The Hundred-Day Hoax

Posted on April 29, 2017 by Robert Ringer


The ultimate in fake news is the media’s attempt to convince the public that Donald Trump is off to the worst start in presidential history. I was almost embarrassed for CNN Dinosaur David Gergen when I watched him say, in a clip on the Internet, “I actually think this may be the worst hundred days we’ve ever seen in a president.”

Really? The worst ever? That’s quite a statement, considering Trump has been wearing out everyone around him with his penchant for nonstop action. Even though I certainly have concerns about his liberal leanings and his often self-defeating behavior (such as making wild and unnecessary promises), I must admit that even I’m impressed with what he’s accomplished in a little over three months.

List after list of his accomplishments in his first 100 days are available on the Internet, but I’ll remind you of just a handful here:

Putting coal miners back to work … giving the green light to the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines … beginning the task of rolling back federal regulations … taking action to try to lay off thousands of federal employees … going after sanctuary cities … bringing about a seven-year low in illegal immigration … imposing new sanctions on Iran … becoming the first president to stand up to North Korea … destroying a big chunk of Syria’s air force with a surgical strike of 59 Tomahawk missiles … developing close relationships with many important world leaders, including King Abdullah of Jordan, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi  … laying the groundwork for a cordial relationship with China’s president Xi Jinping … and unquestionably being an inspirational force that led to the UK’s pulling out of the European Union.

All this in spite of the media’s undermining him on a daily basis on behalf of the Dirty Dems and the Ryan-led wing of his own party trying to obstruct him at every turn. But the real truth is that Trump’s presidency is already a huge success. In terms of actions that are good for the average American, he has done more in 100 days than George W. Bush did in eight years.

(For purposes of comparison, I used Bush rather than Barack Obama, because, other than making Wall Streeters wealthier, Obama never actually tried to accomplish anything positive for America. As he openly admitted from the outset of his fraudulent presidency, his goal was to do whatever he could to fundamentally change America, the corollary of which is to take actions that help destroy the United States as we once knew it.

It’s interesting that early in his presidency, none other than John F. Kennedy, who would not recognize today’s hijacked Democratic Party, said of his goals for America, “All this will not be finished in the first 100 days. Nor will it be finished in the first 1,000 days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.”

With Kennedy’s words in mind, it’s obvious that 100 days is a meaningless marker. Take repealing and replacing Obamacare, for example. It’s no big deal that it didn’t happen in the first 100 days, because sooner or later a new healthcare bill will be passed (though the final product is not likely to satisfy freedom advocates like myself).

The same with the wall. For now, Paul Ryan & Company has managed to block it, but you can be sure that the wall will be built, in whole or in part, within a few years. Again, I doubt the final product will satisfy me, but Trump will build some kind of wall. From a political standpoint, however, what’s happened thus far should embarrass DT, because he did not need to say how quickly the wall would be built and certainly did not need to say that Mexico would pay for it.

In any event, I still believe that illegal immigration could be 100 percent halted overnight by (1) putting an end to the outrageous and illegal anchor-baby scam, (2) making it impossible for an employer to hire illegal aliens, and (3) cutting off every aspect of the welfare net (including medical care) for non-citizens. And, of course, increasing technology and manpower on the border, which Trump has already begun to do.

It never ceases to befuddle me as to why most Republicans cannot seem to grasp that they are now in complete control of the government and that if they really wanted to, they could get just about anything passed — by hook or by Reid-like crook. Did they not see the recent ABC/Washington Post poll that showed Trump would not only beat Horrible Hillary again, but beat her by three points in the popular vote?

What’s far more important than Trump’s first 100 days is what he does in the future. My guess is that he will do a boatload of things that are very different from what he promised when he was campaigning, but I believe he’ll do enough really good things — cut taxes, keep the pressure on illegal aliens, perhaps appoint another Gorsuch-like Supreme Court judge, unleash energy production, crush ISIS, etc. — to make America a far better place than it is today.

But the one thing he will not do is cut the deficit to any significant extent or reduce the national debt. The overriding reason for this is that two-thirds of the budget consists of entitlement spending, and no living politician would dare touch entitlements — i.e., if they want to continue living.

The real bottom line to America’s financial crisis is that everyone — even so-called freedom advocates — wants something from the government, and that equates to a permanent deficit and a permanent increase in the national debt.

Right now, using an ever-more inflated currency appears to be the only way Trump can pay for the things he needs to do to make America a better country than it is right now, so the continued devaluation of the U.S. dollar is assured — meaning print, Print, PRINT! As I have so often said, the U.S. will ultimately destroy itself with runaway inflation or by defaulting on its debt. I used to believe that the former was inevitable, but recently I’ve begun to believe that a negotiated default (mainly with China) is possible.

In other words, pragmatism might just prevail, especially with a dealmaker in the White House. It will be fascinating to watch how Trump goes about resolving America’s insoluble debt problem. One thing for sure is that he knows a lot about Chapter 11 bankruptcies.

In the meantime, Donald, happy 100 to you!

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.