Time for the Ronald Reagan Solution

Posted on January 11, 2022 by Robert Ringer


An insurrection is technically defined as “an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.”  Sounds like something Democrats engage in pretty much every day of the year, but the only insurrection they seem interested in — the January 6 political protest gone awry at the Capitol Building — wasn’t even a real resurrection.

Now, they have an opportunity to bear witness to a genuine insurrection carried out by, of all people, school teachers in Chicago.  Like the January 6 protesters, the teachers are not using guns.  They’re simply flipping the bird to their students, parents, and even Democrat allies in the Windy City.  It’s nothing short of an attempt to overthrow the education system.

What these shiftless miscreants need is a good dose of the Ronald Reagan solution for quickly halting insurrections.  Nothing gets people’s attention like getting fired.  Just ask some of the more than 11,000 air-traffic controllers who were given the ax by Reagan in 1981.  To boot, they were banned for life from working for the federal government.

Of course, the softer side of me would like to see the Chicago education insurrectionists merely suspended without pay.  One of the biggest factors in America’s declining work ethic is that people who refuse to work are too often suspended with pay.  Getting paid not to work is not a suspension; it’s a vacation.  Even the laziest, most avaricious people on the planet respond positively when starvation is the alternative, and Chicago teachers would be no exception.

Robert Ringer

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