The Sleepy Joe Dilemma

Posted on May 21, 2020 by Robert Ringer


With all the hysteria over COVID-19, people aren’t paying much attention to the Sleepy Joe dilemma the Dirty Dems have created for themselves.  Simply speaking, it is this:

Sleepy Joe, arguably the most flawed presidential candidate in U.S. history, is said to be the Democrats’ “presumptive nominee,” which represents an enormous problem for them.  Why?  Because Sleepy, as I have repeatedly stated, is not a serious candidate.

To the grossly uninformed and/or naïve, this may sound like a contradiction given that Sleepy is the presumptive Democratic nominee, but it is not.  Some readers may not be old enough to remember George McGovern in 1972 and Walter Mondale in 1984.  Both men ran for president on the Democrat ticket, but neither of them were serious candidates, which was borne out by their landslide losses to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

In the case of Sleepy, I again stand by what I said the day he announced his candidacy:  He will not be the Democrat nominee.  What you are witnessing today is nothing more than an illusion created by the bizarre spectacle of 24 reprobate clowns, most of them Radical Leftists, being rejected by Democratic voters in their embarrassing primary.

Those 24 wannabe buffoons run the gamut from an author of mysticism to a fake Indian … to a Willie Brown concubine … to a gay guy kissing his husband on the debate stage … to a multibillionaire who spent hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money in an attempt to do an end run around the other candidates and buy the Democratic nomination outright.

Unfortunately for the Dirty Dems, there was also a communist clown in the race, and his everything-free agenda appealed to much of the envy- and hate-ridden Democratic base, so much so that it looked for a while like he might actually win the nomination.  The Bernie Bros were so confident of a Sanders victory that they were already promising to inflict physical pain on so-called moderate Democrats if their commie hero didn’t get the nomination.

But, alas, it was not meant to be.  Democrats are skilled in the art of creating their own reality, but at some point in time, when it appeared that Sanders might actually win the nomination, they had no choice but to exit their comfy illusion bubble and face the reality that having him as their presidential nominee would mean certain defeat in November.

Zap!  Just like that, they turned up the heat on Bernie in South Carolina, with House Majority Whip James Clyburn enthusiastically endorsing Sleepy, and the rest is history.  To be clear, Sleepy didn’t actually win the Democratic nomination; he was simply standing there, befuddled and confused as always, when the game of musical chairs ended and he was handed the nomination by default.

Now, the Dirty Dems have an insoluble problem on their hands.  They are stuck with a very white, very old man in a state of rapid cognitive decline.  When it became obvious that Sleepy was not ready to answer the bell, they threw together a quick game plan that called for him to be kept away from live television at all costs and, most important, prevented from going head-to-head with Tyrannosaurus Trump.

Sleepy managed to fumble through his basement gig for a couple of weeks, but today everyone — Republicans and Democrats alike — realizes that the basement ruse is not working.  In fact, it’s become a national joke and is getting worse by the day as Trump’s poll numbers keep rising.

The Dirty Dem hope was that because Trump was so universally hated (or so they believed), Sleepy, with the help of his boss, BHO, could edge him out at the polls.  Then, once inaugurated, he would be told to shut up and sit down while Obama directs traffic.  And, trust me, Sleepy would have gone along with such a humiliating plan without a whimper.  For a graham cracker and a cup of warm milk, he would agree to pretty much anything.

Now, as a result of their shenanigans, the Dirty Dems are left with only two options, both of them bad:

Option No. 1:  Pick a vice presidential candidate that would appeal not only to the Dirty Dem base but to swing voters as well.  Then, after his inauguration, Sleepy would resign or, if necessary, be removed from office via the 25th Amendment.

  • The problems with this scenario are numerous. First, Sleepy has already guaranteed the identity crazies in his party that he would pick a woman for his running mate.  The women who ran against him in the primaries — most notably Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Kamala Harris — are strikingly unaccomplished and unlikeable, to put it mildly, and would virtually guarantee a Trump victory.
  • Ditto Gretchen Whitmer, the moronic governor of Michigan, who has become one of the most hated woman in America, Susan Rice, whose claim to fame is lying with a straight face about the Benghazi death fiasco on five national television shows in a single day (not to mention her lie that she knew nothing about the General Flynn investigation), and, worst of all, the delusional and offensive Stacey Abrams, whose resume consists of a bunch of blank pages coupled with a 6,000-word gushing profile from the Washington Post.

Option No. 2:  Push Sleepy aside and install a candidate picked by the Democrat Party’s power elites.  The problem with this plan is that, by so doing, the Democrat Party would be admitting that the votes of everyday Democrats are irrelevant and thus the primary system itself was nothing more than a sham.  To put it delicately, the Bernie Bros would go ballistic and refuse to accept anyone other than Bernie being coronated in place of Sleepy.

While they talk a good game when it comes to their Radical Left policies, establishment Democrats are well aware that a majority of general-election voters are not ready to submit to becoming socialist serfs.  And let us not forget that a majority of Democrat voters also rejected the socialist policies preached by the reprobate clowns in their own primaries.  It’s precisely how the Dirty Dems ended up with Sleepy as their default candidate.

Of course, anything is possible.  If the Dirty Dems can’t come up with a workable solution to the Sleepy Joe dilemma they created, I guess he could conceivably end up stumbling onto the debate stage opposite carnivore Trump.  I still don’t believe it will happen, but, if it does, Trump might very well end up being charged with elderly abuse.  At a minimum, it would make for very ugly TV and would likely be required to display the X-rated warning “may be inappropriate for children under 13.”

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

9 responses to “The Sleepy Joe Dilemma”

  1. JF1017 says:

    I believe the Dems will keep Biden in the race, specifically to ensure a bloodbath during at least one debate. This will allow the Dems and their PR wing, the MSM, to depict Trump as being callous, cruel and push the Orange Man Bad meme when he turns Joementia into a blubbering puddle or flailing "get off my lawn you lying dog-faced pony soldier" lunatic. It will be Trump's fault, and the optics will be designed to play on the heartstrings (and moral compass) of much of Trump's base – the conservative Christian or Jewish voter who still believes in fair play and compassion for one's fellow man. No one, of course, will question the ethics of pushing a senile and clearly dysfunctional old man onto the public stage to be humiliated – to the left, the ends justify the means and you always have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Joe happens to be one of their eggs – even if they lose the election, they've won the messaging game.

  2. spellinator says:

    I approve of this analysis.

    Although, it's pretty obvious. I guess the Kool-Aid Democrat followers are in denial.

    My prediction, not sure how they'll pull it off, but HRC will swoop in at the last minute. It will be the rematch of the Thrilla in Manila, Clinton vs Trump. This time, HRC, her globalist cronies, and China will make sure Trump won't get reelected.

    At least they'll try, but hopefully the economy will continue to improve and Trump will win in a true Reganesque landslide.

  3. larajf says:

    I'll start popping the popcorn. It's going to be fun to watch. The Leftists have tried absolutely everything and are still failing. Look at Pelosi calling the president "morbidly obese" The first sign you've lost is when you start insulting. And double loser for using fat shaming. The economy will open up in most of the US (sadly not near me in Kommifornia's Silicon Valley), and start booming again. I look forward to a landslide victory for morals, values, and small government.

  4. JurassicRick says:

    The only reason all of the Dirty Dems have coalesced around Sleepy Joe is because they believe that he is the "strongest" candidate they have to beat Trump in November. It's all about getting Trump out of office. Nothing else matters. To them it is just get him out! The Dirty Dems know they have a highly defective and flawed candidate on their hands. So for now, their job is to keep him out of the public limelight, in his basement, and if he says anything, it is via teleprompter to avoid his tendency for gaffes. But sooner or later he is going to have to come out and face T-Trump. And when he does, T-Trump will shred him to pieces. The polls right now show that Sleepy is ahead in most parts of the country. But that is because people are not listening and tuning in yet. This will come in the crucial months of September, October, and November. I do not see how Sleepy is going to survive such a brutal head on with T-Trump. Actually, I still feel that Sleepy is not going to be the Dirty Dem's nominee. I may be wrong, but who knows? It's going to get ugly, really ugly.

    • ebookaholic says:

      There are also many corrupt people that know they can do a LOT of shady things behind Biden's back because he won't know it is happening or will simply forget

  5. ebookaholic says:

    I've been predicting all along that Crooked Hillary is going to swoop in at the last moment and become the nominee. The way I see it, all of the corrupt stuff that has been going on with the "resist" movement since she lost in 2016 is nothing more than an extension of her 2016 campaign… a prolonged smear campaign against Trump which has also resulted in thousands of lives lost due to their continued resistance to get behind the president during the plannedemic.

    Still not sure how it will play out. Perhaps Crooked will be chosen for the VP spot which would cause a media frenzy. Biden then drops out due to a sudden health reason, then Crooked becomes the nominee?

    People underestimate how dark and evil Crooked Hillary really is. I find it very unlikely that she will allow anyone to take her throne, but maybe there are enough people in the DNC that realize they need to get rid of the Clinton baggage.

    But the other question is what are the Obummer's up to? My theory is that Obummer has likely played a large role in calling the shots of the Deep State since Trump got in. Remember, he never left DC and bought that huge house there… perhaps that is the Deep State House home base?

    Maybe they will go really insane and make Obama the VP. Even though it would go against the constitution, what difference does that make to the dems? Or, perhaps they will pick Moochelle for the VP spot.

    At a certain point America needs to cut our losses and split up into two or more separate countries. Both sides are deeply entrenched and even if an all out war were to take place Pearl Harbor style, I can guarantee that the liberals would side with the enemy. Because of this reason alone we need to split the country up.

    The biggest overall problem is Internet censorship, Big Tech and the fake news colluding with the Deep State. If Trump loses in 2020 the biggest cause will be censorship.

    The founders made the 1st amendment the first amendment for a reason. They must have known that no matter what happens to technology, free speech is timeless. If you don't have free speech, then you don't have a free country.

    So the solution to all of this is figure out a way for everyone to have 100% free speech with no shadow banning, deplatforming, etc.

  6. pokertiger says:

    Any chance Mark Cuban makes a run as an independent?

  7. MomentofClarity says:

    it is obvious that $hillery will be Joe's running mate …

  8. 123tortoise says:

    Robert you are STILL the sexiest man alive and after reading your Sleep Joe Dilemma you are still the most entertaining writer as well!