The Biggest Problem Americans Face

Posted on July 24, 2017 by Robert Ringer


The other day, one of my son’s friends, who was home from college for the summer, stopped in to say hello. We chatted briefly, and I asked him if he was still planning on becoming an entrepreneur/businessman after he graduated from school next spring.

To my surprise, he said that because of the uncertainties in the economy since 2008, he had changed his mind about pursuing a business career. His plan now, he said, was to apply for a job with the CIA. Surprised, I asked, “What in the world made you decide to go to work for the CIA?”

Without a pause, he responded, “It’s so tough to get a good-paying job nowadays that I figured I’d just go to work for the government. There’s much more security in a government job.” I immediately thought to myself that the young man standing in front of me was going to become a lifetime Democratic voter.

The Dirty Dems’ long-term strategy is simplistic, yet very effective, to wit: In addition to bringing in millions of uneducated immigrants and flooding the welfare rolls, get as many people as possible working for the government. After all, the government can always meet its payroll by taking money from people who actually work for a living, which in turn assures that non-producers will always vote Democratic.

It reminded me of a conversation I had many years ago with a brilliant, ultra-pragmatic acquaintance who operated a successful financial consulting business. One day we were having a discussion about the United States’ relentless move toward collectivism, and I asked him, “Given how you’re addicted to the material things in life, what would you do if the United States ever became a full-fledged communist country?”

Without so much as a pause, he answered, in a matter-of-fact tone, “That wouldn’t be a problem for me. I would just join the Communist Party and do whatever I had to do to become part of the elite class.” His response evoked a nervous chuckle from me, but the chuckle quickly faded as I realized he was dead serious. His answer bothered me then, and it bothers me even more today.

The first thing that went through my mind after that conversation was the movie Dr. Zhivago and Rod Steiger’s character Viktor Komarovsky. Komarovsky was a member of Russia’s elite class, those who dined on the best caviar and vodka money could buy while the masses lived on the edge of starvation in abject poverty.

But when it became clear that the Bolshevik Revolution would succeed, Komarovsky cozied up to the revolutionary hierarchy and proclaimed himself to be a communist. He was well aware that revolutionary rhetoric was a fantasy, and that in every revolution it’s the toughest and wiliest thugs who emerge as the new elite.

For the masses, of course, things stay pretty much the same, though under communism they usually end up even worse off than they were before the revolution (as was certainly the case in Russia following the Bolshevik Revolution). So sad that the masses have no clue.

Today, the Komarovsky mindset is a serious problem in the United States. My suspicion is that the Dirty Dems might just be annihilated in the 2018 midterms, but even if that happens — make no mistake about it — they will not give up. Freedom advocates should never make the mistake of underestimating the determination of the Radical Left to get enough people on the government dole (which includes government “jobs”) to regain, and maintain, control of the levers of power.

Virtually all the garbage that the Fake News Media puts out is for the purpose of distracting people and preventing them from focusing on the biggest problem Americans now face: an irreversible loss of their liberty. Granted, there are some issues that are newsworthy, but none of them are as important as Americans obliviously submitting to servitude, which is precisely what the Radical Left doesn’t want the masses to think about.

When it comes to the midterm elections in 2018, Republicans are running a race against the clock, because it’s only a matter of time until Democrats have a large enough percentage of voters on the dole to assure a permanent Democratic majority in the House and Senate, not to mention permanent control of the White House.

Sadly, however, the Republican Party is even worse, because it has a whole army of closet Viktor Komarovskys in its ranks, all ready and willing to support the Dirty Dems at the drop of a vote. Names like Ryan, McConnell, Graham, Collins, Murkowski, and, yes, McCain (who, unfortunately, is now battling a life-threatening illness) come to mind.

These men and women have conclusively demonstrated that they are more than willing to support the progressives’ notion of “social justice” if that’s what it takes to get elected and reelected. Their greatest threat comes from freedom-minded colleagues with names like Cruz, Lee, Paul, Jordan, Meadows, and Brat, to name but a few.

Over the next fifteen-plus months you can be certain that a lot of Republican blood will be spilled in the war between the Viktor Komarovskys of the Republican Party and those who refuse to submit to the statists’ agenda. And I’m sure you know which side the Democrats will be cheering for.

That said, I am obliged to say that I was starting to be concerned that Trump would never go on the offense against the Radical Left, but bringing on board no-nonsense street fighters like Sebastian Gorka and the tough, unflappable Anthony Scaramucci changes everything (I hope).

The first targets of Trump and his new team should be Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Robert Mueller. Once they’ve routed these scoundrels, they should doggedly focus on Hillary, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, and the rest of the most prominent lawbreakers in the Democratic Party — including Barack Obama.

Oh, and by the way, I love Jeff Sessions, but when he appeased the Dirty Dems by immediately recusing himself from the Russian investigation, it was clear to me that he had been in the swamp much too long to aggressively try to drain it. It’s time for Trump to bring in an attorney general who’s a street fighter — perhaps Jay Sekulow or Ted Cruz? — because a street fight is what he now has on his hands.

Cliché as it may be, when it comes to preserving what’s left of our liberty, it really is now or never.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

38 responses to “The Biggest Problem Americans Face”

  1. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    Yes, the part that stuck out for me in this analysis/conversation was that in the long run, the Dirty Dems, because of numbers, will have the upper hand. At my age it will not affect me one way or the other, but I hate to see Americans lose their personal freedom. Mass consciousness, yes, will always have far more numbers than those who can think. And if that's how it ultimately comes down, I so hope that somehow Islam can be held at bay.

    • Rick G says:

      But you know, Richard, life will go on as it does now. People will not know any difference between freedom and servitude, because freedom will be a faded memory. Sadly, servitude will be all they know.

  2. Gary Waltrip says:

    The analogy of Viktor Komarovsky is an excellent illustration of many Republican senators and congressmen. Their main loyalty is to themselves. Their political philosophy is totally flexible, as long as their power and perks are preserved and enhanced. They cannot be counted on to preserve our liberty or prosperity. Thanks for this essay, Robert, it clarifies a lot for me.

  3. Mic says:

    We won't be the first country to do this either. My wife has relatives in Cyprus and in that country, a vast majority of families have one or more people working for the government. Over there it is considered one of the best jobs you can have. It is very sad to see because they simply can't see the benefits that could come if they would only embrace free markets and small government. Instead, most have given up and figure they will get a government job and make the best of it.

  4. sixxfingers says:

    I find it unsettling that you "love" jeff sessions. He's a typical District of Corruption insider who should have aggressively been building a case against bonnie and Clyde clinton for the past five months, along with at least a dozen other swamp denizen, but instead has been concentrating on undoing all the progress made in the efforts to end the decades of lies and propaganda about marijuana and finally bring it into the mainstream.

    jeff sessions will not help drain the swamp because he IS the swamp.

    • Stephan F says:

      Sorry Robert but sixxfingers gets my thumbs-up vote today. You may have miscued with that Session's remark. Other than that, today's piece definitely hits the mark.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I used the word "love" sort of figuratively, but, yes, he is part of the swamp.

    • Rick G says:

      But then, you can always get Pocahontas or Maxine Waters to replace him.
      Guess Jeff doesn't look so "bad" now! Lols!

  5. Paul says:

    The Dirty Dems long term strategy has already played out in California. The producers are leaving in droves (I did).

    • Rick G says:

      Just like in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. The movers and producers of the world go on strike.

  6. Daniel says:

    Jay Sekulow as Attorney General. That's so rich. Like a slap in the face it got my attention immediately. Good call ! I could elaborate; but those aware of JS's work will most likely agree. Those who know little or nothing about him would do well to find out.

  7. Gomer says:

    Let's just be honest and call govt work what it really is: Parasitism*. It's no different than receiving any other form of govt assistance or welfare and is just another consequence of the "something for nothing" mentality. Govt workers receive extraordinary compensation for little work or effort…as if anyone with a brain doesn't already know. But since the majority of the population hasn't yet woken up to this fact one can only conclude that people possessing brains are still in the minority (sigh).

    *Parasitism: relationship between two species in which one benefits at the expense of the other, sometimes without killing the host organism.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      And the states of VA and MD are full of these parasites! After 2 2-year stints in Alexandria, VA, I could no longer stand to be around so many govt. employees. When you call them out on what you just stated, they get very defensive (of course!) and go on and on about how much productive work they accomplish. All govt. jobs are NET ZERO for the economy (in reality, they are a negative since they accelerate misappropriated capital). We are close to passing the point of no return, as Robert mentions, where there are more people RECEIVING from the govt. than producing. In such a scenario, Libtard "progressives" will have a blank check to do whatever they want over and over.

  8. Freedom fighter says:

    Saint Ronnie is spinning in his grave seeing all these greedy boomers selling out the US as a client state of
    Putins Russia over a few tax cuts. First ones against the wall etc.

  9. larajf says:

    My parents named me after Dr. Zhivago. It astounds me that people can watch that film & NOT realize what's happening now.
    We have got to fix education so it stops spitting out these robots who are only interested in getting stuff for "free."

    • Daniel says:

      Always enjoy reading your comments, larajf. Interesting that I had the very same "robot" (with regards to education) thought this morning, though in a different context. I'm older and can appreciate the alarming slide in educational standards in direct proportion to the level of encroachment by the federal government into state and local education. My mother was a teacher back in the day and was, even then, both aware of and distrustful of nameless, faceless, distant persons driving the agenda at the local level. We're seeing the effects in many communities around the country. I, for one, believe the cause and effect are purposeful and part of a larger, darker agenda. Mr. Ringer is correct about "The Biggest Problem…".

    • Rick G says:

      That's because people are stupid!

    • Jim Hallett says:

      "Doctor Zhivago" is still one of my favorite movies of all time, and "Lara's Theme" with all that powerful music should make you feel good. However, you are right that most Americans cannot see the ominous factors at play in that movie, and yet so many here keep touting "communist-like" rhetoric . . . much of which comes right from the forced schooling establishment.

  10. Jana says:


  11. Marte says:

    I have always held that the only difference between those who live on welfare their entire lives and government employees is that the employees (usually) have to get up and go somewhere on work days.

    While I suppose a few government employees are necessary and actually DO something for the money they take home, in my opinion, the majority are just parasites.

    How many productive working Americans does it take to support just one government employee?

  12. Scott theczech says:

    Individual liberty is constantly under assault, whether it be with malice aforethought or by simple acquiescence. It is incumbent upon each of us who cherish freedom to continue preaching and teaching the gospel of maximum individual liberty. Even most so-called conservatives are hypocrites when it comes to freedom. They talk freedom and individual responsibility while simultaneously being on the dole.

  13. sam239 says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, it's helped me understand how our local government operates here in the Democratic People's Cesspool of Columbia (SC). It's amazing how the citizens here vote Dem with a clear majority, nearly 2/3, but most of the city seems like it is going backwards – I've traveled a lot overseas and there is a great deal of forward momentum you can see in everyday scenes in countries like China and Korea. They were 3rd world countries 50 years ago but now are very advanced in many parts. OTOH here it feels like it's un-developing, going back to third world status, and it's perplexing why people vote towards this. Ringer seems spot on as far as how the Democrat Party builds its power while leaving people more destitute at the end of the day. Pure evil!

  14. Bahmi says:

    Kinda disagree. The biggest problem Americans face is their overall ignorance and stupidity, lack of judgment, and feelings that life is just another soap opera. While nobody disputes we have a zillion problems to think about, our inabilities prevent us from a careful analysis of the extant garbage that exists to bury us. Americans think America is real……nothing is farther from the truth.

    • Don says:

      Good basics, "kinda". To go a bit deeper, the education system is a primary tool in developing, or hindering, and directing the thinking habits of our youth. It has succombed to the Left in big ways. In short, most Americans are groomed through "education", first, to unconsciously believe that they have little control over their own lives and simply live life "at default", not really finding any questions about why things are the way they are, therefore, not questioning why, or thinking they could actually do someting about their "all pervasive" environment (meaning all we are discussing here, and more), or about the possibilities of high acheivement in their own lives. This leaves them living a life that supports that term we hear more and more, "whatever", and just accepting whatever they get, as long as the are in their comfort zone. It is all a very complex problem, but, I choose to continue to view it all as a "challenge" and look for ways to re-direct the system to encourage teaching….and learning…true thinking ability while teaching what I can, where I can, to any who can be "saved". I know we must work on multiple fronts to get back to true liberty in our country. I just don't see a good, unified organization that is doing this (as opposed to discussing it, at length). So, I will continue "planting seeds", watering, and encouraging those that sprout to think objectively and to also work to support developing our nation to the intention of the founding fathers, "For Liberty and Justice for All". BTW, I'm in my 60's and have always had an entrepreneural spirit, even if working for a paycheck most of my life. I tigure my "retirement" from that system will finally get me going on my dreams, or, my next career.

  15. Rick G says:

    About Mitch McConnell. I live in Kentucky. Yes, I (unfortunately and reluctantly) voted him the last time around. Hell, I had to. Look who the Radic-Libs were running against him. Not other than th notorious sleezebag Allison Lundergan Grimes! Mega horrors! Mitch's poll numbers and popularity were way down, but in the end he got a whopping 65%, I think it was. She did as bad as Obama did in Kentucky. And that was pretty pathetic! Lols, but the Fake Pollers had Lundergan beating McConnell. However, she ended up getting her a** rightfully kicked! She carried a lot of political baggage. One was when she was asked by a newsman on the air if she voted for Obama in the.2012 election and she.looked off to the side with a sheepish grin and refused to give an answer. This incidentally was the one thing that really shot down her bid for the Senate. Because in Kentucky if you are in politics and publically say you voted for Obama, that is a political kiss of death! Another black eye she had was advocating a hike in the state minimum wage and talked about how "cruel", "heartless", and "terrible" it is to pay employees the minimum wage. Yet, she was an attorney for her father's business which is a restaurant that pays employees LESS than the minimum wage! So that was the end of her chances for winning a Senate seat. Hence, I had no choice. I sure as hell didn't want her. ¡No way Jose!

  16. Rick G says:

    Robert Ringer' article today really sounds a very perceptive alarm concerning what is going on in America. These millennials, the self-proclaimed know-it-alls who really know nothing are at the forefront in the march toward socialism. A recent poll, 45% of these bedbugs, say they support socialism. Yet, when asked what socialism is, that is, to define socialism, they haven't the slightest clue. They stand there dumbfounded with a blank stare and a bewildered look.This is really scarey! Because millennials make up 53% of the voters today. And most champion Bernie the Socialist Sanders. You can safely bet that all of this has Ayn Rand and Joe McCarthy spinning in their graves.

  17. Guest says:

    Robert, I have read your blog for some time now, and I feel compelled to make my first comment.

    As with the Alt Right, you have a disdain for both political parties. You see the damage that multiculturalism and immigration policy have wrought, and you are beginning to recognize that Diversity + Proximity = War. You question the double standards that work only to the advantage of professional victimization groups … a racism against whites (most often white men) that is deemed perfectly acceptable, and is promoted by our government.

    I was a liberal in college, a conservative after running two businesses, and a libertarian in my 40's. I now find myself moving toward, and beginning to embrace, the Alt Right philosophy … by FAR the fastest-growing political philosophy in America. And no, it is not a white supremacist philosophy — despite what is said in the biased media.

    What say you, Robert? Are you a closet Alt-Right'er? Are you, like me, edging in that direction? If not, are you edging away from it?

    Remember: Hillary specifically targeted the Alt Right. That means it's gotta have something good to offer!

  18. Rick G says:

    I mentioned this in a previous article that Robert Ringer posted, don't remember if it ever got "approved", that the Communist Party USA has given up running their perennial presidential candidate every presidential election. They used to run Gus Hall. Now they have given up the hope to ever win a political election on their own and are now focusing on working within the Democratic Party to promote their agenda for revolutionary change. They still remain distrustful of the Democratic Party because of its ties to Wall Street. But they believe much of what the Dirty Dems believe and are promoting pretty closely parallel the Communist agenda. I listened to a conservative radio talk show several years back, and one caller said we are not experiencing creeping socialism, but galloping Communism.

  19. JOE says:

    Robert, I don't quite understand why it was wrong for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself. Why does everybody in media including Fox say that Sessions did the right thing also that Trump's criticism of him was wrong (If anyone wants to answer my question feel free to do so)?

  20. Rocketman says:

    I've concluded that the tipping point has already been reached and we are about to see just what the elite socialists have in store for the average person. There is only one thing still keeping me here in the states and when that situation is resolved then I'm moving to somewhere that has a weak government that pretty much lets people do what they want- Paraguay. Go on Youtube and type in "Paraguay land of opportunities" and you will see what I'm talking about. They are also the most pro-gun nation in South America with a very low tax structure.

  21. RealitySeeker says:

    Throughout history government always protects and greatly rewards itself. This inevitably leads to a fall. History repeats something like this: the bureaucrats expand the bureaucracy "to meet the needs of the bureaucracy" until the bureaucracy becomes so top heavy that it capsizes an entire civilization. Famine, plague, war, and, yes, immigration, all combine to bring down a culture, but an expanding government is almost always at the root of the reason why a collapse happens.

    Today, for example, just take a look at the looming pension crisis. Government has rewarded its own with generous pension plans, healthcare, perks and early retirement. The thinking by these collectivists is there's always going to be some douchebag capitalist to tax for our "benefits", so we can continue to live the high life. But, as always, the government parasites kill their host(s)….

    Capitalism and capitalists are being replaced with government parasites. This won't end well…

  22. HON says:

    When Jeff Sessions recused himself he opened up the door for the Democrats to slither in and set up their kangaroo court. Robert Mueller donated heavily to Hillary Clinton, he's pals with Comey, he brought in a boatload of unscrupulous attorneys affiliated with the Clintons. Do you think he's going to be impartial? No he's going to keep digging until he finds a crime even if it's fabricated. It's a total waste of time and taxpayer money. But the main objective of this search is to keep the focus off the dirty deeds by the Democrats and Hillary camp. So they gotta keep up this phony Trump-Russia collusion scheme.

  23. globalaff says:

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  24. Amanda says:

    I would just like to add that throughout history government always protects and greatly rewards itself. This inevitably leads to a fall. History repeats something like this: the bureaucrats expand the bureaucracy "to meet the needs of the bureaucracy" until the bureaucracy becomes so top heavy that it capsizes an entire civilization. Famine, plague, war, and, yes, immigration, all combine to bring down a culture, but an expanding government is almost always at the root of the reason why a collapse happens.
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  25. Robby Bonfire says:

    Mark Zuckerscam is on track to become the first AGP (American Gestapo Party) president of,the United States. Are there any “Democrats”, any more?