The Wallacization of Fox News

Posted on October 7, 2020 by Robert Ringer


If there was any doubt in your mind that Fox News was on a trajectory to becoming a full-fledged, left-leaning media company, it should have evaporated after Chris Wallace’s brazen attacks on Donald Trump last week at the presidential debate.  Wallace dropped any pretense of impartiality and made it clear to all that he’s nothing more than a sniveling Democratic hack.  Watching him team up with comatose Joe to make blatantly false claims about Trump and prevent the president from engaging Biden head-on was appalling.

Having alienated millions of its own viewers, you would have thought Fox would swiftly apologize for Wallace’s obnoxious, hate-filled performance, but that would have been wishful thinking.  Instead, Fox executives immediately came out with an internal memo congratulating Wallace for his handling of the debate and praising his “professionalism, skill, and fortitude.”  What a croc.

Whatever else you may think about Wallace, the one thing that is undeniable is that he was totally biased and unprofessional in his role as moderator of last week’s debate.  After stating at the outset that his job was to be invisible (the only true statement he made all night), he then proceeded not only to be highly visible, but to become an active participant on behalf of Sleepy Joe.

That he would be willing to expose himself as a complete fraud by injecting the repeatedly debunked Charlottesville lie into the debate had to be a surprise even to Trump’s harshest critics.  You’ve seen the full video of Trump’s now infamous “fine people on both sides” comment.  I’ve seen the full video.  And tens of millions of others have seen the full video.  So, does Fox News expect us to believe that Chris Wallace, a supposed professional journalist who lives and breathes this stuff day in and day out, has never seen the full video?  C’mon, man.

At one point in the video, to make certain he would not be misunderstood, President Trump unequivocally states, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.”  Clearly, Chris Wallace knew before he confronted Trump yet again with the “renounce” question that the entire thing was a lie and that by once again bringing it up he would be aiding and abetting Joe Biden’s repeated false claims about what Trump actually said.

But perhaps the most annoying thing Wallace did was repeatedly cut off Trump from responding to Biden’s nonstop lies.  For crying out loud, the whole purpose of a debate is for the combatants to mix it up with their opponent.  Watching them in action is the only way viewers can judge the merits of the candidates.  Wallace, of course, knew that Biden had no chance against Trump, that his only weapons were his childish sneering and name-calling, so he focused on making certain that Trump was not able to challenge him with the facts.

Since his shameful, partisan performance as moderator of the first debate, Wallace, secure in the knowledge that Fox execs would protect him, has been all over Fox News defending himself.  And things were going along quite smoothly for him until he made the mistake of having Trump campaign advisor Steve Cortes as a guest on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Chris, the way you’re starting to harangue me now actually reminds me of what you did to the president during that debate on Tuesday night,” Cortes said.  Embarrassed, Wallace shot back, in a sarcastic tone, “Oh, yeah, I harangued him.”

Cortes then accused Wallace of being an “effective opposition to the president,” adding that Trump “had to debate not just Joe Biden, but you as well.  You were not a neutral moderator.”  Trying hard to keep his composure, it looked for all the world like Wallace was peeing his pants on live TV.

By contrast, Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo unmercifully tore into Wallace and his disingenuousness.  He rightly wanted to know why Wallace had no interest in asking Joe Biden about the plethora of racist comments he has made over the years, his sponsorship of the 1994 Crime Bill that led to the mass incarceration of minorities, his close relationship with former Klansman Robert Byrd, or his statement about not wanting his kids to grow up in a “racial jungle” (in regards to desegregation).

Which brings me to uber-nasty, uber-liberal John Roberts, Fox News chief White House correspondent who exhibits pretty much the same liberal values as his namesake on the Supreme Court.  The vitriol coming from this hyperbolic Trump hater is breathtaking.  Last week, frustrated by his party’s failure to take down the president, he tore off his mask and openly unleashed his hatred for the president.

Like Wallace, Roberts had a Trump Derangement Syndrome meltdown and started badgering White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany yet again about why President Trump still refuses to clearly condemn so-called white-supremacist groups, even though he has done so more than 20 times.  Seemingly on the verge of tears, Roberts shouted, “Stop deflecting.  Stop blaming the media.  I’m tired of it.”

It’s been very sad watching the once-great Fox News sink into the media swamp.  It is now as corrupt as the deep state, going so far as to protect anti-American, pro-antifa/Black Lives Matter billionaire George Soros.  The good news is that it is creating an incredible opportunity for Newsmax TV to become the most important voice in conservative news.  With anchors Chris Salcedo and Greg Kelly leading the way, Newsmax is a real threat to Fox News’ dominance if it does not fall into the “fair and balanced” trap and sticks with a proven formula:  all conservative, all the time.

It’s also an opportunity for Fox’s big three — Tucker, Hannity, and Laura — to step into starring roles at Newsmax in the not-too-distant future.  I believe all three of them are on the way out at Fox, and I have a hunch they’ve known it for quite some time.  I’m sure they would have loved to rake Chris Wallace over the coals, but, with the exception of a modest tweet from Laura Ingraham (“Trump is debating the moderator and Biden”), they realize that criticizing him would only hasten their departure.

That said, it’s time to hold our noses and watch the undercard event tonight between one of the most dignified, accomplished, eloquent statesmen of our time, Mike Pence, and a repulsive hyena who is devoid of principle, slept her way up the political ladder, and will say or do absolutely anything to get ahead.  In a fair fight, Pence would annihilate Harris far more than even Tulsi Gabbard did, but who knows what will happen with another Democrat posing as a moderator.

As the great Chris Plante has so often mused, “Ah, it’s good to be a Democrat, isn’t it?”

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

8 responses to “The Wallacization of Fox News”

  1. pokertiger says:

    Great article as usual Robert,and I have echoed a few of your sentiments in some of my replies.I believe Trump himself has talked highly Of Newsmax and Oan and scuffed at things like Fox's fake polls.Of course all the new additions to Fox like Donna Brazile and Leland Vittert have arrived to keep things"fair and balanced".Trump also has mentioned how Fox news has degenerated since Roger Ailes had died and I believe his(democrat?) son had taken over.When Fox news was trying to support the article The Atlantic put out about Trump calling the military"Suckers"- I almost lost it,just pure garbage by the weekend crew.If Fox looses it's heavy weights like Tucker,Hannity,Judge Jeanine, Waters World,and Levin-they will have gone full cycle to be another CNN.

  2. JJ2103 says:

    FOX should be ashamed, but JACKASSs never are. Joe and the HOE are an INSULT to America! These are the two most unqualified candidates in American history except for Barack INSANE OBAMA. They have NO VIRTUE, NO TALENT and NO PATRIOTISM…what should be three mandatory proven requirements for any public office. They will not hesitate to violate the CONSTITUTION and promote MARXIST ideology to drive the country left. Biden is a proven LIAR and may be even more corrupt than Obama as he participated in the COUP against Trump. He does not have the COURAGE or INTEGRITY to do the right thing and has continued to prove it over the past 47 years always selling out to the highest bidder.

  3. JurassicRick says:

    I think it is highly annoying for me to turn on Fox News and hear all the Ultraleft "commentators" espouse all their Ultraleftist lies over and over. Heck, I may as well flip it over to CNN and get the very same Ultraleft verbal garbage bulls**t! Maybe, we do need to give Newsmax a try. They can't do any worse than Fox, that's for sure. And Chris Wallace! C'mon man! Get real! He seemed to have an invisible Joe Biden bumpersticker wrapped around his forehead! He needs to migrate over to CNN. I'm wondering what the standoff will be tonight between Mike Pence and you know who. If he plays his cards right, he'll eat her for dinner!

  4. larajf says:

    The best thing we can do is find out who the advertisers are and let them know we no longer watch Fox. Kill the beast at its roots. A lot of the periodicals are failing like Vox.Now it's time to take care of the online news outlets.

  5. Mr Domain says:

    Wallace's bias toward President Trump and bias towards Joe Biden is not surprising given his "anti-Trump" history. The debate on Tuesday night, September 29, once again illustrates how he always makes "performances" beneficial to the Democratic Party.

  6. 1911Kimber says:

    Fox must be in the pocket of Soros now. Harris Falkner and Melissa Francis both cut Newt Gingrich off when he started to talked about Soros funded DAs at city and state levels. I even saw Laura Ingraham do it the other night.

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