The COVID-19 Macro Race Is On

Posted on April 28, 2020 by Robert Ringer


There are two ways to view the coronavirus epidemic, micro and macro.  The micro picture is comprised of infection and death totals that have caused an enormous amount of pain and suffering.  Nevertheless, sooner or later, this crisis will pass.  Pain and suffering always do.

The macro picture, however, is much more serious and much less likely to pass any time soon.  Aside and apart from the pain and suffering, the coronavirus pandemic has magnified the struggle between entrepreneurial ingenuity and socialist authoritarianism.  It’s a struggle that has been going on in the United States for at least 150 years, and today both sides see the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to claim that their ideology holds the solution to the economic calamity it has brought about.

Unfortunately, socialism is a much easier sell than capitalism.  By focusing on emotion rather than facts, the socialist is able to keep his message simple, to wit:  Under socialism, economic recovery can be swift and relatively pain free, because an all-powerful centralized government can assure that everyone, including and especially individuals and small businesses, will be “taken care of.”

While it may be difficult for liberty-grounded conservatives and civil libertarians to fathom how anyone could possibly buy into such a preposterous claim, desperate people (like those living through a pandemic, for example) have a penchant for abandoning reason and falling back on their emotions when it comes to decision-making.  They simply tune out inconvenient facts like the poverty and oppression that have been hallmarks of every socialist nation in history.

The socialist insists that capitalism is evil because it relies on individuals to provide goods and services, and everyone knows that because individuals are inherently selfish and greedy, they cannot be trusted.  By contrast, under socialism, individuals are not dependent upon other human beings to help them, because benevolent government is there to protect them.

In effect, what leftists want people to believe is that a socialist government has the power to wave a magic wand and produce unlimited wealth for its subjects — no hard work, no ingenuity, no sacrifice required.  But, like the emperor who had no clothes, the magic wand turns out to be nothing more than a room full of state-of-the-art printing presses.  This seemingly miraculous way of creating wealth is a dream come true for low-information, low-intelligence sleepwalkers — especially those who are envious and/or hated-filled.

Capitalism, on the other hand, does not rely on magic.  Instead, it relies on an unstoppable force known as entrepreneurial ingenuity.  No one can say with certainty how long it will take the U.S. economy to fully recover from the current crisis, but rest assured that the time period will be much shorter to the degree entrepreneurs are free to come up with novel ideas to meet the needs and desires of consumers.

Under socialism, of course, the opposite is true.  Socialists revile entrepreneurial ingenuity and do everything possible to stifle creative entrepreneurs.  They understand that the more entrepreneurs succeed in improving people’s lives, the less need those people will have for busybody bureaucrats who delight in bossing others around and throwing up roadblocks to human progress.

Thus, if the Radical Left manages to convince enough voters to give them power in the upcoming election, we can expect the America that Barack Obama envisioned — a weak nation in a permanent state of decline, an America that is not exceptional — to become a reality.  Their foundational talking points are that under socialism, the spread of the coronavirus would have been quickly quelled and, through their redistributionist schemes, the economy never would have tanked.

So, here we are again — the never-ending struggle between capitalism and socialism.  As the country slowly reopens for business, Democrats will be moving rapidly to try to prevent a recovery.  At the same time, creative entrepreneurs will be coming up with an endless array of ideas to supercharge the economy.  And, yes, they will be motivated by their desire for profit.

The question is, who will prevail?  If Republicans allow Democrats to slip more of their agenda items into yet another coronavirus aid bill, socialism is sure to win out with voters.  Democrats see this money-printing party as a Trojan horse for sneaking into law such unpopular obscenities as voting by mail, Medicare for all, open borders, and pretty much everything in the so-called Green New Deal.

As I said, the coronavirus pandemic will pass, but the Radical Left’s desire to make the United States into a full-fledged socialist country will not.  If congressional Republicans do not have the courage to say no to their socialist colleagues on the other side of the aisle, it’s going to be up to the Trump administration and big business to carry the torch and explain to the American people — factually and forcefully — why capitalism is far and away the best system when it comes to both freedom and prosperity, and why socialism is the absolute worst.

The coronavirus briefings have provided us with some great entertainment, but with America on the verge of slipping into the Dark Ages, the time for fun and games has passed.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Radical Left sees the coronavirus crisis as a gift from Satan and recognizes that it’s a time-sensitive opportunity to “restructure things to fit their vision.”

Thus, capitalism vs socialism is no longer just a struggle; it’s also a race, one for which socialists have been preparing for decades.  They realize that time is of the essence, because national emergencies open the door to increased regulation, decreased freedom, and government centralization of power.  The $64 question is, do those who claim to believe in capitalism realize that time is also of the essence for them?  If the race against socialism is lost, the United States of America is lost.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

23 responses to “The COVID-19 Macro Race Is On”

  1. KerrySr9 says:

    I’m seeing people fed up with over-reaching government. In California, people are ignoring the governor’s orders and going back to the beaches. In Michigan and many other blue states, protests are growing. Anyone who needs financial assistance is not impressed with the stimulus checks. Most people see government fail and the private sector succeeding, with ventilators, regulators, you name it. So much for socialism.
    Many positives are coming from this. Even die-hard China supporters, now see them for what they are. They won’t admit it, but even Dumocrats see how having our factories (like pharmaceuticals) over in China, cannot continue. Future vaccines will move along faster thanks to new policies and changes.
    The proof of how people really feel will happen in November. I predict the right will make big gains.

  2. Reality_Seeker says:

    People get the government they deserve – a truism, if there ever was one – and they are getting it good and hard all around the world from China to Euroland to the American Empire. I say people get the economy they deserve, too. And they also get the healthcare and quality of life. For example, just take one look around you. Has it escaped your notice how many people are obese and subsequently in poor health to begin with? Now, contrast the Covid-19 Pandemic with the 1968 Hong Hong Flu… In 1968 we didn't have nearly as many people with two asses instead of one; therefore, we didn't have to totally lockdown America in what amounts to economic suicide.

    People have become fat, lazy, sick and dumbed down. So what happens? They get the government, economy, health and quality of life they deserve…. And just wait until the second wave of the CCP Virus hits in six months during flu season. Can you imagine how bad it'll get if Covid-19 and type A,B and C of the seasonal Flu hit like a one-two-three combination punch? Better invest in extra large supersized caskets for all of the super-sized Americans who spend their stimulus check (s) on high calorie junk food…

    I predict that the Covid-19 comes roaring back by late fall and the American Empire (along with the entire world) gets chewed up in the maw of Great Depression 2…. Basically, you got six months to get in the best health possible and to stockpile supplies including stacking some gold and silver.. And don't forget guns and ammunition. Yes, it might get that bad…

    • Stephan4F says:

      It’s been a while RS which makes your comments today seem fresh & crisp. And you didn’t miss a beat pointing out the ‘reality’ of the current mess were in. We’re inches away from ‘impact’ with that inevitable stone wall we all knew was coming.

      BTW, I followed some of your comments over at Denninger’s site (that wuz U wasn’t it?) but lately you’ve been absent. Consequently I don't visit there as often. Do you post on other sites?

      P.S. Did you know William B Stoecker who recently passed? Excellent writer & author.

      • Reality_Seeker says:

        Karl Denninger didn't want Click to post any longer. And I don't blame him. Karl is a very stand-up guy and , frankly, a very profane, honest man; but nobody I ever met (except for my Grandfather) can use gutter language better than me. I'm the uber of uber potty mouths when I so choose. And my tongue is like a razor sharp knife that I can twist right through the heart. My highly inflammatory words were too much even for Karl. So, I understand Karl's position and his mentality. I wish him the very best. It's better for Karl that I don't post on his site. My prediction is one day the Deep State will depatform, arrest and undoubtedly murder Karl for his outspokenness, that is, if he gets too popular with the ignorant masses…. Personally, I hope Karl fights the collectivists right to the bitter end. And I wish him health and success and long life and profit.

        I've posted on RJRs site for years. And I'd never use the language I first learned from my WW2 Drill Sargeant Grandfather here. RJR fights for freedom as an old-school gentleman. And I respect that…

        Regarding the current situation of, by and for the American People: an Anarcho-capitalist just reminded me of something Samuel Adams once said that is very applicable in our current situation: "No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”

        Out of the above two what kind of "people" do you think Americans have transmogrified into? I think you know. And that's why the people get the government they deserve.

        No, I never knew Mr. Stoecker.

        • Stephan4F says:

          Ach so, ya. I thought that may be the case. Your reason for skedaddling was probably based on the same reason I’ve never posted on his sight. The guy has absolutely the world’s shortest fuse…in fact I don't think he has a fuse at all. I seriously doubt it was your highly inflammatory words that set him off. He becomes a Roman Candle at the slightest provocation (his idea of a provocation, not mine). My comments supporting Ron & Rand would probably have sent him into a 4 or 5 paragraph rampage telling his readers how I was the biggest moron to ever post on his site. But you’re correct, he is one of the most talented & perhaps one the of smartest guys in the room…but he’s not omnipotent — even if thinks so.

          • Reality_Seeker says:

            I didn't "skedaddle" anywhere. Karl flat out let me know that he didn't want anymore of my input. Period. How many posts did I make? Over 500? Frankly, I'm surprised that Karl didn't insist I stop commenting way earlier. And, BTW, I made more than a few positive remarks about Ron Paul. Ron is the only politician whose grave I shall lay flowers on; however, Ron has his faults just like all of us. Karl has his own faults, too, of course and I enjoyed my back and forth with him including all of the disagreements. Karl threatened to ban me numerous times. No big deal.

            "A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time" ~ Mark Twain

            And speak his mind so says I…

            I say you should go over to Karl's site and say what you want. What's the worse that happen? He bans you? So what. Who cares?

          • Stephan4F says:

            I’ll at least give you an attaboy for sticking it out on K.D.’s site for that long. In my opinion many of his reviewers are, let’s face it, brownnosers, which is another reason why I pretty much don’t tune in anymore. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got several who do a damn good job with their comments but even many of those tend to walk a tightrope. And I can only take so much of that despite the good commentary. For a guy who is supposedly an advocate for free speech I don’t think he realizes he’s a bit tyrannical & rules with an iron fist. But what the hell, it’s his site.

            All of which makes me appreciate RJR even more for the way he treats his readers and their commentary. Robert is a class act so I’ll throw out an attaboy to him too.

          • ebookaholic says:

            Robert Ringer 2024 (gotta let Trump have one more term)

  3. JurassicRick says:

    Excellent article, Robert. I don't think these attempts to impose such an authoritarian dictatorship will ever end until the Dirty Dems finally have it their way. Such ideas need to be fought and repudiated at every level, and capitalism needs to be shown that it is the only moral and rational economic system that truly works.

  4. Coballs says:

    Sorry, but I disagree with the premise that 'the crisis will pass' because everything being done now, including classifying everything related to the flu as 'covid-19', cutting off medical care to the sick ensuring that the death rate will soar, etc etc. What should be done? As Vietnam, with ZERO deaths. Yes ZERO deaths. Because people live healthy, hardly any obesity, NO SELF ISOLATION, etc etc. How the hell are you going to develop immunity to a virus if you're not exposed to it? Do you think that isolation and being indoors is healthy? I won't mention the devastation to the economy, lost jobs, and possible food shortages to come. Then you'll have a REAL crisis

    • Reality_Seeker says:

      Yes, "a real crisis", indeed. It's coming. Absolutely no doubt in my mind.

      "You can ignore reality [sometimes for a very long time] but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality" ~ Ayn Rand

      The world now has to face the consequences of fat, unhealthy, dumb, lazy, corrupt, Marxisant, Marxist, collectivist, bread, circus, endless credit expansion, endless bailouts, endless crony capitalism, massive welfare programs, oversized military and globalist superstructures (like the United Nations, Who, World Bank, IMF) a totally useless Fake News Network and every last political party in the entire world is nothing less than one big Political Swamp!

      The Swamp Pols (including Swamp King Trump) will go to the Swamp Central Banks for tens of trillions of Swamp Money, Swamp Credit and Swamp Currency Swaps, repos and buying every last toxic financial instrument Wall Street has produced including junk bonds; and even going so far as bailing out entire States like New York and California because the state budgets are totally wrecked….

      They (the central banking cartels and government treasuries) will expand FAKE money, currency and credit until they finally cannot ignore the consequences of reality, i.e., the Day of Reckoning. And when the revenge of Ludwig von Mises and F.A. Hayek finally arrives, there's going to be running gun battles all across America as the The Great American Utopian Empire finally has to face the consequences of decades of collectivism, offshoring jobs and importing "Diversity"….

      • ebookaholic says:

        Very true – and it is likely that even the left knows this, which is why they keep up the insanity. They know eventually their dream of a total collapse will happen if they throw enough mud at the wall. I've spent years/decades baffled at it all and only recently started to wonder if most of this is coming as a result of China's $$$ influence in Hollywood, the media, cheap Chinese products bought at Wal-Mart/Amazon, iPhones, etc.

        Just imagine if China completely disappeared from the planet tomorrow. Something tells me the world would drastically improve.

  5. larajf says:

    I think Capitalism needs better "PR" :) Capitalism is the true equalizer…everyone has the equal opportunity to succeed or fail (aka learning how not to do something). It's positive and believes in the ability of people. Socialism is negative and believes in the inability of people to do anything for themselves. And as we all know, under Socialism/Communism, everyone is equal…and some are more equal than others.

    • JurassicRick says:

      Nice and concise, larajf, well put and to the point.

    • JF1017 says:

      The biggest sticking point to "selling" capitalism – and freedom, for that matter – is that both demand that everyone take ownership of their own life. What a concept! You own your actions, your thoughts and your feelings, and the consequences stemming therefrom. But ask any gimme-dat, criminal, feminazi, LGBTQandsometimesY why it is that their life sucks and they'll blame: Christians, Jews, white people, black people, men, women, farm animals, the planets and stars, etc. for their beleaguered state. Never their fault, not even when you can trace their current situation back to some piece of stupid behavior or a crappy attitude that guarantees failure. Nope – the beauty of socialism for these folks is that it demands that everyone else change! And the gub-mint it brings enforces those demands, most often at gunpoint.

  6. Artistus says:

    I'm glad Robert has finally posted something about this. It seems like what everyone's missing is really that it's not about socialism vs capitalism. it appears that the ruling class, I.e. the people who can mysteriously bully the Federal reserve into printing money with abandon, are actually doing this as part of their new world order plans. Think about it: after terrorizing us about the evils of fossil fuels, global warming, and overpopulation we finally have a pandemic that forces people to stop using fossil fuel, eliminate some of the population, and have an excuse to print trillions of dollars.
    Result: once again the rich get their assets propped up, the poor and middle class gets screwed out of more of their hard-earned money, and they're forced to work because they don't have savings to live on.
    No one believed we were going to pay off the debt, so this pandemic is obviously being used as an excuse to monetize it.
    It's all part of the plan…

  7. cleveon says:

    I would take issue with statement that the corona virus pandemic has magnified the struggle between entrepreneurial ingenuity and socialist authoritarianism. I think you have missed the point. Most of this multi trillion dollar relief package is going to medium to big businesses. The banks are getting their share of the action and have been put in a position to choose which of their largest customers get relief whether they need it or not. Those with entrepreneurial ingenuity ( small businesses and start ups) will be the last to see any relief and what they do get will be the leftover crumbs. This is already how this relief package is unfolding. We are in effect socializing capitalism. Also keep in mind that capitalistic and socialistic authoritarianism are equally bad and we need to resist both.

  8. Creativity_Guy says:

    While almost everyone has been practicing Social Distancing, I have bee practicing Socialist Distancing. I go around telling my favorite Socialist jokes and they stay away from me. For your pleasure, here are a few of my favorite socialist jokes.

    How many Socialists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    All of them!

    How do you starve a Socialist?
    You hide his welfare check in a pair of work boots.

    How do you find the humor section in a Socialist bookstore?
    You don't — there ain't any!

    Why don't Socialists eat pickles?
    They can't figure out how to get their heads in the jar.

    Two guys were walking in a graveyard and came across a Tombstone that said, "Here lies a Socialist and a hard-working man."
    One of the guys said, "There must be two people buried there."

    If a Socialist republic was established in the Sahara Desert, it would take only two or three years for it to run out of sand.
    — Russian Proverb

    Under capitalism man exploits man.
    Under Socialism the reverse is true.
    — Polish proverb

    What did the Soviet Socialists use before they got candles?

    Why did the Socialist cross the road?
    To beat up on the capitalist chicken!
    Why did 9 Socialists follow?
    Because the capitalist chicken was winning.

    Why do wise people take an instant dislike to Socialists?
    To save time later.

    A guy sits down at the bar.
    The bartender asks the guy, "Are you going to have a drink?"
    "No, I'm a socialist drinker," said the guy to the bartender.
    The bartender chuckled and said, "Don't you mean social drinker?"
    "No, I mean socialist drinker. I only drink when someone else is paying."

  9. FreedomLover99 says:

    I agree 100% with your article, but I think one thing you forgot to mention is that a low percentage of people in the US believe in socialism. I would it could be about 15 to 20% at the most. And, you have Trump as president and everyone in the country has seen how well the economy was doing before the virus. CAPITALISM WILL BE BACK! That's what Most Americans want.

  10. ebookaholic says:

    Capitalism is a bit like oxygen. It's crucial for survival but due to its abundance is taken for granted. If you could instantly remove every business in the country that relied on capitalism overnight, people might soon realize how valuable it was when they couldn't watch Netflix, YouTube, or God forbid login to Facebook. Out of frustration they might decide to get out of the house and grab a coffee at Starbucks. But Starbucks is closed and now they are forced to drink government issued instant coffee. lol

    The most frustrating thing about the last two or three decades (especially when Clinton first got in) is having the knowledge and wisdom from Robert Ringer's books which are virtually a blueprint for success, only to have a gremlin (like in the Twilight Zone) trying to take the airplane of success down via these left wing lunatics.

    With this thought in mind, what I WOULD LOVE from Robert Ringer is a brand new book on how to succeed in a corrupt government. Title/concept may need reworked, but some type of full proof plan to succeed despite saboteurs.

  11. HonestProfessor says:

    Haven't seen an article from Robert in a while. I was wondering if something happened to him. Great to see his latest insights. Stay healthy, Robert–we need you now more than ever!

  12. kevinbeck2015 says:

    I'm still waiting for one of those socialists to explain how greed doesn't exist in socialist nations. Are they implying that people can't be greedy when they are members of the governing class?

  13. K_Roll says:

    Green New Deal, isn't green the color of greed?