Dissecting the Women’s March

Posted on January 26, 2017 by Robert Ringer


I’ve been watching protests for decades, but the so-called Women’s March last weekend was perhaps the strangest protest I’ve ever seen. The question that most sane people have been asking is, “What was the purpose of the protest?”

Protesters carried signs that included such messages as “pro-peace,” “pro-environment,” “love,” “We are allies, not bystanders,” “Girl Power vs Trump Power,” “Dump the Trump,” “Climate change is a women’s issue,” “Women’s rights are human rights,” “We will not be silent,” “My body, my choice,” and “I am very upset.”

Even the Black Lives Matters protest marchers have had more clarity than this. “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” You may not agree with their warm and fuzzy mantra, but, by golly, their message is clear: They want dead cops!

So let’s try to make some sense out of the Women’s March that followed Trump’s inauguration. First of all, let’s get one obvious fact out on the table: It would be impossible for a remarkably well coordinated worldwide protest such as this to take place without major funding from a well-heeled source (or sources). The number of people that would have to be involved in the organization of such a huge, geographically widespread event is mind-boggling.

While there were many well-funded organizations involved — including Planned Parenthood, MoveOn.org, and the American Civil Liberties Union — there can be little doubt that George Soros was the key puppet master behind the scenes. Soros is a genius at manipulating people on a large scale, in such a way that it leads to his being able to collapse currencies. His ingenious ability to do this often results in billions of dollars ending up in his coffers.

During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused Soros of bringing down the country’s currency through his trading activities, and Thailand authorities referred to him as an “economic war criminal.”  Above all, he is best known as “The Man who Broke the Bank of England.” He earned that title when he precipitated a UK financial crisis by dumping 10 billion sterling onto the market. His actions forced the devaluation of the currency and resulted in his garnering a billion-dollar profit.

In real terms, what Soros’s involvement in left-wing protests worldwide means is that most of the people marching in Washington, London, Sydney, Berlin, and around the world last weekend were simply duped. They were deluded into believing that it was their own legitimate protest, which it most definitely was not. This is why they had no coherent message. It’s yet another reminder that it’s always unwise to underestimate the gullibility and ignorance of your fellow human beings.

When all is said and done, about the only thing that most of the marchers had in common was a religious-like zeal for infanticide. But, of course, infanticide is already legal, so there’s no reason to protest about it unless you’re protesting against it. Infanticide, a practice once unthinkable in America, has been entrenched as the law of the land in the United States and other Western countries for nearly half a century.

Given that eugenics was an important aspect of Nazism, Roe vs Wade can be viewed as a Hitlerian turning point in U.S. history. I believe it’s one of the key factors that has led to today’s nasty militancy over issues that didn’t even exist forty years ago.

Thus, if the march had any real purpose, I would opine that it was to extol the virtues of killing unborn babies. Of course, this objective is smoothed over with such terms as “reproductive rights” and “women’s health issues.” Which is strange, because last I heard, women have a right to reproduce anytime they so desire, in or out of wedlock. Obviously, then, “reproductive rights” is doublespeak for the right to kill your unborn child.

So why are millions of women still protesting? Because the right to kill isn’t enough for them. They want you to pay to have their babies terminated, even if you disagree with infanticide on religious grounds.

It’s difficult for a rational person to imagine that there are people who actually think like this, but it’s not really that hard to understand. Such a warped mental state stems from children being brainwashed by their schools into believing that their every wish, no matter how immoral it may be, is an entitlement.

I was a little uncomfortable with the fact that most people I’ve spoken to in the past week just laughed off the Women’s March as a peaceful freak show. And based on what I saw on television, there’s no question that a significant percentage of the protestors were the same old, true-believing fruitcakes in search of another cause.

But you should not be fooled by the fact that the Women’s March was nonviolent, because behind all their peaceful but asinine behavior is an army of folks who are very, very angry. I’m referring to the those who extol Radical Left tyranny and are ready to do battle for just about any cause that throws roadblocks into the path of civilization’s advancement toward free speech, free thought, and liberty.

I don’t believe anyone knows for certain just why these people are angry, because each of them has her own reasons for her anger. An individual’s anger can stem from the fact that war still exists … or that discrimination still exists … or that workers don’t earn as much as CEOs … or that millions of folks believe manmade climate change is a giant hoax.

The list is endless, but the long and short of it is that these folks have never developed an ability to think rationally, so they simple cannot accept the fact that the world isn’t perfect. Even worse, like small children, they are angry that they can’t get everyone to “see the light” as they do.

This last point is underscored by the fact that they refuse to accept the reality that millions of Americans just rejected Barack Obama’s Marxist policies and voted for Donald Trump to fundamentally change America back to what it used to be. Sadly, their disappointment, self-inflicted pain, and anger is such that they will never be able to accept the verdict of the American electorate. And when people refuse to accept the results of elections, they often feel that they have nowhere to turn but violence.

So when these people say they aren’t going away, I believe them, and I would urge all civilized people of goodwill to take them seriously. Do not kid yourself: Peaceful protest marches that appear to have no purpose are a prelude to violence. In fact, we already got a taste of violence on Inauguration Day, the day before the peaceful protests even occurred.

In my previous article, “Is the Age of Violence Upon Us?” I said, “Just know that violence is a virtual certainty. When and how much are the two big questions.” Based on what I’ve seen over the past few days, I’m inclined to believe that the violence will be immediate, ongoing, widespread, and increasingly ugly. It goes without saying that I will continue to hope that I’m wrong on this point.

The only hope I see is for President Trump to continue moving his agenda forward at mach speed, with an emphasis on law enforcement. Otherwise, I worry about it getting down to a choice between a violent civil war or the birth of a dictatorship that millions of people might embrace if they believe that’s what it will take to clamp down on the Radical Left once and for all.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.