Psst — conservatives: Screw you!

Posted on January 26, 2016 by Robert Ringer


I am but a humble messenger. It’s the millions of Trump supporters who are robustly delivering the message contained in the title of this article to the conservative elites.

But give credit where credit is due: The elites aren’t giving up. The National Review’s recent cover, “AGAINST TRUMP,” made that crystal clear. But it also made clear their exasperation in trying to keep Republican sheep from escaping their shut-up-and-do-what-you’re-told conservative prison — i.e., conservative as defined by the elites.

No less than twenty-two “prominent conservative leaders” endorsed the National Review’s tacky, juvenile attack on Trump. Most of the names on the list are unknown to the general public, but I feel obliged to comment briefly on just a few that are worth mentioning.

Glenn Beck. No one since the late Harry Browne made such an impact on my thinking as Glenn Beck did in the first year or so of his days at Fox News. I still believe Beck’s meteoric rise to fame is unparalleled in the history of television. I also still believe that he’s the most talented human being ever to appear on a TV screen.

So I take no joy in now seeing him as a pathetic, lost soul desperately trying to find a pathway to get his face back on the tube. He found out the hard way that while the number of people on the Internet dwarfs the number of viewers for even a highly rated television show, the Internet doesn’t have the same impact as TV — not even close.

I’ve been through all this Beck stuff in previous articles, so I won’t go into it in any detail here, except to say once again that I believe he is, like many alcoholics, driven to self-destruction. When he was on top of the world at Fox News, he projected an invincible image. Then, it seemed as though he became bored with his success and started losing his egomaniacal mind.

Beck still claims to be a libertarian (not a conservative, which makes it rather ironic that National Review chose to group him in with twenty-one “true conservatives”), but his words and actions have convinced me that the only ideology he really believes in is Beckism. As a result, what he thinks of Donald Trump is of no interest to millions of his ex-followers, let alone those who have always detested him — particularly (and, again, ironically) Republicans.

Brent Bozell. Bozell has done a lot of good for the cause of freedom, no question about it. But, like his late uncle, William F. Buckley, Jr., he’s a classic example of Republican snobbery, being abrasively dismissive of anyone he suspects of not embracing “conservative” orthodoxy. Like most establishment guys, he’s lived his whole life in such a cloistered little world that, for all his smarts, he doesn’t understand what everyday folks are thinking.

William Kristol. Ditto Bill Kristol, who is one of the most pompous, supercilious Republicans on the planet. Kristol has never met a liberal he didn’t like. His opinions mean nothing to the average voter, particularly anti-establishment voters. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has statuettes of Mitt Romney and Mush McCain on his bedroom dresser.

Cal Thomas. Thomas’s major contribution to the Republican brand of conservativism came in February 2013 when he publicly admonished Dr. Ben Carson, saying that the good doctor should apologize to Barack Obama for telling the truth about his destructive policies at the National Prayer Breakfast. His statement was a real jaw-dropper, and one that I believe helped catapult Carson into national fame and made him beloved by conservatives and libertarians alike.

Dana Loesch and Thomas Sowell. The two people on the National Review list about whom I cannot speak negatively are Dana Loesch and Thomas Sowell. Both are reasonable people and long-time freedom fighters whose opinions I highly respect.

Dana Loesch’s criticisms of Trump are both reasonable and understandable. She gets it — believe me, she gets it. It’s just that she respectfully disagrees with the people who believe Trump is the right choice for conservatives. Fair enough. No mudslinging involved.

As to Thomas Sowell, he is hands-down the greatest libertarian/conservative icon alive, and I agree with him when he says, “No doubt much of the stampede of Republican voters toward Mr. Trump is based on their disgust with the Republican establishment. It is easy to understand why there would be pent-up resentments among Republican voters. But are elections held for the purpose of venting emotions?”

As with Dana Loesch, I have no problem with Sowell’s evenhanded comments. But I would answer his rhetorical question by saying yes, elections are very much about venting emotions — actually, they are the best way to vent emotions.

Also, what Sowell — and Republicans of much lesser intellect than him — don’t get is that self-anointed conservatives hate Trump because he doesn’t pass their ideological purity test for conservativism. And what further gnaws away at them is that Trump doesn’t give a damn — and neither do his supporters.

For crying out loud, the so-called Republican establishment touted ultra-liberal Mush McCain as a conservative. But when given his chance to prove them right, he sheepishly refused to touch issues such as Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Obama’s place of birth, his sealed college records, and the fact that he sported the most liberal voting record in the Senate.

The Republican establishment also believed that weak-kneed Mitt Romney was a staunch conservative, but when it came time to fight for conservative principles, he wet his pants and gave Barack Obama a pass on virtually everything. He wouldn’t even press him on his weakest area, Benghazi, which now, four years later, is an even bigger issue than it was in 2012.

The establishment guys also believe that statists like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Paul (Santa Claus) Ryan, Orrin Hatch, and Jeb Bush are conservatives, not to mention RINO-in-the-making Marco Rubio. With conservatives like these, who needs liberals? They do everything liberals do — and, in many ways, much better.

Where were all these “true conservatives” when the Republican-controlled House refused to defund Obamacare, even though most of its Republican members promised to do so if voters would just pull the lever for them? Or illegal immigration? Or not raising the debt ceiling again? Or the big-bank and GM bailouts? Or defunding Planned Parenthood?

Alert the media: This election is not about think-tank ideology! That’s right, it’s not an ideological purity test. People are angry, and they don’t want to be lectured about the importance of proving one’s conservative credentials — as defined by self-anointed conservative purists.

This election is about fumigating Washington. Think of Trump as an exterminator, not an ideologue. The ideological stuff makes for great debates within the walls of The Cato Institute and The Heritage Foundation, but outside those walls the nation is in flames.

The National Review has every right to express its opinions and disseminate them far and wide. No problem with that. But no one should allow the twenty-two people listed on the cover of the National Review — or anyone else, for that matter — to decide for him or her who qualifies as a true conservative and who doesn’t. These guys wouldn’t know pure conservativism if it hit them in the face.

The takeaway message is this: Whether it’s conservatism or any other kind of belief — especially in the area of moral standards — never allow anyone else to decide what your definitions should be. Use your free will, your awareness, and your power of reason to construct your own belief system.

Then, put a “Keep Out” sign on your forebrain and don’t allow yourself to be intimidated into going along with someone else’s idea of right and wrong — especially when it comes to intellectuals and establishment types.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

55 responses to “Psst — conservatives: Screw you!”

  1. Mike Miller says:

    I agree with you on the Trump phenomenon. It's all about the message this time, not the messenger. It's the closest thing I've seen to a revolution in my more than seven decades on this earth. To paraphrase what one prominent conservative recently said: "I don't want Trump to be President, but the problem is I agree with everything he says".

  2. James the Wanderer says:

    Until the sewers are cleaned out and McCain, Hatch, Ryan, McConnell & Co. sent packing back home, nothing CAN change, except for the worse. We need someone like Trump to flush D.C. clean, and if he reads this, I'm available for Secretary of Education as long as I can shut it down!

    • Jon says:

      Hey JTW, this is the first time I've read you outside The Texas Ring. I was particularly impressed with Robert's "Think of Trump as an exterminator, not an ideologue." comment. So while you're ending the Department of (UN)Education, I'll help with the extermination of the Department of (NO)Energy.

  3. James T Saint says:

    Very well said Robert. Not sure I "like" Trump or will actually vote for him in the primaries, but I do like how he is shaking things up. The more the better. So good for him. If the status quot don't like it, too bad for them. If they had been the true conservatives we really would like them to be, they would have started making the changes we need on their own. They did not, so someone else has come along to stir the pot.

  4. Richard Lee Van DV says:

    I believe you really have Glen Beck's number. I, too, thought (past tense) that he was brilliant. And then. Regarding "the Runners", I too hope that Trump can and will begin to "clean house". But, will the Godfathers allow him to run? Time and experience will tell. Right now I am wondering if the FBI can get action to indict Hellery the Hun. If, somehow, that he-she becomes President, it may make the 200 year and out cycle come true. What a year this is going to be!

  5. IHeartDagney says:

    I agree that the National Review article was a wasted effort and just showed how out of touch these elitists are. However, Donald Trump is now signaling that he will work with the establishment. He is, after all, a deal maker. I do not think much will change with him as president. Hopefully, he will stand by his original issue, illegal immigration. That would be one big help. One big improvement will be that we all know he's an American and loves this country. But, will that be enough?

    There is another who is and has, in the past, stood up to change the status quo. And, he's very much HATED by the establishment. That really does endear him to me! Besides getting Ted Cruz in office, though, many of the incumbents must be voted out. The people of this country need to start realizing that, even though they hate the people in congress, that they continue to vote "their" guy back in (because supposedly he/she is a good guy/gal) IS HUGE PROBLEM. And, until we have an Article V change in the Constitution imposing term limits on these criminals, the PEOPLE need to stop voting for their incumbents!

    • Charles Martel says:

      Dagney, you have expressed my observations, concerns and conclusions well.

    • unique says:

      We do not need term limits. If the people would just look at their Representatives, and say they have been in for two terms already, time to vote them out. We can make our own term limits.

      • Innocent Bystander says:

        Agreed! And get rid of congressional pensions and bennies. When they run for re-election their total net worth should be posted next to their name (as opposed to the R and D that currently exists). Then we can see who is being bought and paid for.

  6. Joseph says:

    Great article as usual. The RINO'S just don't get it when it comes to Trump. They've been living in a bubble called Washington D.C., for so long that they forgot who elected them and why. They don't understand that people are attracted to Trump's no nonsense attitude, straight talk and adamant refusal to bow down to the drive by media and establishment types. However, I know Trump is not the answer by any means because he doesn't have the core principles necessary to downsize government and make it smaller. He is certainly not a Libertarian and not a small government, free market conservative. Keep up the good work Robert.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I agree with all you've said. Trump is not the whole answer, but he would do a number of big, bold, positive things. Again, he could care less about ideology.

  7. This was an insightful rebuttal to the National Review's "attack article" against Donald Trump. Well done.

  8. Richard Mowrey says:

    I think the "conservative thinkers" and others miss the point they should be making on Trump. Would you (or world leaders) want to work for him…with him…given his demeanor, personal attacks, erratic actions, and vulgarity? Are the "things" that Trump would do first…if successful, given the lack of detailed plans and strategies, the ones that a conservative…or any American who wants to make the markets and the government work in those few places where they should be focused? Could he actually achieve meaningful results or just noise and fury. It is not only fair to ask these questions, it is essential to seek enlightenment on the "How" in all shine a light on the foundation principles and thoughts, including those regarding the critical, complex international areas of concern?

  9. i cannot agree with you more on this one Robert, but I actually abhor Trump's condescending attitude towards anyone that doesn't like him. That is my frustration. He is just not a very nice person. I fear he may take his big mouth along to the campaign trail with such great vigor that he will alienate those he needs to get elected. Then the alternative is Hillary and God help America if we have another liberal in the White House for 4 more years. The Republican establishment has all but ruined conservatism by running around with their tail between their legs. But my question becomes: what will The Donald really do if he becomes President. Sometimes that is even frightening.

  10. Joe from Chatham says:

    My problem with Donald Trump is that I just do not trust him. He shared a trait with Obama that really disturbs me, his unbounded ego. It is my experience that people who are compulsively bragging about themselves, and are thin-skinned when faced with criticism are, underneath their bluster, very insecure.

    Trump is brilliant at finding positions that will strike a note with those who are fed up with what has been happening in our nation under Obama, and exploiting their frustration with empty promises to correct everything by making deals that will ease their pain. Like Obama, he expresses everything with an "I can fix it" solution void of real specifics.

    We have been enduring seven plus years of suffering from the leadership of a man who believes that it is his way or the highway. We do not need another. There is a difference between them in that Obama is a committed ideologue, while,Trump seems void of any commitments to anything but his own ego.

    My first choice would have been Ben Carson, but he has apparently in a free fall, so I now prefer Ted Cruz, a man of principle who has demonstrated time and again that he is beholden to no one or no thing other than the people who elected him and the Constitution.

    • Charles Martel says:

      Consider his big ego, at least the 'I'm very rich' part of it may be the correct move concerning his great wealth, Romney attempted to hide from it and nobody bought it. Ted Cruz appeals to me more because I think his skills will be valuable in actually traversing the minefield of the federal government. I consider Trump the wildcard the may win the hand somehow. The whole thing is terrifying considering the stakes.

    • Jean says:

      There is a "yuge" difference, though, between egotist Donald Trump and narcissist Barack H Obama. Trump actually has evidence of being able to "fix it" in his past. He parlayed a $5000 nest egg into a blllion-dollar real estate development empire. Yes, he used eminent domain to oust people from their homes in order to assume their properties at below market rates. However, there have been other Manhattan real estate developers who hired ACORN thugs to intimidate and assault residents who refused offers for their properties, driving them out physically and then snapping up those properties at 10 cents on the dollar. And what is in Barack H Obama's list of accomplishments prior to taking office? Well, as a "community organizer," he interjected himself into a situation that had already been undertaken by two housing project residents, did nothing to speak of other than draw a paycheck, and then left the same two residents to complete the initiative, as he was otherwise occupied running for state senate. He may have edited Law Review, but never EVER published in it, leaving his alleged "constitutional law expertise" unchallenged by his peers. As a state senator, he voted "present" most of his career. So of the two, who has more reason to HAVE an ego and to be able to state confidently, "I can fix it"? Trump may not be the ideal candidate – he's way too "New Yawk" for most of us in the heartland. But as far as credibility, he has lived much of his life in the spotlight, so his accomplishments are definitely on record for all to see. Can we say the same for Barack H Obama, or any of the other candidates on the Republican side? Not so much…..

  11. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    You are right, Trump is not a nice person. But we need an exterminator right now. In any event, don't be concerned about Hillary, because she will never become president.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      On that last account, I hope you are right, Robert. The good judge Andrew Napolitano keeps saying the FBI is close to indicting her, but with criminals like Hitlery and her cronies, there are always ways to con themselves out of it. I agree Trump would be an exterminator and better than the other candidates who have come forward, but since I am an anarcho-libertarian and a Ron Paul guy, I am just surrendered to the fact that all the BIG GOVT. clowns of the past decade + (ever since "Progressives" got America by the gonads) will only lead to an inevitable crash, from which America will have to reinvent itself, or just be another failed empire in history. Govt. is immoral by definition so creating more of it solves nothing. Yes, we need a Massive Exterminator in the District of Criminals!

      • Jim Hallett says:

        I meant past CENTURY, as the disease of Progressivism goes back to Teddy Roosevelt at the beginning of the 20th Century. If only it was just a decade of nonsense!!

  12. Gordon says:

    Regarding those "conservative commentators" you mentioned, it seems that they are more focused on their own positions and prestige than on what is really best for the country. It's as if they, having finally worked their way to a position of prominence, are terrified that someone might trigger an avalanche that could bury them. And the pile of garbage that is our government today is ripe for an avalanche! It's no wonder that they don't want any candidates that might stir things up – the system is fragile, and they are at risk.

    This doesn't mean that I like Trump, or think that he would be a good president. However, the way the system is rigged today, it is almost impossible for a decent candidate to make any headway at all. I do NOT think that Trump would, in general, bring us back closer to a Constitutional Republic, and he might well turn out to be a dictator, but it does appear that he would delight in mocking and attacking the existing power structures. Win or lose, it's hard for me to see how this turns out well for America.

  13. Stuart says:

    Trump: not Left, not Right–Nationalist. It's not about how much gov't, it's about effective gov't that strengthens the nation. When private enterprise fails, gov't should step in to redirect with incentives, not bureaucracy.

  14. Stuart says:

    I might add that it's probably an illusion to believe that a Trump presidency will not face obstruction from both parties of the Oligarchy. Like it or not, Trump should be preparing for a coup if necessary and a shutting down of the Whorehouse (Congress). Has "Democracy" not got us to this point of near ruin?

  15. Grant says:

    "…self-anointed conservatives hate Trump because he doesn’t pass their ideological purity test for conservativism."

    Perhaps that's true of the "establishment" weenies you cite….but there is a lot of daylight between Trump and "ideological conservatism". Many "pedestrian conservatives", share the anger at establishment Republicans that have let us down time and again….and concur with the need to "exterminate" Washington. We simply see Cruz as a better vessel.

    Frankly, I am taken aback by your willingness….no, enthusiasm….for a Trump presidency. You have never been one for persons of low character or infantile behavior, nor do I recall a single instance where you preached emotion as an influence in any decision-making algorithm. Indeed, I believe since "Winning Through Intimidation" you recognized the danger (and idiocy) of fawning over Court Holders….and yet here you are, master fawning.

    Let me try to recalibrate you this way: Would someone of Trumps character and demeanor be allowed in some Ringer organization to rise to an executive position? Somehow I doubt it….but having him as the executive over the Free World seems like the best choice given the field of candidates?

    Perceive Cruz's character and conservative bona fides as you will, I am supporting Cruz over Trump because I strongly believe he will execute the "extermination" of DC as you seek…without undue drama or constitutional controversy. In fact, we need terrific change…a housecleaning like no other….but we also need stability. To accomplish both, we need a chief executive that promotes "certainty" in word and deed. Someone that fosters the kind of confidence in government that is required by the business community for economic growth. I expect that from Cruz.

    Feel free to disagree, but I fear the loose canon that is Trump….casting across the deck to the cheers of the angry onlookers….practically vandalizing everything in his path….while sober CEO's and sole proprietors of ordinary businesses shrink from investment out of disgust and confusion.

    Trump is not "the guy" to get done what needs doing. Worse, replacing Obama's unconstitutional progressivism with Trump's unconstitutional populism is likely, in my view, to accelerate America's decline toward governmental & institutional chaos. Trump is not a backfire against an out-of-control inferno, Trump is another out-of-control inferno.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I've never said that I supported Trump. I don't support any politician, because the democratic system is, by its very nature, corrupt. However, I wouldn't mind someone – anyone – jamming the gears in D.C. before the whole country goes over the cliff.

  16. Stogie says:

    I hate to sound like a yes-man, but I agree with every point you've made in this post, Robert. You are spot on. I am with Trump this time because I want to send a message to the GOP. They have taken our votes for granted far too long, and betrayed our trust far too often. What's the point of voting for a "pure" conservative who is such a gentleman that he won't even take his own side in a fight? I'll take mean ol' Trump, thank you very much. I am not voting for an ideology, I am voting for results.

  17. JimM, Colorado says:

    I'm in agreement with Joe from Chatham, Gordon, and Grant. Ted Cruz is a true conservative and principled Constitutionalist who can fumigate Washington as well or better than Trump can. Trump scares me: he's a 69-year-old who lets his inner 8-year-old run rampant. There doesn't appear to be any substance behind his policy pronouncements. I don't believe he's a true conservative or a defender of the Constitution. He triggers my tyrant warning flags. I support Cruz.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      Why don't you support Rand Paul? Rand doesn't have a Goldman Sac's wife. Rand has a dad who'd fit right in with the Founders. Rand is more of a "Constutionalist" than Cruz. Rand detests Trump. Rand doesn't owe the Banksters any favors. Cruz does. Cruz deliberately broke the law, even worse than Tim Geither did, when Cruz failed to disclose his campaign loans/contributions, i.e., bribes and payoffs. Cruz raises both my ire and the hypocrite, red flag. I'll still vote for Cruz, if he defeats DT. But that's unlikely.

      I'm voting for Trump. Why? Because the American Empire ( and its nuclear stockpile) needs somebody who'll build anew and modernize America's nuclear weapon systems and negotiate with the other world powers from a position of strength. Obama has pissed off the Russians and Chinese so badly that those two world powers are readying themselves for all-out nuclear war. The ignorant masses in America have no idea what's going on in Russia and China. Those guys are mobilizing for nuclear Armageddon. We need somebody like Reagan who can defuse the situation from a position of dominance. Somebody who has presence. Somebody who'll command respect. That's Trump. Moreover, Trump will stop pressing in on the Russians and Chinese ( the thing that's pissing them off the most) in exchange for a better deal….

      Trump 2016!

    • Robby Bonfire says:

      Nobody, starting with Republicans, will work with Cruz. He is too militant in his views. Trump, on the other hand, will play both sides of the fence and get things done! That is who he is, that is what he does.

      Trump is surely the greatest negotiator and deal maker since P.T. Barnum, and that is a compliment, not a knock. I say bring him on!

  18. Stuart says:

    Cruz should scare you, since he's a neo-con on foreign policy. ISIS is our creation as Wesley Clark admitted and Putin has pointed out. It's about world hegemony for Washington. Cruz's position risks WW3; the Russians know it's all about encircling them and destroying their allies.

  19. Very well put Robert. One of the things that I have been writing about is the fact the Mr. Trump is a genius marketer which I am pretty sure you would agree with me on that point. The likes of this type of political marketing has never been seen before. But you do not get to be a billionaire in the rough and tumble Real Estate markets he is in around the globe by not being on top of your game. As of a few weeks ago, he had only spent $4 million dollars compared to $91 million combined by Bush and Cruz. He knows how to deliver a message effectively and still manage to cut through the bias of the Media, the Democrats, and his own party which is out to get him as you pointed out here.

    If anyone is interested in marketing and sales and improving the profit in their business, Donald Trump is giving us a lesson like no one has witnessed before for free! For that, I thank him!

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      What DT has done to market the Trump brand is nothing short of amazing – right out of Winning Through Intimidation, and I'll be writing an article about that connection very soon. Unfortunately for me, he was able to make the name Donald Trump 10,000 times bigger than the name Robert Ringer, so I, for sure, can really appreciate his talent in this area. Given his success as a marketer, it's not unreasonable to believe that he might just be able to make the name "America" great again. Stranger things have happened.

      • TN Ray says:

        I see parallels of DT's excellent Trump branding and business success, with The Tortoise's image branding and successes in WTI. DT's TRUMP logo and your Earth business card come to mind. Posture power and performance power, both strong. Otherwise, I see The Tortoise as a likable guy trying to avoid being unfairly taken advantage of. Trump somewhat as the Type 2 who wants your chips. Honestly, I will obviously will vote for Trump vs Hillary, but would certainly vote for The Tortoise vs Trump.

      • JOSEPH says:

        Robert, looking forward to that article. When I started reading Trumps books I often thought about your book Winning Through Intimidation and thought to myself that Trump knows exactly what that is.

      • Scott theczech says:

        Indeed! Remember, "the lord works in mysterious ways,"

    • nursenut says:

      I love your post. You are right, it is funny that Billionaire Bloomberg is threatening to get into the race – and we all know he's no Dem or Rep….. LOL. I doubt Trump would let him get a word in edgewise, but it's funny he's vying for attention – any way he can get it.

  20. TheLookOut says:

    There is a time when When "Dodge City" (DC) needs a "Wild Bill"(Trump) to rid itself
    of lawlessness. This is such a time. This cycle of DC corruption must be stopped.
    We don't have time for political correctness, and establishment politics as usual.
    This country requires radical(Honesty) surgery to eradicate the cancer that's
    destroying us.

  21. Bill U says:

    Well stated Mr. RInger and right on the money!

  22. Reality Seeker says:

    This article is quintessential writing. Almost everything written in it is spot on. This kind of work is precisely why I've read almost everything RJR wrote from way back up until now. His writing is always worth reading.

    I do, however, from time to time, take strong exception to some opinions found therein the work of RJR. For example, I totally disagree regarding Sowell. Thomas Sowell has become what Alan Greenspan became a long time ago, i.e., a country-club RINO and a f*cking, back-stabbing traitor to free-market, liberty-loving people everywhere. If Ayn Rand was alive, she'd totally destroy Sowell, Greenspan and the rest of the herd of RINOs' political rhetoric.

    What's coming out of Sowell's mouth is total garbage. He's further ruining his reputation and destroying his credibility. I'm not getting into the details of his latest attack on Trump, but I'll post the next best person, second only to Ayn Rand, to deal with Sowell's garbage and take out him and his trash. Do you want to listen to a really great rebuttal to Sowell's specious spew? Stefan Basil Molyneux rises to the challenge and puts his foot so far up Sowell's butt that his foot sticks out of Sowell's mouth.

    Yeah, some of us are DONE with the country-club RINOs. Sorry, Thomas, I've read and enjoyed many of your books. I loved watching you debate the collectivists back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, when you were on our side, but you're the enemy, now. This is war! An INFO WAR.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I agree that Molyneux rebuttal to Sowell's article is off-the-charts great. Sowell is an intellectual snob, but, as with Krauthammer, let's give him credit for all the good he's done. That said, I would love to hear Sowell's response to Molyneux's analysis, but that's not something that's likely to happen.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        You can give him "credit" all you want. And you should, because that's your style and he's your friend. I get it. I respect your approach. I hope the Tortoise's reasonable approach can bring Sowell around to reevaluating his erroneous position(s). We need people like Sowell supporting the freedom movement, not fighting against it.

        As for me, I'm sharping my Gladius, because this is going to be an epic fight. And I know what's ahead, viz, no quarter. No credit….. Trump is in a fight to the death— perhaps literally. He is in just as much danger as Ron Paul would have been had he made it as far in the race as Trump.

        I totally agree with you that "the elites aren’t giving up." In fact, I think that we haven't yet seen their best shot(s). This election cycle is going to be really, really nasty. They're going to throw everything they've got at DT. The establishment is going to be playing by their own set of rules: Rule # 1 is there are no rules. Rules 2-10 are refer back to rule # 1.

        Thanks again for the excellent article.


    • Jim Hallett says:

      Thanks for sharing, RS. As an anarcho-libertarian, I have always enjoyed Stefan Molyneux and his wisdom. Thomas Sowell's greatest input these days is in bringing light to the race-baiting libtards who always want to deceive people with regards to "Black issues." He and Walter Williams do a good job in placing the responsibility where it belongs – on the individual, and not on some illusion like "society." Sowell, unfortunately is way to neocon for me in many of his viewpoints, and while I also do not consider Trump to be an ideal candidate or totally trustworthy ( a la Ron Paul), I like the fact he is shaking up the badly misguided establishment, and Sowell should recognize it for the benefit it is providing, lest we are left with candidates like Jeb Bush and others who are just more of the same ol' baloney.

  23. Rick says:

    I'm old enough to know that when Harry Truman ran against Thomas Dewey, Dewey was expected to win in a landslide. Truman won however, even though NO ONE was on the record as supporting him OR voting for him!
    I expect that many who are too cowed by political correctness to admit they are for Trump will vote him into office, and most will never admit voting for him. I was for Cruz at first, but he is too Neocon on national defense and interventionalism for me, I see now. Robert is right: what we need is an exterminator/fumigator in Washington, and Trump is the man of the hour.

  24. Will says:

    Do all you guys actually think what you have said is worth a hill of beans. It is fun to vent though.

  25. Marcy Fleming says:

    I will vote for Trump with great pleasure. The National Review crowd can go straight to hell along with the ayn randroids, the queers misnamed gays and the Reason crowd. The Conservaturd Establishment has accomplished
    nothing in the last 60 years.

  26. JOSEPH says:

    Robert, here's a question for you or maybe you can turn it into an article, although I think the answer is very simple. Here's the question: If Ayn Rand were alive today what would she think of Donald Trump as a person and a potential president, and what would she think of the fact that people are flocking to him during the present primaries?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Great questions, Joseph. See my answers on my Facebook account (Robert Ringer page – NOT Robert J Ringer).

  27. Robby Bonfire says:

    Glenn Beck impresses people differently. First time I heard him on the radio was when he replaced Laura Ingram in the a.m. time slot, here in upstate NY. I was devastated, having come to really appreciate Laura's brilliance and practical, rational, and unemotional approach to assessing people and situations, rarely seen in the media, today.

    Beck? I loathe and cannot stand him. He ranks down there with a Geico commercial – as nauseating as it gets. Does anyone seriously believe that when Beck exhorts his audience "to pray for this or that" that his is a faith-based approach to life? I see him as no better than any pandering, demagogic manipulator of the masses.

    How the hell can anyone be taken in by this droning, condescending fog horn? And he needs a "chuckles radio" sidekick to spice up his program, he cannot, like the best in the business, carry his own weight on his own program. How WEAK can you get, needing someone with you on the air to chuckle at your pathetic attempts at "humor."

    So you can keep your "messianic" Glenn Beck. As for me, I can spot a phony-baloney a mile away, and a used car salesman by any other name is still a used car salesman. Thank God I still have Tammy Bruce, who has more guts in her little finger than the sum of Glenn + Beck exponentially multiplied.

    • Stuffy Rubric says:

      I disagree – I love Geico commercials – think they are the best around, very ingenious, especially the Peter Pan one, the best ever…Also Beck is not a phony, just a little misguided and has lost his way. I believe he is sincere in his thinking, its just gotten a bit off course.

      If Beck is a libertarian, that would explain it. Libertarians are half idiots, the other half is correct but its the half that doesn't amount to much…Libertarians want their cake and eat it too, not possible…

  28. Robby Bonfire says:

    Laura INGRAHAM, sorry.

  29. Scruffy Rubric says:

    Along with Rush, Robert is so enjoyable to read because he gets it, and that is so refreshing in today's corrupted world. We have come to find that there are so many establishment Republicans out there and they are all in the congress, which is unfortunate. We need to get rid of all of them, especially Paul Ryan – who is another traitor, like Rubio. We have no place for these types in our revolution. They are the problem, not the solution.

    As I have said, I would crawl two miles on my knees to vote for Trump. But his recent attacks on Cruz are nearly unforgivable and if these continue, I may not end up voting for him if he makes it. Attacks are fine, but they must be truthful, not the baloney Trump is spewing.

    And now Trump is vacating his position in the debate, a mistake which could be the "turning point" in this race. When the votes are in we will know how much, if any impact it will have had. In this race, who knows, nothing has stuck to Trump so far. But in a "normal" Presidential year it could be an irreversible mistake, but with Trump it will only be a short term blip, and probably will not hurt him in the long run…

    Cruz is my man, and all this baloney about Goldman etc is crap. So now taking out a loan is a bad thing? How stupid is that? If you run for President, you are not allowed to take out loans? Lol…And his wife works for Goldman – ohhhh, how horrible! His wife has a job, string her up!

    Look, no one is perfect – if you are looking for perfection, you are in the wrong Universe.

  30. Scott theczech says:

    In looking at our history as a nation and even considering this latest batch of nincompoops in the D.C., I've often thought we can survive just about anything. Think the American Revolution, the War of 1812, Vietnam, etc…
    Politicians are a little like the rodeo bull rider; they just try to hang on for 8 seconds and not get hurt (too badly). Nevertheless, this massive economy takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The American people seem to find a way to accomplish great things individually and in the collective in spite of government. Our GDP will still set an all time record (even adjusted for inflation) and will grow somewhere in the 1.5% to 2% range…pretty amazing! So regardless of who wins the Presidency this time – we'll just keep on doing what we do best.

  31. Helen Roberts says:

    Re: Mush McCain…who can forget when he was campaigning against Bat-head when he
    wouldn't allow his press people to use Bat-head's middle name????? Unbelievable…And re:
    DT,his attacks on Cruz have turned me off completely. Calling him "nasty" and saying no
    one likes him, etc…Me thinks Donald is getting tired. Go home Donald,and play with all
    your 'billions'…..

  32. ◄Dave► says:

    Elsewhere, someone suggested that the Republican establishment is now angling for a brokered convention as the only way to stop Trump. The idea has me absolutely salivating. I had not considered such a ploy. Not only would an unscripted and unpredictable convention be great political theater for a change, it would probably mark the beginning of the end of the Incumbrepublocrat Duopoly.

    With a little luck, we could end up with Hillary indicted, and Sanders the communist as the Democrat wing’s nominee. This could result in a totally out of control four or five way race in the General Election. Sanders for the Ds; Rubio for the Rs; Trump as an independent populist; Bloomberg as an independent socialist; and perhaps Cruz as an independent conservative/constitutionalist. Now, that would be an interesting contest! No?

    If something like this were to occur, I can’t see how the oligarchs could ever regain control of the process, and herd all the sheeple back into their so-called ‘two-party system.’ And just think, we would owe all of this to the towering titan, Donald Trump! ◄Dave►