Who’s the Biggest Pinhead of All?

Posted on February 4, 2014 by Robert Ringer


After Bill O’Reilly’s childish bloviating for a week about his upcoming interview with Barack Obama on Super Bowl Sunday, guaranteeing viewers that he was going to ask questions that were different from any Obama has ever before heard and that the questions would be cast in such a way as to leave no wiggle room for the World Welterweight Wiggle Champion, viewers’ expectations for O’Reilly were higher that they were for Peyton Manning.

Throughout the interview, O’Reilly literally sat on the edge of his seat like a little boy trying to keep from wetting his pants, while Obama sat back and effortlessly employed his never-fail 80-20 Alinksy RuleMake sure that 80 percent of your words are lies and that the other 20 percent have absolutely nothing to do with the questions being asked.  His performance would have made Uncle Saul proud.

At one point, with a completely straight face, Obama said that the website is now “working the way it’s supposed to.”  O’Reilly responded by pointing out that a recent Associated Press poll revealed that only 8 percent of the people who have visited the website believe it is working well.

One would have thought that the disparity between Obama’s jaw-dropping claim and O’Reilly’s factual statement would spawn a quick and tenacious follow-up question, but, instead, No-Wiggle Bill went right on to the next question.  I mean, who cares about such a major disparity?  It’s no big deal, right?  As that paragon of morality asked not long ago in reference to a question about four Americans being brutally murdered in Benghazi, what difference does it make?

O’Reilly then bluntly asked Obama, “Why didn’t you fire Sebelius?”  To which the Prince of Puffery answered, in part, “You know, my priority right now is making sure that it [the website] delivers for the American people.”  Hmm … you leave the individual who destroyed the American healthcare system in charge because you believe she’s the most qualified person to fix the mess she created?

To his credit, following another meaningless filibuster by Obama, O’Reilly did follow up and say that Kathleen Sebelius “screwed up” and that the Master of the Monologue wasn’t holding her accountable.  To which BHO responded, “I promise you that we hold everybody up and down the line accountable.”

Whew, what a relief to hear … except that no one seems to know what “hold everybody accountable” means?  Did I miss someone going to jail?  Or getting fired?  Or at least being furloughed without pay?  Oh, well … maybe they’ll get that New Jersey guy for tying up traffic on a bridge.

But the best razzle-dazzle line of all was when Obama said, “I try to focus not on the fumbles but on the next play.”  Really?  So I guess that means that Obama doesn’t have to answer for anything that happens on his watch — just ignore the fumbles and move on to the next play … and the next fumble … and the next play … ad infinitum.  How sweet it is.

When O’Reilly brought up the dreaded “B” word, Obama pointed out that the day after the Benghazi attack he characterized it as an act of terror, which set the stage for O’Reilly to hit one out of the park.  Billy quickly pointed out that after Obama had called it an act of terror, Susan Rice went on five national television shows and unequivocally stated that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous demonstration caused by an obscure video.

Obama was visibly annoyed, but still managed to tap dance his way around the question effortlessly because O’Reilly — the self-proclaimed master of no wiggle room — did not follow up and demand a clear explanation as to why Rice would go on national television and repeatedly contradict her own boss.  Some questions simply have no credible answer, so it was fortunate for Barack Obama that O’Reilly didn’t bother to follow up and ask the obvious.

But the kicker to the whole interview was when O’Reilly read Obama a question sent in by one of his listeners:  “Why do you feel it’s necessary to fundamentally transform the nation that has afforded you so much opportunity and success?”

Without flinching, Obama said that he did not want to fundamentally transform America, then immediately switched gears and started babbling incoherently.  I don’t think anyone watching the interview has any idea what he was talking about, except that it had nothing to do with the unanswerable question posed by the O’Reilly viewer.

Surely, this was where O’Reilly would finally rise to the occasion.  With a big smile on his face and a boyish-like enthusiasm in his voice, he concluded by asking Obama what he referred to as the most important question of the interview:  “Who’s going to win the Super Bowl?”  I swear I thought he was going to give Obama a Charlie Crist bear hug right there on television.

Who would have believed that Peyton Manning’s performance on the field would be far superior to that of O’Reilly’s performance at the White House?  Manning was embarrassed by the Seattle Seahawks, but O’Reilly embarrassed himself.

How lucky Obama was that Megyn Kelly didn’t conduct the interview.  If she had, it never would have gone beyond the first question, because she has a no-dodging-the-question rule that would have made things real uncomfortable for the “leader of the free world.”

The good news is that, at long last, we have the answer to that most intriguing of all questions:

Mirror, mirror
On the wall,
Who’s the biggest
Pinhead of all?

Surprise:  It’s turns out to be none other than Bill O’Reilly himself!

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.