Interesting that the RNC has agreed …

Posted on December 23, 2015 by Robert Ringer


Interesting that the RNC has agreed to do another presidential debate on Fox News in January, considering what an embarrassing, unprofessional ruckus Megyn Kelly created during the first GOP debate on Fox.

To everyone’s surprise, she tried to make herself part of the debate by attacking Donald Trump in the most amateurish way imaginable. But, then again, we shouldn’t be surprised, given that the RNC is desperately looking for ways to take down Trump. Psst, Priebus, let me give you some free advice: It won’t work.

Even though Chris Wallace and Bret Baier, being the serious journalists they are, will probably give the Queen of Narcissism some professional, pre-debate advice and tell her to try not to make herself a participant in the debate, I’m skeptical she’ll be able to control herself (even if they kick her in the shins when she starts going into her shriek mode).

And if that be the case, Kelly is an even bigger fool than I thought she was, because this time around Trump will finish the job of humiliating her — with an exclamation point! That’s pretty much a sure thing, and, a la Glenn Beck, it will be another step toward the Fox exit door for her. (You do remember when everyone thought Beck was untouchable, don’t you?)

All this got me thinking about who might be the best replacement for Megyn the Malevolent when she finally falls out of favor with King Roger and her chief benefactor, Brit Hume, and here’s the fantasy list I came up with for the 9:00 pm slot, in order of preference:

Shannon Bream
Trish Regan
Andrea Tantaros
Monica Crowley
Kimberly Guilfoyle
Melissa Francis
Laura Ingaham
Kennedy (Lisa Kennedy Montgomery)
Harris Faulkner
Martha McCallum

Of course, Judge Jeanine tops them all, but since she already appears on Saturday and Sunday in the 9:00 pm time slot, I didn’t include her. Nevertheless, she would be a breath of fresh air if she were on nightly.

I’d be interested in knowing your preferences for Kelly’s replacement. Who knows — maybe we can even start a petition.

Having said all this, I feel morally obliged to caution you about getting your hopes too high, because there’s always a possibility that Kelly might just be able to hold on indefinitely. For crying out loud, Greta is still on the air after all these years, so who knows what really goes on behind closed doors?

Robert Ringer

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4 responses to “Interesting that the RNC has agreed …”

  1. Scrutinized Rubric says:

    My opinion is Megan shouldn't be allowed anywhere near another debate stage, but that's just me. Of course they have too much invested in her, and will surely be using her as a ratings get as folks will be champing at the bit to see what boneheaded thing she is going to ask next. That's always been my "problem"; too scrupulous but then again everyone deserves redemption, so lets see.

    I would have demoted her time slot and moved Hannity back to after Bill. I prefer the serious news bunched up so I don't have to "wait" for the real deal as Megan is just gumming up the works. But being a realist, I know Megan probably isn't going anywhere, but I would like to see Mark Steyn in either Megan's or Greta's slot.

    Mark Steyn is terrific, talented, and funny. Smart as a tack, and gets to the heart of matters and has a unique sense of humor. Now I notice he is not a blonde with a skirt, but I like the smartest and brightest if I am spending my time dissecting the days disgusting politics. Eye candy and smarts can be a tuff match, but Fox does have a few in the stable, more than a few really, and they do keep adding all the time, so maybe we can get Megan out of there…

    Mark Levin would be another good one, but again, no eye candy – "only the facts". Do we want eye candy or someone to poke a hole in the facade? Maybe someday we can get both!

  2. mark says:

    Beck got kicked off Fox because he told too much of the truth about Israel. They had him fired and then made a deal with him to have his own organization and become filthy rich or be ruined. All he had to do to was keep his mouth shut about Israel except to shamelessly support them, if he didn't they would ruin him. So he's kissing Israels butt daily.

  3. Synickel says:

    Do you really care who replaces her? Do you really watch any MSM news stations. Fox is nothing more than controlled opposition. They all answer to the same controllers.

  4. Robby Bonfire says:

    If Paula Zahn is still under 80, I say bring her back.

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