The Civil War Is at Hand

Posted on June 29, 2018 by Robert Ringer


Even though Fox News gave him the boot, George Will’s signature trait — pretentiousness — is alive and well.  In a recent column in the Washington Post titled “Vote against the GOP this November,” Will outdid himself with a whole new level of pretentiousness.  One gets the distinct impression that his greatest thrill in life is coming up with words that most people have never heard of.

True, his pretentiousness is phony and obnoxious.  True, he has become a caricature of the infantile whiners who failed to get their way in the last election.  True, his irrelevance has reduced him to a pathetic figure.  But before dismissing Will’s childish behavior out of hand, I think it’s worth examining what his downfall and subsequent bitterness means in the grand scheme of things.

Will is an icon of the establishment that ruled Washington for decades, prior to the Trump Revolution — perhaps, one might argue, since the very inception of the nation.  Those in the establishment have had their way for so long they cannot bring themselves to believe they are no longer in control of things.

To them, the Trump-inspired political earthquake is nothing more than a sociological hiccup — an accident of history that occurs every 50 years or so.  Just bide one’s time, keep calm, hold the fort, and it will all melt away when people finally come to their senses.

The late, great Charles Krauthammer, one of George Will’s closest friends, was somewhat caught up in the same normalcy-bias trap, though he had a much better grasp of reality than Will.  When I interviewed Krauthammer back in 2009, I found him to be reasonable and thoughtful with his words, and, in an uneffusive and odd sort of way, rather pleasant.

However, when Krauthammer and I appeared on a panel discussion together for the second time the following year, he was rather unhappy with my grouping Barack Obama in with some of the more infamous dictators of our time.  Obama is, after all, a nice guy.  Just ask Gentleman Mitt. 

I mention my brief interactions with Charles Krauthammer only to make the point that even though he was unquestionably a brilliant, insightful, fair-minded man — not to mention an incredibly brave one — he could not seem to comprehend the fact that the political landscape was being paved over by a sea of fed-up, truth-telling populists.

I thought about all this in 2016 when Krauthammer said, “This is the strongest field of Republican candidates in 35 years.  You could pick a dozen of them at random and you have the strongest cabinet America’s had in our lifetime.”  I wholeheartedly disagreed with his assessment but respected his opinion.

He then went on to say, “Instead, all of our time is spent discussing this rodeo clown (Donald Trump).”  Still, no big deal, just his opinion.  But when he went one step further and complained that “No previous president has ever talked like that,” it was a telltale moment for me because it showed that Charles Krauthammer, a man who made it a habit to carefully measure his words, simply was not able to grasp what was happening in America.

Clearly, it had not sunk in with him that it was because Donald Trump “talks like that” that he was elected president — even though Horrible Hillary and the Dirty Dems, the FBI, the DOJ, and Never-Trump Republicans illegally conspired against him.

More broadly, I don’t believe Charles Krauthammer, notwithstanding his brilliance, could fathom that because no one has had the courage to reign in the hateful rhetoric and threats coming from the Radical Left, the door has been opened for them to take the next step and resort to the kind of violence that could lead to a second civil war.

The violence of the Radical Left was on vivid display last week when Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielson, and Stephen Miller were confronted and harassed in restaurants and Pam Bondi got the same treatment when trying to enter a movie theater.  The message was clear:  Whatever it takes, “Nazis” must be forcibly prevented from infecting the public landscape.

All this reminds me of why I strayed from hard-line libertarian doctrine some years ago.  It was a result of my finally accepting the reality that there are both evil and ignorant people in the world who delight in causing pain and suffering to those with whom they disagree.  When I use the word evil, it’s not necessarily in a biblical context but, rather, a figurative way of referring to people who enjoy seeing others suffer.

As to ignorance, it can often lead to the same results as evil.  The empirical evidence makes it clear that a person who is ignorant but well-intentioned can do as much harm to others as the person who is knowledgeable but ill-intentioned.

Low-information (i.e., ignorant) people provide the manpower for evil leaders whose objective is to silence their perceived enemies.  They are the useful idiots that Vladimir Lenin spoke about so contemptuously in the early part of the 20th century, those lost souls who provide crusaders with the true believers they need to carry out their crusades.

They are generally the kind of self-loathing zombies who became Hitler’s brown shirts and Mao’s Red Guard.  Today they fill the ranks of hate groups like Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, and, yes, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In other words, history has taught us not to dismiss rank-and-file true believers as harmless fools.  No matter how ignorant they may seem, they are extremely dangerous if for no other reason than they are guided by emotion rather than intellect.

Which brings me to the Boy Scout Republicans — unprincipled toadys like Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, and Marco Rubio.  These are the mental dwarfs who bray on endlessly about “reaching across the aisle,” as though they believe their good-faith efforts will make the Dirty Dems respond in kind.  What they do not understand is that reaching across the aisle does not work when those on the other side of the aisle want to destroy you and everything you believe in.

As the Radical Left ramps up its moral-superiority crusade to take out Trump and his supporters, it will become ever more clear that their antics can end only in one of two ways:  capitulation by those on the right who disagree with them (as has usually been the case in the past) or all-out civil war.  Which one is worse is subject to debate.

The only thing we know for certain is that the Radical Left will never, ever back down.  Their hatred is too deep, their anger too raw, their ignorance too great.  And, make no mistake about it, the Radical Left now includes most of the Democratic Party.

Also, never forget that lurking in the background is the only president in history who vowed to fundamentally change America, the only president in history to hang around Washington after his presidency ended and actively try to undermine and destroy his successor; the only president in history to offer such violence-dripped gems as:

“We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends,”

“I want you to argue with them and get in their face.”

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”  (Maybe this is the best reason of all to cherish the Second Amendment.)

I guess this is what the oh-so-sweet and charming Mrs. Obama means when she says, with a straight face, “When they go low, we go high.”  Wink, wink.

It’s time to face up to it:  The Radical Left is at war with the rule of law, at war with the Constitution, at war with civility, at war with normal, everyday Americans.  The only question that remains is:  What will take the Radical Left’s hatred and insanity to a new level and cause them to fire that first shot at Fort Sumter?

Could it be Donald Trump’s upcoming, ultra-conservative Supreme Court pick?  We shall soon find out.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

80 responses to “The Civil War Is at Hand”

  1. Rock Roach says:

    I think the face of the Democratic Party Is Maxine Waters(and not a very pretty one at that).I find it amazing that noone talks about her impeachment(or equivalent) over the rhetoric that she has spewed out the last 2 years.I'm not really sure that I would ever want her out of the lime light though because she seems like the GOP's best friend.
    Everything in your article is true because it is so blatantly obvious.Hopefully some of this radical left craziness will show up in the polls in the November midterms.

    • Elijah says:

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the face of the new left.

      The sides that are forming are increasingly distant.

      If the left isn't disabled by eating its own, maybe indeed a civil war will be at hand.

      • Jim Hallett says:

        Yeah that election in NY, with a communist bartender defeating an old-line Dumbocrat with years of entrenched privilege, etc. was an eye-opener. The more Left these Loonies go, it just exacerbates the divide in America. This is not simply some difference of opinion, but it is a divide of values, and will be a battle between those set on totalitarian control (The Dumbocrats and many Repulsicans), and those who value freedom, the rule of law, and some form of civilized conduct in life. I am not sure what side will prevail, as much of America has lost its soul and is unrecognizable from its original idea.

      • Rock Roach says:

        What is the new left ?I am sure if you did a Jesse Waters poll in the other 49 states,they wouln't even know who AOC is?One college student said the US defeated Va in the revolutionary war.The new left has no clue to who is running or whoever they are,the old left at least knows who Hilary Clinton,Nancy Pelosi,and Maxine Waters are.

  2. says:

    I come from a family of leftist Democrats and they are beside themselves with rage and disgust. Seems their only source of information is Occupy Democrats and MSNBC. How we manage to get along at all is an amazing testimony to family. However, I fear for the future of my country considering their hate filled rage against anything Christian, Republican, Trumpian, or conservative in any way. Lord help us all. PS: Hey, remember when Republicans trashed DC and smashed windows in universities when liberal speakers came? No? I don't either.

    • John Abbott says:

      Nice post! I agree!

    • Stefani Woodams says:

      I have the same Leftist family as you do. They are ruthless and have accused me of every typical Leftist insult we all hear. It is difficult to stay the course and be caring toward them. I do the best I can – but I do not just toady under either. Hopefully cool heads will prevail.

  3. Joan says:

    I’m hoping the next pick will be an ultra-constitutionalist. Not left or right, liberal or conservative— just a darned constitutionalist. That’ll send the dems to the moon!!

    • Tom L says:

      HOW can an "ultra-constitutionalist" be something other than a conservative??? Please explain.

      • Joan says:

        It’s probably almost impossible to completely avoid one’s liberal or conservative leanings, but the SCOTUS should be basing decisions on their understanding of the meaning of the wording in the Constitution and not their personal feelings or beliefs on a particular subject.
        And while the Constitution may tend toward conservatism, the income tax amendment is still in there. What kind of conservatism is that in the face of a morbidly huge government with a runaway budget?
        However, if the citizenry believe a law is no longer applicable or is unfair or is causing unintended consequences, etc., and needs to be changed or abolished (other than if it’s flat-out declared unconstitutional by SCOTUS) then that is something which needs to be addressed and carried out by Congress. They could start by getting rid of the 16th amendment.

        • Jim Hallett says:

          Yes, get rid of the 16th Amendment, as it was a con job from the beginning and never rightly approved of in the first place. All tax is theft, none of it is voluntary, but good luck getting any of the sludge in DC to understand or agree to such. That loss of control would take away all their fun!

  4. TheLookOut says:

    Great article RJR. We can only Hope, and Pray that that every Freedom
    loving American sees the Left for what they truly are, and Vote accordingly.

  5. Edward says:

    When Obama announced that he was running for president back in 2007, I took the stand that, if he won, (I was sure he would), there would be a civil war. I was not sure if blood would flow in the streets, like in the 19th century, or exactly what form it would take, but we have progressed, in my view, to being right smack dab in the middle of it today, in real time. RR is right on as usual; so many republicans have no idea of what they are up against with this enemy and have to idea of how to fight. Jeff Sessions is a good example. Thank heavens for Donald Trump.

  6. Blank Reg says:

    George Will passed his "sell-by" date years ago. He thinks he's the reincarnation of Alexander Hamilton, whom I loathe with the fury of 1000 suns. Nearly 35% of those participating in the latest poll felt that a civil war was imminent. Only about 25% said "absolutely not, no way". And it will be a real one, this time, by definition, unlike the "War to Prevent Southern Independence", 157 years ago. Stock up on ammo and MREs.

  7. Les N says:

    What about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her membership in the so-called Democratic Socialists?
    Seems far worse than Maxine Waters, et. al.

  8. johnpaul says:

    I love the way Robert thinks for everword is based upon FACT and Truth. I have followed the degradation of the DNC for over 4 decades. Beginning with the assassination of JFK the heart of the DNC has become more and more sinister. The best I can describe it is nazists…an extreme, violent, propanda and political centered party based upon hate and untruth. Members love themselves not this nation or its ideals of freedom, liberty, and equality. There will be a civil war between left and right (good and evil) and if the left does not start thinking as a humans vice self-centered animals. Republicans and Independents must vote out every democrat and republicans who oppose Trump in public office to send these evil doers that we Americans do not tolerate such subservive and hate-fill ideology.

  9. Ron Maloney says:

    The best explanation on what really is going on in this country-what's been going on for some 50+ years- that I have ever read.
    My Father said 25 years ago- " the liberals and drugs will ruin his country" and without drastic change I believe that is inevitable.
    Thank you Mr..Ringer
    P.S. I voted for Trump and intend on helping him win again

    • Rick G. says:

      Trump Pence 2020. Keep America Great Again!

      • Mary T says:

        Once again Ringer insightfully and articulately makes his case!
        Thank you for your voice and insight! Right on!!

    • Arnieus says:

      Not Liberals and drugs. Communists and prohibition. Please stop calling bolsheviks liberals. It is so confusing to the "useful idiots" who think they are liberal. The constitution does not grant the Feds the authority to ban anything. Prohibition funded the bootlegger cartels which corrupted much of government. The war on drugs currently funds the violent cartels that make central and south america unliveable for the millions trying to get in the US. The high price of cocaine and heroin also prompted the 17-year occupation of Afganistan and funds the CIA black ops. I supported Trump holding my nose the whole time.

      • Trutherator says:

        My wife is from Honduras. Best thing USA can do to help them is stop all tax-extorted payouts to their government, all loans, and legalize all drugs. To those who say we have to stop drugs because users do bad things to support the habit, tell them you then arrest them for doing the bad things like robbery or murder.

    • Sebastian Hawks says:

      These punks doing all this protesting hate the police, they are strongly for open borders and latino gangsters having free reign. When you take a look at the psychological motivations of these anarchists and assorted leftists could it be as simple as assuring a steady supply of drugs? Dope is the straw that stirs the leftist drink. The whole NFL national anthem thing is about black players upset about their brothers getting locked up for drugs by the police.

  10. Al Segalla says:

    Perhaps all is not lost. If logic and good will could reform a former leftist like Charles Krauthammer there is hope yet for a free America. Learning how to communicate is as important as what to communicate. The civil war started over fifty years ago and we seem to be experiencing a resurgence on the side of liberty. Not perfect, but very welcome.

  11. kauai_mike says:

    Bingo Robert.

  12. Helen Roberts says:

    This article is a keeper!! Have already printed it to read, and re=read……Thanks much for this, Mr.Ringer!

  13. Michael says:

    The scary thought going forward, is the number of millennial voters now outnumber baby boomer voters. My objective view of the millennials is that the vast majority of them are, leftists indoctrinated with socialist/communist teachings at our universities. They are big mouths, with limited knowledge or critical thinking skills, that just seek to follow those that advocate evils of capitalism. They are snowflakes in search of mythical safe spaces in life, and they are rather candyassed when it comes to violent encounters, even though that's what they will readily promote at the drop of a hat. If you add this group of voters to the existing democrat voters, it looks like we are in for the battle for the soul of this country's foundation, built on individual liberties.

  14. Marte says:

    Here's a ray of hope. My social circle is very, very small, and yet – I know three people who were dyed-in-the wool democrats and are now solid Trump supporters. They have seen the light and want nothing more to do with the Democratic party.

    It took Donald Trump to shine a light on what those "liberals" really stand for – anything but liberty.

  15. RealitySeeker says:

    An exceptional and well articulated read.

    Yes, civil war is somewhere over the horizon. And it could be what some are calling a "soft-core civil war" wherein only a limited amount of blood is shed. Others believe it's going to be another shooting war.

    I can only say that, if shooting does indeed break out, I sincerely hope that nobody in the Liberty Movement fires the first shot. Really, please hold your fire and let the bat-shit crazy Leftists draw first blood. Don't get provoked into doing something which gives the Fake News what they want, i.e., a violent Trump supporter who overreacts.

    Let the Marxists strike first. They will, just as sure as the sun rises, they will.

    • Rick G. says:

      The Radic-libs are going nowhere I assure you. They are a lot of talk, but no walk just like Antifa is. Our domestic military and law enforcement will squash them like a cockroach. Believe me.

  16. John Abbott says:

    It ALWAYS amazes me that the so called Smart People do NOT see the obvious! Krauthammer could not see how EVIL Obama was. George Will and the never Trumpers are SO clueless. I just HOPE the "regular Americans" can SEE how much the MEDIA and POLITICIANS are LYING to us for their own selfish and evil purposes. Even the Bush family has really let me down. I voted for BOTH Bushes for Pres, but Jeb was a little mama's boy compared to Trump. Robert, you are SO right-even down to the Libertarian thing. What happened to the FIRST amendment? Libs are all for it-UNLESS you disagree with THEM! How ELITIST can you get?!!!

  17. Michael says:

    Can you tell me why my comment was not posted? Thanks

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Don't know. Please post it again.

      • Michael says:

        One scary development: the millennials now for the first time outnumber the baby boomers as voters. I have children in this group. As a group, I find millenials to have parroted opinions without any analytical thinking skills. After all, it's much harder work actually thinking that parroting. The millennials have been indoctrinated in our liberal instructor universities. They have poor work ethics, and certainly have bought into the class warfare of the left, and as such have an entitlement mentality. They also seek safe spaces from those that would have differing opinions if they can't squelch their speech. Throughout history, it is inevitably the left that turn to violence (historical fact, not my opinion). I don't think they know what they are advocating with their entrance into that realm. That won't end well for anyone, but especially them, because they have never endured hardship (again, as a group). If violence erupts on a national philosophical basis, there won't be the kind of safe spaces they are looking for. So if they turn out and vote for the most liberal of liberals/socialists/communists/marxists that have become mainstream candidates of the democrat party, as we have started to witness, then we are in a fight for the soul of this country, and the opportunities that made us prosperous beyond all nations in history. I wish you could reason with liberals.

      • Michael says:

        Just posted again as a reply to you Robert. And again, it was not posted. There was nothing in it that should have prevented it from being posted. Disappointing.

        • Rick G. says:

          I had that happened to me a couple times in the past. Sometimes, it just happens I guess. There just might be some little thing in there that gets it kicked out.

          • Jim Hallett says:

            I find when the comment is submitted and you get the reply that comment is being monitored for content (or something like that), it never makes it. I post quite a bit, and most do make it, but others do not, and I refuse to use vulgar language, so I know that is not the reason for the blocking occasionally.

          • Rick G. says:

            You too, huh?

  18. Jurgy says:

    this is a scary time for our nation … the left better hope that their efforts to politically divide the people does not turn into an all-out civil war, since they supposedly gave up their guns …

  19. Bill Reynolds says:

    Mr. Ringer … All of your articles are great. This one is exceptional. Not just that it mirrors my understandings … but delivers a truthful, fair and balanced view. Thank you for sharing.

    • Rick G. says:

      You can always count on Robert Ringer to put forth the best articles with the best thoughts and ideas.

  20. Robert Diamond says:

    Interesting and well thought our article – as usual! My hope is pinned to the fact that elections are decided by the "middle" because people who ID themselves as "republicans" or "liberals" are roughly equal so they more or less cancel one another out in elections. So the middle is where the election is decided. And since the liberals are showing their intolerance, anger, and violent tendencies by throwing people out of restaurants, harassing them at movie theaters, attacking conservative speakers on campuses, rioting and their leaders calling for more violence I think the middle will see that the liberals are not desirable folks to have in power. At least that is my hope. I do think, however, that some of the crazies on the liberal side will become even more violent as they do not get their way and I agree will "fire the first shot at Fort Sumpter." Thankfully very few military folks are liberals so I don't see them supporting liberal crazies and our military is more than capable of taking on crazy liberals running around in black Antifa shirts. And on top of that I don't doubt that the majority of gun owners are conservatives who will protect themselves and their families as needed. On the non military front, I think the electorate will respond to law and order candidates (like Trump is) as the left continues their belligerence and incivility. It will take time but I think in the end our country will pull back towards its roots. Hopefully I am correct.

  21. larajf says:

    I hope that Bernie runs as an independent and he and Jill Stein split the votes away from the democrat party. Then, hopefully, the D party will die a quiet death over the next ten years.

    • Rick G. says:

      No need for that to happen…….they are on a political Titanic and already hit the iceberg and are going down because of their big mouth!

  22. Jean says:

    Back in the 1970s, when Will wrote columns for the Detroit News, I respected him. But it looks like the DC Beltway talking head crowd is as much a part of the swamp as is every entrenched politician and agency wonk. I get the impression that many of them are of the "Let them eat cake" mentality, as they have been away from mainstream Americans for so long they have no idea the damage the previous administration(s) did to the economy, the culture and the quality of life.

  23. Kenneth A Hoffman says:

    Another 'hit the nail on the hard' post, Mr, Ringer. I am, however, moved to disclose that I am filled with a certain sadistic glee as I watch the Lefties get driven to dostraction and eaten up by their irrational hatred of Trump. Now they are getting a taste of what it was like for us 'Deplorables' during the eight dreary years of the Obama Reich….

    • Kenneth A Hoffman says:

      uh… I mean nail on the HEAD and 'driven to distraction'….sorry for my ham fingering,,,

  24. MHG says:

    Goodness, talk about perpetuating the polarization that is so poisoning the nation today! Speaking about “The Left” as though they were a troop of demons isn’t going to help anything. Those who disagree with you are fellow Americans and have sincere concerns that trouble them deeply. They are not some seething, brainwashed, contemptible mass but separate individuals, just like you, each with an individual idea about what needs to be done.

    This intransigent “Us vs Them,” “Good vs Evil” mentality is truly dangerous and not worthy of intelligent people. Citizens all across the spectrum believe as sincerely in their points as each of you. Every opinion, no matter how different, deserves to be considered with an open mind, not instantly dismissed as misguided trash because it does not accord with your views. That is the challenge of democracy. A challenge that takes compromise, effort and self control, something too tough for far too many people.

    Oh, and the last person a nation needs is a biased supreme court justice who will vote according to political loyalty instead of impartial, gravely weighed fairness and truth.

    • CaliConservative says:

      You my friend are either an Internet troll or someone who has not been paying attention to what has happened to this country the past 20 years

    • sam239 says:

      "The Left" is accurate, these are dogmatic, rabid followers of an idealogy they want to force down American throats. seems much like the religious right of the 80's.

    • Robby Bonfire says:

      A wise man once said: “A man who is a liberal is a woman in a man’s body.” (Here’s looking at you, kid.)

      • Dol says:


        • Robby Bonfire says:

          I should give Roy Masters his due for the quote I posted, above. Fine man he is, and courageous, too.

  25. Donal says:

    George Will is and always has been an American Torey, his establishment loyalties leave him in the same debauched status as the U.K.'s .The pathology of the Left dictates devolution to the current "outrage" to be followed by massive civil disobedience and worse. The Trump phenomena has proved beyond any doubt the enormity and rot of the administrative state , the Deep State, first identified by Libertarians some years ago. But its going to take much more than just them to save this Constitutionall Republic, not this democracy.

  26. Rick G. says:

    ……….and let the "fighting" begin! Ha! Bring it on! Yeah, just like Antifa predicted last November 4 the day of America's communist revolution. What happened? Not so much as a sigh or whimper could be heard anywhere. Anyhooo, where do the Radic-libs think they are going? What is all this they think they are accomplishing?

    And as far as Hussein Nobama and Mad Maxine Waters wanting people to get in other people's face, beware, that is a good way of causing those people to strike back. Both are bullies and advocates of gang violence. Mad Maxine Waters, huh huh huh, yes sir. She's the arrogant snob who lives in an exquisite 4.3 million dollar home OUTSIDE of her governing district, while her poor, pathetic constituents she "represents" live in abject poverty. I'd like to be Radic-lib Delegate For A Day and cast my ballot to nominate Mad Maxine for the 2020 Demopublican candidate for President of the United States. She would be a cinch to beat. She'd lose worse than McGovern did in 1972 if that is possible! The Radic-libs are running scared now. The once predicted "Blue Wave is now looking more and more like a "Blue Ripple, if that.

    Just to show you how terrified the Radic-Libs are, you have Chucky and Bernie out there, putting on this saintly veneer, saying it is "wrong" to harass any political official in a public place. Yeah, guys! You'd been doing it for years! And oh yes, hypocrite Bernie is the one who was called out on when wearing his $700 winter jacket last winter and bought his third, that's right, THIRD home, complete with a breath taking view over a beautiful lake, while his poor, pathetic constituents live mouth to mouth on EBT food stamps, on Section 8 housing or homeless, and have no health coverage.

    And Whoopi, The Politically Correct Scarecrow, Goldberg is another Looney Tune character, not to mention Sourpuss Joy Behar, both on that obnoxious and nauseating The View, which needs to be cancelled. And Nutty Nancy and Pocohontas……..heaven help us all! They are like bedbugs……they are everywhere and hard to get rid of!

    • Rick G. says:

      You know, what happened to all the "decent Democrats", which, incidentally sounds like an oxymoron, like Adlai Stevenson, John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Ed Muskie, and Henry "Scoop" Jackson, just to name a few. All of them must be spinning in their grave if they knew what had happened to their party.

  27. sam239 says:

    Just came across a quote that seems relevant:

    “If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?”

    -Frédéric Bastiat, The Law

  28. John says:

    Dear Mr. Ringer,
    Very good column and it has been a pleasure to read your books since the 1970's. You might be interested in reading and listening to Dennis Prager's ideas about an American Civil War. Keep up the good work.

  29. Robby Bonfire says:

    How do you reach across the aisle re the abortion issue? Re higher taxes vs. lower taxes? Re homosexual “marriage.” Re illegals? Re the demise of the public observanceof Christmas? Re family values vs. Hollywood profligate values? Re capital punishment? Re gun control? Re political correctness? Re legalizing soft drugs? Re bigger vs. smaller government? Re a stronger vs. a weaker military? Re trade tariffs?

    Obviously those running for office as Rinos or moderates are incredibly out of touch because these fundamental differences cannot venreconciled! My solution to the dilemma of our now living in a culturally divided nation? Simple, give the Left all the terrain west of the Mississippi, and give all the terrain east of the Mississippi to the conservative nation so as to take the hostilities out of the equation. A house divided against itself cannot stand – so let’s establish two separate houses and two separate nations. Hell, we won’t even have to trade with the other side, if we don’t want to.

  30. Joseph C. says:

    Well Robert, I am from Canada, and I am watching FOX News to give me the facts. All of the other stations are anti-Trump. I've been following American Politics almost every single day since Donald Trump decided to run for the Republican Nomination. It's amazing that about 80% of the media is against Trump and now the Democrate's are losing their collective minds. As a Canadian watching I think the left has gone crazy. I've never seen anything like this.

    I think you summed it well when you said "What they do not understand is that reaching across the aisle does not work when those on the other side of the aisle want to destroy you and everything you believe in." That say's it all.

    Trump understand this. If he understands anything, he understand that the left want him dead (figuratively speaking).

    The Left is powerless and they know it. I'm just waiting to see what happens next. Civil war, perhaps? Maybe. Trump will be in power for a long time. He will win the next election. So, there is a lot of time as Trump is in power for this to build up and get worse. I hope it doesn't, but I don't know. We'll see.

  31. david says:

    Oh Robert where to begin.. Obama has only hung around Washington because his daughter is going to school there.. he has shown nothing but class to Trump and that asshole keeps blaming him for things that are his fault.. he's created two trillion dollars of debt since being president.. he's pissed off and insulted every ally…creating stupid trade wars that just harm the economy.. he can't keep any staff, he fires anyone that dares show him any backbone.. the guy is a total embarrassment and I hope you get another six years of his blather.. you deserve it!!!

    • TeacherLady says:

      Stunned. You input Ringer, then output this?

    • ProgHunter says:

      Oh DAvid, where to begin? Lets see – "you have eyes but cannot see, you have ears but cannot hear" – except for the massive pile of venom and fabricated news by the far left progressive (communist or national socialist) media. Obama created massive misery and hatred, as he intended (raised to be an anti-American communist). The so called Trade War is an attempt to finally fix the long standing gross imbalance between the USA and other countries who charge high tariffs on our goods but don't want any on theirs. I'm sure that you have no facts based background in economics and find this simple idea "confusing".

    • Scott says:

      Obama…who shipped cash to totalitarians in Iran…pardons theocratic tyrants…wants to open US borders to hostile people from backwards countries…and takes six-figures for speeches to his cronies. Nah thanks, the modern Dems are rotten scumbags at the core, here's to six more years of Trump.

  32. Kenneth A Hoffman says:

    We The People are under NO obligation to make the Left 'happy'. It will never happen so why exasperate ourselves trying?

  33. L Garou says:

    In other words, to make a long story short; Krauthammer really was intelligent enough but he really wasn't that smart when it mattered.
    Yes, he was oh so brilliant at seeing the writing on the wall in his ordered mind, but in reality he couldn't see the forest for the trees when it mattered. So like Will and all the rest of the RINO-saurs, he just faded away..

  34. Mark Ellis says:

    A civil war would be the end of America. Period.

    • ProgHunter says:

      No Mark, not having the long overdue civil war means the end of America. The far left (communists, national socialists) needs to be purged. Or pushed into a collection of counties (like the 10 central coastal counties in CA) and expelled from the USA. Then wall them off. If Hindenberg had purged the NAZI Party (far left German National Socialists, aka progressives) in 1932 in Germany before they forced themselves into control in 1933 – think of how different world history would be. A "new-age" civil war here would be between pockets of citizens, as in the movie "The Purge". No organized military, no battle formations, no tanks or bombers – just small arms.

  35. Darrell Dullnig says:

    A civil war via political hatred is not the issue we should be concerned with so much as economic collapse. The elite are using this issue as a distraction. As long as we spend our time and emotions focused upon charge and counter charge in this ideological brouhaha, we fail to see the gathering clouds of economic catastrophe. Once the beasts of this apocalypse are loosed, we will have no time or inclination to contend with politics. Everyone in this nation should redirect their energies away from this useless battle of words and begin breaking ground for your victory garden. You may or may not grow enough to feed your family when the grocery stores shut down, but you will at least be gainfully and productively employed. It will help maintain your sanity and compassion as everyone around you, conservative and liberal alike are starving.

  36. Joseph says:

    Brilliant article Robert! It amazes me how much we think alike. I too believe that there will be a coming Civil War but not sure when or where. We need to have our guns, ammo and provisions to deal with the coming revolution.

  37. American gringo says:

    Mark my words, the next move by the communists, with
    some agreement and assistance from the democrat party,
    will be to issue a (progressive) Declaration of Independence.
    They will be smart enough not to dress it in secessionist
    clothing, naming a specific city, town, or state as now
    being independent from the national whole.
    It will be portrayed as a ubiquitous sentiment
    that exists throughout the whole of America.

  38. Gary Waltrip says:

    I became annoyed with George Will years ago because of his snooty support of liberal policies. I got so angry that I found myself wishing his bow tie was actually a tiny helicopter propeller that would start up and fly him over the distant horizon. I remember writing that in my blog.

  39. smucko says:

    How is this for a strategy? Trump nominates a dedicated constitutionalist like Judge Napolitano or Ted Cruz, the Left howls like crazy and vows to take him down, and we have weeks of constitutional debate that hopefully exposes how far we have strayed from the vision of our Founding Fathers. After the nominee is rejected, then Trump waits until after the mid-terms elections give him a more supporting Congress devoid of RINOs to nominate a true conservative Supreme Court Judge.
    After the viewers of this debate are exposed to the genius of the Founding Fathers' system of Checks & Balances, they should see that the Fathers would never agree to give lifetime employment to SCOTUS judges who believe that the Constitution is a living document that can be modified or ignored at the whim of the People, instead of going thru the amendment process. Armed with that new realization, hopefully enough voters and non-voters will wake up in time to vote only for constitutionalist Congressmen who likewise will confirm only nominees who are strict interpreters of the Constitution. We can always hope and pray.

  40. notpropagandized says:

    So true, so true. There is a mentality that must be acquired by constitutionalists and traditionalists (judeo christian culture, ethics) that is enormously tougher than we've witnessed among our cowed populace that simply hopes these ideological huns/barbarians will go away and disappear. They are among us because we have over-tolerated their very bad behavior and they are what they are due to spiritual depravity, ignorance and vacuousness.
    I recall when I finally observed Krauthammer was not accommodating the movement that Trump represents, but I do think there was evidence that his extended observation of Trump during his terminal illness broke through to a much more thorough realization of Trumps skills and abilities compared to his earlier impressions. I say this as a rock solid Cruz supporter and am very happy to discover, contrary to early expectations, that Trump represents our generation's Moses, the deliverer, an actual God-answered prayer. YES! the behavior is exactly what we needed and I am happy to watch him abuse our abusers with same.
    I NEVER considered being a never-Trumper because it simply contained no logic whatsoever to trash the victory against certain destruction. Never Trumpers are an abuse of intellect and they are the same as radical leftist dimocrats. No excuse.
    We live in very dangerous times and should prepare now for the liklihood that violence could/will confront us. These people are unhinged, mobbish, self righteous and dangerously, existentially foolish. When the time comes that they lash out with violence, I'm hoping they meet serious punishment.

  41. Charles N. Steele says:

    Perceptive and excellent piece! May I differ on one point? "…their antics can end only in one of two ways: capitulation by those on the right who disagree with them (as has usually been the case in the past) or all-out civil war."

    There's a third possibility. The left and Democrat leadership so discredit themselves that #WalkAway becomes a stampede, and they are left with so little support that they peter out. We should work hard to see that this happens, while always preparing for the possibility it doesn't.

    But as things stand, I think the left has a terribly weak hand and is backed into a corner. One way or another, let's make sure they lose.

  42. bearcat22 says:

    Mr. Ringer,
    I'm glad you have an open forum. That suggests you are still amenable to reason.

    I tend to doubt you personally composed this article. It's not the Robert Ringer I read so many years ago in "Looking Out' and "Winning Through".
    What I remember is a man, and books, that made common sense, and advised NOT getting sucked into any political party or "movement".

    That writer did not sound as if he was a shill for higher-ups in a shameful Amway style pyramid scheme.
    This does.

    Why associate yourself with such a highly questionable character, to put it mildly? The bankruptcies, the lawsuits, trump university scandal alone should make you avoid this guy.

    I know you are getting old….heck, so am I. But this is embarrassing. You sound like Richard Nixon!
    "Those dam commies and hippies are out to get us! We have GOT to tap their phones!"

    When you repeat so many times the word "pretentious" as an insult against George Will, all you accomplish is to demonstrate that you are the person being pretentious. I do not agree with most things Mr. Will has to say.

    However, it is a rather typical and ugly habit of many conservatives to mock scholarship. Whatever else he may be, Mr. Will is an educated man. Mocking his vocabulary only makes you look petty and small. For shame, Mr. Ringer. You nearly stoop to the level of trump.

    The Robert Ringer I read did not believe in either the "left" or the "right".
    You cared about individual freedom, and taught us that both sides stifle it.

    It was your book that made me aware of the existence of Ayn Rand.
    She would be embarassed to be mentioned by you now.
    You have forgotten her essay: Conservatism, an Obituary.

    You ended this "civil war" essay with a comment about an "ultra conservative" supreme court nomination by trump. (actually you called it a "pick". Only the SENATE gets to "pick". )

    • bearcat22 says:

      continued here, due to time outs posting

      I think even a casual layman will observe that throughout American history, supreme court justices who are 'conservative' tend to be highly hostile to almost all individual constitutional rights.

      The only one they seem to like is the one that ensures you can have enough guns and bullets in the house to make certain that at least one of your kids will shoot himself in the face.

      Towards the end of your essay, you chose to imply that President Obama is violent, yet you oddly
      choose to ignore trump saying "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters."
      Where was your indignation then, Mr. Ringer?

      Your book "How you can find happiness during the collapse of western civilization" erroneously predicted things would all fall apart by 1990.
      Now you predict an imminent civil war.

      I would hate to think that you're just pandering, taking advantage of the sort of weak minds that rave about the "Illuminati" and the biblical "end of days".

      If a civil war did ensue, you know who would win. Who always wins in the end. Not Marie Antionette. Not the Czar. Not the One Per Cent.

      This sort of thing has happened before.

      There was a time in history when a politician came along and claimed to be a "patriot".

      He waved the flag like crazy. He yelled about how he loved his country.

      He blamed all of his nation's problems on liberals and foreigners.

      He promised to make the country "great" again.

      He promised to create jobs for the unemployed, but just made the rich more wealthy.

      He was hugely in favor of building up the military.

      He made his speeches to the least educated people he could find.

      He did not win the majority election, but on a technicality he was elected leader anyway.

      He then led the nation to total ruin, war and economic collapse that lasted for decades.

      His name was Adolph Hitler.

      Sound familiar?

      Mr. Ringer, drop this partisan nonsense. You've fallen in with a bad crowd.
      Come out of that darkness and be the independent and honest man you once were again.

  43. bearcat22 says:

    Replying to Smucko

    Well, I'm just a simple uneducated man. I'm not a lawyer.
    But there is something that seems just a tiny bit fishy about your comment.

    Nothing wrong with adhering to the amendment process, but the constitution
    IS a living document subject to the WILL of the people. Without the consent of the governed, there cannot be any legitimate authority. That principle was established long before there even was a constitution.

    Judges "amend" the constitution every time they rule on it and set precedent. That is something the founding fathers intended.

    Juries "amend" the constitution every time they acquit someone accused of breaking a bad law.
    Also something the founding fathers intended.

    "Strict interpretation" is an oxymoron. The founding fathers were in some ways deliberately vague, knowing that FLUID and ONGOING interpretation would be essential and inevitable.

    The constitution itself denies the concept of being "strict" in that it provides for amendment.
    The founding fathers did not intend to install a tyranny of strict obedience, but rather free use.

    The FISHY part is that you rather obviously want a PARTISAN interpretation.
    Let me guess: The only freedoms you care about are the right to shoot people, make money, own slaves and beat your wife and kids, as the bible encourages?

    Everything others want and need can go to hell, correct?

    Sorry, doesn't work that way.

  44. lee says:

    just as bearcat said.robert ringer used to teach not to get sucked up into any political party or movement.did not believe in either left or right.he cared about individual freedom.and both parties stifle it.I hope he is still independeny and honest to tells us why he is supporting trump.

  45. Grabbit Media says:

    nice post