Totalitarianism Is Upon Us

Posted on January 9, 2021 by Robert Ringer


With the hysteria over the Capitol Building dustup Wednesday hogging the news, I think it’s important not to allow the Georgia runoff elections to be buried and forgotten about, because how a majority of liberty-minded Americans view what happened in Georgia will determine the impact it will have on America’s future.

If conservatives and libertarians throw up their hands in despair and view the Georgia elections as the final death knell for liberty in this country, they might just end up being right.  But if they view them as a clarion call to return America to its founding conservative-libertarian roots, they might also be right.  What is needed right now is clear thinking and a great deal of action.

The paramount question we should be focused on is not the fact that Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won the Georgia elections — or even the possibility that their wins might have been a result of the usual Democrat cheating — but how two Marxists were even in a position to run for the United States Senate in a traditionally conservative state.  It seems reasonable to conclude that somewhere between 30-40 percent of voters in this one-time red state apparently prefer socialism to free-market capitalism.

Clear thinking on this matter also forces one to face up to the reality that America is now closer to becoming a Marxist nation than at any time in its history.  And, if so, I believe it’s important for people to understand what Marxism is all about.

As a prelude, let me start by pointing out that socialism and communism are, for all practical purposes, one and the same.  Karl Marx made it clear that socialism was but a phase along the way to communism, which is why I use those two terms, along with terms like Marxism, progressivism, liberalism, leftism, and collectivism, interchangeably.

Second, communism as Marx described it has never existed on this planet.  Leftists like to romanticize about his heaven-on-earth version of communism, a fantasy wherein the state “withers away” because everyone has equally satisfying lives — food, housing, medical care, and more — thus no one covets his neighbor’s possessions.  In the real world, however, from Lenin to Stalin to Brezhnev, from Mao to Deng to Xi, the term communism (and all of its synonyms) has proven to be nothing more than a euphemism for totalitarian rule.

When communists take control of a country, what actually happens is that people end up with less of everything and are equally miserable.  But not all people.  Under communism, a new privileged class emerges that replaces the previous elites whose property was appropriated by the state.  In the Soviet Union, the privileged class under communism was known as the nomenklatura.  It consisted of tens of thousands of bureaucrats whom the oligarchy depended on to keep the proletariat in line.

Today’s American version of the nomenklatura is much greater in number and much more powerful than its counterpart in the former Soviet Union.  As a result, its members are highly motivated to push toward a totalitarian form of government to protect their elite status.  It’s a push that has been going on for decades, but what is different today is that many in the Democrat Party openly use the term socialism to mask their true goal, totalitarianism.

What is remarkable is that so many voters, who are not part of the corrupt nomenklatura, believe they would be better off under socialism than capitalism.  But why?  I can think of only three possible reasons why someone would favor a theoretical ideology that has resulted in the slaughter of tens of millions of people worldwide, as follows.


Millions of people who are emotionally immature believe that all pain and suffering are unacceptable and that it is therefore the government’s job to make life risk-free.  Such a naïve mindset is what has given rise to the wild overreaction to the coronavirus pandemic.  Leftists have succeeded in scaring people into putting their lives on hold and focusing instead on protecting themselves from COVID.  This, even though the extreme measures taken by politicians and bureaucrats fly in the face of the actual science.

Staying alive is, indeed, of paramount importance, but being the most important thing does not mean to the exclusion of everything else.  If there is nothing else to life but trying to stay alive, then life has no meaning.  The refusal to accept the reality that risks are an integral part of life is what leads people to naively believe that an all-powerful central government can keep them safe and well fed, and it is this naïve belief that leads to totalitarianism.

Naiveté is not an easy condition to cure, because it requires a willingness to accept facts, something that is anathema to people who are genuinely naïve.  (As the Big Guy famously said, “We choose truth over facts.”)


Speaking of resistance to facts, ignorance is especially prevalent among college students, because in the vast majority of cases the colleges they attend are not bastions of education but cauldrons of miseducation.  Simply put, most of our schools, from kindergarten through college, teach ignorance.

Until a few decades ago, the realities of communism, including the death and destruction it has fostered since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, was taught in virtually all schools.  Today, however, communism is glorified by Radical Left teachers and professors, which is why it should not surprise anyone that children who have not had the benefit of a sound home environment based on Western values are especially vulnerable to the propaganda of those who promote the lie that communism is nirvana.

If kids were encouraged to study the true history of communism, beginning with Karl Marx in the mid-to-late 19th century and Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin in the 20th century, they would be far less likely to end up as confused, lost souls preaching the wonders of communism and would realize that it is nothing more than an excuse to implement a totalitarian regime.

Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci, leader of Italy’s communist party in the early part of the 20th century and generally thought of as “the godfather of cultural Marxism,” was an early advocate of playing the “long game.”  He believed that the best way to implement communism was through gradual, stealth revolution over a long period of time, and felt this could be accomplished through communist infiltration of a country’s institutions, particularly schools and universities.  Over the past 50 years, Radical Leftists have adopted this strategy and succeeded in gaining control of America’s culture by planting Marxists throughout the education system.

Deprogramming and reeducating people whose brains have been saturated with lies, half-truths, and, above all, false premises is a herculean task that realistically can produce only limited results.  To be effective, other efforts have to be made, such as taking back our schools and universities, finding ways to minimize the damage done by the fake-news media, and putting an end to big tech’s censorship of libertarian and conservative thought, beginning with repeal of Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act.


Unfortunately, a majority of Democrats today are hard-core malevolent, meaning they take satisfaction in the pain and suffering of others.  A study of the history of communism makes it clear that it’s an ideology fueled not by a desire to help the downtrodden, but by anger and hate.

It has often been said that liberalism is a mental disorder, because round-the-clock hatred and anger do not comprise a normal mindset.  So, even though it’s true that many people who have bought into the false promises of communism are simply naïve or ignorant, the primary drivers of communism are anger and hate.

Karl Marx was an angry, arrogant intellectual who harbored enormous scorn for the working class, notwithstanding his claim that revolution was necessary in order to free workers from oppression.  While insisting that their salvation could come about only through violent revolution, he made it clear to his fellow intellectuals that he believed the proletariat was too stupid and unmotivated to plan and carry out a world-changing revolution.

Vladimir Lenin, who led the world’s first communist revolution, was even angrier than Marx.  From an early age, he showed signs of being an extreme sociopath.  There are firsthand accounts of his amusing himself as a small child by ripping the arms out of dolls and torturing animals.  This anger propelled him to become a bloodthirsty dictator who, like Marx, had a low regard for farmers, workers, and peasants and excluded them from party meetings and policy-making decisions. 

Thus, the reality wasn’t so much “workers of the world unite” as it was “workers of the world, shut up and do as you’re told.”  Which is exactly the message coming from the today’s Democrat Party.  Totalitarian Democrats look down on everyday Americans, particularly blue-collar workers, and resent any attempt on their part to express their opinions.

Which brings me back to the Georgia runoff elections.  Now that the commies have taken control of the Senate, what Republicans need to do is resort to every dirty Democrat trick in the book in order to stall the Dems totalitarian agenda until January 2023.  By that time, Democrats will have brought so much pain and misery to most Americans that Republicans should win both the House and Senate by landslide margins — unless, of course, they still have not figured out a way to stop Democrat cheating.

The road ahead is no less challenging than the one faced by the Founding Fathers in 1776 when they threw out the British.  As Benjamin Franklin famously said at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”  This is where we are in 2021 America, and people should not delude themselves into believing that this is just a bump in the road and that America will somehow work things out.

As I have repeatedly said, if the objective is to take back America, the first order of business should be to primary Republicans who never tire of giving the middle finger to the voters who put them in office.  Not just vermin like Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and Mitch McConnell (all three of whom President Trump naively endorsed), but choirboys like John Thune, James Lankford, John Cornyn, and Marco Rubio as well.

If Republicans do not get serious about cleaning house, nothing else they do to fight the totalitarian left will matter, because you have no chance of winning if you allow the enemy to operate freely within your ranks.  The most sickening thing about the last four years was watching establishment Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy snipe at President Trump for saying and doing things that swamp Republicans deem to be “unpresidential.”

What happened in Georgia is a wakeup call for liberty-loving Americans nationwide.  The reality is that totalitarianism is upon us.  Now, the question is, how many of us are willing to show, through our actions, that we are prepared to hang together? 

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

21 responses to “Totalitarianism Is Upon Us”

  1. DUANE HAYES says:

    Well said, words of wisdom we should all pay attention to.

  2. JF1017 says:

    There is a fourth reason you don't cite, but one that I have observed in working with people over the last 40 years. That is "immaturity." When I graduated from college in the late 1970s, it was an embarassment to admit that you still lived at home and didn't have a job, even in Jimmy Carter's economy. My generation, for the most part, left home when we were ages 18-21, and took on whatever work we could find. We lived in crappy apartments until the Reagan years, when we could afford to take out home loans and buy a starter house. We added luxuries like cable TV as we could afford them. We didn't take out loans we knew we couldn't pay back. And most of us didn't indulge in high risk behavior; those who did owned the consequences of our actions and began making better choices. Millennials today believe they are entitled to the accoutrements their parents / grandparents have without the effort. Allowing mommy to pay the bills (they largely come from single parent homes) when they are age 25, shacking up in the basement with their pregnant gal pal, isn't shameful at all to them. And a job? Well, if they aren't handled with kid gloves in the workplace even when their f*ck ups cost the company thousands of dollars, then they are "stressed out" and need a safe space. Communism promises goodies without responsibility. Student loans? Eh – let Big Daddy Joe take care of that for you! You were too young to understand that loans have to be paid back, and that the degree in Pakistani Gender Identities might not be marketable! Health care? Should be free to anyone, including AOC's base that appears to consist of sex workers and illegals doing day labor and getting paid under the table! When you have a voter base with the emotional IQ of a 6 year old, you get totalitarianism. Some people do need to be told what to do, when to do it and how to do it, and to have their lives circumscribed for them. Living under communist rule means never having to say you're sorry, because it's never your fault or your responsibility.

  3. patg2 says:

    As dark as these things are, the only sure thing that brings us peace and light is faith in Jesus Christ, receiving His sacrifice as payment for sins. We are not promised tranquility in this life; we will receive it in the next. In the meantime, He grants us peace beyond understanding, which keeps us sheltered from the evil of the world and empowers us to do the right thing. You have come close to realizing this answer, but please consider it especially in light of the current situation. If everyone were in Christ, communism would have no appeal to anyone. It is built on a violation of the commandment, Thou shalt not covet. In our natural flesh, we disobey the Ten Commandments. It is only when empowered by the Holy Spirit that we realize our treasures are in heaven, and our task now is to point as many people as possible, to the truth.

  4. JurassicRick says:

    Well put, Robert. You hit the nail right on the head……as always! It's time for a Requiem for this great country. It's now finally over. How and why this country has allowed us to get here I surely don't know. You can bet that Ayn Rand would turn over in her grave if she would see all of this. She warned her followers and readers of this and now it is here. Just check out the novel "We The Living" and the prophetic novelette 'Anthem". All I can say is exactly as George Santayana one said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". The presidency, the House, and the Senate have full reins on this country as voters have given them a green light GO for implementing their radical agenda. America will be transformed into a slave state, a replica of Cuba or North Korea. It will be totally unrecognizable from the country it once was. Just you wait and see.

    • justin__case says:

      We got in this mess by allowing the federal government to grow and metastisize into the the overgrown tumor that it is now. It is now obvious, but far too late to remove that overgrown and deadly tumor. We did not heed the founder's warnings about preventing this, which we could have done. The States also did not heed those warnings, and assert their authority to prevent this tumor. In that vacuum, the evil ones took their advantage to fill it, and we allowed that too. Someone famous said that everyone gets the government that they deserve, and it looks like they were right. Unfortunately.

  5. Pitch22 says:

    Are you really so naïve that you believe by voting out a few RINO career politicians and Republican choirboys will bring about meaningful change and stop the final demise of America? Those days are long since gone Robert. Perhaps a better idea would be for you to invest your money (“ACTION”) and start a new conservative social platform with complete control and call it “RINGER.”

  6. HonestProfessor says:

    If "everyone does what is in his own best interest all the time," it must be in the best interest of the politicians to do what they are doing, and that's why they're doing it! So if they're not doing what you want them to do (agreeing with and acting upon the positions you have outlined), there must be a higher, controlling power ruling over THEM. What is that power? Until it is identified and a stronger power overcomes the power that is leading us into socialism, political correctness, anti-Trumpism, etc., nothing will change. Storming the Capitol is not the answer–those holding power still hold it! LOF#1 states that to solve a problem you must address root causes. Saying "we should [do this or that]" when we as individuals don't have the power to affect actual change seems like an inadequate response. Today, all major governments, corporations, mainline churches, universities, charities, foundations; the worlds of finance, law, medicine, science, the internet, sports, art, fashion, music, movies, even architecture are unilateral in their support of left-wing socialism, multiculturalism, globalism. There may even come a day when this website is banned because it "doesn't reflect our values." I'm open to hearing specific, practical advice as to what we as individuals should be doing to cope with the times we are living in.

  7. pokertiger says:

    I am sure the election at least from Perdue's corner was McConnell's lack of action on expanding the stimulus to 2K (or putting it up to a vote) especially after Trump recommended it. The problem was they passed a 900 billion dollar "pork bill" that didn't do much for American citizens but focused on Gender studies in Packistan,the number of amberjack fish on the gulf coast,fixing the Kennedy Center,and plenty of other projects that had nothing to do with covid. When the citizens got hold of all this malarkey,they wanted to be paid whether it was the right conservative thing to do or not.
    I know this is true because Perdue had a higher percentage of votes with 5 candidates (49.7) than with 2(49.5).
    He couldn't keep the votes he already had.People like me that work mostly in the hospitality industry probably make up 10 percent of the US workers.My pay has been cut in half,and I feel like one of the lucky ones.If gov't forces you not to work,and then doesn't compensate-people will do crazy things like vote socialists in.(Part of a grand scheme?) Now Georgia is a red state,but its a very poor state in parts and if those guys can get an extra 2800 dollars if they think they can vote a certain way-they just might do it.And they did.They weren't worried about Biden 's removal of Trump's tax cuts because they wanted to be paid today.

  8. pokertiger says:

    I am sure the election at least from Perdue's corner was McConnell's lack of action on expanding the stimulus to 2K (or putting it up to a vote) especially after Trump recommended it. The problem was they passed a 900 billion dollar "pork bill" that didn't do much for American citizens but focused on Gender studies in Packistan,the number of amberjack fish on the gulf coast,fixing the Kennedy Center,and plenty of other projects that had nothing to do with covid. When the citizens got hold of all this malarkey,they wanted to be paid whether it was the right conservative thing to do or not.

  9. larajf says:

    One friend was deeply depressed and I said "We have not yet begun to fight!" Another said he'd never vote again, and I reminded him of his civic duty. I know we're all hurting a lot right now. But we have to dig deep and fight back hard. Trump upset the D's by using their playbook….suddenly it was "hey, that's just mean and not fair." The R's, as you said, hated it because it was "unpresidential." (which is horse pucky). It's time we got involved at all levels and get voter ID and get rid of these balloting systems that can be hacked. And we need to get rid of the legacy media that has become the propaganda arm of the power mad D's. Slowly build up water and food (and can openers) so you have some level of control over your life. And see if you can grow a garden. We can at least work together to grow food that we can share and keep our dreams alive. Some friends and I are using Marco Polo to stay in touch about all the rumors that we hear. Oh I guess that's my last plank on my soapbox – keep talking and stay in touch with like minded people.

  10. Wynand says:

    They want to impeach Pres. Trump again. Can you believe it?

    • JurassicRick says:

      Yeah, I know. That just goes to show you how mean, hateful, and vindictive the Dirty Dems really are. And when I say mean, hateful, and vindictive, I mean mean, hateful, and vindictive to say the least. You would think that since he will leave office in a matter of days, they would just let him go. That goes to show you how ate up these half-humans really are!

      • Wynand says:

        There's talk they want to charge Anyone that used twitter and other media "inappropriately" during the event with war crimes. And there's rumors circulating on the internet that they have started to take down details of online profiles of Trump supporters…. Plus all online comments are now being recorded and backed up on ALL online telecommunications software applications, even if you delete the tweet or comment later.

  11. Wynand says:

    Ron Paul has been blocked from Facebook.

  12. Reality_Seeker says:

    It has been said that “[the majority of] people get the government that they deserve”. I say that’s true. The problem is that the rest of us get that which we don’t deserve; therefore, it becomes our job to make the best for ourselves out of a really bad government.

    I supported Trump only because he was the best we could do at the time. I never for a minute really believed that “America would be great, again”. Why? Because anybody who’d trade social security (SSI) for freedom deserves neither freedom or security. And the American people have been trading their freedom for security for a long, long time. There has to come a day of reckoning for trading one piece liberty at a time for one big government promise of security after another.

    Trump was a Marxisant, which isn’t much better than a Marxist. Trump enlarged the national debt, budget, currency supply and expanded the credit just like any good little collectivist would do. So, the only really good thing he did was slow down the collapse of Western Civilization. Tip of the hat for that. But anybody who actually believed that “winning, winning, winning would be so easy that you’d beg Trump to lose one once in a while” – anybody who believed that verbal fart – was and is a damn fool. Trump could not even “win” a second term. The Deep State ate his lunch and now Big Brother is going to eat Trump.

    • JurassicRick says:

      The reason "Trump could not even 'win' a second term" was because the election was literally stolen from him via massive voter fraud. Had it been conducted fair and square, he would have easily won by a substantially large margin.

  13. Wynand says:

    Breaking news is that Pres. Trump is now being impeached again.

  14. Mr Domain says:

    I completely agree with your share. The Senate elections in Georgia broke the voter record, with more than 4.4 million votes.

  15. hinakhangr says:

    The US Marshals Service has recently directed sales of bitcoins that were held onto throughout common and criminal procedures.