The Fundamental Transformation of Glenn Beck

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Robert Ringer


Glenn Beck recently announced his latest “fundamental transformation of Glenn Beck” when he said, “I am in the final phase, I think, of a massive transformation.  One that will take me to rough terrain, uncharted landscape and lonely woods.  This may end up being the biggest and most important challenge of my life.”

So, what’s this latest Beckamation all about?  Let’s back up a step or two and take a look at Beck’s evolution since 2006, when he left CNN for Fox News.  The first year or so that he was on Fox, I never missed his show.  He was nothing short of amazing.

Beck was the most naturally talented person I had ever seen on television — smart, knowledgeable, logical, great teacher, and funny as hell.  And a remarkable actor as well, as he demonstrated when he put on a performance in “The Christmas Sweater” worthy of Laurence Olivier.

Beck performed a great public service every weekday by explaining, in terms everyone could understand, the evolution of the radical left — from Marx and Engels to Lenin and Trotsky … from Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson to FDR and LBJ … from Mao and Ho Chi Minh to Castro and Che Guevara.

His material, and the entertaining manner in which he presented it, gave new meaning to the phrase “breath of fresh air.”  Beck became the biggest, quickest television superstar I had ever witnessed, clearly annoying Fox faux conservatives like Dick Morris, Bernie Goldberg, and Bill Kristol, to name just a few.

He became so popular that all he needed to do was announce he was going to hold a rally in Washington, D.C. — without offering a decipherable explanation of what it was for — and a half million people showed up.  I was there, and I can honestly say that, to this day, I don’t know what the point of the rally was, but the half million people in attendance were clearly mesmerized.  Beck had transformed himself into a high priest of liberty.

Then, at the peak of his popularity, the man who reinvented himself from druggie-alcoholic-godless goof-off to clean-cut husband and father, devout Mormon, and history teacher to the masses suddenly announced it was “time to move on.”  No more wasting precious moments exposing the sinister history and treachery of the radical left.

Fundamentally transforming himself and the theme of his show once again, Beck began to pretty much limit his guests to clergymen and religious scholars.  Not that there’s anything wrong with having men of the cloth as guests on your show, but, as with most things he does, Beck went overboard.  Personally speaking, I wasn’t looking to Glenn Beck for spiritual advice, and, judging from the way his ratings plummeted, apparently millions of other folks felt the same way.

Beck’s favorite spiritual guru was a scholar/minister by the name of David Barton, who heads up an organization called WallBuilders.  There’s no question that Barton is a very knowledgeable man, but, quite frankly, he bored me to death with his nonstop, rapid-fire filibusters.

Beck did everything but salivate on Barton’s tie (though he may have even done that off camera), finally blurting out to his confused and bewildered audience that Barton was “the most important man in America.”  Huh?  Right then and there, I realized Beck had gone off the deep end.  That was about the time I wrote my first article speculating that his days at Fox News were numbered.

But Beck still wasn’t through.  His next fundamental transformation came when he simply sat on the edge of his desk for the entire hour of each show and gave what appeared to be an extemporaneous monologue.  To be sure, it was pure genius that he could talk that long every day without so much as taking a deep breath, but, as could be expected, he, too, became boring.  Too much of anything is too much.

Worst of all, Beck lost his wittiness.  He wasn’t entertaining.  He wasn’t engaging.  He came across as totally self-absorbed, and viewers started opting out.  I remember thinking how disappointed and sad I was that such an immense talent appeared to be self-destructing.  I couldn’t help but wonder if his alcoholic tendencies had anything to do with his erratic behavior.

When he left Fox and fundamentally transformed himself yet again — this time into a media mogul — I didn’t follow him.  I had no interest in finding out what GBTV was all about.  He was no longer the Glenn Beck that had captivated me.

Now, suddenly, Beck is back on Fox News as a frequent guest (at least three times that I know of), even buttering up to pseudo-conservative Sean Hannity, who himself has long been on his way out the door at Fox.  When Beck was in his prime, he never once so much as mentioned Hannity’s name, because he had no patience for Fox anchors who regularly featured such statist guests as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell.

Now, in his mini-comeback with Fox, Beck has let it be known that he deeply regrets being so divisive in the past, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life helping us “come together.”   In a recent article, he said, “I have challenged myself to let go of my anger and hurt and instead see others’ pain, need, confusion, and hurt.”

I don’t presume to know what’s inside Glenn Beck’s head, but I feel as though I’ve seen this movie before — i.e., the conversion of lifelong conservatives into “kinder and gentler” souls.  It strikes me as somewhat strange that Beck can’t seem to accept success and just keep moving forward with the important moral issues he claimed to believe in.  It’s almost as though he has an insatiable need to periodically shock everyone by suddenly changing course.

There’s no questioning the fact that, notwithstanding his mercurial nature, Beck’s genius has brought him from a life of drugs, alcohol, and dismal failure to the ranks of the rich and famous.  But when he starts talking about “the final phase of a massive transformation” and helping people “come together,” you get the uncomfortable feeling that he’s headed for that grand fantasyland where “fairness” and “social justice” are code words for tyranny.

Why would anyone want to come together with people who believe in bigger government, more redistribution of wealth, and less freedom?  The term “come together” is nothing more than a euphemism for compromise, and compromise is a euphemism for accepting “just a little bit of tyranny.”  Why would any person of goodwill want to come together with someone who believes in an ideology that makes people worse off?

Best we all heed the warning of 17th century Jesuit priest Baltasar Gracian, who said, “Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.”  How in the world do you come together when one side wants liberty and the other side wants tyranny?  Sorry, Glenn, but the only solution to tyranny is to defeat it.

Speaking for myself, I don’t need to come together with anyone in order for me to “see others’ pain, need, confusion, and hurt.”  I have always been sensitive to the pain of others, which is why I believe in the free market.  That capitalism is by far the best way to alleviate human suffering is irrefutable.

It’s also why I never change my basic principles when it comes to not compromising with those who want to destroy the free market and employ force to make everyone equal.  It doesn’t work.  As Eric Hoffer said in Before the Sabbath, “To give equality to people who cannot be equal is to intensify their feeling of inequality.”

For me, so-called compassionate conservatism is libertarian-centered conservatism, not more redistribution of wealth.  And a “kinder, gentler America” would be an America not where statists and freedom lovers come together and compromise, but where statists are thrown out of office and those who are not in office are prevented from violating the natural rights of others.

I wish Glenn Beck well, and I have my fingers crossed that he will not do anything that would further damage his legacy and strip him of his credibility with millions of people who still believe in him.  Genius and an oversized ego can be a lethal combination, especially when someone has shown a tendency toward erratic behavior.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. Chuck says:

    Glenn Beck was and is an idiot. A good actor yes, as witnessed by his rants, but someone concerned only about a narrow point of view –his. The problem with people like Beck is that they see things through an ideological prism, not a realistic one. Someone who denies climate change, the need for a social net, and the cry that are freedoms are being taken away. It's too much for me to bare. I can no longer follow someone who follows an idiot. SOrry Robert.

    • Rodney says:


    • Mary says:

      Trust me, Chuck, no one wants to see you "bare." And I believe one of the points Robert makes is why he's NOT following Beck. Observing is not "following." I observe President Obama but do NOT follow him.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Wow! Am I that bad of a writer? I stopped following Glenn Beck years ago, which I made clear in my article.

    • TommyG says:

      Climate change happens yearly, it's called Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Stop drinking the kool-aid. Iagree we need a social net, but people like you want it to turn into a hammock. You're the idiot. Stop projecting.

      • John E. Gabor says:

        Exactly. Except the name calling. Let him proclaim that himself.

      • Marco Marco says:

        > [it] happens yearly, it's called Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

        Indeed it does!!

        ha, ha, ha… this is a _great_ one.

    • Marco Marco says:

      Hello, you sound like someone who follows "progressives", not like someone who used to follow Robert Ringer (so I understood)

      > see things through an ideological prism, not a realistic one.

      In this phrase you are describing progressives, liberals, leftists (whatever the name is), because the basis for their political position position is: "The way the world SHOULD be"

      And not the way it IS.


    • Trey says:

      Surprising how many people are crossing our borders INTO this capitalist society

    • stogiechomper says:

      Chuck, it's hard to understand how anyone can still believe in the discredited theory of "man made climate change." As for "idiots," you apparently believe your intellect and knowledge to be so superior that only idiots would disagree. I'm afraid most of us here do not share your high opinion of yourself. No doubt you would be happier in another forum. Goodbye.

    • Jean says:

      To say that Glenn Beck is "…someone concerned only about a narrow point of view –his…" is to pretty well disparage all of talk radio and "news" programming on television. From what I've seen, EVERY program on CNN and MSNBC is hosted by people who are only concerned about their own narrow point of view, which most of the time, doesn't stand up to logical thought or reason.

      As for the "need for a social safety net," tell me exactly how maintaining a permanent underclass that now believes it shouldn't be expected to pay water bills (see Detroit activists who claim "water is a RIGHT") and get angry when Medicaid doesn't pay for malaria or yellow fever inoculations needed for a vacation trip to Africa (true story) is "helping" anyone? And climate change? There is as much actual evidence that climate change – specifically man-made climate change – is fiction as there is that it exists and is getting worse. You may want to examine some of THAT literature before you pass judgement on those of us who believe that politics are the only thing behind the climate change movement and certain politicians are getting very wealthy promoting it.

      I'm not a Beck fan, but I do believe in doing my own research – something that Beck has always advocated. When the likes of Maddow, Matthews or Olbermann start telling their viewers to do their own research, THAT will be a truly fundamental transformation.

  2. Jerry Spillane says:

    Robert, I admire and have learned a lot from much off your writing. But as to your political views…. "That capitalism is by far the best way to alleviate human suffering is irrefutable." How arrogant e obnoxious from someone on the winning side of Capitalism! It's becoming more and more obvious that Capitalism does anything but "aliviate human suffering" for thre great majority of human beings on this planet.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I totally disagree, but reasonable people can disagree in a spirit of goodwill. BTW, I've been on the "losing side" of capitalism many times in my life, but the suffering was nothing compared to the suffering people around the world have endured under communism – or even socialism.

    • Murray Suid says:

      Agreeing with Jerry:

      In the depth of the latest recession, a wealthy acquaintance–who owns four mansions–asked, "What are people whining about?" That wasn't said with a hint of irony. This 1%er seriously could not understand the widespread suffering. His view: "If people are not doing well, they ought to work harder and smarter."

      I'm not denying the talents and industry of this wealthy individual. I'm simply reporting that he had no empathy and no awareness–and certainly, he felt as if we have the best of all possible systems.

      Thanks to his great wealth, his kids were able to have many advantages which–in my opinion–propelled them to their own financial success.

      If you ask my acquaintance about a concept such as "level playing field," he'll immediately categorized you as a communist.

      I'm fairly well off, and I've worked hard all my life. But it's clear to me that we don't have a level playing field, and Capitalism in its present form–which has benefited me–is hardly designed to benefit the majority, or even benefit the majority of hard workers.

      People who think otherwise need better glasses or an experience like the one that woke up Scrooge.

      • KDS says:

        Capitalism IS the best way. Anyone with a brain should know from history that Socialism and Communism DON'T WORK!

        The problem is everyone seems to lump Greed and Capitalism as the same and their NOT! They are two different things! Capitalism DOESN'T have to be "GREEDY" but, it is a lot of the time because of greedy INDIVIDUALS! Capitalism and Entrepreneurship is what paves the way for people to get ahead.

        The people who just want a job wouldn't have that job without the two! Think about that!

      • Marie says:

        The Progressive taxes on Income makes it impossible for the everage individual to become successful . Only special talents ( spotts , arts , new technology , politics , crime etc…….. ) will bump you over the hill .
        No wander those who "made it " can't see the masses with ordinary talents , on the other side of the mountain , who were left behind .
        When you have a choice of working or collecting your livelyhood from the Government , most choose the latter . Capitalism is not possible if ordinary people can't collect and keep Capital .

      • coachg says:

        And what system to you propose to follow may I ask. There is no equality…There will be poor and they will be the wealthy……This country didn't give me anything but an opportunity to succeed….No guarantees…It's called freedom.

      • JohnHancock says:

        One additional point is that there is a balance that must be exercised. Nobody made their millions in a vacuum, and so in a very real sense the infrastructure that exists from electricity, military defense, courts to health care etc. all provide fertile grounds to conduct business and make millions. Few people begrudge just rewards to those who take risks, but lets stop the BS those who benefit the most should bear a bit more. Naturally a balance is needed. Also upward mobility must be preserved and I think that has taken a hit recently, too.

    • Jerry, you have it all wrong. You fail to distinguish between Laissez Faire Capitalism and Crony Capitalism. You must realize that it is government interventionism and the Fed's easy money policies that sabotage the smooth functioning of the marketplace and creates what people refer to as Crony Capitalism. Capitalism would work just fine if members of the political and financial establishment would quit messing with it. You criticized Robert on something where he is 100% right.

    • GCH says:

      R ead a little history. Look at what the industrial revolution did for everyone including the poor. And in our own country the 19th. century raised the level of all people until the government began to encroach. There will always be greater and lesser economic levels but Capitalism allows free people to choose their own destiny.

    • Obamabinlyin24/7 says:

      The problem isn't capitalism, which BTW, we don't have. The problem is CRONY-capitalism, which isn't capitalism at all, and which we DO have.

    • stogiechomper says:

      Ringer is correct: capitalism works better than any other economic system to provide the greatest prosperity to the greatest number of people. It rewards productivity: those who bring the greatest value to the market place, i.e., in goods and services, reap the greatest rewards. If one is dissatisfied with his share of the pie, he should study ways in which to increase the value of his economic input, by gaining greater skills or creating better services or products. Produce more, consume more.

  3. John Demato says:

    Maybe Beck realized he was wrong in thinking that capitalism is the answer:

    I offer the following quote by Che Guevara:

    The laws of capitalism, which are blind and are invisible to ordinary people, act upon the individual without he or she being aware of it. One sees only the vastness of a seemingly infinite horizon ahead. That is how it is painted by capitalist propagandists who purport to draw a lesson from the example of Rockefeller — whether or not it is true — about the possibilities of individual success. The amount of poverty and suffering required for a Rockefeller to emerge, and the amount of depravity entailed in the accumulation of a fortune of such magnitude, are left out of the picture, and it is not always possible for the popular forces to expose this clearly…. It is a contest among wolves. One can win only at the cost of the failure of others.

    • TommyG says:

      What rock did you crawl out from under?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Same answer as above. As to Che, are you sure you want to quote him as a source for your case against capitalism? Che was an animal.

    • Dave says:

      Che Guevara was a brutal murderer. He trained and commanded firing squads that executed an estimated 14,000 men, women and children deemed enemies by the new Castro regime. He once put a bullet in the head of a fellow guerrilla he suspected of disloyalty.
      Che was not a fan of our First Amendment. He opposed freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and protest.
      All those college kids wearing their Che T-shirts might be surprised to learn that he supported the repression of rock ‘n roll in Cuba.
      Homosexuals did not fare well in Che’s Cuba. He mounted a campaign to have them jailed.
      A photo of Che was posted on the wall of an Obama campaign office in Texas. The volunteer who put the poster on the wall might be surprised to learn that her hero opposed free elections.
      Che never won a Nobel Prize for Economics with good reason. Castro put him in charge of the Cuban economy, but his strident communism immediately put it on a downward spiral.

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        Che openly stated that his goal in life was to be a "killing machine." Sadly, he succeeded.

    • GCH says:

      Yeah, Che had the right solution – just line up your fellow countrymen and shoot them.GCH

    • common sense says:

      Quoting a man who took pleasure in the cold blooded murder of children while their parents were forced to witness the butchery may not be your best foray into the intellectual discussion of the merits of capitalism. Just sayin

    • tim_lebsack says:

      Che Guevara's understanding of economics is flawed. This statement, "One can win only at the cost of the failure of others.", is false. Keep studying.

    • coachg says:

      Wow….just wow….Obummer couldn't have said it better.

    • stogiechomper says:

      Che's comment that one can only win if someone else loses, is bunk. It is the age-old leftist lie that the economic pie is fixed, a zero-sum game. The pie can grow. You are not made poorer when someone else gets rich.

  4. RAM says:

    Glenn Beck is an enigma and not nearly as articulate as one might wish. We'll just have to wait and see. Robert, good analysis. RAM

  5. Mike Miller says:

    Robert, you are right on with your observations about Glenn Beck. I also thought he was the greatest hope we'd ever had in his early days at Fox. Then I saw him get sidetracked and go on another path. But in spite of the negative comments above about Beck and capitalism, I agree with you that capitalism has done more good for more people than any other system devised by man.

    • CARA says:


  6. RedStateDan says:

    OK, so we've heard from the unintelligent and the liberal left (but I repeat myself), so let's try coming at this from the other side. Mr. Ringer, I always read your work with interest, though not always with agreement, as I do part ways with my libertarian friends in certain areas. But I think you misjudge Beck. He is no less passionate about exposing the terrible evil that is gripping our government, but he has (in my opinion) shifted his focus from "What is happening" to "How then shall we live?" And since he started GBTV, he has been looking for more and more ways to establish points of connection among Americans, rather than ranting about the things that divide us. I think he would say that we are more bitterly divided as a nation than at any point since the War Between the States; we need to find those points of commonality so we can rediscover and reunite around the founding principles that David Barton teaches about. As with you, Mr. Ringer, I don't agree with everything Glenn says, but I find him more interesting and challenging than ever. I'd encourage you to check him out more often!

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      It is my fondest hope that Glenn Beck will do ever greater things and achieve ever greater success. We're on the same page there.

    • coachg says:

      And what is the compromise with Communism and statism….Where is the common ground to hold hands and make s'more's over the camp fire?

  7. Evelyn D Denise says:

    You have not followed Glenn Beck on GBTV and yet you presume to know what all he has been talking about for about 2 years or is it 3 now? C’mon. Mr. Ringer, I respect and admire your ability to tell it like it is, but here you have NOT done your homework first, and are drawing conclusions on incorrect assumptions and missing history. You misunderstand the current Mr. Beck and you do a disservice in the process.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I haven't drawn conclusions, per se. I have made observations based only on what I know. I'm in Beck's corner. I just hope he doesn't get carried away with his conversion.

      • Evelyn D Denise says:

        Essentially, Beck is talking about coming together where principles are held in common. Beck is not remotely suggesting changing or compromising his principles. But, as an example, he recently interviewed Montel Williams concerning the VA scandal. Montel is a vet and tries to visit every vet in the hospital, and the media have blacked out his desire to talk about the revelations of the horrific the mistreatment of veterans. About the issue and the blackout, Montel is frustrated to the point he cried when talking about this, as he is so very dedicated to helping the veterans. This is the kind of “coming together” that Beck is referring to. He and Montel have many political differences, but they agree on this issue.

  8. justintimes says:

    Robert, that's a brilliant observational piece on a complicated personality. You synthesized his components perfectly.

    I too discovered and then recorded Beck daily on CNN. A friend of mine who was also part of CNN in those days and while he's a Liberal (he'd dispute this) he also found Beck to be a brilliant talent.

    My disinterest and disappointment with Beck probably began about the time yours did. I just couldn't put it into words.

  9. Jim Rice says:

    What are you stating as "the natural rights of others"? I find that statements of this kind are just rationalizations of those that "have", whetther that be material blessings or some kind of natural advantage, to keep what they have and prevent others less fortunate than them from getting any part of the "good life" those blessings allow. I don't believe that the world is fair nor that it necessarilly should be, but I do believe that, if we want a great country, we all should contribute, per our ability, to make it a level playing field.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Allow me to make it more simple: Natural rights are everyone's right to their OWN life, their OWN liberty, and their OWN pursuit of happiness. Anyone who attempts to interfere with these rights is in violation of Natural Law. Put another way, Natural Law is the law of nonaggression. Rich or poor is not a factor. No one has any right to commit aggression against anyone else. If I'm homeless and the government takes $1,000 from Bill Gates by force and gives it to me, the government has violated the natural rights of Bill Gates. Just because he's wealthy doesn't give anyone a right to one penny of his wealth. Those who believe otherwise have caused much bloodshed and endless suffering throughout history.

      • TommyG says:

        Well said Robert, well said!

      • GCH says:

        Sounds like my old mentor, Ayn Rand. I might add that aggression is not wrong in all cases. Would you not agree that aggression against an aggressor or a tyrannical government is justified?

  10. Richard Sleigh says:

    Capitalism tends to start going off the rails when the people who make the rules of the marketplace are now in the marketplace, for sale to the highest bidder.

    Corruption tends to make a joke of any philosophy or system of government.

    Remember the Mercy Speech from 'The Merchant of Venice" – "that in the course of justice, none of us should see salvation"….

    "And earthly power doth then seem like God's, when mercy seasons justice".

    substitute ("our economic system" for "justice" and you might have a way to think about this besides the idea that "capitalism is the only right way to operate"

    What you call compromise could also be a willingness to listen to someone else with an open mind. Too many political arguments tend to come from the attitude of "if only we could get rid of the left (or right) wing, we could start fixing this mess…

    Imagine an eagle with only a left wing. Or only a right wing. Would be interesting to watch that bird fly…

  11. Mary says:

    On the other hand — thanks, Robert, for summing up so neatly how I feel about Glenn Beck. There was a time when I too thought he was brilliant in his analyses of history and the Left. But even then he often seemed to me slightly bipolar. Now he appears motivated primarily by personal expediency & convenience, not to mention (probably) money. (Sort of like my ex- and wannabe-again governor Charlie Crist, although Crist lacks Beck's teaching genius). Thank you for NOT compromising your "basic principles" and for being willing to say why that matters.

  12. Pitbull says:

    Mr. Ringer,
    I praise your analysis of Glenn Beck. Measured but not mean….sincere but not sappy. What I've always felt about this good man: he'll never be an Orwell or a Bill Buckley. Best to you!

  13. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    I repeat what I said at the end of my article: "I wish Glenn Beck well, and I have my fingers crossed that he will not do anything that would further damage his legacy and strip him of his credibility with millions of people who still believe in him."

  14. IHeartDagney says:

    I'm sorry, Robert, you are obviously not listening to Glenn Beck anymore. If you were offended at his "preaching" and his increasing focus on the religious reasons for the AMERICAN FOUNDING, then you certainly would completely miss his meaning when he was talking about "coming together" with other Americans who do not agree with you. First, you must open your mind to the validity of religious teachings. You will never understand where people who do believe in these teachings are coming from unless you do.

    Chuck, as a arrogant sheeple, you probably don't realize that we cannot change the weather, the climate, nor the temperature of the earth. Heck, our "learned" climatologists can't even tell you what the temperature will be like next month! If you did realize that we cannot do these things, you might think that the earth warming could just be a GOOD thing, allowing people more in the Northern climes a better standard of living. Think on this one….why is Greenland called "GREEN-LAND"? You want to donate to climate "change" causes, you go right ahead. But, don't you DARE vote to raise MY taxes to fund this big SCAM!

  15. Tex says:

    I agree with your analysis, Robert. I quickly lost interest in Beck as he began to stray from his original path and simply stopped watching.

    As for what were the first three (3) "opiners" to respond above, I wonder how they "know" that capitalism doesn't work? After all, we've NEVER had pure capitalism in action from which to make such a judgment. What should be apparent to the above three is that even with the government interference in business matters (providing the coercion for their cronies to stake-out their turf), America of old made strides never before seen nor experienced in the World. As the bureaucrat density increased, "Go West, young man, go West" became the motto of the entrepreneur. When there was no more West left while the bureaucrat density continued increasing within, we arrived at the virtually impossible government interference with all business matters that we experience today. What is called Capitalism today simply isn't. It's Cronyism.

    Think of the American economy as being represented by a ball thrown high into the air. At first, the ball rises rapidly, as did the American economy in the early years. But as the ball continues higher, gravity takes effect and it begins to slow in speed, ultimately reaching apogee. Then it begins to descend at an ever increasing rate. Such is the fate of Capitalism in America as the bureaucrats have applied their gravitational forces to what might otherwise have remained as free enterprise. Capitalism if you will.

    Only through the force of coercion by government applied on behalf of their cronies (voters, financial supporters, favored enterprises) can "Big Business" shut-out the little guy. If we were truly free to chose, the concept of monopoly literally could not exist. Some would try, of course, but none would succeed in "cornering a market."

    So instead of blaming the only economic system that works to the benefit of all, why not place the blame where it truly belongs? At government interference with everyday lives. Do you really believe that a bureaucrat in Washington DC (District of Criminals) knows better how you should live your life than you do?

  16. Edward Rubinstein says:

    Dear Mr Ringer,

    It was you who introduced me to Glenn Beck. He was still on HLN and what a breath of fresh air he was. I followed him to Fox, GBTV, and now The Blaze. Yes, he's gone through changes, and I don't need a lesson in religion from him (I object to his prayer meeting at the end of his show now). But despite all that, he is still one of the very few who dig into the facts without succumbing to a political ideology.

    He has evolved from someone who transmits good information in an off-the-wall manner to one who understands the seriousness of just where we are and how fast we have gotten here. The rise of conservatism (i.e., getting back to Constitutional basics, or at least making a valiant attempt to do so) is, I believe, due almost solely to Glenn Beck's ability to connect with people. What he has accomplished with The Blaze in a few short years is nothing short of astounding. No one, particularly his own staff, thought it could be done. He still is able to bring together thousands of people.

    Perhaps he's just not your cup of tea any longer, and for that I feel bad for you. He is one of the very few truly intelligent people in the media, Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg being two others (although they are more devoted to the political realm; Beck just wants us to get back to the Constitution).

    There seems to be a fair amount of esoterica from people who post here. Beck is plain spoken, down to earth, and as the tagline on The Blaze says, Truth Lives (T)here.

    I challenge anyone who hasn't followed Glenn Beck for a while to do so for two weeks. Then decide if he's crazy or not.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Thanks for your kind comments. But don't feel bad for me. I am still amazed by Beck's talents and will be keeping an eye on his evolution or devolution. My concern is whether he is abandoning his steadfast belief in liberty. Hopefully, he will calm down and not go overboard with his desire to "bring people together."

      • Evelyn D Denise says:

        If you really meant it that you are following his evolution, you would be watching his show on I dare say you probably are unaware of what all the Blaze TV has to offer beyond Mr. Beck’s show as well. In this instance, along with all the other commenters who quit watching him, you are wrong about what he is up to. Fundamentally wrong. You are taking just snippets of what he has to say and assuming you know what is meant. Too bad Beck is miscommunicating, apparently, for people who do not follow him more closely, but he is, I believe, one of the few patriots in the media who is willing to speak the truth as he sees it. And he deserves support for that.

  17. EricR says:

    Your writing stimulates my mind, Robert. Winning Through Intimidation ranks on my list as one of the five greatest business books of all time. And you continue to be provocative in the most wonderful ways. I'm a Glenn Beck fan. Like you, I was amazed and captivated by the talent and the message in those early days at Fox. I think you and he have some commonalities. Not the least of which is you are both great Americans unafraid to call it like you see it. Thank you for your awesome contributions. And keep it up!

  18. flyn says:

    The reason you see Capitalism failing is that it has been polluted by government intervention.

    We became the wealthiest an freest nation on Earth because of our founders and the incredible collision of genius beyond imagination. They warned us they did the easy part, the tough job would be keeping our Republic.

    Yes, there are inequities in Capitalism, but Socialism is a failed policy, just look at Europe's example – non of them have a better economy than ours. Capitalism is about equal opportunity, NOT equal results. Socialism kills opportunity with bureaucrats with thing they know what is best for everyone else.

    As for global warming, it is the nature of our planet to heat up and cool down over time. It's been happening for billions of years prior to man's industrial age. If the people believing in this concept have to lie and hide the real numbers as they did years ago I have real doubts it's anything but a money play.

    And I agree with Robert's view of Beck when he started on Fox.

  19. Stu says:

    Chuck's the idiot. As usual, you are right on target Robert.
    I disagree slightly, however, with your assessment of why he lost his Fox slot. I believe it was his unrelenting attacks on George Soros, truly one of the most despicable human beings on the planet.

    • John E. Gabor says:

      I read an article early this decade that Fox News would be moving to the left. That's pretty much what's been happening. A slow shift to the left and eye candy. As far as what's going on here today, I think the leftist serial commenters are out in force. Che Guevara, anti-capitalism, climate change, redistribution of wealth. I guess Glenn Beck must really have gotten under their skin. If Glenn Beck still gets that kind of a rise from the left four or five years after he lost his way, I, too, hope he finds his way back.

    • CARA says:


  20. Phil says:

    Ringer has some good observations from time to time, and he's written a a couple of terrific books. But this is the second time I've signed up for his blog and I mostly receive ads for his products and poltical views so nutty that Ringer thinks that Beck's original presence on Fox was genius and logical.

    Ringer cranks out a lot of political crap. I'd like to see his good stuff that doesn't require a reader to leave his brain at the blog's entrance. But I'm wondering if extreme political BS and ads for his products are about all that Ringer has fo share.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Golly, if all you're receiving are political views, most of my articles must not be getting through to you. And when I do mention political views, I've never seen it as "extreme political BS." Of course, that's all in the eyes of the beholder, and I respect you're right to your views. Stick with me. Who knows, I might get better with age.

    • common sense says:

      If you don't like it Phil….. change the damn channel

    • John E. Gabor says:

      You must have left your brain at the door, Phil. There's no political crap here. In fact, the only reason I know Robert Ringer's politics is…I asked. He said his politics was freedom. Do you have a problem with freedom, Phil?

      • thephilosophyofdave says:

        He may not, John. But he certainly appears to have a problem with logic and intelligence.

    • stogiechomper says:

      Phil, your disparaging comments are typical of a leftist, vague and ambiguous. Ringer's politics are neither extreme nor "BS." Your political positions appear to me to be more of a bad attitude than a coherent ideology.

  21. RichardDennis says:

    I drove a city bus for 16 years in a major U.S. metropolitan area. Then I started a business that made 3 million dollars over a 6-year period. Nothing majestic, but a big change for me. My observation:

    The difference between capitalism (people & business running the economy) and statism (government running the economy) is one word: responsibility. When it's your money at play (capitalism), you take responsibility. You are always at risk of losing everything. So you test everything from products to marketing. You learn everything you can and you make the best possible choices to create a product the market wants at a price they will pay.

    When it's not your money at play (statism), it doesn't really matter. You take no responsibility. Why should you? If you screw up and lose that money, so what? You can always get more (taxes). So you test nothing, because it doesn't matter. You create products or services you like, and then you forcefeed them to the market, whether people want them or not. You're never concerned with bankruptcy. You're proud of not making a profit.

    Long-term, only capitalism can work. It has a million flaws, but only capitalism can create a prosperous society. The stronger a government gets, the more people you have with "no responsibility" making the economic decisions, the sooner a society will self-destruct.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Good for you, Richard. And you're right, capitalism is not perfect, but it's the best – by far – that we have. Kind of what Churchill said about democracy. People who are looking for perfect are on the wrong planet.

      • RichardDennis says:


        Would you settle a 25-year-old mystery?

        Back in 1989, I spent a week in LA at a marketing training by Jay Abraham. One of the resources we were given was a book of maybe 200 of Jay's favorite sales letters and ads. My favorite of all of them was a letter by Robert Ringer, titled "Why I Hate Jay Abraham." I've used that letter as a model a couple times over the years. It was a great, great "offbeat" endorsement.

        I know you're a terrific writer … but I always figured Jay wrote that letter himself, over your name, to send out to his prospects.

        So tell me – who REALLY wrote that letter?


    • Scott theczech says:

      Well said. In fact, economics in the truest sense of the word is "Capitalism." Capital is always in play in every system, even barter systems. Because capital is money, time, resources, interest, dividends, depreciation, appreciation, rights, patents, intellectual property, etc., etc. etc. The real question capitalism begs is; how free?

  22. Burton777 says:

    I believe that Capitalism is the best Social and Economic system there is to date. It's a shame that it's being destroyed–starting with a Conservative, when Nixon took us off the Gold Standard. History has clearly shown what happens when a country that holds the priviledge of having World Currency status decides to take the precious metals out of their coins and create paper "Promissory Notes" not backed by anything of value except a promise. Take Rome, for instance–it was their downfall. Great Britain as well, back in the 1800's at the height of their Empire. And now America. The Federal Reserve continues to print money at will, and it's devaluating the USD everytime they do it. We are soon to lose our World Currency status, and when we do, America's "living high on the hog" economy is going to crash. This is what that new Bill, H.R. 2847, is all about. It's going into effect July 1st, 2014, and will prohibit US Citizens' ability to invest in other currencies and commodities (like gold, silver and copper)–in effect, force us to hold the near-worthless dollar in only US Banks

    • bahmi says:

      Good writing, thank you Burton. We are told and taught not to hate, the Bible sez so. However, I've broken the commandment. I actively detest puke president Obama. The miracle of America is centered on those idiots who voted for Obama not once, but twice. A friend of mine ran down the list of people who voted for the current Ass Clown of the millenium, various minorities and those dependent on his provision of "aid", but, lo and behold!, professors at the local state university voted over 95%+ for the unknown president, ain't it rich? Apparently, they voted for an image, not a real person. Remember the face in the little TV screens in the movie 1984? Obama dreams of the day when his face can be that face. He dreams of controlling the entire human race this way. And people actually voted for this android, watch 'em squirm when the DHS bus drives up their street to take them to a FEMA camp…..If you don't have boiling blood at the mere thought of this travesty, you need a helluva lot of help and fast…..

      • CARA says:

        does ANYONE have any idea what to do about it? "IMPEACH" is such a wimp word. Big deal.

  23. david says:

    Robert whaddya think when that moron Beck recently came out and said he was wrong in backing the Iraq war. What a shocker! Oh back in the early 2000s he couldn't wait to get in there and kick some ass! Of course I didn't see him signing up his kids to go.. like all these right wing nuts, it's a great idea as long as their kids don't have to go.. now, 5,000 plus lives lost, 2 trillion dollars with more to come.. and whaddya got to show for it.. oh a real shining beacon of democracy brought to you by Bush, Cheney et al.. oh that's right, it's all Obama's fault that it all fell apart… clowns like Beck, Cheney never get tired of telling lies

    • thephilosophyofdave says:

      … and apparently clowns like you, david, never get tired of hate speech and lack of intellectual thought.

    • John E. Gabor says:

      Define lies, David. Hint: it has nothing to do with ideology.

  24. Daryl Daryl Thompson says:

    So Chuck, Glenn Beck is an "idiot", huh? He has a "narrow point of view – his", eh? And he has a "problem because he sees things through an ideological prism, not a realistic one", right? Looked in the mirror lately?

    And hey Jerry, I guess communism alleviates human suffering much better than capitalism, right?

    Jeez, you guys are a trip.

  25. bahmi says:

    This is a very fine article by Robert. I share his timetable regarding Beck, Beck was the brightest of the bright…..once. His story was enlightening and hewed to the great stories of one person's uplifting via faith.
    Beck started to harangue, he got pedantic, he loved the sound of his own voice.
    One of his transformations was his sickening exhortations of love and respect for the nasty little country called Israel. He spoke before the Knesset, this nouveau fundamentalist Zionist. It was disgusting, Israel is sooooooo wonderful. On his show one day, he and his two braying jackasses on the stage beyond the cameras tore apart those who would point out the horrid irregularities behind the Palestinian problem, the Israel land grab and voluminous murders of endogenous peoples there. That did it for me. I came to feel that like the traitor Israeli/neocon major domo suckup Rush Limbaugh, "conservative" money worshiping Midas who became blatant about his jew provided wealth, Beck followed precisely the same track. Follow the great "conservative" radio personalities like Weiner-Savage, Hannity the blithering idiot Israel lover, Levin…..they are all dollar chasing, shekel chasing sell-outs. The media owners spewing forth from the tribe pay these schlubs mega-millions to deliver the message of Israel and the Zionists, these are true traitors in our midst. These radio robots have become some of our worst enemies, why, listening to Limbaugh these days is downright painful,it's like listening to modern day Benedict Arnolds, these people who infest and secretly make the rounds of the republic, the kind of endogenous traitors that Marcus Tullius Cicero talked about in his famous oration on those that would poison the Roman republic.
    Patronizing these traitors is seditious at the very least…..

  26. Richard Lee Van says:

    Mr. Ringer topped himself in this essay, in my opinion! Beyond perceptive! And apparently his readers are "responding/reacting" by the look of all the comments! He stirred the pot real good this time!

  27. Richard Lee Van says:

    Regarding Sean Hannity, the black n white thinker, he just ain't very bright… in my opinion.
    If I heard right, Glen Beck is largely self-educated. I too believe that self-education is best and a must AFTER at least one degree of formal education… which is becoming harder to get because fewer people can afford it. I have a B.A. degree in Philosophy but many of my other courses were BS. A degree in philosophy, I find, gives perspective on "the world" as it run and lived at any given time. And, I believe, that/this world cannot be well understand without knowledge of psychology as well as philosophy. Trouble was, back in the 50s, true psychology was abandoned in favor of Behaviorism so I had to study that field on my own. Other fields help to give perspective also, studies such as history and literature. What I'm getting at is that G Beck may not have the best perspective lacking formal education. I could be wrong, but maybe. I wonder what the real reason for O'Reilly splitting from Beck. Sure do like Dennis Miller much better. Not for insights, but for wit. And for intellect, I hang of every word Krauthammer speaks! A man reflecting REAL DEPTH. He is also a living lesson in OVERCOMING!
    I love reading and hearing people such as Mr. Ringer and Charles Krauthammer. They remind me that I am not as intelligent as I'd like to think I am. Giggle giggle.

  28. Reality99r says:

    Mr. Ringer I "Thank You" for your Beck article. It verbalizes exactly my own observations. I call Beck "Professor Beck". I absolutely used to love his early shows on FOX but then they became obsessed and boring and I ceased watching. I have not joined The Blaze but get their free newsletter/posts. Beck's radio show is no longer fresh and expect it to soon be canned. Keep your observations coming Mr. Ringer.

  29. Robby Bonfire says:

    My first exposure to Glenn Beck came when he replaced Laura Ingraham on our upstate New York radio station morning programming, something to do with the format shifting in the wake of the Bill O'Reilly radio retirement. This was a trade of a woman of exceptional strength, brilliant articulation capability, and solid core values, plus objectivity and honesty – for an emotion-milking circus barker.

    Besides being a panderer and demagogue, Beck is one of these media clowns who cannot stand on his own, so that, far too often, he co-hosts with what I call a "Chuckle Radio" sidekick whose primary job is to laugh at everything unfunny Beck says. This has given Beck the opportunity to devolve into a "Televangelist Lite," what with his glut of droning, moralistic, emotional appeals right out of the Elmer Gantry playbook.

    No thanks to Glenn Beck. He makes the word "nauseating" inadequate as a label for his bombastic self-aggrandizement.

    • stogiechomper says:

      Wow, this description of Beck is vividly apt! I love the description "emotion-milking circus barker." I do believe you nailed it!

  30. Robby Bonfire says:

    Capitalism vs. Communism should no longer be the debate/discussion. The real problems besetting this nation emanate from the vice we are now under where it comes to being under the yoke of "Democracy," which has devolved into the rule of the corrupt, influence-peddling, election polling outcome manipulative rabble; as well as the bureaucratic regulatory hammer now clobbering all of us into economic senselessness.

    So that it really does not matter which man or woman, or which party is "in power" in Washington. Because when Mr. Bushy Tail left us for the current White House occupant, you will notice that the F.B.I., the I.R.S., the E.P.A., the F.D.A, the F.C.C., the A.T.F., etc. did NOT leave us. In fact, with each succeeding administration these and the other bludgeoning oversight agencies routinely increase their lock down, stranglehold upon our lives.

    So let's put this "Us vs. the Commies" effete discussion/debate to bed, right now. All it does is perpetuate the "freedom fighting" agenda sidebar and deflect us from the real dilemma people everywhere are facing in this age of the usurpation of private decision-making and the axing of personal choice options, to wit: we no longer have any.

  31. Robby Bonfire says:

    Let's also give the C.I.A.. the F.T.C., and the F.A.A. a shout, per the above.

  32. Thug Willy says:

    Pastor Beck's new transformation is due to his need for more money. When in a business that has repeat customers if you do not look to create new avenues of growth you will fail.

    Take burger king as example, The flame boiled whopper and having it your way was awesome in the beginning but how many of us eat a whopper everyday? none. So they create more items and different flavors to stay competitive.

    Beck must embrace all views, parties, religious affiliations ( including atheist) to maintain his lifestyle.
    So mixing new flavors of kool aid is the only way…..
    which is awesome for him to choose to run his Human machine that way..
    Just don't drink the Kool-Aid if you disagree.
    Nuff said
    Ned Willy Dredd

  33. stogiechomper says:

    Robert, you are spot on in this article. The thought of compromising with tyranny is repugnant to me. The more you compromise with statism, the more you dilute liberty. I no longer trust Glenn Beck — self promotion is fine and necessary, but not at the expense of one's core principles.

  34. Joseph Joe says:

    I was grateful for Glen Beck when he was on FoxNews. A great resources and reinforcement in principle of liberty. When Glen Beck left FoxNews to launch his own venture I stopped following him. I wanted but I couldn't since I am deaf hence his website is not accesibility since there is no English subtitle or a transcript to accompany his shows. I was limited to TheBlaze articles. The articles doesn't carry much weight. It seems a hack job but enough to pump up Glen's business. It lack quality and connection the audience wanted. There are more promotional ads/articles written than the authentic articles written.

    When I reflect of Glen Beck during those FoxNews days on how he build audience and keep them mesmerizing. Despite his direction, he is a great person to study in audience building and content creating. He got it right that enough he brought half million of people to the Lincoln Monument in Washington, D.C for rally. I am seeking what Glen Beck did to ignite the movement.

    However, it is still good to observe Glen Beck on why he seems to lose his focus and his purpose. I tip my hat off for Glen Beck preserving his integrity in the directions that he seems to drift away from to the polarizing side instead of faking it to hold the audience for his personal gain.

  35. Beczit says:

    >>> "That capitalism is by far the best way to alleviate human suffering is irrefutable." <<< In Dinesh D'Souza's new book AMERICA he mentions someone abroad who desperately wanted to come to America. This person went on and on about it, so much D'Souza finally asked him why he wanted to emigrate so badly. The man replied, "I want to live in a country where the poor people are fat."