Complete and Total Exoneration?

Posted on March 27, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Since the Mueller report was dropped, President Trump has made it clear “It was a complete and total exoneration.”  In response, the Dirty Dems and their media morons say Trump is lying, because the same report also stated that “While this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime (collusion), it also does not exonerate him.”

Sticking in the words “it also does not exonerate him” was a nice little cheap shot on Mueller’s part, but, in reality, it was meaningless.  Trump doesn’t need Mueller, or anyone else, to exonerate him of obstruction.  All that matters is that Mueller made it clear he found no evidence of obstruction.  Everything beyond that is just hollow chatter.

Thus, Trump is absolutely right when he says it was a complete and total exoneration.  The fact that Mueller chose to add the words “it also does not exonerate him” is irrelevant.  He might just as well have said he couldn’t exonerate Trump of bank robbery.  Or rape.  Or drug-dealing.

It’s not Trump’s obligation to prove he didn’t commit a crime for which he has not been charged.  Nor is it yours or mine.  We’re all innocent until proven guilty — at least until the Radical Left succeeds in changing that law as well.

Bottom line:  The fact that Mueller did not find any evidence to support obstruction is, of and by itself, an exoneration.  To everyone but Nebbish Nadler, Shifty Schiff, and the rest of the tearful tinhorns in the Democratic Party, that is.


A Heads-Up to Fox News

The powers that be at Fox News just can’t seem to relax and enjoy their lofty position at the top of the cable-news food chain.  It was bad enough when they signed yukky Marie Barf and comatose Jessica Tarlov, followed by the contract extension of uber-lib anchor Shepard Smith.  Donna Brazile, however, was an outright slap in the face to loyal Fox viewers.

Add in Judge Jeanine’s suspension as a result of her violation of Fox’s No-Muslim Criticism Rule and the naming of anti-MAGA champ Paul Ryan to the board of its new parent company, Fox Corp., and it’s starting to look like a death wish.

When Fox started out in 1996, I assumed that “fair and balanced” meant it was going to broadcast the news from a conservative perspective as a balance to the mainstream media’s hard-left disinformation programming.  Now, however, it’s become obvious that the top brass at Fox want balance right inside their own walls.

For my part, I don’t want fair and balanced from Fox.  I can get all the “balance” I want by turning on CNN or MSNBC.  Which I never do, because I know they’re just PR machines for the Dirty Dems.  All I want from Fox is fair — not balanced — and fair is getting the news from a constitutional, libertarian/conservative viewpoint.

Heads-up to Fox:  I have it on good authority that in 2025, a very popular, well-connected billionaire will be looking for a new gig.  He not only has his own seed money, he also has the connections to raise untold billions of dollars on Wall Street and start a true conservative news channel to compete with Fox.

And by the way, Rupert, if you anger him by continually appeasing the Radical Left, he might just become your worst nightmare and steal a majority of your audience right out from under you.  Oh, and two other things:  He likes to punish his enemies and he never gets tired of winning.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

14 responses to “Complete and Total Exoneration?”

  1. JurassicRick says:

    Formerly, Rick G.

    ………..and that billionaire would be……uhhhhhh, ummmm……let me think……uhhhhh……don't tell me, don't tell me,……uhhh, would it be Donald Trump? You better believe it is! You are right, Robert about Fox News and being "fair and balanced". It annoys me that they have all those Radic-Libs on there. I watch Fox to get away from all the Radic-Libs out there. If I want to see Radic-Libs, I'll tune in to the fake news networks, CNN and MSNBC. Get it?

    Listen folks, hear me out on this one. If the sky were to suddenly turn fire red, split wide open with loud ear-splitting claps of thunder, and a heavenly choir of angels singing in the background, and the voice of the Most High call down to earth saying that President Donald J. Trump is 100% completely innocent, the Mueller investigation and final report are 100% right, complete, and accurate, and Donald Trump is 100% completely exonerated, those who say or think otherwise will burn forever in the Lake of Fire, the Radic-Libs would still turn a deaf ear, and continue to maniacally scream their heads off and continue in their efforts to get President Trump, guilty or not, removed from office and prosecuted. There will be no end to it. No end to it whatsoever. If Trump is re-elected next year, and he probably will be, expect at least four more years of this or worse. The Radic-Libs are completely unhinged and have completely lost it. They are lost and beyond hope.

    • patg2 says:

      Hint, hint. I came to the same conclusion.

      Trump has the cajones to stick it out and win over the Swamp, crazy, insane Demheads included.

  2. booklaurie says:

    When I read that a well-connected billionaire who never tires of winning might be starting up a true conservative news channel, my first thought was "Robert Ringer? WOW!"

    • JurassicRick says:

      I think I know who you are. You are Laurie Ringer, Robert's daughter? I very vividly remember several years back you posted a couple of articles on Robert's Voice of Sanity. I enjoyed reading them. Tell me if I am right.

  3. Ivan says:

    There's a flip side of the coin to a new, fair and real media, people will still choose to watch what aligns with their opinions and beliefs. I also refuse to watch CNN. At a pizza parlor, there it was on 3 TV's across the restaurant, I had to leave and finish my pizza in the car.

    • JurassicRick says:

      Yuck! I don't blame you one bit. I would have also.There are plenty of pizza places to go to. Here in Kentucky we have oodles of pizza places to go to, Domino's, Papa John's, La Rosa's, Snappy Tomato, DiCarlo's and Jet's Pizza just to name a few. The gym I go to, Better Bodies, has overhead TVs in the cardio area (treadmills and ellipticals) where they play mostly Fox News. When I go to a gym to workout, I don't need any fake news channels blaring around me.

  4. TJMac80 says:

    There already is a good (new) conservative News Station Trump doesn't need to start one. It is called One America News (OAN) and by 2025 it should already be booming.

  5. JF1017 says:

    Murdoch's children have taken over management of Fox, and apparently they want to be considered "cool" and "hip" by their peers, hence the drastic left turn. Fox, and cable TV, are losing viewers in general, primarily because you don't make a lot of money or attract a lot of viewers when your programming routinely insults the majority of them.

  6. larajf says:

    And you know that the President has a long term view. I suspect that's part of his basis for success. A short term loss is nothing compared to his end game.

  7. Charles_Moeller says:

    Robert, I love this blog and your always appropriate messages!

    If Fox becomes inimacable to our beloved heroes, perhaps they can finance their own station.

  8. patg2 says:

    Trump accomplished everything he dreamed of in the business world, and needed a new challenge. He found it. And in 2025, he will be looking for another challenge. I hope he chooses as you say.

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