Exception as a False Premise

Posted on May 30, 2023 by Robert Ringer


It was interesting, but not surprising, that Tim Scott threw his hat in the Republican primary ring last week.  Scott’s career path “from cotton to Congress in one generation” is impressive, and his theme that he’s living proof leftists are lying when they claim blacks can’t make it in America is powerful.

The leftwing media, of course, hates black conservatives, so it wasn’t surprising when IQ-challenged Sunny Hostin took a shot at Scott on ABC’s popular clown show, The View.  Hostin rejected the senator’s premise by saying, “I think one of the issues that Tim Scott has is that he seems to think ‘because I made it, everyone can make it.’”

In reality, it was Hostin’s premise that was false.  Her comment implied that an exception is somehow a bad thing, as though it were a human action that can be changed.  It is not.  An exception is neither good nor bad; it’s simply a fact.

The idea that exceptions are somehow bad stems from the left’s longing for a society where everyone’s results are equal, so it always gets back to buying into the black hole of communism.  There are an infinite number of exceptions in all areas of the human experience, because no two sets of circumstances are exactly the same.

It’s self-evident that there are exceptions in every field of endeavor.  Patrick Mahomes is an exception among NFL quarterbacks.  Wolfgang Puck is an exception among cooks.  Elon Musk is an exception among businessmen.  There’s nothing good nor bad about any of these exceptions.  They’re a perfectly normal part of life.

The fact that Tim Scott is an exception among African-American men doesn’t mean he can’t be an inspiration to other black men, especially young blacks, but that doesn’t fit the left’s narrative that white supremacy makes it impossible for blacks to succeed.  If that were the case, there would not be millions of black exceptions, but there are.  Robert Woodson is a black exception.  Dr. Ben Carson is a black exception.  Clarence Thomas is a black exception.  Thomas Sowell is a black exception.  To name just a few examples.

The success of any of these men does not stop any other person, black or white, from achieving his own goals.  Successful people are indeed living proof of what is possible, no matter what someone’s background may be.  The reason Democrats are against blacks becoming exceptional is because they fear that too much success might lead them to the conclusion that they don’t have to rely on Democrats to take care of them from cradle to grave.

Democrats are guilty of everything up to, and perhaps including, crimes against humanity, and one of their worst crimes is their 158-year strategy for keeping blacks uninformed, because an uninformed person can be more easily manipulated.  They must be fed the same lies over and over again lest they try to go against the left’s mantra:  If you don’t vote Democrat, you aren’t really black.

This is what Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society was all about.  Johnson is said to have boasted that his “war on poverty” would have blacks voting for Democrats for generations to come, and he was right.  But the millions of blacks who have found a way to escape to a world of self-sufficiency are not likely to vote for government dependency.

Unfortunately, Republicans have a serious messaging problem and are seemingly incapable of explaining Democrat treachery to voters.  Every Republican presidential candidate, especially Trump and DeSantis, should campaign heavily in black urban areas and deliver the truth to those who are suffering most from Democrat propaganda and Democrat policies.  Other than sheer incompetency and/or lack of effort, there is no excuse for Republicans not being able to win a majority of black votes, because the Democrat Party is the African-American’s worst enemy.

In addition, Republicans need to explain, in a way that can be easily understood, that the notion that only a small number of people can be exceptional is a myth that encourages dependency.  Like wealth, exceptionalism is not a fixed pie, because everyone has the opportunity to become exceptional in his own way, regardless of the success or failure of anyone else.

The only thing more stupid than Sunny Hostin saying Tim Scott doesn’t realize he’s an exception to the rule is The View’s grand wizard, Joy Behar, comparing Scott to Clarence Thomas and explaining that the two of them simply don’t understand “the systemic racism that African-Americans face.”  After all, they’ve never walked in Joy’s shoes, and it goes without saying that only a white liberal ensconced comfortably in a multimillion-dollar condo on New York’s Upper West Side can understand racism.

Robert Ringer

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