Next Up: The Baltimore Acquittals

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Robert Ringer


First it was the infamous Duke rape case. Then it was Trayvon Martin’s death, followed by Michael Brown’s being shot six times and left lying dead in the middle of the street in Ferguson, Missouri. Lots of protests and riots, but, in the end, the truth came out in court in all three cases.

Now, here we go again: one police officer in Baltimore acquitted, five to go. Chalk up another learning lesson for the Black Lives Matter crowd. Except for one problem: They don’t learn. And the reason they don’t learn is because they aren’t interested in the facts if those facts undermine their fictitious narrative that police get up every morning with the aim of hunting down and killing unarmed black men.

Those who push this absurd narrative could care less that it flies in the face of the facts. What these ill-intentioned folks really want is to throw out the legal-justice system and punish those whom they believe to be guilty of committing crimes. Perhaps they would be more at home with Sharia Law?

How well I remember the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case. As the facts were presented night after night on television, it became clear early on to any objective viewer that it was Zimmerman, not Martin, who had been the victim of a life-threatening attack.

This isn’t to imply that George Zimmerman is a Boy Scout. He’s not. But personalities aside, the fact — and it is a fact — is that he was merely doing his job when he followed Trayvon Martin on the night of Martin’s death.

When it comes to incontrovertible evidence, the cuts and blood on the back of Zimmerman’s battered head were analogous to the discovery of O.J. Simpson’s Bruno Magli shoes. It was hard to draw any other conclusion than Martin had attacked Zimmerman and was banging his head against the concrete sidewalk. Unfortunately, what Martin discovered the hard way was that such aggression tends to get one shot.

No one talks about the fact that had Zimmerman not taken lethal action, Trayvon Martin might very well have killed him. A human being can only take so many blows to the back of the head, and there’s no reason to believe that Martin was going to stop banging Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk any time soon.

So once again the victimization crowd got it all wrong. Nevertheless, to this day, Trayvon Martin is seen by millions of misinformed folks as a martyr who was killed in cold blood. So much so that Horrible Hillary plans to once again meet with Martin’s mother when she campaigns in Florida. The woman is a professional panderer beyond shame.

The Ferguson tragedy was even worse. While the Black Lives Matter rabble rousers immediately created a totally false narrative about what had happened on that fateful day in Ferguson, even giving a violent 300-pound bully the nickname “Gentle Giant,” early on the facts revealed that Michael Brown had robbed a convenience store shortly before his run-in with police officer Darren Wilson and that his own violent actions caused Wilson to kill him in self-defense.

In a nauseating display of sticking his finger in the wind and politicizing the tragedy, Missouri governor Jay Nixon quickly went on TV and started babbling about “justice for Michael Brown’s family.” Not justice for the policeman whom Brown had violently attacked — justice for the criminal only.

But, in the end, the evidence was so crystal clear that in the most toxic environment imaginable, officer Wilson was acquitted. Even the DOJ publicly stated that there was no evidence to suggest that Wilson was guilty of any wrongdoing. It was pretty hard to come to any other conclusion, given that at least seven African-American eyewitnesses testified that Michael Brown had violently attacked officer Wilson and was coming at him again, full speed, when he was brought down by a hail of bullets.

Finally, there’s the mysterious death of drug dealer Freddie Gray in Baltimore, which led, as usual, to violent riots. The District Attorney, Marilyn Mosby — a rank amateur who had never before tried a case — began with a news conference where she dropped jaws by telling the crowd, “This is our moment” and promised justice for — you guessed it — Freddie Brown’s family. Again, not unfettered justice, but justice for the alleged criminal. Nothing like an impartial prosecutor giving a political speech in lieu of quietly doing her job.

From the beginning, Baltimore was a no–brainer, even more so than the Michael Brown case. There was zero evidence that any of the six officers had intentionally harmed Freddie Gray, and, in fact, no evidence that the injuries that led to his death were even incurred while in police custody.

As I’m sure millions of other people (including law professor Alan Dershowitz) did, I predicted early on that all six police officers would be acquitted, so the acquittal of officer Edward Nero this week was no surprise to me. The other five officers who were indicted in the case will almost surely be acquitted as well, assuming that the verdict is handed down by a judge rather than a jury, as it was in the Nero trial.

Let’s get one thing straight: No civilized person wants to see anyone — particular young people — killed by police. That’s a given. But the Black Lives Matter movement is a total fraud that is hurting, not helping, the black community. Blaming police, or anyone else, for killing a black person in cold blood when the facts clearly show otherwise is reprehensible.

What is most disturbing is that this myth harms the very people whom Black Lives Matter claim to be concerned about, because police in major cities have become less and less willing to take action to protect citizens in black communities. Based on what they’ve witnessed in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, they have good reason to be concerned about becoming targets of criminal investigations themselves.

But perhaps the worst problem of all is that this black-lives-matter fakery diverts attention from the biggest threat young black men actually face today — black-on-black crime. Approximately 90 percent of all black homicide victims are murdered by other blacks. That, dear reader, is a fact.

Thus, black-on-black crime is the real problem that needs to be addressed, and in a serious, aggressive fashion. The claim that police officers are the biggest threat to black men — particularly young black men — is a complete ruse. The truth that the professional race baiters will never talk about is that only about 4 percent of blacks killed in 2015 were killed by police.

An even more eye-opening statistic is that over the last decade, the chances of a police officer getting killed by a black person were 18.5 times greater than the chances of an unarmed black being killed by a cop. In other words, the narrative that young black men are being hunted down and killed by police is not only a lie, it’s 180 degrees removed from what is actually happening!

If, as I suspect will be the case, five more acquittals are handed down in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore, it will be time for people with public platforms to start going after shameless frauds like Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio, and others who have been shamelessly promoting racial division and spreading lies about a fictitious epidemic of police killing unarmed black men. No such epidemic exists — period.

Poll after poll has shown that what law-abiding citizens in black neighborhoods really want is more police presence, not less, and it’s time for influential blacks to step up to the plate and convey that message to the low-information public. Shame on those who continue to spread the big lie about police hunting down unarmed blacks with no interest whatsoever in the facts.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

14 responses to “Next Up: The Baltimore Acquittals”

  1. Dave says:

    I just leave the "v" out. Their slogan should be "Black Lies Matter"

  2. Paul Herring says:

    Thoughtful post, Robert – thanks. We've had some issues here with Aboriginal Deaths in Custody – aboriginal men in quite a number of cases being found dead while in jail awaiting trial. There's no question about it that some police officers have participated in brutality against these men.

    We've read or seen movies about the dreadful treatment that police, and in some cases the public too, in states like Mississippi have meted out to African-Americans. Truly shameful. Perhaps what you've been referring to in your post is a backlash against injustice to black men. Neither extreme is helpful.

    But when society has to cope with racial issues compounded by drug-related crime it gets really dark. Those under the influence of drugs seem incapable of any human feelings of mercy and apparently have no conscience about what they do. It would take Solomon-like wisdom to have answers to matters like this.

  3. Richard Lee Van DV says:

    Detroit, what I now refer to as "the cesspool", was my base back in the late 70s. My apartment was in a low middle-class area. It was the change-time in Detroit. Because of that, a tough black ex-cop with scars from healed bullet wounds was installed as Manager. He told me I'd better move because the N's were moving in. And I had a black friend I often saw in the parking lot when he and I came home in the evening, and one day he surprised me by saying, Richard, you know WE are going to have to move. Why, I asked. He said, because the N's are moving in. I stayed, and while I one of my tours, some lowlife had battered! my door down (inside hallway) and ransacked my apt. Kind of a "we toldja so." And we see what happened RE "the migration" in Detroit. Lowlife in, decent people out, of BOTH races.
    So, I like others, go by what an INDIVIDUAL is, NOT by race. But a black friend here once countered, when I told him, well, there's good and bad in both races, "there are more of 'em in my race". But, I still have high school friends who still use the N word categorically! (Michigan people) As if ALL black people are alike, ie, "bad". I wrote DEEPER THAN SKIN DEEP (not an advertisement) as a result. I wish all people would think in terms of INDIVIDUALS, and not clump "them" all together. Many "old people" have a long-standing habit of categorizing according to race, but one would think that young and younger people would know better, but apparently they don' t. And Obama basks in his "job well done", ruining America according to Original Plan. And now the Clinton bitch. But, Donald Trump WILL win!

  4. Ryan says:

    “Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams, who heard the case in a bench trial, told a packed courtroom that Nero, 30, had acted as any officer would have during Gray’s arrest in April 2015.”

    That Reuters quote says far more about the state of the unionized government employees’ racket called policing in America than it does about whether those six officers should have singled out and chased down Freddie Gray that day for no reason other than to determine which of his ‘three felonies a day’ they could subsequently identify.

  5. Bob says:

    "Shame on those who continue to spread the big lie about police hunting down unarmed blacks with no interest whatsoever in the facts"- Robert Ringer

    Yes, shame on you too, Robert Ringer for writing this disgusting piece. I cannot believe that a man of your intellect and experience wrote this trash. Which country have you been living in over the past 70 years? Is it not in America? If you can’t write an objective piece about police brutality on young African-American men, you should just find something else to write about.

    I’ve been a fan of yours for many years and have always enjoyed and admired your witty, interesting, and observational style of writing. However, on this occasion, your contempt for the Black community is clear for all to see, and I still can’t believe you wrote this.

    You have chosen to ignore a nation-wide malaise of unrelenting brutality and total lack of respect by racist police officers against the black community. In order to buttress your piece, you have limited your writing to a few recent cases of American police killing black people. Where is the balance in your writing?

    The fact is that police killing and brutality against the black community is as old as blacks being in America. There have been thousands of cases over many decades, many too gruesome and unbelievable to dig up again. In 2015 alone, over one thousand defenceless African-Americans were killed by the police. See:

    “Despite making up only 2% of the total US population, African American males between the ages of 15 and 34 comprised more than 15% of all deaths logged this year by an ongoing investigation into the use of deadly force by police. Their rate of police-involved deaths was five times higher than for white men of the same age.
    Paired with official government mortality data, this new finding indicates that about one in every 65 deaths of a young African American man in the US is a killing by police.” – The Guardian, 2015

    This is in total contrast to your own assertion that:
    “An even more eye-opening statistic is that over the last decade, the chances of a police officer getting killed by a black person were 18.5 times greater than the chances of an unarmed black being killed by a cop. In other words, the narrative that young black men are being hunted“ down and killed by police is not only a lie, it’s 180 degrees removed from what is actually happening!”

    What’s the source of your statistics, Mr Ringer?

    The whole issue is about racism in America, not just in the police. Remember the Rodney King beating in 1991, when three Los Angeles police officers beat Rodney to a pulp, whilst their supervisor stood by and watched the sadistic event?

    You should recall that those block heads were acquitted by the all white jury. Even raw video evidence of the brutality was not enough to convict the errant officers. They walked out of court free, making a mockery of the American justice system. No, doubt the racist white jury also went home, content that they’ve protected their own, in total disregard for justice and fairness. This injustice caused worldwide repulsion and led to the race riots of 1992.

    It’s against such ills in American society that the Black Lives Matter ‘crowd’ as you chose to call them had to emerge. If white young men were being killed on American streets at the same rate, and for the same flimsy reasons that blacks are being killed, there will be an uproar in America, and the tone of your writing will be rather different.

    So, there’s no point in your gloating over the Baltimore acquittal that “one police acquitted, five to go”. This is side stepping the whole issue, which is much bigger than the few cases you chose to write about.

    There’s clearly a race problem in America, with police having unfettered rights to kill black people, with little or no consequence. This situation cannot carry on indefinitely. You have chosen to use your platform to justify the status quo, and by so doing, you haven’t really done anything to help address a broken system.

    You can do better than this, Mr Ringer.

    • Jean says:

      "Remember the Rodney King beating in 1991, when three Los Angeles police officers beat Rodney to a pulp, whilst their supervisor stood by and watched the sadistic event? " Do you also remember that the jury acquitting those officers also saw the ENTIRE video, rather than the snippet replayed repeatedly by a highly agendized media? They saw the parts that included 1) two black passengers in King's car HAPPILY exiting the car, being frisked and then being safely led aside out of the way of King, and 2) a highly agitated Rodney King lunging toward a female officer, spitting at her and clearly being aggressive, being knocked down, and repeatedly attempting to get back up to continue attacking. The jury saw those officers SAVING THE LIVES of the two black passengers, who were essentially prisoners in King's car as it hurtled down the highway at speeds close to 100 mph. They saw Rodney King seeking to do physical harm to the lone female officer (who also happened to be black), someone he clearly believed was the weakest link in the chain. They saw her peers come to her defense. You can say that's "racist" if you want to – I say it's common sense, and behavior does beget consequences, a fact that leftists such as yourself refuse to acknowledge. Magical thinking doesn't make that go away, nor does an attempt to redefine reality to fit your narrow ideological belief system.

  6. John Jpsix says:

    Superb commentary. Now the questions are: 1- Who are the ringleaders; 2- How soon can they be arrested for instigating these riots; 3- Where is the money coming from to finance their activities?

  7. Paul Herring says:

    I'm referring to Australian aborigines. I don't need to consult a dictionary to say this. And I was simply making a comparison/contrast between them and African-Americans. Either way racism has no place in society because there is no basis for it. For a person of any race to think or believe that his race is superior to another has no basis in science or any worthwhile study.

  8. James W says:

    Bob…your premise, and therefore your argument is false. The basic reason that more blacks are killed by police is simple math. FACT: Poor Black communities use 90% of all police resources. That means "bob" that 90% of police calls are too the hood. FACT: 65% of all Fire Paramedic Calls are to the Hood. FACT: More single unwed mothers are located in the Poor Black communities. FACT: More violence is committed "against the police" in the hood than all other areas combined. Read between the lines. I don't have the time nor the inclination to "school" you on these facts….just look them up. Or maybe your obstinace won't allow that. Maybe you're just PO at facts that "shouldn't be", and in a zealous effort to support a personal "dream", you simply ignore facts.

  9. Jean says:

    Pretty common knowledge that George Soros has been funding the BLM agitators as well as the La Raza types who are disrupting Donald Trump's campaign. Soros is all in for Shrillary, because he knows she and hubby Bill are easy to purchase.

  10. John Jpsix says:

    Once again, great commentary! We must be mentally related:-)

  11. Jim Hallett says:

    That is most assuredly Rev. Al's motto, as he is a professional liar and race-baiter!

  12. Jim Hallett says:

    The reason most people group others together is that is the way they are taught and the lying presstitutes of the media and political whores like Hildabeast and Rev. Al just fan the flames but using generalities – only in a p.c. way of course. I am currently in Clarkston (45 min. NW of Detroit), and much of suburbia is made up of folks whose families fled Detroit when it went to the dogs in 1967. It is more about economics and culture than skin color, of course, and those in the 'hood will keep repeating the sins of their fathers (kind of ironic, since most of them don't know their father). Walter Williams is a writer/professor who often tries to enlighten the masses when it comes to race, but his message falls on deaf ears, especially when louder (and more ignorant) voices are all around.

  13. Bob says:

    July 7, 2016: Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Another young African American killed by the police.
    Your thoughts, Mr Ringer?

    July 8, 2016:
    Minnesota: Another gruesome daylight police execution of an innocent Black male, Orlando Castille. His crime? He was reaching out to produce papers demanded by the errant officer. This time, the aftermath of the incident was broadcast live on Facebook by the victim's girl friend, so that the whole world can see what the officer did. Her 4 year old child was in the back seat of the car during the incident.

    No, doubt, this will call for more gloating, back slapping and rejoicing when the errant officers get acquitted, don't you think, Mr Ringer?
    This isn't the hallmark of a civilized society. America is rapidly descending into a police state before our very eyes…and nothing s being done about it.