Election Update — June 2, 2023

Posted on June 2, 2023 by Robert Ringer


For all practical purposed, Donald Trump has the Republican nomination locked up.  All he needs to do is conduct himself as a gracious elderly statesman or, at the very least, a civil elderly statesman, and it’s ballgame over.  That said, my concern is that he might not be able to conduct himself as a gracious or civil elderly statesman.  It’s sad, frustrating, and mystifying all at once.

As to policies, Trump continues to say all the right things.  His most recent promise is his best to date — that if he wins in November, he will issue an executive order to stop the anchor baby scam.  In other words, a baby born to non-citizens would no longer automatically become a U.S. citizen by virtue of his being born on American soil.

If Trump keeps pounding away at this issue, along with repeating his promise to conduct the biggest mass deportation in United States history, he should win easily.  Whether he will actually follow through on his declared intentions is another matter altogether, but just saying it might be enough to get him elected.

Which brings me to Tim Scott.  While Scott has no chance of winning the Republican nomination, he definitely will be in the running for the VP slot if Trump is the nominee.  As a sitting U.S. Senator, he would seem to be the perfect foil against the left’s nonstop lies about Trump being a racist.

I am obliged here to say that however impressive Scott may be, I have never been convinced of his conservative creds.  My uncomfortable feelings in that regard were exacerbated by his endorsement of Lisa Murkowski in the midterms, a truly wretched woman who is little more than a Democrat spy inside the Republican Party.  I have no idea what redeeming qualities Scott sees in Murkowski, but the fact that he would be so enamored of her makes one question not only his judgment, but whether he would go limp like a John McCain when it comes to a bitter showdown on some important issue.

If Trump is looking for a smart, conservative black to be his running mate, a much better choice would be Byron Donalds, congressman for Florida’s 19th Congressional District.  I’ve watched Donalds closely over the past few years, and not only does he maintain his hardcore conservative stance on all issues, he never backs down and never panders to the left.

In addition, Donalds has given Trump his unequivocal endorsement.  Coming off four years as vice president, he would make a powerful presidential candidate in 2028, and a conservative black president is the race-peddling Democrats’ worst nightmare.

Now, here’s my caveat on Trump if manages to win the Republican nomination, then follows it with a win in the general:

He must kick the habit of hiring people who hate him;

He must kick the habit of subjecting himself to interviews with people whose only objective is to make him look bad;

Finally, he must kick the habit of endorsing people who harbor a personal disdain for him and are not on board with the America First agenda.

If Trump somehow manages to defeat himself in the primaries, a Ron DeSantis/Vivek Ramaswamy ticket would be an almost unbeatable combination.  After eight years of helping DeSantis turn the country around, Vivek would then be a shoo-in for president in 2032 at the tender age of 46, which would put Dem totalitarianism on hold for a long time to come.

Things change quickly in politics, however, and young bloods like Stephen Miller, Joe Pinion, Daniel Cameron, and Josh Hawley could be in the spotlight by 2028.  And let us not forget Don Jr., because he definitely plans on running.  His verbal skills are phenomenal, but his likeability is questionable.

As to the totalitarian left, they still have the Joe/Kamala problem to contend with, and with the Biden Crime Family being increasingly disrobed, Democrats are going to have to solve that problem sooner rather than later.  Pushing Joe to the curb is easy, but gagging Kamala and putting her out to pasture continues to be a challenge.

The easiest way to remove Kamala from the picture, of course, is to get her on the debate stage in the Dem primaries where she would be summarily eviscerated.  That could occur by Biden announcing that he changed his mind about running in 2024.  As a consolation for being humiliated in the Democrat debates and having to drop out of the running early again, the Democrats would probably offer Kamala yet another no-work job with lots of frills, and, by necessity, one that requires zero intelligence.

Of course, if Democrats could bring themselves to run Robert Kennedy as their nominee, all bets would be off, but the radical left would probably prefer losing the presidency than allow that to happen.  Gorgeous Gavin is the Democrats preferred choice to replace Biden, but how in the world does he spin the fact that he managed to turn the best state in America into the worst state in America?

Stay tuned.  A lot is likely to happen in the coming months, and the only thing that is certain not to change is that politicians and politics suck.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

10 responses to “Election Update — June 2, 2023”

  1. BigBadJohn1 says:

    Come on Robert, don't hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel! Ha ha!

  2. Ghost_1776 says:

    I am pretty sure I am about to say something very unpopular here. I don't want Trump as the nominee for the party. I think it is almost guaranteed that he will lose a general election. I have seen more people become even more rabid in their hatred of him over the last 2+ years, and honestly, I didn't know that was possible. Plus, you have all these sham criminal charges coming toward him. The charges don't have to be real or even true, just believable, and the media will make sure they at least meet that last criterion. He will not come across as diplomatic, turning off many voters, especially suburban women. He is like a lightning rod to that group.

    • JurassicRick says:

      I am in total agreement with you. In my opinion, if Trump gets the nomination, it's all over!

  3. Ghost_1776 says:

    The last reason is personal to me. People forget that he was the one that put the rent moratorium in place. Biden kept it going forever and is far more guilty of that abuse, BUT it was Trump that started it. Dear god, the man is a REAL ESTATE investor; what in the hell was he thinking! That single executive order he started and was continued by Biden probably wiped out many small landlords that depended on that income to survive. That was probably one of the most disastrous executive orders in the country's history! A complete disregard of private contracts and private property on a scale I have rarely seen in an Executive order.

  4. JurassicRick says:

    My choice is and always has been Ron DeSantis. He is much more electable than Donald Trump and much more likeable. I am really afraid if Trump gets the nomination, we are going to have at least four more years of Dems, and I surely don't want that!

    • Ghost_1776 says:

      I am also leaning towards DeSantis, but one of my friends thinks that if DeSantis is elected, we won't get any real reform. His reasoning is that DeSantis is an "inside" guy, meaning he is part of the political system as opposed to an outsider like Trump was. I am not sure I agree with that, but it is at least worth considering.

  5. pokertiger says:

    Well several thoughts here,and I am a big fan of Ron DeSantis getting the nomination. The big problem with Trump is that he has proven that he can not win in Arizona,Georgia,and the rust belt states anymore. And if he can't do that it is game over no matter what the polls say.I do believe DeSantis can carry the 2 previous states mentioned and at least Wisconsin which would give him the presidency.
    The only reason the repubs have a slim majority in the house is because of Ron DeSantis's coattails in Florida and Lee Zeldin's governorship bid in New York. Trump was terrible in the midterms .I realize Trump was a good policy president,but with DeSantis you get Trump policies without the baggage.Trump would better serve the country in a "Rush Limbough" role to constantly remind the country of the nut jobs on the left.
    I was thinking Haley would be Trump's VP, and maybe Scott would run with DeSantis (possibly Glenn Youngkin?).

  6. JF1017 says:

    "….As a sitting U.S. Senator, he would seem to be the perfect foil against the left’s nonstop lies about Trump being a racist…." Um, no. Scott has already been labeled as a "yas boss Uncle Tom Republican token negro" by the left, and working with any other (white) Republican male will just cement that image, with a lot of help from the MSM. I would rather see him team with Vivek Ramaswamy OR Ron DeSantis. Let DeSantis grow into the presidential role and be a force to contend with as the leader of the Senate. I do agree with your other points, especially not hiring or listening to untrustworthy people. That was his biggest downfall during his presidency.

    As for Biden, the massive fall he took at the AF Academy, the now-released Hunter Biden laptop / phone images and videos that are available to the public and his continued funding of Ukraine will cause him to "want to spend more time with family" in 2024. The Dems will be able to plug Newsome or another handpicked puppet into place (they'll pay Kamala to step aside, just as they did with Bernie Sanders).

  7. ebookaholic says:

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm exhausted from having to constantly defend Trump. He's gotta drain the swamp within his own circle. He also needs to wake up and realize that Fox News is run by the deep state, just like the rest of the mainstream media. Not sure how he hasn't figured that one out.

    And the fact that he hasn't tweeted despite being reinstated is such a waste.

    His advisors are horrible, so he needs to start there. I could do a better job in my sleep!

    Actually, now that I think about it, maybe Robert could be his advisor.

  8. hharry12800 says:

    I see Trump has changed quite a bit from his past. But he has departed from his past populism. He still has great sway over many who are unaware, but he has become even more defensive as the hounds circle. We are angry about the hounds, of course, but need to get serious about his newer viewpoints. Few now accept that the vaccine was that helpful but he defends "the miracle" not understanding how he was tricked. He is a terrible judge of character.

    DeSantis is no angel but the Ron/Vivek might make a great team. Daniels can be a follow-on he is a valuable player.