Wake Up, America!

Posted on February 27, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Now that the Dirty Dems are openly pushing socialism, it’s a good time to address the most misused word in the dictionary:  right.  It’s a word that’s pretty much synonymous with entitlement.  The subtle difference between the two is that right has a much stronger moral connotation to it than entitlement.  It’s very official sounding, as though it were handed down from on high, while an entitlement suggests victimization, which connotes weakness.

That said, to those millions of Americans who are seriously thinking about boarding the Socialist Express:  Other than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, there is no such thing as an absolute right or absolute entitlement.  True rights are those given to us by our Creator.  All other rights are created in the minds of collectivist dreamers and scoundrel politicians.

In other words, the Founders did not create the idea that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental human rights.  They simply reaffirmed what is axiomatic to anyone who believes in the sanctity of natural law.

Sadly, many people actually believe in the idea of artificially created rights, and even though such “rights” also have been around since the founding, until relatively recently they did not pose much of a problem. That all changed, however, when FDR introduced Americans to the welfare state, and artificial rights have been gaining traction at an accelerating rate ever since.  Further, now that Democrats have pulled off their masks and are openly promoting victimhood as the underlying philosophy of the land, the shocking idea of manmade rights has achieved a respectable enough status to be seriously debated in the public square.

A federally mandated $15 per hour minimum wage, free college tuition, a guaranteed minimum income, reparations for descendants of African-American slaves, Medicare for all, and every other zany component of the Green New Deal are all on the table and being vigorously discussed by elitists.  And the boss of all this, by her own proclamation, is a 29-year-old former bartender who is economically illiterate!  Make that completely illiterate.

Though I’m always hesitant to give the perennially shiftless Barack Obama any undo credit, I have to admit that his clumsy attempt to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” has led directly to millions of heretofore sleepwalking citizens wondering if the transformation he was referring to is the kind of country they really want for their children and grandchildren.

It’s important to point out, however, that it’s not just the Dirty Dems who are touting socialism.  Sure, Republicans like to obsess about reforming entitlements, but who among them has been courageous enough to talk openly about taking away people’s artificially created rights?  Make no mistake about it, the third rail of politics is very scary to the Washington establishment.

Since artificially created rights are just that — artificial — the only way to implement them is through government’s never-fail trump card:  force.  Delusions aside, government is nothing more than a criminal organization held together by the threat of brute force — and actual force, if that becomes necessary.

Political power does, indeed, grow from the barrel of a gun.  Millions of Americans delude themselves about this reality, but the cold, hard fact is that government can do anything it damn well pleases to you, your family, and your property through the threat of force — and, when necessary, the actual use of force.  If you doubt it, I would suggest you check with Roger Stone or Paul Manafort.

Sadly, most people tend to ignore what government’s essentially unrestricted use of force means in real terms.  Their normalcy bias tells them that we have checks and balances in place via our three branches of government, thus a Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, or Maduro could never happen in today’s America.

Alas, they are hopelessly naïve.  Whether it’s Waco, Ruby Ridge, taxation, the silencing of free speech, or the regulation of consenting-adult activities, government force is always the trump card.  Government doesn’t need to be morally, or even legally, correct.  All it needs to be is ruthless, and it has never shied away from meeting that challenge.

Conservatives love to fret that we’re on a path to becoming a European-style social welfare state, but that’s hardly news.  We’ve been on a social-welfare path for decades.  To the credit of Americans, however, they have demonstrated that they have the ability to overcome the momentum of the Socialist Express, though it has become increasingly difficult to combat the Radical Left’s rhetoric about such abstracts such as “social justice” and “fairness.”

In truth, of course, implementation of the Democratic agenda has nothing to do with fairness, but everything to do with government force.  After all, if the rich aren’t willing to give poor people a “fair shot,” the government has no choice but to use force to bring about fairness, right?  It’s an alluring con that never fails to convince millions of low-information, low-IQ voters who are overcome by envy that they need government’s help to “level the playing field.”

If the statists in Washington really wanted to bring about fairness, the fairest thing they could do would be to allow people to opt out of any government programs and regulations — including taxes — in which they do not wish to participate.  Unfortunately, government takes that option off the table and instead embraces the role of being the number-one aggressor against the natural rights of a supposedly free people.

The bottom line to all this is that artificially created rights implemented through government force constitute a violation of natural law, a violation that leads ultimately to tyranny.  Worst of all, those who do not believe such a thing to be possible in the United States of America are sure to be caught unprepared.  Do not allow yourself to be included in this group of wishful thinkers.

Wake up, America!

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. John says:

    It's not they are pushing socialism. We are seeing the SPIGS Ku Klux Kan. Special political identity groups pushing out white people out of the workplace via affirmative action, yet expecting white people to pay for social programs.
    Now we have social media not just censoring conservatives and Christians but also obtaining ip addresses and showing up at people's homes to harrass them for being contrary to the SPIGS Kkk.

  2. John says:

    It's not they are pushing socialism. We are seeing the SPIGS Ku Klux Kan. Special political identity groups pushing out white people out of the workplace via affirmative action, yet expecting white people to pay for social programs.

  3. John says:

    It's not that they are pushing socialism. We are seeing the SPIGS Coup Clux Clan. Special political identity groups pushing out white people out of the workplace via affirmative action, yet expecting white people to pay for social programs.
    The SPIGS on sokial media are censoring conservatives and Christians and worse gathering your IP address and sending people to harrass you at your home. This a much more serious problem not being acknowledged or addressed.

  4. John says:

    It's not they are pushing socialism. We are seeing the Spigs Coup Clux clan Special political identity groups pushing out white people out of the workplace via aa, yet expecting white people to pay for social programs.
    Dems have pushed out white men and half to the women.

  5. John says:

    It's not they are pushing socialism. We are seeing the Spigs Coup Clux clan Special political identity groups pushing out white people out of the workplace via aa, yet expecting white people to pay for social programs.

  6. lee says:

    If the people of any country.By voting choose the type of government they want.No other country has the right to overthrow that government.As is happening right now in Venezuela.Just because they want to control that countries resources.The United States is placing sanctions on Venezuela, to starve it.So it can place Guaido as it's puppet. And get it's oil.Just as Trump said.We should go back to Iraq. And get it's oil.

    • Peter says:

      Just to be clear. It's Trump placing the sanctions on Venezuela, right?

    • noah says:

      We are now the world's leading producer/exporter of oil. We don't need anyone's oil. We need to stop failed Socialist regimes from taking hold in this hemisphere, because once they do the inevitable and fail, all of their people will try to crash through our unprotected southern border, be granted the right to vote by Dirty Dems, and then we'll wind up with politicians who will take us down the same failed socialist path.

    • Rick G says:

      Any freedom-loving country has the absolute right to invade and overthrow any totalitarian dictatorship in order to free its people from tyranny. A totalitarian country such as Venezuela has no right to exist as a dictatorship if it violates human rights and freedoms of its people.

      • lee says:

        More fake news from fox news.A reporter from the united nations.Went to Venezuela.and found.That the sanctions placed on Venezuela.By the United States.Stopping monies. Owned by other countries, to Venezuela to stop Venezuela from operating as usual.So corporations that are affiliated with the, the present administration of the United States.Can go in there and take over Venezuela's resources.

    • Jean says:

      Maduro is sending troops to burn caravans of humanitarian aid that the US and other non-tyrannical countries have sent for the people of that country as well as authorizing the military to gun down those Venezuelans who oppose him. So who is doing more damage – Maduro's actions toward his own people or Trump's sanctions. I know that Bernie Sanders loves Maduro and can't bring himself to call him a dictator, but you ARE what you DO.

      We don't need Venezuelan oil, now that we are producing enough to export the stuff. As a matter of fact, it is our production that slashed the per barrel price of oil worldwide, killing the economy of Russia. Putin got his money's worth there, eh? Oh, that's right. You don't deal with facts. Or numbers.

      As for the people of Venezuela's "votes" – really? If you are fool enough to believe there was any sort of fair or free election, you are dumber than a bag of hammers. Elections in communist countries are as "free" as the press. And it's the Venezuelan people who want to overthrow Maduro – no military from any other country has been assigned. I guess they're tired of eating dogs, cats, rats and weeds and are looking for a little free market capitalism to bring their country back to normalcy and sanity. They don't want to become the Bronx. Or Newark. Or Detroit. Or East St. Louis. You know, those shithole cities that you and your kind have created.

      • Rick G says:

        Way to go, Jean. Go, girl!!!

      • Rick G says:

        Children and elderly are sick and starving while you have Radic-Comms like Comrades AOC, Bernie I hate America Sanders, as well as "lee" callously looking the other way. Maduro is using Death Squads to murder innocent psople who protest or are suspected of being against his brutal regime. We do not want this here in our country.

        • lee says:

          Maduro is not murdering anybody.That is fox news propaganda.Trump by placing sanctions on Venezuela.Is starving the people there.To weaken them, so that they will surrender. So he can place his puppet Guaido, as President of Venezuela.

      • lee says:

        maduro will not accept, that so called humanitarian help.Former CIA operatives have said.That when the United States.Wants to overthrow a government.They go into the country as humanitarians.Once they are in they figure out a way to get rid of their President.

      • lee says:

        During the elction.Maduro's opposition boycotted the election.To later claim, that the election was flawed.You may not need the oil.But the oil companies want the oil. It's never enough for them.

    • Andie says:

      Why do we need any other country's oil? The US is now the leading producer of oil in the world, thanks largely to the game changing technology called "fracking". Saudi Arabia saw this threat to it's power strangle hold and tried to wage an economic war starting in 2014. Remember when gas prices went down a lot and stayed down to today's historic lows? That started as a way to drive out of business the competing frackers. Saudi Arabia lost. It is not the 1990's anymore. So, no, I don't think the US is trying to take Venezuela's oil. There is no need nor reason to do so.

      • Adrian says:

        Saudi Oil is the purest sweet crude oil you can find on the planet. USA oil is good but still needs a lot more money spent on refining to make it useable. That’s why everyone still buys Saudi Oil.

      • lee says:

        The corporations that control the United States government. want Venezuela's oil, gold as well as their other resources.So they can sell them around the world.Righ now England has gold.That belongs to Venezuela,That they will not return to Venezuela.Because of the sanctions placed on Venezuela by the United States.

        • Scott says:

          Quit drinking the Kool Aid and accept it is Venezuela's fault they are in such poor shape. Specifically their corrupt left-wing govt. For example the fact that a liter sack of black market corn flour goes for 10 USD. In government shops it's US 280 (per a friend from Venezuela). So even the police and military buy it through the black market!

          • lee says:

            If you lived in a country.That it's people are being starved, by another country through its sanctions. You also would be getting your food from the black market.

  7. RICK D'AMICO says:

    As Winston Churchill once said, "you can't have Socialism without a Gestapo to enforce it, because Socialism is against human nature." (paraphrasing)

  8. Rick G says:

    Wake up, America is absolutely right! What is currently happening in Venezuela is just a preview of what is yet to come if freedom hating, America hatering, Commie Bolsheviks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Bernie Sanders or others of their ilk were to ever seize power in this country and institute absolute totalitarianism. Think it couldn't happen here? The peoples of Venezuela, the Soviet Union, former Iron Curtain countries, Cuba, Vietnam, China, et al., didn't think it would happen to them either. These monsters of the so-called "New" Democratic Party will leave nothing but a trail of death, destruction, poverty, misery, suffering, and ruin behind in their path, just as those before them have. Wake up, America! The enemy is at your doorstep outside waiting to break in!

    • lee says:

      If the corporations get their way.And take over Venezuela.Their will be a Ricardo, in Venezuela struggling to pay his monthly bills.And taxes.

  9. kauai_mike says:

    'Delusions aside, government is nothing more than a criminal organization held together by the threat of brute force — and actual force, if that becomes necessary.'

    Bingo Robert!

  10. FedUp says:

    Outstanding article. All too true. We have another government granted “right” not mentioned: the “right to remain silent”. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Of course, if you choose to remain silent, the government can and will use whatever force necessary to achieve whatever end result they have pre-ordained. The FBI has the biggest guns, and Mueller is the guardian of their virtue. FBI storm troupers will surely insure our freedoms….right?

    • Jeff says:

      One slight strategy that would help freedom lovers is this: stop using the word Government as if it only refers to statist structures.We will improve things when we recognize SELF govt', FAMILY govt', private workplace govt' and on and on. When we give up that word to the statist we undermine our own authority and responsibility.

  11. larajf says:

    The problem is that it's been slow in coming….we should have a minimum wage became we should have a living wage. During WW2, they couldn't offer any more money, so they provided health care, and that's now a "right?" And the usual battle cry "Think of the children…" I still don't see how they're justifying infanticide when they're also asking us to think of the children. And the truth is, we ARE thinking of the children…we don't want them to live in a hellhole while the political ruling class gets even wealthier from our hard work.

    • Andie says:

      I'm all for a living wage but is government force the only way to achieve it? Fact check your WWII example, please. Am I to believe that during WWII, when there was so much government money flowing, practically unlimited international credit given to the US to execute the war, "they couldn't offer more money"? Rather, the healthcare offered, VA system, etc. were microcosms of their socialist pipe dreams seen in the USSR. FDR and his cronies were communists and socialists. That is why there was such a necessary reaction and backlash in McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee in the late 40's and 50's.

  12. Scott theczech says:

    If I exercise my “god-given” right to defend myself and my property, no one can take that right away; I may have the living daylights beat out of me or killed outright, but the right exists in natural law nevertheless. If my employer and I contribute to the federal insurance programs (think social security) I am “entitled” to my share at least. If I accept SNAP (food stamps) for example, that is neither a right nor and entitlement – it is a gift from my fellow citizens.

    • franssusan says:

      SNAP is not a gift from fellow citizens. It's money stolen from fellow citizens by the evil government and given to useless others.

      • Scott Theczech says:

        I can’t disagree with that. If I refuse to “donate” the federal government will beat the living daylights out of me or kill me. If enough of my fellow producers join me, we can beat the living daylights out of the government (think American revolution) or kill it. So until we decide to push back it’s akin to a gift…or perhaps a stay.

  13. Rick G says:

    Everytime Problem Child AOC, the Dancing Ho, opens her big yap, I get gleefully giddy, because she will cause the Democrapic Party to get Goldwatered in 2020. Now, that numbskull is telling people not to have children, because it is affecting climate change!!! She must be using some real hard drugs. To me, she is really ugly. She looks ljke a giant insect. But I bet she can give some good lap dances. So, in that rezpect, she may have some "redeeming" value. Lols!!! It is my sincere hope that the Radic-Comms keep talking up the Green New Disaster, because they are headed for a McGovern/Mondale style crash next year. So keep talking, the goofier and crazier, the better! Just wait till the middle class finds out that each household will need to pay 600,000 dollars to upgrade their home, plus lose their cars and trucks, and that is just the start. This will never fly.

    Creepy sex perv Joe Biden is in a tight Catch 22 situation. That is why he has not decided to run in 2020. If he endorses the Green New Disaster, he is done. If he does not, his Radic-Comm comrades will maul him politically. They eat thsir own. Either case, he's screwed big time!

    • DLCramer says:

      I totally agree!!!!
      She is a puppet! Chosen just like Obama. Two dumb boxes of rocks AND THAT I’m sure is why they were chosen!

  14. zach says:

    Elizabeth Warren's "Ultra-Millionaire Tax." would confiscate 40% of wealth over $50 million. Why should that bother me?

    • Rick G says:

      Pocahontas doesn't have a snowball chance in Hell of being eleced.

    • skeptic says:

      It should bother you, zach, because when 40% of $50 million isn't enough – and it won't be – to fund the GND, they'll take 40% over $5 million. Then 40% of $50 thousand. Heck, that bullet train to Hawaii alone will cost multiple billions…

      • Andie says:

        "Socialism is wonderful! The only problem is when they run out of other people's money" Margaret Thatcher. Funny how much socialists in every country enjoy playing Santa Claus with SOME of the money they have stolen. Corruption! California senator for life Dianne Feinstein spent $10 million of her own wealth above campaign money to obtain that senate seat. How much do senators make? $200K annual salary? Times how many year term? Do the math and see it doesn't add up–unless the rest she takes under the table or direct deposit to her Swiss bank account.

    • lee says:

      That should not bother you at all.Their may be a Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren ticket.

    • Adrian says:

      They always say it’s a tax on the rich but when the law finally gets passed it’s always a bait and switch and the middle class ends up paying the tab. Rich folks can defend themselves from this crap and if they can’t they just up and leave. As well, when taxes were higher in FDR time you had a lot more tax deductions that you could use to offset the high tax. That’s not true nowadays but nobody is talking about it

  15. NZ Steve says:

    Excellent comments RJR! For another take, please read: Editorial: One Step Forward Two Steps Back – Galganov.com https://www.galganov.com/editorials.asp?id=2634#….

    Free subscription!

  16. Jon says:

    Democrats are pushing far more than socialism. They have created a stasi network to doxxin free speech and take away your guns and want to force you on a train.

  17. Randy says:

    Nicely written Robert. We had a discussion similar to this the other day and someone hit the nail on the head. People are now using "Need" and changing it to "A Right". They need medical, so now that is a right. You'd be amazed at how many were on board for medical for all until I pointed out that who are they going to force to give that medical treatment. Because if it's a right, someone HAS TO provide it.

    • lee says:

      No one can force anyone to do anything.Unless they allow it.

      • franssusan says:

        That sounds good in theory, but unfortunately, the government can force us to do things we don't want to do. If we refuse, we go to jail. I don't like my money being stolen from me and given to others, but if I don't pay, the government is coming for me with their guns and will take me to prison! That's the tyranny!

  18. franssusan says:

    Great article, Ringer.

  19. Dave it’s me says:

    Quite the kick the hornets nest of negative self loathing. That’s a nod to the wild mash up of terminalogy, conspiracy, white privilege and overtones of an “end of days”and fake history.
    A beautiful mess I suppose. Lack of action and lack of insight feed the insecurity and shared anxiety as the rate of change continues to get faster and faster.
    C’mon “lovers of liberty” riff on our Democratic Republic and reboot a bit of the informed bravery that makes us great.
    Skin in the game? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?