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Posted on January 27, 2017 by Robert Ringer


Tomorrow is the final day of Donald Trump’s newly proclaimed National School Choice Week, so I wanted to chime in before it comes to a close.

I have long said that if Republicans ever wise up and take their message of self-responsibility and equal opportunity to Americans of color, the Democrats would never win another election. Without the race card, they would feel lost, panicked, and mortally wounded.

Early in the presidential campaign, I felt that if Donald Trump made a sincere effort to communicate the truth to black Americans, it could be the beginning of the end for the Radical Left evildoers. So I was pleased when he began making overtures to the communities Democrats have taken for granted for decades.

There are many brilliant blacks in this country and around the world. That’s indisputable. But, unfortunately, it’s also indisputable that blacks, as a group (I hate the word group, but I have no choice but to us it to make my point.) are severely uneducated. It’s a sad but true statistical fact in America.

Of course, even if a person can barely read, barely speak the Queen’s English, and knows very little about history, ideology, or philosophy, it’s still possible for him to become informed. But the odds are certainly against him. The same old lies, repackaged as new and exciting ideas, can be very appealing to someone who is ignorant of history.

On the flip side, one cannot deny that having a closetful of degrees from the most prestigious universities does not guarantee that a person will employ reason when choosing his beliefs from a wide array of media sources. Radical-Left brainwashing has clearly made that an impossible task for millions of formally educated idiots.

Nevertheless, I am obliged to admit that the odds of a person’s lacking the ability to think rationally are much greater if his formal-education foundation is weak. That’s why it was against the law for slaves to learn to read. Can there be any doubt that slavery would have ended much sooner had there been an abundant supply of Frederick Douglasses?

Today, millions of black people are still trapped on a new kind of plantation, the one Star Parker refers to in the title of her excellent book, Uncle Sam’s Plantation. But as more and more blacks escape the government’s insidious poverty trap, Democrats are becoming ever more nervous.

If Donald Trump and Ben Carson are able to make major inroads into solving the urban problems of this country, the Dirty Dems will be in danger of losing their most important weapon, that being the lie that they represent the best hope for blacks who desperately want to escape their poverty trap.

That said, the most important thing Republicans can do toward that end is make school choice the law of the land. The only kind of school that should not be a choice is public education, for the simple reason that the government has no business being involved in the education of our children in any way, shape, or form.

So thumbs up to Donald Trump for getting the ball rolling in this area. Now, let’s get Betsy DeVos in there as quickly as possible and hope she takes a wrecking ball to public education. This shouldn’t be a problem for really good teachers who go about their jobs in a spirit of goodwill, because if when school choice becomes the law of the land, they will be able to make far more money selling their services in the open market.

If you happen to be an outstanding teacher, wouldn’t you much rather be paid on your ability than your seniority? If not, I can’t imagine why you’re reading this article.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

20 responses to “Free to Choose”

  1. Rick G says:

    It is beyond belief that after pouring millions and millions of hard earned taxpayer dollars into public government-run education, there are still very poor results to show for it. Private, parochial, and home schooling yields much greater results at a lot less cost.

    • Figmo says:

      Most likely a big part of the problem is the idiots we allow to educate our children. Mostly they are liberal to the point of being communists and have had no life experience outside of teaching. Our colleges are the worst. It has gotten to the point of you show me a professor and I'll show you someone with a 90% probability of being a communist. The Cinco de Mayo incident where some mexican students (illegals?) took down the American flag and replaced it with the mexican flag is an example. When the American students put the flag back up they were sent home. Also some American kids who showed up at a school wearing T shirts with the American flag on them were sent home because the moron educators (?) didn't want to offend anyone. It's nonsense like this that gives Trump's message "put America firsr" such overwhelming appeal

    • Jim Hallett says:

      The truth is that the public miseducation system has NO INTENT of creating thinking, well-educated people, but rather indoctrinating slaves to fulfill their role as government-run peons. Potential good teachers – and there are MANY – get led down the Marxist path by the immoral and incompetent teachers unions and all the other education administrators (the REAL reason public schooling costs so much!!). I continually refer folks to John Taylor Gatto's "An Underground History of American Education", since he has much experience from inside the belly of the beast and was a NY Teacher of the Year. I got a Teaching degree, but never used it (some substitute teaching right out of college is all) because I REFUSED to join any teachers union. The college teacher programs create the robotic-like allegiance to the "progressive" libtard nonsense, so the students (who become the future teachers) mainly just echo that indoctrination. Our govt. as a republic NEVER was intended to be the source of educating our young, but the progressives see it as a way of creating life-long slaves to their agenda.

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you for clarifying and verifying my thoughts on this. The utter crap that the federal government puts into text books; and, the vital, factual, information on history and socialism left out of them, has left generations of younger Americans dumbed down and susceptible to losing their freedom to an all powerful government.

  3. Marte says:

    I pulled my kids out of the public schools in favor of home schooling more than 30 years ago – back when I had to fight the system to do it. As a result, they are better educated and more successful than most in our small community.

    • Rick G says:


    • ◄Dave► says:

      Good for you, Marte. I hope they appreciate what you did for them. Sending a child to one of these Marxist indoctrination factories, commonly called 'public schools,' is a particularly egregious form of child abuse. ◄Dave►

  4. Allen H. says:

    You have to hand it to The Donald for knowing how to get things done. He's done a ton for the good of "taking responsibility" in the ONE week that he's been president! To me, the best thing about him getting elected is the inspiration he's given to so many people who give up because they think they're held back by obstacles. It's almost a miracle that he's our president. Against all odds, he did and said whatever it took (some of it I don't agree with) to win.. Free spirited doers in this country are totally inspired.

  5. Robert says:

    Great insights as always. I feel a renewed sense of hope now that we have a President who is telling truth instead of pandering lies and who is getting an incredible amount done. Bless that man! There is no credible argument to maintain the status quo in public schooling. The school overall are delivering such poor results that to maintain the status quo is not an option. The only ones who like it are the teachers unions who are getting the poor results. I hope Betsy gets in there and makes enormous changes and enables choice across the land.

  6. Jon says:

    I have to opine on this one, Robert. After more than 80 years on this large rock, I'm convinced that:

    Those that can – do
    Those that can't – teach
    Those that can't teach – teach teachers.

    There are two kinds of educated people: Those that have degrees and those that don't.
    There are two kinds of uneducated people: Those that have degrees and those that don't.

    After paying thousands of dollars in taxes to help educate other people's children, I then had to pay privately to send my children to a Prep school because the public schools, even in SoCal, were horrible. Fortunately, I had the resources to be able to do that. The "Dirty Dems" in particular have only made this situation worse over the decades.We can only hope that DJT and his minions are able to reverse this trend.

  7. Must reading…the truth and nothing but….

  8. Fernando Gomez says:

    Robert, I've been a fan of yours since you published "Winning through intimidation". I am a Hispanic veteran, originally from Colombia, South America who has witnessed how the USA, a country I love and will fight for, has slowly being transformed into something similar to what I came running from. I am a the top of a large organization with lots of members of different ethnic minorities and I take every opportunity to explain to those willing to listen, that the free enterprise system, even with its imperfections, is the best alternative for the third world to get rid of poverty. All we need to do, as you write, is to wise up and take the message of self-responsibility and equal opportunity to everybody, minorities and otherwise, every chance we get.

  9. Woody Garvey says:

    Your point about the government being the "new Plantation" is SO true. I've been an attorney in juvenile dependency court and have seen it first hand. Those in the poverty system have pretty much the same life as under slavery. The "Man," Uncle Sam provides food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. Even worse, the system is designed to destroy families by keeping fathers out of the picture. In return those on the Plantation do pretty much what the Man says.

    Remember that in the days of slavery, slaves were valuable (like automobiles today) so not as brutally treated as in movies and books. Moreover, they usually had some love and affection from the masters. You don't get that from the government.

  10. Woody Garvey says:

    In passing I should mention that the juvenile dependency system is an ABSOLUTE GOLD MINE for incompetent physicians, psychologists, addiction counselors, and greedy foster parents. It is even set up to encourage adoption of the children by paying continuing benefits to adoptive parents..Another benefit of LBJ's poverty programs.

  11. Reality Seeker says:

    If President Trump was really serious, he'd end the Department of Education; however, I must concede that our president is doing a great job so far. I've never seen anything like it. Really. I'm so glad that I supported electing him.

    The reality is President Trump has bought us more time before the moment of truth arrives when it's undeniable that we cannot pretend anymore that borrowing trillions of dollars to " grow our way to prosperity".

    I watched the Hannity interview with President Trump. When asked about the 20T national debt, Trump responded that he was " more concerned about rebuilding our military, then the debt". Translation: " I going to borrow and spend to make America great again"…. Personally, I have no problem with that, because at this point the debt is never going to be paid back, so might as well go for broke. But what happens when the moment finally arrives when the last straw of debt is placed on the back of Americans?

    "What is unpaid must be paid…… they sow the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind". — Hosea the prophet.

    It doesn't take a prophet or a theophany to forsee how this shall end. The only question is when? God only knows, but one way or the other, America is going to repay the debt. And the most likely way is a depression and perhaps a breakup of the USA…. Actions have consequences.

  12. Phil Colbert says:

    Why would anybody expect public education to be anything but a disaster? Not only can the government not do anything efficiently, but giving the State permission to educate your children guarantees that they will get a lot of propaganda as well. Yes, but it's 'free' isn't it. Yes, everything provided by the government is free

  13. Sean Nickerson says:

    I suppose i am one of the lucky ones, i had the benefits of a teacher that saw my potential and let me learn in the way most productive for me. left alone and and an avid scholar. I did not to my own chagrin take advantage of a higher education, perhaps i would have been Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, But then again i learned early in the Reagan years (in my early 20's) that Republicans were the party of human growth. I have never looked back and have despised every Democrat that has lead our country down the primrose path of bigger government and more interference in each of our daily lives. Perhaps having grown up in the western US i sense and feel this more but i know there is a pervasive theft of our personal freedoms in this country and i preach this to all that will listen. I feel it is much worse east of the great Mississippi because once you cross the river things open up and the world just seems a bit more free, yes even in parts of California. Don't get me wrong, i am not a lemming led by republicans, i follow my own path

  14. Susie Hargis says:

    Generalizations are deceiving. Not all teachers are liberals or want to turn their students into one. There are many good teachers that are still trying to teach despite the politics. There are also many Christian universities that still train public school teachers ethically. Teaching can be very difficult. Many times the teacher is limited in methods of discipline and gets little or no support from administrators or parents. You go try to control a crowded room full of teenagers or kindergarteners and actually help them learn. I bet you'll decide that teachers are grossly underpaid. Yet these teachers try their best year in and year out to help their students learn. Frankly, there are some horrible teachers out there, but don't think that every one is. That just isn't true.

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