The Dazzle of Socialism

Posted on May 7, 2019 by Robert Ringer


As I listen to the Democratic presidential clowndidates ratchet up their talk about the merits of wealth redistribution, I find myself wondering just how much the average liberal voter knows about socialism.  I suspect that a lot of low-information folks have an innocuous view of socialism as nothing more than a compromise between communism and capitalism.

This is precisely what the Radical Left wants voters to believe, but it’s an absolute lie.  Karl Marx referred to socialism as “a transitional stage of society between capitalism and communism.”  In other words, he saw socialism only as a temporary, intermediate step, with communism as the long-term goal.

Make no mistake about it, communism is the real goal of most Democrats, but they realize they can’t come right out and admit it.  Even a radical subversive like Barack Obama figured out that his only hope for getting elected was to lie about his intentions.  And it worked.  But because of his laziness, lack of intelligence, and overall incompetence, he failed in his goal to fundamentally transform America into a socialist/communist country.

Socialism (a word I will used hereafter to include its extreme form, communism) goes hand in hand with class warfare, which has been a fact of life throughout recorded history.  The sad truth is that there is an inherent desire in human beings to prosper without effort, and it is the repression of this desire that makes for a civilized society.

It’s when the repressive factors are eased, or completely removed, that the emotions that fan the embers of class warfare — guilt, envy, and covetousness — are unleashed.  At its worst, this has resulted in bloody uprisings like the French and Bolshevik Revolutions.

As Tocqueville noted, “There exists … in the human heart a depraved taste for equality which impels the weak to attempt to lower the powerful to their own level and reduces men to prefer equality in slavery to inequality with freedom.”  Simply put, many people, believing they can never hope to achieve the level of success they see others enjoying, find comfort in seeing the possessions and achievements of others destroyed.

Enter socialism, an ideological system that promises nirvana but in reality delivers nothing but misery to the masses.  Taking advantage of the basest instincts of human nature, socialism appeals to the desire of people who yearn to drag those who are successful down to their own level of misery.

Ignoramuses, from a childlike AOC to an old fogie like Bernie Sanders, either do not understand the realities of socialism or are so overwhelmed by their own envy and anger that they cannot resist its lure.  As a result, they tout socialism as the great social-justice equalizer, which sounds almost too good to be true to the hopelessly naïve, the lazy, and the pathologically envious.

The problem is that socialism conflicts with the reality that Nature separates human beings into strata according to such characteristics as ability, ambition, intelligence, and determination.  This is why Nature defeats all schemes intended to equalize results.  No matter how many laws the Supreme Court overturns, no matter how many unconstitutional laws are passed, and no matter how willing the government is to use force to get people to do things that are contrary to their moral beliefs, in the end human nature prevails.

Even though socialism does not work for the masses, it works exceptionally well for the ruling elites who promote it, because they are not bound by the rules they impose on others.  Stalin did not live in poverty.  Castro did not live in poverty.  And even today, Maduro does not live in poverty.  Some animals really are more equal than others.

Through one left-wing revolution after another, history has recorded little change in the lives of the proletariat.  The only two things that change for them are the power holders who control their lives and the systems used to wield that control.  In the words of Benjamin the donkey in George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm:  “Windmill or no windmill … life would go on as it had always gone on — that is, badly.”

Meaning that if the Radical Left ever succeeds in implementing true socialism in America, millions of morally challenged, uninformed voters will be angrily disappointed when they discover they are far worse off under socialism than they were under capitalism.

And even if one were to argue that some people at the lowest end of the income ladder are better off after so‑called socialist revolutions, the reality is that such people give up virtually all freedom in exchange for guarantees of a cheap roof over their heads and a few crumbs of food each day.  Visit Cuba and Venezuela if you doubt this.

Nevertheless, millions of voters still support the concept of wealth redistribution, because they naively believe they are net beneficiaries of the system.  As Frederic Bastiat put it, “The State is the great fictitious entity by which everyone expects to live at the expense of everyone else.”

How can people actually believe such a canard when a cursory study of human history makes it clear that socialism always ends in poverty, misery, and a loss of freedom for the masses?  Thomas Sowell succinctly answered this question when he said, “Everything is new if you are ignorant of history.  That is why ideas that have failed repeatedly in centuries past reappear again, under the banner of ‘change,’ to dazzle people and sweep them off their feet.”

In the unlikely event the Dirty Dem clowndidate who wins his party’s nomination beats Donald Trump in 2020, it will mean we have passed the tipping point where the number of bedazzled, low-information voters is at last sufficient to implement full-blown socialism in America.  And if that happens, woe unto those same voters when they come to realize, far too late, that socialism is nothing more than a scorched-earth philosophy of destruction that always brings with it a brutal dictatorship and total loss of liberty.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

18 responses to “The Dazzle of Socialism”

  1. MacyK25 says:

    In addition to Obama's lack of intelligence, laziness and incompetence, I believe that one has to consider the factor that he was/is always stoned.

    • JurassicRick says:

      I think he was smoking too much of what Jim Stafford used to sing about, The Wildwood Weed.

  2. Pietrosnsb says:

    Although socialism is so very obviously a classic Ponzi scheme, it is incredibly appealing, as RR has stated to "the hopelessly naïve, the lazy, and the pathologically envious."
    I would ad to this list the ever growing group of people who have a disease-like desire to feel good about themselves (because they don't).

    • MacyK25 says:

      Of course they don't feel good about themselves — they have no reason to; there is nothing good about them. So they become Democrats and pretend.

  3. JurassicRick says:

    Eventually, farther on down this country's road, sad to say, the United States of America will be a full-blown "socialist" country. I don't mean a "socialist" country like Sweden or Denmark. I'm refering to dictatorial slave states like the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, etc. I use quotes around that word, because it will be an extreme left wing dictatorship, call it "socialism", "progressivism", "communism", etc., etc., etc. Incidentally, the radical left masquerades it as with the seemingly innocuous term "progressivism". It should be "regressivism". For there is nothing "progressive" in communism. It is just a sugar-coated poison designed to destroy humanity and freedom. President Trump has recently said that we will never be a socialist country. I believe him and applaud his good intentions, but he will not be President or in office forever. Then what? Eventually the Dirty Dems will be back running the country again, and this time it will be the full implementation of the radical left agenda advocated by the current Democratic Party. I know it's coming, but it is just a matter of when. I sometimes think may God help us all. I know it is fatalistic thinking, but at the same time I have to be a realist too. What I have found to be startlingly appalling is that the Communist Party USA (CP USA) which has been around for decades has now given up and has moved into the Democratic Party. They believe this is the sure route they can use to insure that their agenda can be enacted and put into power. Nobody, except a tiny few will vote for the party of Gus Hall. But they will vote for the party of Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Barack Hussein Obama, and George McGovern. And by doing so, it is more likely their radical agenda will be passed and implemented. It is literally unbelieveable that people nowadays, including and especially millennials, ignore history and reality and advocate socialism. Why? They believe, erroneously, and they will admit it that the right people have never been in charge to implement it and run it right. The right people? Just who would be these "the right people"? Truer words have never been spoken than the words of George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". How true, how true, how true.

    • gonogo says:

      Or, perhaps more accurately, "The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history" ~ Friedrich Hegel

  4. JurassicRick says:

    Excellent article as always, Robert. I had a lot to add to it but my comments were not posted because they need to be "reviewed". What I said in that response is the absolute truth. People in this country had better wake up and wake up fast. President Trump recently stated that we will never be a socialist country. I applaud him for his good intentions, but he will not be in office forever. Once he is out, then what?

  5. JF1017 says:

    AOC is attracted to socialism because she is a certified idiot with daddy issues – her father died uninsured, and her resentment at being plunged into the lower middle class lifestyle after living in Westchester makes her want to share that experience with everyone else.

    Bernie is more craven. He KNOWS that no Communist leader lives in poverty, and his aim is to become top of the heap. He gets the centrally heated dacha (or three of them) while the masses are allotted their "green" tiny house.

    And the millennials who buy into it? Well, they were told by Barack Hussein Obama that they should be covered under their parents' health insurance until they are 26. The upcoming Dem candidates are all promising that "somebody else" will take care of their student loan debts. Many don't own a car, believing that Uber or public transport "should" be available to get them where they want to go, whenever they want to go there. They "should" be entitled to live off the backs of mom, dad and the taxpayers for the duration, no? To them, communism is merely an extension of living at home, and they have been programmed to have no shame or qualms about this. After all, mom and dad let them do whatever they want to do, so why wouldn't a benevolent government?

    • JurassicRick says:

      I was looking at a vid on YouTube recently about a millennial college student being interviewed on campus saying that not only should all student debt be wiped clean, but all his credit card debt should be forgiven also. This little arrogant autocrat expects someone like me, the producer, to bail him out of financial chaos, the consumer. I say, a la RJR in his earlier books, bad cause/bad effect, or better yet, when you sleep with big dogs, you get big fleas. He made his mess. Now it's his responsibilty to man-up, clean it up, and pull himelf out of it. It's time for these creatures to take responsibilty for their actions. I think this kid was also smoking too much of that Wildwood Flower!

      • JF1017 says:

        You see that – I see that, but the twerps of the world don't. They actually believe they were victimized by Big Banks, Big Education, etc. and they were innocent bystanders. Normally, there would be a level of maturity that kicks in, the kid would learn cause and effect and make some needed changes, but enabling parents and pandering pols (Bernie Sanders et al) reinforce the "victimhood" mentality. I've had many conversations with millennials who were seeking solutions to problems and one thing I did tell them was that they were not totally responsible for where they were today because they had been educated to fail. But they were completely responsible for where they were going, because they were now aware of the limitations put on them by the government indoctrination system + pop culture, and they had to choose not to be part of that any more. One on one, and without bringing politics into the conversation, you can get through every so often.

  6. JurassicRick says:

    Excellent article as always, Robert. You are the one and only person I can count on to tell it like it is and lay it on the line. I attempted to add on my thoughts about the current state of affairs in this country, but both times the responses were never posted and said my comments were under review.

  7. Ivan says:

    Socialism has been creeping into our lives for quiet a while, sort of a brainwashing. If it was recognized in its early stages, the American people could have controlled it better. Now that it is escalating at a faster pace Trump stands out as a sort of wild cowboy trying to control it, when all he’s doing is protecting us from communism. Whether it’s democratic socialism or any other socialism, it’s all and still is a stepping stone to communism. Capitalism Rules!

  8. Reality_Seeker says:


    So true….

  9. Ivan says:

    Socialism has been creeping into our lives for quiet a while,sort of a brainwashing. If it was recognized in its early stages,the American people could have controlled it better. Now that it is escalating at a faster pace Trump stands out as a sort of wild cowboy trying to control it,when all he

  10. larajf says:

    No one ever thinks they'll be a worker…they think they'll be the elite. And we know from the fall of Vietnam, it was the intellectuals that were killed first because they're useless. Funny how the intellectuals are so ignorant of history.

  11. B Wilds says:

    Wealth inequality has soared in recent years and now stands at the worst it has been during the entire U.S. post-war period. Studies show that the U.S. middle class has been more “hollowed out” than originally thought in terms of income by manufacturing jobs and any gains made by the lower-middle class were sharply reversed after 2007.

    Unfortunately considering current trends we should not expect improvement in economic equality. The article below warns of the danger of turning towards socialism as many progressives, liberals, or those simply left of center are proposing. It argues this very real possibility of moving our economic system towards socialism would be a grave mistake.

  12. B Wilds says:

    The political left has a very strong desire to elect "anyone but Trump." This leaves America vulnerable to a major shift towards socialism. Wealth inequality has soared but socialism is not the answer. Sadly, moving in that direction appears to be the answer touted by many progressives, liberals, and those left of center. The article below argues a shift towards socialism would be a grave mistake.