A Time for Truth: January 6 Is a Lie

Posted on June 14, 2022 by Howard Roark


Isn’t it amazing how no one in conservative media other than Tucker is willing to speak the truth about January 6?  I’m not talking about Democrats or the left-wing media.  It goes without saying that virtually everything they’ve said about January 6 is a lie.  That’s no big deal, because we expect it of them.  Lying is their stock in trade.  But when supposed conservative anchors refuse to state the obvious, it’s very disappointing.

Tucker is the only Fox host who does not fudge on the subject.  He continues to clearly and repeatedly state that virtually everything about January 6 is a lie.  There was no insurrection and Donald Trump said nothing that would rise to the level of incitement of a mob.  None other than Democrat Alan Dershowitz has emphatically stated so.

In the history of the world, there has never been an insurrection in which the insurrectionists had no weapons.  Not one.  Nor has there ever been an insurrection in which the leader of the insurrection encouraged his followers to peacefully and patriotically protest.

I especially dislike when conservative politicians and pundits describe January 6 as a “dark day in the history of our country.”  Forget the fact that Democrats and anti-Trumpers tell bold-faced lies like “five police officers were killed that day by rioters.”  (The true figure, as everyone knows, is zero.)  Again, we expect Democrats to lie.  That’s no big deal.  But conservative commentators should be ashamed for referring to January 6 as “a dark day in the history of our country.”  It was, as Jack Del Rio, recently reprimanded assistant coach of the Redskins, said, nothing more than a “dust-up.”

The truth is that the gathering at the capitol Building on January 6 was an exceedingly peaceful protest, primarily by older Americans who had grown tired of Democrat lying and election cheating.  Again, not a riot — a protest.  Unfortunately, a small number of people got carried away and committed misdemeanors.

A few actually got physical with police, and those people deserve to be punished.  But if you juxtapose their actions with those of thousands of Radical Left activists who have caused billions of dollars in damage to American cities, their punishment should have been a slap on the wrist equivalent to a traffic ticket.  In a democracy with equality under the law, you don’t keep people in solitary confinement indefinitely for committing misdemeanors.

When this is all over and the sham January 6 panel is made to look like the liars and fools they are, will they apologize for the millions of dollars in taxpayer money they have wasted, going all the way back to the show-fence they put up around the capitol building for no reason at all?  Of course not.  On the contrary, they will insist that Donald Trump and his band of insurrectionists were let off the hook and go on to their next attempt to divert voters’ attention from their relentless attempts to dismantle America as a constitutional republic.