Big Surprise: The Fix Is In

Posted on August 15, 2023 by Robert Ringer


For more than a year, I’ve been warning that demanding a special counsel be appointed to investigate Hunter Biden’s crimes was a bad idea.  On July 24, I wrote:

“It baffles me that Charlie Brown Republicans don’t seem to understand that any special counsel would be handpicked by Merrick Garland.  That would mean someone like an Andrew Weissmann who would stall, obfuscate (especially by using the Deep State’s time-worn excuse of “ongoing investigation”), destroy evidence, and bury the Biden Crime Family misdeeds in the hope Democrats can retain the White House in 2024 and make the whole thing fade away.”

Sure enough, Merrick Garland reached in his bag of dirty tricks and appointed David Weiss special counsel in the Hunter Biden case, even though Weiss was caught conspiring with Hunter’s attorney in an attempt to fool the judge into giving Hunter blanket immunity for crimes not yet adjudicated.  It exposed the reality that the five-year Hunter Biden investigation was nothing more than a sham carried out by the DOJ, the main objective being to run out the statute-of-limitations clock and protect Joe Biden.

It also proved once again just how much more creative Democrats are than Republicans.  If they are allowed to move forward with Weiss as the special counsel, the end result could be not only that Hunter would never be punished for his crimes, but any investigation into Joe Biden’s bribery and influence peddling would be stifled as well.  As to those who are demanding that Garland replace Weiss with an “outsider,” do they really believe the outsider he handpicks would not be corrupt as well?

This is a big test for wimpy Republicans, because the evil leftist empire has all hands on deck in preparation to do battle with those who are intent on exposing and dismantling the deep state.  From the DOJ to the FBI, from the Democrat Party to the legacy media, from Barack Obama to the Clintons, it’s going to get very ugly moving forward.  The leftist totalitarians cannot afford to lose the political Armageddon that is already underway, because their hold on power is at stake.  That includes the power to feed at the federal money troughs that provide them with the cushy lifestyles to which they have become so accustomed.

Devin Nunes is right when he says that going after the Biden crime family is not enough, because the Bidens are just one small part of a monstrous criminal government.  What’s needed is a serious investigation that reaches all the way up to the string pullers at the top, and that starts with a bad-ass attorney general, which is possible only if Republicans, at a minimum, take the White House in 2024.

Those who insist that Republicans should forget about stolen elections, election-interference prosecutions, and bribery at the highest levels of government are just providing Democrats with a lot of behind-the-scenes laughter.  Democrats, of course, agree and say Republicans are wasting valuable time trying to prosecute Hunter and his grifter pop instead of focusing on the economy.  In other words, it’s okay for Dems to waste time with lame impeachments and phony prosecutions, but it’s wrong for Republicans to do the same.  Or, in simple terms, do as we say, not as we do.

It’s hard to believe there are highly educated Republicans in Congress who don’t understand a simple thing like “aversion therapy,” which is just another version of Ivan Pavlov’s famous dog experiments.  Instead of rewarding the subject, aversion therapy seeks to stop bad behavior via a negative response, or punishment.  For example, a person undergoing aversion therapy to stop smoking might receive an electrical shock every time he reaches for a cigarette.  What Democrats need is a whole bunch of electrical shocks, not another pass.

When the Delaware judge discovered the deception David Weiss and Hunter’s defense attorney tried to pull on the court, papers should have been filed immediately for both of them to be disbarred and criminally prosecuted.  Instead, Garland spit in the face of all Americans by appointing Weiss special counsel to “investigate” Hunter, which once again sent a signal to Democrat bad actors that they need not worry about consequences for lying and cheating.

The reality is that nothing will change until political criminals have reason to fear inescapable, harsh punishment.  When I say inescapable, I mean when Joe Biden finally drops out of the 2024 race, Republicans should refuse to join Democrats in insisting that he be allowed to retire in peace to his Delaware mansion and enjoy the millions he has taken in over the years from his highly successful bribery and influence-peddling business.

If Republicans are serious about clamping down on crime and corruption, a new Republican attorney general should indict Joe Biden the day he leaves office.  No long-drawn-out investigation is necessary, because there is already enough evidence to put him in prison for a lot longer than he’s likely to live.

Ditto Merrick Garland, Alejandro Mayorkas, the FISA judges who worked with the FBI to help perpetuate the Russia-collusion hoax, and the 51 former intel agents who signed the phony Russia disinformation letter regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.  All of them — and many others — need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Let’s face it, right now there is no Biden investigation of any kind because the fix is in.  All we have after years of talking is a Biden coverup by America’s most powerful law-enforcement arm, the Department of Justice.  David Horowitz is right.  The upcoming election really could be the final battle.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.