Why the Radical Left Never Learns

Posted on November 17, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Many everyday citizens are perplexed as to why the Radical Left is resorting to violence to protest the outcome of a democratically held election. And I’m perplexed as to why anyone would not understand why the Radical Left is resorting to violence to protest the outcome of a democratically held election.

It’s not really all that complicated. Plain and simple, violence is a trademark of the Radical Left. Its members resort to violence whenever they’re challenged — or, worse, when a majority legitimately rejects their ideas. This is a result of their being extraordinarily disciplined in staying focused on their two main objectives — implementation of their radical agenda and complete domination over all those who oppose it.

Before going any further, I should point out that not all those on the Radical Left are cut from the same cloth. There are three main groups that comprise this dangerous, anti-liberty segment of the human race.

Elitists. These are the leaders of revolutions, men like Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Mao Zedung, and Ho Chi Minh. It’s probably true that most Radical Left leaders sincerely believe, at least at the start of their climb to power, that they are acting nobly in an effort to improve the lives of the oppressed masses. But it’s equally true that all of them have one thing in common: While they claim to believe in equality, they simultaneously believe in the cognitive-dissonant proposition that some animals are more equal than others (credit George Orwell, Animal Farm).

Translation: Unlike the unwashed masses, revolutionary leaders live like royalty while their duped followers live in misery and poverty.

Low-information losers. These are the college kids, welfare professionals, and those who, for any one of a number of reasons, are angry about life in general. Whether crying in a “safe space” at Princeton or stealing cigarillos from a convenience store, they are the losers of society who can be paid, if necessary, to vent their anger for any cause drummed up by the Radical Left elites.

Rank-and-file true believers. These are everyday people who may or may not work for a living, but what they all have in common is a belief that a majority of the world’s population (or at least a majority of the Western world’s population) consists of ruthless and “greedy” people who must be restrained by morally superior folks like themselves. They can be counted on to go to the wall for their leaders whenever a call to action is put out to them.

Now, to understand the violence that the Radical Left is currently engaging in to protest Donald Trump’s victory over the Face of Evil, the first thing you should do is disregard the low-information losers. They are irrelevant because their lack of knowledge relegates them to nothing more than attack dogs who obediently obey the commands of the elites.

The rank-and-file true believers and elitists, however, have one very important thing in common: cunning. Whenever the Radical Left achieves power, its mouthpieces make it clear to all those who disagree with them that they have no interest in compromising and that they intend to implement their agenda one way or another — through legal or illegal means. And, if necessary, through the use of force.

However, when they are out of power, as they are about to be, they cunningly talk about the need for both sides to “come together,” unite, be nonpartisan, and compromise. Because they can be counted on to buy into this age-old, Radical Left tactic, people like the Bushes, John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Paul Ryan, and the rest of their ilk are useful idiots every bit as much as are the low-information losers of the Radical Left.

To those on the Radical Left, it’s all about getting their foot in the door. Then, once in, they boldly put down a place marker and use that as the new starting point for future negotiations. It’s a very clever strategy that has paid huge dividends for the Radical Left over the past fifty years. Giving credit where credit is due, Barack Obama has been an absolute master at implementing this strategy during his two terms in office.

A lot of people also seem surprised that since the humiliating repudiation of both Hillary Clinton and, more specifically, Barack Obama’s policies by the voting public, the Radical Left has not let up on its smear and violence tactics. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, because the Radical Left has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not learn anything through experience. That’s because it has no interest in learning. Its interest is focused on achieving and maintaining power.

The Radical Left aligns with George Orwell’s character O’Brien in another of his classics, 1984, who said: “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. … We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. … The object of power is power.”

That being the case, you can count on the Radical Left to double and triple down on its past mistakes. Notwithstanding their feigned introspection on what went wrong on the way to Hillary’s second planned coronation, the same old radical leaders will use the same old tired identity politics to drum up the same old hatred and division among voters.

Their leading lights — villainous people like Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, and Barack Obama will continue to drive the party’s already far-left agenda further leftward. They not only don’t care what the “forgotten man” outside New York and California thinks, they loathe him and rather enjoying seeing him endure ever more pain.

Thus, it’s not surprising that the Dirty Dems are now talking about making Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison leader of the Democratic National Committee. There’s nothing wrong with Ellison’s being both a black man and a Muslim. The problem is that he’s a Radical Left black man and a Radica Left Muslim. Just the fact that the Dirty Dems are considering him for the role of head of their party is a way of saying to the 60 million forgotten-man voters: “In your face.”

This while they act outraged that Trump has tabbed Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, insisting that he’s too “extreme.” Their hypocrisy takes chutzpah to a new level.

Keeping all this in mind, if you’re still celebrating Donald Trump’s big upset, I feel obliged to sober you up by reminding you yet again that 60+ million people — nearly half of all voters! — voted for a Radical Left career criminal in the most recent election. Do you really believe they are going to have a change of heart and be more civil to their opponents anytime soon?

The uncomfortable reality is that the Radical Left has no intention of backing down. America is irreversibly entrenched in a civil war that is guaranteed to become increasingly violent, and the most dangerous thing the Trump administration can do is bend over backwards to be “inclusive.” Always remember that the Dirty Dems use the inclusiveness trick to get their foot back inside the door with an eye toward regaining power.

As I said in my last article, be careful, Donald … be very, very careful. Just do a little reading on the Internet if you have any doubts about whether the Radical Left is prepared to undertake a violent civil war. Which is why I’ve said for years that the solution to the Radical Left problem is not to work with them, but to try to defeat them.

Sure, total defeat is an unrealistic expectation, but continuously working toward it is not. Harsh containment is a realistic goal, but it takes a steel resolve and an unbudgeable, no-compromise attitude to accomplish it.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

81 responses to “Why the Radical Left Never Learns”

  1. Reality Seeker says:

    Good article….

    The Godfather ( aka President Trump) has successfully upended the GOP ( Grand Orwellian Party) and whacked the Democrats ( aka Marxists) which proves that you don't swim to the top of the NYC cesspool-swamp unless you're very, very good at that you do…

    The Federal Swamp-cesspool ( aka Washington DC) is the biggest and most deadly place on Earth. And it has been expanded into a toxic, radioactive playground for mutant crocodiles. A year and a half ago, the Godfather waded right in knee deep and took on the role of a modern-day Crocodile Dundee. DT's most impressive achievement was finally bagging one of the most cunning and elusive of beasts, the Crooked Crocodile, herself, aka the Crooked Croc….

    Unfortunately, all of the Crocodiles have been taken alive — including the Crooked Croc. And now Crocodile Dundee must decide which Crocodiles he puts in a cage and which ones he skins out and puts the pelts on the White House wall.

    This is going to be more than just interesting, it's going to be historic. Regarding the rioting swamp animals: don't underestimate the chaos ahead…. The swamp animals don't want the swamp drained. No! They want the swamp expanded….

    I'm glad I've got plenty of guns…. And I hope the Godfather keeps his promise and nominates justices who shall protect the most important Amendment… just in case the mutant crocodiles break out of the cage and the swamp animals get too violent….

    • Jonathan Mayer says:

      Possibly the best 5 paragraphs ever written. I salute you, sir.

      The next 4 years are going to be a real kick, a blast, if you will, as we watch leftist Mrs. Potatoheads everywhere explode! A truly historic moment. And I'm originally from Concord, Massachusetts, I get
      truly historic moments.

    • Texas Wolfie says:

      Ditto, well said.

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      Well you predicted it would happen! I was just too happy to see the US cut business taxes. I thought Trump had a 35% chance – especially in the last week. The media was against him, the polls, I imagined it was mission impossible, but I hoped, I hate high taxes. Just to hear that promise made in an election is music to my ears.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        I said it "might" happen, but, honestly, I didn't know for sure that DT would be elected because of the widespread vote rigging and the large number of illegals voting for Crooked Hillary. I know now, after examining voting reports, that three million ( perhaps more) illegal votes were cast for Crooked Hillary. President Trump won only because he received a "monster vote" that overwhelmed the fraud.

        One thing I want to make clear: President Trump is NO Ron Paul. DT is NOT a small-government president.

        I will predict the following:

        1) President Trump will be a BIG spender.

        2) The national debt is going nowhere but up, up, and away….

        3) President Trump will replace Obamcare with Trumpcare.

        4) President Trump will not roll back the NSA, CIA, FBI or any of the other governmental agencies who are unconstitutionally spying on US citizens.

        5) Every single government agency will GROW bigger during Trump's first term…

        6) Trump is an empire builder, like a Roman Caesar, and in no way is he going to make the American Republic great again… The best we can hope for is that DT makes the American Empire Great.

        Finally, I will predict this: Trump's ultimate success in building a Grand American Empire is entirely dependent on US bond and US currency strength… In other words, so long as President Trump can borrow an additional 10 trillion without destroying the credit and currency system, he'll be able to fund his empire and provide massive amounts of bread, circus, healthcare, make-work jobs and gigantic infrastructure projects and massive military expansion.

        • Nasdaq7 says:

          We actually don't know for certain, but he has 4 years, that's not a long time, in many other countries leaders have 5 years. So 2 terms is 10 years, but the Trump inspired budget will come out in October / November 2017 am I correct? What do you think in your opinion of the current way Janet Yellen is handling the economy and interest rates?

        • jody Peterson says:

          You are. i believe,correct about all this…
          The author should read Lee Iacocca's book. Where Have the Leaders Gone? He will knock over apple
          carts…and that will lead to his 'termination'. Just my opinion.

  2. Robert says:

    Love your insights. Thanks for the thoughtful explanations. We need thought leaders like you to put the "big picture" together and demonstrate what is happening. All that you say in this piece makes total sense. I have faith in Trump to be strong enough and savvy enough to navigate these crocodile infested waters.

    • NOz says:

      Yes, I agree with your comments. It was a good big picture. Many want better, want change, for them and their families. The Donald deserves a chance to do this. In peace without all the ruckus.

  3. theczech says:

    If one believes that Mr. Trump is a master negotiator, then the tactics of the left will have little effect on him and his team. Moving the marker, changing definitions, altering the context, etc. are some of the many techniques used by power driven individuals and groups, esp. the so-called progressives (see what I mean?)

  4. Rick says:

    Robert I agree with your article, especially the part that the Radical Left has no intention of helping others, Their only goal is power!!

    • JOE says:

      I disagree…You are discompassionately wrong, Republicans (like Eisenhower) do not exist anymore.( I include Reagan)

      Trump bullshitted all of us about what he was going to do.Now after he lied he has to walk it all back. Bernie would have kicked his butt…and lived through it…but no, we had to get this.

      I hope he does well but i don't cross my fingers.

  5. F Scott Crawford says:

    Just look at what HRC has said since her repudiation at the polling places across the entire nation:

    “We have to keep fighting…”

    Does that sound like a leader who wants her minions to go home and accept the outcome of the election?

    Yet, she was so upset that Donald Trump said at the third debate that he would wait to see what the election results were before he would accept them. Now she is saying “keep fighting”. Who is not wanting to accept the voice of the people and the outcome of the election?

    • Figmo says:

      It would be tragic if DT takes his foot off HRC's neck and gives her a pass on her numerous crimes. He magnanimously stated that he didn't want to hurt her. When you have your foot on a deadly snake's neck and you gently remove it to let the snake excape, it will bite you every time!

    • Glen M says:

      F Scott Crawford. Will you please cite the source and entire quote from Ms. Clinton where she says "We have to keep fighting…"? Quotes are sometimes taken out of context in order to prove the point of the person claiming the quote.

      The reason for my request is that this particular phrase is, more often than not, taken figuratively rather than literally. It seems unlikely that she was calling literally for "riots in the streets" as Mr. Trump did during his campaign. It seems more likely that she calling for continued fighting for equality and an end to racism, homophobia, xenophobia and the like.

      However, without the source of the quote, I have no way of knowing for sure. None of us do.

      • Cite your source for your absurd statement regarding Trump calling for riots in the streets ?

        • Glen M says:

          Hi Michael (and others).

          This will teach me to post without fact checking first. I was completely wrong. I had remembered Trump saying something about "riots in the street" if he lost. When I actually did the research I found I was remembering him responding to questions way back in March about if the RNC didn't nominate him where he said, "I think you'd have riots."

          I admit my error here.

          Will someone please source the "we have to keep fighting" quote to mean that she's disputing the outcome of the election, or encouraging her supporters to do the same? As I understand it, this is a group of rational thinkers. If we're called on to source our statements, we either back them up with facts or we admit our errors and correct them.

      • IHeartDagney says:

        You misunderstand the purpose of Hillary Clinton and Co. greatly. Equality is not their aim. Neither is the end of racism, homophobia, xenophobia "and the like". Hillary & Co. ARE THE INVENTORS of these "phobias". Why would they want to end them? They make A LOT of money from people like you who believe in them.

        If you doubt this, please explain why they ENDLESSLY talk about them? Quite frankly, if people completely ignored a person's prejudices (which WE ALL have) and prosecuted with EQUAL JUSTICE any infringement on another person, there WOULD BE NO RACISM and NONE of your other phobias the left seem to so love to hang on another person (for personal gain and power).

        So, the quotes you are looking for are irrelevant and unnecessary. Have a good day.

  6. theczech says:

    The left are upset in part because Donald Trump decided to play by their rules; no more Mr. nice guy (think Mitt). He delivered counter-punch for punch and kept the pressure on until the very last moment. It takes intestinal fortitude to take on that mean machine known as the Democratic Party.

  7. Rocketman says:

    Great article Robert. You hit many of the most important points that socialists always use to strengthen their base. I agree with you that now they are on the retreat that they will try the tactic that all Marxists try when they are losing, exploiting violence to their own ends. We can expect more domestic terrorism including taking down power lines and killing members of the Republican Party. I believe though that this tactic is going to backfire on them and will strengthen Trump's followers.

  8. Heidi says:

    You've said it all. No one has explained it, nor can explain it as clearly as you have done so here.
    Thank you.

  9. larajf says:

    I am also concerned he'll reach across the aisle and we'll be in worse shape in a few years than we are now.

  10. The gun-hating Liberals (capital L) want a revolution? Really? There are a LOT of us on the other side who are armed, and well-trained in the use of firearms, e.g., the "Well-regulated Militia."

    • Marte says:

      Yes, as my son said last night: "If they want a civil war, are they going to fight us with rocks, or what? They don't have guns. We do."

      • IHeartDagney says:

        Oh, they have guns all right. What do you think the criminal element and the inmates they keep releasing from prison use to perpetrate their crimes with?

  11. Jurgy says:

    interesting that neither omaba nor clinton have spoken out against the violent protests … silence implies approval …

  12. thinkingman says:

    Liberalism is a disease. Unfortunately, there is no known cure. Logic, facts, objective evidence contrary to their position only causes exacerbations of their condition, which leads to even more irrational thought and violence. Until a cure is found, removal is the only option. Let's hope The Donald has a grasp on this and surrounds himself with focused, capable exterminators.

    • Glen M says:

      Liberals and Conservatives alike are driven by their beliefs and the emotions behind them. You're right that there is no cure for this. People will stand by their beliefs until they die. As you said, "Logic, facts, objective evidence contrary to their position only causes exacerbations of their condition, which leads to even more irrational thought and violence."

      But this applies to BOTH sides who are fully entrenched in their beliefs. What we need is a third way.

      For those who believe, please reread Matthew 7:1-5 as many times as it takes.

      In no way am I saying that I'm immune to "ignoring the plank in my eye". I most certainly am not. I only hope that in my many years on this planet I've become wiser and understanding of the many beliefs that people have and why they cling to them as they do.

      • Thinkingman says:

        I've been around for awhile. People that know me, acknowledge my skills of observation in an objective way regardless of which way either party wants to claim it. One of the most consistent observations I have made over the years based on liberal vs conservative people is this: conservatives will mostly acquiesce to a liberal's position if the liberal can show real, objective evidence that supports their position. Not to say the conservative will like it, but will make an adjustment to their paradigm if legitimate proof is given to do so. Liberals become infuriated, and sometimes violent, and launch personal attacks on the conservative with the opposing view, instead of considering the legitimate evidence. This observation has been very consistent for the groups mentioned over decades of observation. Of course there are exceptions on both sides.

        That's why it's a disease. It's akin to one of the worst combinations in a human: arrogance and ignorance. We are all ignorant of many things. That can be corrected through education, but if you have arrogance as well, then you can't correct it because your arrogance doesn't even allow the acknowledgement of the ignorance.

        • As a father, coach and mentor of many children, let me assure you there is NO difference in the mental/emotional development stage concerning liberals and children, regardless of the liberal's age in years.

        • Glen M says:


          First of all, thank you for your respectful and rational response. While I still disagree with liberalism being called a "disease", I understand your points.

          You've stated in one sentence what I've been trying to state in my rather lengthy posts, that the combination of arrogance and ignorance is the real problem.

          Where we disagree is that this problem is broadly scoped – effectively saying that conservatives generally don't have it while liberals generally do. One of my most consistent observations is the exact opposite – that conservatives generally dig in while liberals acquiesce. I'm sure this is because I tend to socialize more with liberals than with conservatives.

          It's very difficult for people to let go of their beliefs – whether it's that the belief that Democrats are going to take everyone's guns away or the belief that the Republicans are going to round up and deport all the Muslims. When challenged, instead of listening and trying to understand, most people dig in their heels and insist that the other person is stupid for not immediately converting to their point of view.

          Which leads to my primary reason for being here. To understand a different way of viewing the world.

  13. An accurate analysis, may well be offensive to some however the truth will still be true…..

  14. Enter text right here!

  15. Glen M says:

    Let's not forget that prior to Trump's win, he was both calling the elections "rigged", AND calling for "riots in the streets" if he lost. It seems a bit hypocritical that when the opposite happens, the party on the right is calling the party on the left a bunch of crybabies and sore losers.

    Having said that, the party on the left should be holding itself to a higher standard and not stooping to the levels we're seeing. Just because one side called for riots if they lost doesn't mean that the other side should resort to them when they themselves end up losing.

    Peaceful protests are fine. Just know what you're protesting. Are you protesting the outcome of the election? Or are you protesting the fear, hate, and bigotry that Mr. Trump stirred up in people who have their reasons for being that way. And let’s not forget that Ms. Clinton stirred up her own hatred by calling Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables”.

    Unfortunately, due to human nature, the only way to get elected is to provoke some sort of fear and outrage. If you can’t get your followers scared or angry about something, then you’re not going to either get or stay in power. To vote for something means you’re voting against something else. People much more easily relate to “my life sucks, I want a better one” or “be afraid of what the other side will bring” than “things are going great, more of the same, please.”

    We've seen acts if hatred on both sides. Watching people damage property and physically attack other people for their beliefs is about as un-American as you can get. This is a country of inclusiveness, not an exclusive club where only card-carrying members are allowed.

    Both sides need to just calm down.

    • Scott McKinney says:

      Actually there is only one side engaging in violent protests against innocent people and businesses, the Left. And the "fear, hate, and bigotry" they claim Trump exhibited was a lie as well, known as bigoteering – portraying one's opponent as a bigot in order to further one's own interests. Very ironic how the same Dems and Leftists who are so quick to demonize Trump and his supporters as "xenophobes" live in gated communities with private security to keep outsiders away. I saw the other day one of my old professors virtue signalling about sending 2,500 Syrian "refugees" to Georgia. I say – if opening your gates to the world is so righteous, why don't *you* open your own doors and gates? Of course the POS liberal professor – like the vast majority of his ilk – is too greedy and self-centered to do that, but considers Trump supporters "bigots" for not wanting the same in their neighborhood. That guy and similar liberal professors can go to hell, and the rioters should be arrested and charged with domestic terrorism.

      • Glen M says:

        Scott, both sides performed bigoteering during the election. It's much easier to portray your opponent as some sort of evil scum than it is to extoll your own virtues. It also yields better results since, if your opponent is evil, that means you're not, and therefore you must be better. Who's going to disagree with that?

        On the refugees, I know many many many Republicans and Rightists (is that a word?) who live in gated communities with private security to keep outsiders away. They're also the same ones calling for them to not be admitted to the U.S. under the presumption that getting refugee status is easy. In fact, It's one of the most difficult ways to gain entry to this country.

        However, I know many people on BOTH sides who are supportive not only of accepting refugees, but have actively signed up to receive them into their homes should there be that need.

        And I'm going to bring up Matthew 7:1-5 again because it's extremely appropriate for the discussion and comments being placed here. (and again, I don't claim to be above missing the plank in my own eye)

        • Scott McKinney says:

          I recall no bigoteering on the right towards Crooked Hillary, their demonization of her was on the basis of her behavior and character. I can quickly bring up dozens of examples of the same from the left – starting with your post.

    • Marte says:

      I didn't hear Mr. Trump CALLING FOR riots in the streets. He predicted there would be riots if the election was won by voter fraud. I'm just thankful there were enough real voters to overshadow the fraud.

  16. James Hughes III says:

    Mr Ringers masterful, incisive and analytical dissection
    of the radical left as personified by the Democratic Party ( aka communists, socialists, progressives) for the last 65 + years, put their dark and evil plans into words that anyone who values FREEDOM and the principles upon which our Nation was founded must never forget. That simply means, give up and do it our way
    We must NEVER assume they will cease their battle to impose their "way" upon us. We must Not succumb to the stock phrases of their battle plan as"bipartisanship,reach across the aisle and compromise ".

  17. theczech says:

    It is important to remember that we must now take on the "Deep State" as well. Three initiatives must be implemented immediately:
    – Break the union in which most federal employees reside and pledge allegiance
    – Get rid of earmarks
    – Make foreign lobbying illegal

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Good luck with taking on the Deep State, as it is deeply entrenched, well-funded, and will stop at nothing to achieve its ends – murder, mayhem, etc.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        "Good Luck"…

        True that.. good luck, indeed.

        There is only one way ( maybe two) for mortal men to "take on the Deep State"…. The first is let it take on itself, if you know what I mean, and hope you're smart enough, strong enough, fast enough and lucky enough to survive the cycle of tyranny and revolution. "Stay away from crowds", is a motto to live by during the final phase of the cycle..

        The second way is revealed by the Three Blind Witches in "Clash of the Titans", and the way is encapsulated in a phrase… viz.,"A Titan against a Titan!" It's a Machiavellian means to an end of the Deep State, but not without extreme risk…. As the Three Stygian Witches so rightly point out: "You need Medusa's head, and she's not going to just give it to you… ha, ha, ha…." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d2O7F26Uw8

        There is a third way, but that Way is only valid if you believe in God… It's called, "The Second Coming". Many good people have been waiting on that for over two-thousand years — and living their lives accordingly. It works for them. They patiently wait for Armageddon and God's Kingdom to replace the Deep State… Yes, God's day of Judgement! Please don't laugh. After seeing Trump get elected, one could rightly believe almost anything is possible!

  18. I cannot improve upon what has been said here today! But, I take great joy in being surrounded by those of like mind, morals, values and conscious…

  19. Jim B says:

    As described here, how is the radical left different from the radical right?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      The Radical Left actively promotes violence against those who disagree with their agenda. Violence is rare by so-called right-wing extremists (e.g., Timothy McVeigh) – isolated cases here and there.

      • Nasdaq7 says:

        Trump has no choice, but things could really really ugly. The thin line between non-violent protesting and rioting and breaking everything down is so, so thin.

  20. Brady says:

    The Radical left is always metastasizing statism , the Radical right is anarchic. No, the various Euro-30's fascists were not born of the Right nor are today's squawking brownshirts.

  21. Marte says:

    Can you even imagine what would have happen if those who were sickened by Obama's election had started riots – or gone on TV talking about having throwing up or having to comfort the children?

    The media would have made them laughing stocks.

    It's only the leftists who go out and destroy other people's property because they didn't get their way.

  22. Jeanette Jordan says:

    What do you mean by "harsh containment"?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Aggressive enforcement of the law. Peaceful protesting – no problem. Harming or threatening others or destroying property, impose maximum prison sentences. Hooligans understand force.

  23. Politics is the art of the possible…that's why HRC lost!! And, did I hear right that she wants to stay home now? Anyway, going forward, lets hope real issues and not vendetta will be the hallmark of the new Administration.

  24. Trudy McCann says:

    Thank you Robert! A very thought provoking analysis, and to the point. Mr. Soros is deadly for sure, he has his sycophants, and uses them at his will. I am so Thankful that HRC did not meet her objective, that she rested on her laurels and was sure "The Cat was in the Bag"! Trump, never stopped, he was obsessed with winning, and never "took his eyes off the Prize!" He was aggressive, forthright, and uncompromising in his pursuit of the Presidency! He surprised us all! I went to bed at 9:30 PM as FOX had called it a victory for Hillary! Imagine awaking at 1 AM and watching our History unfold in front of my eyes! With Padesta making that pathetic speech minus HRC to her loyal, silent, trusting, and ignorant followers: "Come back in the Morning at 10 AM and we will resume our Count!" Within 30 minutes Trump was trooping into the Spotlight at the Hotel his whole family in tow, all dressed elegantly and he made his acceptance Speech! I will never forget that moment! I laughed, I cried, I thanked God, and Cheered for Our New President Elect! Now we need as a Nation to help him, protect him, and keep him in our prayers as he deals with the withering reality of the crazy people working against him!
    God Bless America, and may God Protect our Nation from the fringe People of Evil!

  25. Rock Roach says:

    And this article is a main reason why the electoral college needs to stay in place.(I don't want to brag about my 20 dollar wager that netted 2k in the offshore books that Trump would win the election but lose the electoral vote at 100-1 odds). TheDems have made the mistake of having all their deplorabes in Cal,Illinois,and NY in their famous sanctuary cities-now look at the Chicago mayor standing up for his city breaking the law and protecting illegals(and their children become legals voting democrat).
    Trump was able to win huge chunks of the electoral by small margins,I was beginning to wonder if the midwest was ever going to stand up for themselves and come to a rational decision,but they finally did.And the people running these manufacting states better protect their cities from illegals because surely enough the Dems will try to sneak them in(as Hillary would with her Syrian refuges-not worrying about our country's welfare).
    Before Trump the problem with the Republicans is that instead of fighting back with immigration reform.they continue to allow it-and try to come up with candidates like Rubio to win (latino votes)-even though he is grossly inexperienced and under age to run a country. So in general Republicans are as much as fault as democrats in dealing with our problems(to just stay in power).So don't ever look at guys like Paul ryan as being on the good guy side.Self interest is still their main motivation.

  26. Nasdaq7 says:

    RJR you should have seen the comments and discussions of Clinton and her team after the loss. They were questioning each other about what promise they didn't make and should have made… I mean it's ridiculous! I mean an election is not about saying stuff people want to hear…focusing on this or that section of the voting population. It's about showing leadership and providing hope and a positive message and vision and zero for Clinton right there. No business tax cut, no personal income tax cuts, just welfare and freebies, little about infrastructure development, urban renewal, job creation. Her message didn't electrify people. Trump scored big time there, especially in the last two weeks. The rallies were electrifying, I couldn't wait for more Wikileaks releases and the next Trump rally.

    • Glen M says:

      She didn't have a message. Period. Her slogan "I'm with her" is all about her. "Make America great again" is about everyone.

      • Thinkingman says:

        Astute observation Glen M. That's simply who she is; a self centered, sociopathic, narcissist criminal. She has a lifetime of proof. It's always been about her. When she gets caught lying, she says she told the truth, or she misremembered. It's almost comical. I can imagine as a child had I been caught in a lie and telling my Dad "I misremembered." Pretty sure that wouldn't have worked out very well.
        Champion of women's rights! Tried to destroy women's lives that interfered with her political ascension by being victims of her rapist husband, paying her own female staffers less than her men staffers. Her entire public life has been a litany of scandals, because it's always been about her with no filter for right or wrong. I'm convinced she's guilty of much worse than what we've seen. I believe the Weiner computer will show her direct involvement in pedophilia and worse. I hope the NYPD will be able to make its content known when the time is right, in spite of the enormous pressure from Hilary's (IN)Justice Dept. So, yes, you are correct, it's always just been about her.

  27. Nasdaq7 says:

    I don't want to spoil the festive atmosphere, but the world debt is standing at this very moment at:

    "The U.S. annual deficit increased for the first time this year, on a trajectory back to $1 trillion per year. The IMF just announced a new record for total global debt of $152,000,000,000,000 (152 trillion) or 225% of global GDP."

    Now Pres. Obama looks good. He looks fantastic. He ends his presidency with an approval rating of 55% and unemployment rate of 4.9 percent, a 43 year low. But what is hidden is the way he treated people and the debt that he has accumulated under his presidency – in the absence of war. But history will be kind to him and generous, only we know the truth.

    • Sheila says:

      I'm not sure if history will be kind. Obamacare leaves office with Obamacare which he created, an abysmal failure. Obama will be remembered also for choosing a SOS (literally) that was un unindexed felon with the e-mail scandal and violating the espionage act, and responsible for Benghazi. He will be remembered as the only president with four successive years of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. He will be remembered as supporting sanctuary cities and allowing criminal illegals to stay here. Obama will also be remembered for handing over $150 billion to our enemy – Iran, while cutting our military down to the bone. Your stats are all correct but the economy is not everything. Most presidents are remembered for their foreign policy and on that score Obama fails miserably.

      • Nasdaq7 says:

        I recently made a list of everything Iran bans, you wouldn't believe it. While Pres. Obama was signing the Iran deal, at the same time Iran was introducing a complete ban on the purchase of US consumer goods. A short list of banned items include: american cars, satellite tv, women driving with motorcycles, they even whip women that wear swimwear – 50 lashes, western music, pokemon-go, they have like China a Persian internet firewall, valentine's day, any foreign sounding names, western hairstyles, whatsapp, women may not watch men's sports especially soccer in stadiums, etc. etc. Iran bans Turkish and Saudi Arabian tourists and imports, international relations is poor so that country is in trouble under its current leadership. It plans to import $10bn of weapons from Russia – the international trade sanctions have not even been removed properly.

    • Thinkingman says:

      The 4.9% unemployment rate is another false govt stat. We have the lowest labor participation rate in history, and massive underemployed due to Obamacare that make this stat meaningless in the real world.

      And there is no absence of war: we have been at continual war since 9/11. Did somebody say, "I love it when a plan comes together?"

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Be careful of where you take your statistics from. Ovomit is not popular with 55% of the American people – only the ones that the libtard pollsters bother to contact. And anyone who believes the real unemployment rate is 4.9% is on drugs! The REAL rate is double-digits, not to mention that any new jobs (as opposed to the good jobs lost) were either govt. jobs (NO net gain to the economy, since govt. workers are paid with funds stolen from working people) or minimum wage jobs that basically are entry-level and not designed to sustain any real economy. Ovomit is a Marxist who achieved his goal to reduce American's stature in the world, and his legacy will never be a good one. Perhaps, he gets relief in that he did not do as much damage as the Evil Three – Woodrow Wilson, FDR and LBJ, who transformed America from a republic into a progressive, socialist nightmare!

  28. Sheila says:

    unindicted felon.

  29. Sheila says:

    I like President-elect Trump's cabinet picks, so far. Especially Sen. Jeff Sessions for AG. I hope this trend of picking conservatives continues. I believe it will, because Trump wants to differentiate himself from the wishy-washy RINO Republicans of our recent past. I know the DemoRATS will try and stonewall every nominee, but now they put the nuclear option in force so the GOP should take full advantage. The problem will lie with the Republican Senate, especially with McConnell in charge. With only a Sentate majority of two, every vote is critical. I hope there are no inside turncoats.

  30. Sheila says:

    Check out these Faces of Evil. It can't get worse than this. YECH!!!

  31. Thinker says:

    Everyone needs to get some perspective here. Seriously.
    Melt your guns down, make useful tools out of them, then
    Chip in and help rebuild the infrastructure. Help feed a hungry child.
    Get a true education that effectively elevates your consciousness
    Enough to learn to love all of your fellow man and end hatred.

    Or at least get out of the way so true independents can get something done!!!

  32. Robby Bonfire says:

    Just think "Bolshevik Revolution." We have a bunch of grimy little Bolsheviks being manipulated into becoming street punks by their marionette string pullers at the top.

  33. jack says:

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  34. TN Ray says:

    Another reality based article by RJR. Now, two plus weeks after the election it sheds light on the remnants of insanity still percolating in the media. Now, Jill Stein and Hillary team up to demand recounts "in fairness to all" according to Hillary. In a sane world, we all know the outcome and "will of the people" in accordance with our form of government. Apparently, this gesture and media coverage is to keep the hostilities fresh in everyone's mind at a time when we should be uniting behind the elected winner. Our community organizer can once again lead from behind in making sure there will be no "healing". Hillary and all other True Believers in the radical Left have (including the Media at large) learned well from the community agitator who is just getting started tearing America apart.

  35. Robby Bonfire says:

    Calling them the radical left is too kind. I call them the Radical Bolshevik Party. And Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Mao, et al would be bursting their buttons with pride that they did succeed in infecting our planet with their sordid power-mad tactics, to this extreme extent.

  36. Nancy says:

    The world is flat. While the liberal Americans are shouting and protesting and rioting and lower our country to the 3r world status. They do not think this is "lose" and "lose" for all!!

    Other countries are educating their young to deal with the future labor market while we are cultivating many young people to be professional demonstrators, These young people then turn around and accuse the schools and government fail them! America today is so different than the country I embraced 44 years ago (from Asia)!!

  37. Nancy says:

    Thank you for Robert's article. My Hillary-support friend forwarded this article and I am grateful for his deed!! Now there is hope if more people like my friend will open their mind and really understand what is going on in our beloved country. I can only pray for our country!

  38. trupply says:

    You'll find a boastful car culture in the nation but, shockingly, not lots of individuals know excessively about the country's motor history. To do this history wisdom, we are directed at the motor "industry" rather than the history within the automobile again.galv floor flange

  39. palak says:

    Great article keep posting

  40. Jim Hallett says:

    The difference is that the "progressives" want to take my freedom, force their agenda on me, and they never respect property rights. Show me any conservative or libertarian rally where people use violence. It doesn't happen. The lying libtard media and their agenda right out of "Rules for Radicals" by Alinsky is exactly the establishment forces that Trump voters opposed. ObummerCare gets rammed down everyone's throat without ONE bi-partisan vote. No law in America has ever had that distinction. The Clintons used a massive Pay to Play scheme with their fraudulent foundation and the American citizen is supposed to stand by and accept. Did the Clinton campaign reimburse the American people for all the wasted $$ of AF1 and AF@ being used by the Obamas to campaign for Hilllary? OF COURSE NOT!. Keep watching CNN, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, the NYT, the WaPo and other bastions of FAUX "journalism" for their continued campaign of brainwashing and disinformation. As for me, I use sources that I can trust.

  41. Problem is, there's factual and black and white proof of Hillary's shortcomings, lies and criminality. With Trump , not so much. And no, CNN or snopes do not count as basis for facts

  42. Jean says:

    It's ironic that people who voted for Hilz believe Trump stole the election. The hard leftists in the Democrat party believe Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and this is one of the primary reasons she was NOT elected president. A large percentage withdrew their support and voted for Johnson or Stein. Of course, THEIR suspicions were supported by the Wikileaks evidence and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz release from her position.

    The main reason any Democrat believes Trump is the devil incarnate is because – gasp – he is wealthy and isn't embarrassed or ashamed of it. Trump has lived in the spotlight for over 30 years. His bankruptcies were made public – and he got over them, moved on, and made more money with other activities (just like most entrepreneurs who suffer a setback do.) His affairs and marriages were publicized. Should we hold those against him? I have to remind you that the Democrats lowered that bar – remember when Bill Clinton was caught sexually harassing an intern? We were told (repeatedly) that "as long as it doesn't interfere with his professional life, then his sex life is none of our business." Apparently, the voting public used that same philosophy toward Trump.
    Had Trump been the total sleaze he now is alleged to be, surely ONE media outlet would have exposed it. They owed him no allegiance, nor did he ever have any sway over them as the Clintons have. Dem elites are also wealthy, but wear those goofy ribbons and donate marginal amounts to allegedly worthy causes ("Save the fainting goats", et al), expiating them from the "sin" of success. Hilary, on the other hand, has been documented to:
    1) laugh rapaciously at freeing a child rapist and killer
    2) was fired for ethics violations while serving as Watergate council
    3) exposed for "pay to play" in her role as Secy of State by none other than the New York Times
    4) set up a nonsecure server in her bathroom for no reason other than to avoid detection of her activities by government officials.

    We'll continue because the deplorables are resilient. They represent the doers and the makers who just want to live their lives and be left alone. The snowflakes? Maybe they'll use the next four to eight years to grow up.

  43. Nasdaq7 says:

    Keynesian economics has a place in a modern world, but then there has to be really groundbreaking government projects to complete. Today most projects that governments can complete won't add much to the economy. The Large Hadron Collider of the European particle physics laboratory CERN, near Geneva in Switzerland was one such a project that attracted the best scientists and investments and research to Switzerland. Israel has been doing amazing and is now spending the 2nd most in the world on research – this research activity will lead to more innovation and economic benefits. But large nice projects is scarce – it's not the 1950s anymore.

  44. Jose Jackson says:

    It's been a while since we had a qualified President, Clinton, W, Obama and now Trump not not all that qualified as the POTUS election has turned into a popularity contest of those who bother to register to vote. And since there are more non registered eligible voters who consider voting to be something beneath them, maybe we should reach out to them and ask why.