were "brainwashed," as you stated. I think that they WANTED to believe something that could never be, like the Bernie Madoff investors, those who smugly "knew" that they were getting outsized rates of return while "everyone else" wasn't allowed to join them. A great many people are incredibly idealistic. They are also not big on research or reading the issues and most people simply don't know how to THINK, that process of taking information and really putting some deep thought to it. They may be "smart," book-wise, or from their DNA, but they can't THINK. And so they rely on the biased media to do this for them. Ask a Liberal to calmly explain their positions to you and they can't, to the point that they get very upset and think you are making fun of them. "I am," I told a Liberal who had called me out on my Trump stance. "I just listed for you WHY I am voting for Donald Trump, line by line. I then asked you to either rebut those things with an educated response and I asked you WHY you feel the way that you do. I answered calmly while you have been flustered from the get-go. Now you're mad and you're calling me an f-ing idiot! I just gave you some rope and now you've just hung yourself with it. YOUR days in the sun are NUMBERED." And so they are!

  7. Sue says:

    Interesting article Robert but you are still so full of negativity, aren't you?. It is sad. Life is beautifull and short!

    • Doug says:

      Sue, put your rose-colored glasses back on, and go out to the garden and smell the pretty flowers. Enjoy living in your happy Alt-reality world. Real life is both beautiful and ugly. The negativity you criticize and seem so desperate to avoid can actually be a catalyst to fix things and make life better. Pretending everything is beautiful is naïve and irresponsible, and won't fix anything.

      • Barbara says:

        So true, Doug. She is evidently one of the ones who put BHO in power and she will soon regret it, big time

    • Pitch Pitchford says:

      I am always amused at those that categorize "Truth Based on Reality" as some form of negative psycho jargon and how sad it is. It tells the entire world exactly who you are Sue. Life "CAN BE" very beautiful Sue, but on the other hand, excruciatingly dreadful and "deplorable" as well. Is the death of a three month old living fetus that has been ripped, torn, mutilated and shredded from it's mothers womb and tossed in a waste basket as so much human garbage "beautiful?" Or a small child laden with explosives by a mentally deranged barbarian promising eternal life with a child pedophile and blown to bits "beautiful." Of course not.
      Time to join the real world Sue.

    • East Texas says:

      Sue, to your points. (1) Truth is NOT "negativity." I know what Robert means because I am out in the small towns and listen to what those people are feeling and I can tell you that MANY of them would take up arms to defend what is left of what they own. And, if you'll recall, The Founding Fathers of our great Constitution made it a point to give the citizens the Right to Bear Arms so they COULD defend themselves in the event their government ever turned on them. The Fathers had witnessed the government of England, the government able to maintain their tyranny on those citizens because the government had the weapons while they forbid their citizens from owning them. (2) Life IS short, so WHY spend it mired in the political correctness that exists today where one cannot exercise his/her Right to Free Speech without getting castigated for it? I mean, I put a Trump sticker on my car and came out one day to find an egg right on and then on my windshield. What about MY Right to that form of Free Speech? And, SINCE life IS short, why live it under the shackling constraints of a self-serving government? (3) Life IS "beautiful," but is best viewed through free eyes, rather than through the prism of rose-colored glasses. Life has gotten very UGLY for a LOT of people in this country, male, female, black, Hispanic, etc. Those who were tired of this ugliness are WHY Trump is now our new President. Let Freedom Ring? The sound of it is now busting the delicate eardrums of those who didn't want things to change.

  8. Barb Barb Johnson says:

    You are the BEST Robert Ringer. Thank you for this article that spells out what is going on. We knew from the first moment that BHO was a horrifying mistake. Now I see him more clearly for what he is. Putting felons back on the street who should be in prison forever.

  9. Richard Van Der Voort says:

    “White guilt” near-rhymes with “bullshit”! About this, Mr. Ringer’s commentary, it shows the depth of understanding, and insight, of and into the current and historical situation, and/or in Existential terms, the nature of humanity and the dramas it does. As I have said repeatedly, “HUMANITY IS NOT VERY EVOLVED! NOT!” And, simplistically put, the “human situation” is and always has been the struggle between Good and Evil. And supposedly our personal and universal evolution thereby. Many of us had Obama’s number right from the outset, but, mass consciousness did not. Had not. And, apparently, have not yet! BE CAREFUL, MR. RINGER, REMEMBER THE SUPRIME COURT JUSTICE WHO HAD A PILLOW PLACED OVER HIS FACE SO THAT HE WOULD NOT WAKE UP! At least not on this side of life. RE Mr. Trump’s assassination, I place it in general sometime during the latter portion of his first term. I wonder how the Clinton Murder Mob communicates and gets the job done without ever being found out. Lotta tracks to cover, it would seem! And, I wonder what FBI Comey’s pay was. Some nujmber of millions of dollars in a secret offshore bank account? And/or a promise to not murder his family?
    My “inner group” predicted DT will be elected, and assassinated (see above).
    As I write this, the votes in the USA are just now beginning to be cast. As an esoteric point, all things are DONE before they manifest on the physical plane (of being). That’s why it is possible for a “Clair-voyant” to predict certain things.
    The “for real” psychics, that is. In any case, I never would have imagined that during my “last days/months/years” I would see the world turning as it has! Tomorrow it will be President Trump, and the Evil Hillary will go underground, as Mr. Ringer suggests, with Ohole. May they have a cave-in and rot! But, Historical Process is what it is, can cannot be otherwise, even if we cannot understand the why of things. Mr Ringer gives it, the why of things, a very good shot here! Admirable insights!

  10. Jurgy says:

    Robert, you must realize that you wrote this at the risk of being branded a racist.
    What is happening in our country must be wholly laid at the feet of my fellow Americans, the majority of whom have tolerated the policies and behavior of our leaders in the WH and in Congress. The only way we will ever see change that actually benefits us (US) is for at least 1/3 of the populace rebelling against whatever they find unacceptable. Literally 100 million citizens descending on Washington might get the message through to Congress that they (the 1/3) are mad as hell – anything less will be ineffective … it will take a charismatic leader and I fear getting 100 million to congregate at one time in one place is an impossibility … must we give up and give in?

    • Texas Wolfie says:

      OK, Jurgy, but who is going to be first? It takes a couple of sacrificial lambs to energize the populace.

  11. Dean Striker says:

    This morning I'll be heading for my designated polling place. Only one person gets my vote, while all the rest will get "None of the Above". There is NOBODY in America who can (and WILL) fix the mess we are burdened with, which make "voting" a useless waste of time.

    There will be no vote available for Dissolution, but I'll work that onto my ballot anyway.

  12. Nasdaq7 says:

    The biggest economic threat in my view to the US economy is China. I think many people still have no clue what China will mean for European and the US businesses within the next 20 years. Think of complete industry annihilation certain business sectors. People are going to lose their jobs, I'm willing to bet US unemployment will rise to 11% official rate within 15 years. I'm telling you China is moving up the manufacturing chain and will compete vigorously with Europe and the US. Entire industries will be decimated because wages are very high in the US and Europe. The trade pain is very real and long lasting. For Europe and the US with so much debt and welfare and high wages, there may lie decades of painful economic competition and restructuring ahead.

    • Scott McKinney says:

      I don't think China is as big as you are claiming. People were saying the same thing back in the late 80's/90's with Japan, I understand, and that never played out.

      Looks like RJR is vindicated and the Face of Evil will never be president, as he predicted. Sadly, it looks like Chelsea is being prepared to give us another taste of the Clinton Machine's fangs after a few decades.

      • Nasdaq7 says:

        Look they destroy the industries. I'm heavily for free trade, but it is incredibly disruptive. I've seen it with my own eyes.

    • East Texas says:

      Nas, I'd agree with you but I was around back when it was JAPAN that was going to be the end of the U.S. economy, circa 1988. "Japan educates their children better," all the "experts" said, "their kids even go to school on Saturday." Those Japanese kids are now grown and what have they INVENTED? The IPhone? Facebook and Social Media? Nope. See, the problem with China and Japan and Russia and India is that they don't INVENT anything, they just copy and undercut. They don't have the entrepreneurial history that this nation does. Sure, they are most industrious, but their MINDS have been shackled forever. Have you ever dealt with these people? They think it's ALL price. "I can do it cheaper," they say, "but I'll bargain YOU down so YOU don't make any money from it." Recall that the Japanese were going to buy up all of our good real estate and then rent it back to us. Recall that within ten years of their purchases of Pebble Beach and Rockefeller Center, the Japanese sold those properties back at half their cost to…those dumb Americans who sold them to them. A few years ago, I read all about how the Chinese were going to rule the world, all of those buildings and airports they were building because their economy was "exploding." Well, have you ever seen the results of an "explosion"? Little fragments of what once was whole, everywhere. Those airports and buildings are empty, most of them. It was all a RUSE to make the world THINK that China had it all figured out. Just because you are big and so populated doesn't mean that you "get it." Just because you are well-educated, that doesn't make you "smart." What WE have that no other countries have is US and our risk-taking spirit. Europe? They tried to copy us by issuing all that debt but they did it even worse than we did. I'll bet on the U.S. and if you won't–if you believe that we will have double-digit Unemployment and that you truly believe that China is going to be the power, then why don't you move there, and no offense, I mean it. If a person believes there are better opportunities for he and his family, they should move to where those are. I'm assuming you are taking Mandarin and Chinese language courses in order to survive the inevitable that you describe?

  13. TN Ray says:

    This article is classic RJR. Well written, unvarnished reality. Too bad the MSM is incapable of such honest appraisal. Of course, white guilt and political correctness makes that to unsavory. So, we are fed nice fairy tales to get us through the day, one day at a time, fiddling while Rome (US) burns. If Hillary wins, the party will continue for a while. But, the reality of America's decline will be accelerated. And, yes, Obama is not going away.

  14. larajf says:

    Of course we can pay off the debt. Start a tax on the liberals and charge them every time they say "fair share" and "fairness" and anything to do with social justice.

  15. JoeyBronx says:

    I live in Florida and have attended rallies of Trump's that draw about 20,000, and that's WITHOUT having to bribe so-called celebrities to attract attendees. Hillary's rallies? Lets just say I've seen bigger crowds at Italian bakeries! I don't see how Trump loses……………

    • RealitySeeker says:

      "I don't see how Trump loses"

      I do. In the following video Johnny Rocco explains in less than a minute how Trump loses to the Crooked Clinton Cartel. Voting is never fair when it's done in a Key Largo Swamp…

      • East Texas says:

        It's after the fact, of course, but I KNEW Trump was going to win, having the hat and t-shirt that I bought off his website (and the receipt for them) back in July 2015. What Polls don't understand are PEOPLE. They only understand NUMBERS. Pollsters don't go to NASCAR Races (too beneath them) and talk to those folks. They don't talk to those folks who watch NASCAR on t.v., either. The Pollsters and Experts don't stoop into seedy bars in East Texas or in rural Pennsylvania to listen to those folks. IF they had, they would have seen what was like an undertow in an ocean coming. And that is why people drown in seemingly calm surf. The Clintons, as you said, run a "crooked Cartel," but that only goes so far, as we've just seen. Once enough people become disgusted with being on the other side of that "cartel," they want to abolish it. When there are more who don't benefit from the "cartel" than do, then you get Donald Trump as your President. All Rocco had to do was DRIVE from Miami to Pensacola and STOP in the small towns along the way and TALK to those with grease or dirt underneath their fingernails. Of course, now that they've seen that these kinds of folks will come out, in masses, to vote, those Liberals will attempt to gain them as voters, but the sun just went down on those people and it's going to be a long, LONG night for them.

  16. Harry Hagan says:

    Bravo! Great essay. Great because it's dead center correct. Of course, the satanic coterie behind the super-odious Obama will not be named now, or ever, alas. PC, which is simply remote control of humans, has seen to that. And if you can't name the enemy, you can't fight him. C'est la vie. Violence, as you say, is somewhere in our cards.

  17. Serge says:

    Hopefully she can be impeached if elected. There is plenty of evidence, if only the FBI will wake up. Why was it easy to impeach Nixon when BO and Evil Face are off the charts out of line?

  18. Winslow says:

    Sir, you are so right on! Thank you speaking the truth and preparing us.

  19. Rock Roach says:

    In the year that Yogi Berra died(it aint over till its over),greats Arnold Palmer and Mohammad Ali have passed
    and The cubs have won the world series,the biggest underdog of all-time has proven everyone wrong for a 6th
    time.Trump is now 16 electoral votes away from the White house-and he may turn it into a blowout.
    The phony polls,the phoney media-this election is for you.And to the idiots that said this tireless renegade
    was facing impossible odds- We should be saying President Trump in a few hours.

    • East Texas says:

      The stars aligned perfectly this year. The Cubs won and Trump had the greatest political upset in History. I'm now of the belief that Santa Claus still exists and will be coming down my chimney, right on schedule. I have two separate plates of pie under my tree too, one that is Apple, for Santa, and the other pie is of Crow, that being for any Liberals who might want to stop by and try to spoil my Christmas, but, of course, Christmas just came, didn't it?

  20. Nasdaq7 says:

    Trump is about to win, 254 Trump 209 Clinton.

  21. Nasdaq7 says:

    I'm fed up with liberal lies.

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      There's a difference between the US use of the word liberal, and use of the word liberal in the rest of the world, I didn't know that.

  22. Sheila says:

    I can't believe I'm still watching this drivel on TV. Trump won. There is no way Hillary is getting to 270. That arrogant Pedestal just came out with a sore losing chip on his shoulder and said: "Every vote must be counted." Gee, it sounds like Al Gore circa 2000. Liberals are SORE LOSERS. I wouldn't be surprised if she starts demanding recounts. Why won't she concede? It's time Hillary concede, raise a glass and congratulate Trump. What a fool. Ridiculous. All I know is, when this is all over and she finally DOES concede, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving side of her wrath in Chappaqua tomorrow night!

  23. Sheila says:

    I typed Podesta on my keyboard and it came out as pedestal <sic>

  24. Sheila says:

    She conceded. Miracles never cease.

  25. Stephan F says:

    Robert! Congratulations for making one of the greatest calls of all time!!!!!! I owe you one buddy.
    Nice going America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Reality Seeker says:

    And now, the real work begins for Trump…

    Trump started off on the right foot and did the right thing in his victory speech by graciously reaching out to every single race, group and country. Nicely done. For a minute, Trump actually reminded me of Ronald Reagan. But Trump has a lot more work to do than Reagan did. The good news for Trump is, unlike Reagan, Trump has both the House and Senate, now, so many, many things are getting done:

    Obamacare is gone.

    The Wall goes up.

    The Supreme Court gets Judges who respect the Second Amendment.

    NAFTA gets renegotiated.

    China stops "eating our lunch".

    Russia will become, once again, a partner in crushing ISIS.

    And so much more…

    And last but not least. The flood of illegals ( which is overwhelming our schools, welfare system, hospitals, roads, infrastructure and lowering our quality of life) will FINALLY be curtailed!

    Nobody minds lending a helping hand or taking people in, but when 30% of the Mexican population has invaded America, that's too much to ask of any country.

    Next on the list is Germany and France…. Their elections are coming up soon. And those so called leaders (who opened the door and let in a flood of immigrants) are going to be kicked out, too!

    Bye, bye Obama. You lied about us keeping our doctors and our premiums skyrocketed. You lied about transparency. You lied about the national debt. You restarted the Cold War. You choose the bankers and the crony capitalists over the average Joe. You said Trump would never become the nominee. Then you said he'd never be president.

    Bye, bye Obama, and don't forget to take your useless Obamacare legacy with you…

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      I loved it! I loved it! That speech was brilliant. But the tone is set, the tolerance of these type of transgressions vs hard working Americans are over.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        Trump needs to play it smart until he gets in office. Then he needs to appoint Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General. In turn, Giuliani needs to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and indict both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

        Then Trump needs to go after Chuck Schumer. Another wise move would be for Trump to quietly end Paul Ryan's career as Speaker of the House…

        Drain The Swamp!!!

        Message to Trump: Don't be fooled, it's either them or you!

        • Nasdaq7 says:

          It is interesting, because if I was in his shoes, I would be tempted to drain it quickly, but perhaps not. You know he was betrayed? Clinton's corruption is mini-scale to the corruption in the Republican Party. Ok he has temperamental problems, but this goes far beyond his personality. I would be furious if I was in his position. I've looked at some voting patterns and there's a lot of figures that would make me angry and disappointed.

        • Nasdaq7 says:

          There's some voting patterns coming out that would make me absolutely angry. Absolute betrayal in my view some of them.

        • Phil says:

          We are going to learn very, very quickly who Donald Trump really is.

  27. Texas Wolfie says:

    This should be the new national holiday to remind people of their power if properly placed.

  28. Reality Seeker says:

    Bravo! Stefan Molyneux! Bravo!!!

    • Jim Hallett says:

      And this stirring rendition from a Canadian, no less! I have always been a big fan of Molyneux – Bravo, indeed!

  29. Richard Van Der says:

    Trump won! Thank God. Now I can start thinking about other things. Maybe the Power of Thought helped. I look forward to the next RRinger essay!

  30. John says:

    The fact is Hillary was coming for our guns. After spending trillions on social programs the last 50 years and seeing ungrateful blacks hating white people this past summer with black lives matter crap, I will never vote democrat party again.

  31. Pitch Pitchford says:

    Check out the reward one white man in Chicago received for voting Trump! I predict a great investment opportunity in companies manufacturing animal cages…. <a href="″ target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>

  32. Human Decency says:

    Wow I've never seen such a bunch of right wingnut garbage and hate spewed not only by the "author" but by the commenters. You all must be very proud. Congratulations!

  33. Bob Diamond says:

    very prescient – now that the election has happened look at the violence that is continuing….love your analysis and insights, Robert. Keep it coming please!

  34. Reality Seeker says:

    Honesty, I really didn't know who would be elected. Frankly, Trump exceeded almost all of my expectations. And for him to beat the Clinton Crime Family was the most extraordinary political upset in my lifetime. I don't think most people even know what an achievement Trump accomplished upending Washington, Wall Street, the Bankster Cartel, K Street, the MSM presstitutes, the fraudulent pollsters, the RINOs, the Dirty Dems, the pointy headed liberal professors, the Pope, the Fed, the IMF, World Bank, the Chinese, the corrupt Mexican government, the socialist Canadian government, millions of illegals, dozens of special interest groups, the environmental wackos and you name it!

    It was basically Trump against all comers! Yes, the Alt-right did support Trump. But he survived wave after wave of attacks. Trump earned my respect. He has the heart of a maned lion! Nobody else could have survived that very well planned and very well executed attack when the recording of Trump gutter talking about women was released and subsequently eleven other women stepped forward to accuse Trump of misogyny.

    I respect Trump. And I can't wait until he implements his tax plan…. Do I think he'll make America great again? No, because America isn't going back to being a republic. America is an empire. And an empire needs a Caesar….

    Trump is America's Caesar. Long live Trump! And let's all keep our fingers crossed that Trump can run up the national debt another 10 or 20 trillion without causing a currency crisis and totally crashing the economy…..

    Like Robert Ringer said, there's no way the debt is ever going to be repaid. So DT might as well rebuild the infrastructure and military and fund expedient job creation before the US goes totally bankrupt.

    The question is will Trump get through his first term without experiencing a total economic meltdown? The Great Big Collapse is overdue. And I thought it would happen during Obama's second term. I was wrong, but Trump might be the one that deals with an economic crisis so dire that few living can remember how bad a Great Depression really is….. I hope not. At this point I hope Trump can add another 20T without exploding the financial system.

  35. Nasdaq7 says:

    There's a saying: the election is over, but not for liberals.