Will Grandpa Grift Get a Pass?

Posted on July 5, 2023 by Robert Ringer


For years, Fox News and the legacy media have been blabbering about “the Hunter Biden investigation.”  The whole thing has been an insult to the intelligence of the average American.  Investigating Hunter’s tax evasion problems should have taken a few months, at most, not five years.  And investigating his lying on a government firearm form should have taken about five minutes.  And both crimes should have resulted in serious prison sentences.

It’s time to cut the B.S. and get real:  Hunter’s crimes are penny ante compared to the Biden Crime Family’s influence-peddling and money-laundering racket.  Hunter Biden, brother Jim Biden, and perhaps one or two other Bidens have been the equivalent of mafioso lieutenants in Joe Biden’s illicit operation, with Hunter acting as the don’s bagman.

Some on the left argue that Joe Biden is too old, too dumb, and too dementia riddled to head up an international criminal organization.  While there’s no question that Biden is old, dumb, and suffering from dementia, the reality is that he has been engaged in the global grift game for half a century, which has given him the time to accumulate a cognitive reserve of information about influence peddling and money laundering.  In other words, he’s been doing it for so long that his decaying brain is on autopilot.

The overriding reality to all this is that without Joe Biden, there would be no influence peddling, because he is the product.  I think the average person — including the average Democrat — knows this, but the corrupt media continues to pretend that the big question is whether or not Joe Biden “knew about Hunter’s business dealings.”  Malarkey!

Hunter doesn’t have business dealings of his own.  His fulltime job is making sure Papa Joe’s international grifting operation functions smoothly.  Even his infantile “paintings” are part of daddy’s criminal enterprise, the art industry being notorious for being a vehicle for money laundering.

While tens of millions of Americans have known all this for years, the powerholders — Democrats, RINOs, the DOJ, the FBI, the corrupt media, and AGs throughout the country — have dutifully protected Biden from scrutiny, let alone serious investigation.  As whistleblowers have now made clear, the deep state has been vigilant about making certain that the Biden Crime Family remains untouchable.

In other words, everything was normal in the swamp until November 2022, when Republicans won a majority in the House.  As a result, the Biden influence-peddling scheme is finally being investigated, and the evidence uncovered even at this early date is enough to put anyone but a Biden behind bars for life.  Now the question is, will James Comer be the first Republican investigator to actually get serious about going after Democrat criminals, or will he turn out to be just another Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, or John Durham?

Republican voters aren’t interested in another multi-year investigation that does nothing more than provide a comfortable salary for the chief investigator.  They’re looking for subpoenas, indictments, convictions, and long prison sentences.  This is a problem, because Congress doesn’t have the power to indict or prosecute anyone, let along incarcerate them.  All that comes under the purview of the Department of Justice, which is currently headed by Joe Biden’s consigliere, Merrick Garland, who makes Michael Avenatti look like a choir boy by comparison.

That said, there’s a lot Comer & Co. can do, starting with thoroughly laying out the evidence against Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family for a new DOJ staffed by a Republican president in 2025.  Of course, if a Republican doesn’t win the White House in 2024, it won’t matter if Biden gets off scot-free, because America as a democratic republic will cease to exist anyway.

I am generally against impeachments, because the required two-thirds vote in the Senate assures that the target of the impeachment will never be convicted.  But Biden’s case could be different, because his misdeeds go far beyond high crimes and misdemeanors, even bordering on treason.

Why does that matter?  Because after the Senate acquits him, he could be prosecuted in a real court of law where convictions can bring prison time.  And since an impeachment trial allows for discovery and cross examination, the case against Biden could be ready to go on day one of a Republican presidency.

Once under oath, if Biden’s answers are the usual lies and diversions like “I love my son,” “That’s a dumb question,” or “I’ve never talked to my son about any of his business dealings,” a serious attorney general (like Kash Patel, for instance) would have a field day with him.

But that would be more than a year and a half away, and a whole lot is going to happen between now and then.  My biggest concern is that even if Grandpa Grift is disrobed for all the world to see, Democrats, with the full support of their RINO friends, will play the dementia card to give him a pass and send him home to his Delaware mansions to live out the remainder of his life in luxury.  This is especially true if Biden doesn’t run again, which I have long believed will be the case.

As always, the problem will be country club Republicans who never tire of showing off their civility and compassion in their never-ending quest to win the approval of Democrats who are totally devoid of both civility and compassion.  But first things first:  Step one is to start dropping subpoenas calling for key players to testify under oath – e.g., Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, Devon Archer, Tony Bobulinsky, the Ukranian prosecutor who Biden got fired, and even Merrick Garland himself.

Too much to hope for?  Maybe.  But as Ashleigh Brilliant once put it, “I have abandoned my search for truth, and am now looking for a good fantasy.”

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.