The Sad Tale of Greta the Pawn

Posted on December 17, 2019 by Robert Ringer


As everyone expected, Greta Thunberg, 16-year-old Swedish teenager, was chosen as Time magazine’s Person of the Year.  Greta is a young lady who has taken a considerable amount of abuse from climate-change skeptics, which is very sad given that she purportedly suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a challenging disorder usually caused by an injury to the […]

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The Dems’ Primary Objective

Posted on December 10, 2019 by Robert Ringer


We now know what the perfect definition of panic is:  Nervous Nancy babbling about praying for Donald Trump (eye roll), angrily scolding a reporter for asking her if she hates Donald Trump and sermonizing about how she’s incapable of hating because of her devout Catholic beliefs (double eye roll), and expounding on the writings of […]

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What Happens Now?

Posted on November 29, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Well, here we are, pretty much where everyone with half a brain expected us to be —Nancy Pelosi with only two choices:  death by hanging or death by firing squad.  If she backs down on impeaching President Trump, her radical-left base will go crazy.  If she moves forward with impeachment in the face of zero […]

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The Real Enemy of the People

Posted on November 20, 2019 by Robert Ringer


As we prepare for another Democratic giveaway debate tonight, it’s interesting to observe the torment that surviving Radical Left candidates are experiencing.  All of them (with the possible exception of Uncle Bernie) realize that a majority of Americans reject the silliness they’re peddling, but they’re fearful that the Radical Left base will abandon them if […]

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Quid Pro Quos and False Premises

Posted on November 4, 2019 by Robert Ringer

The Constitution

For decades I have been cautioning conservatives to be vigilant about not becoming ensnared in the false-premise trap, but they have rarely taken my advice.  Nevertheless, being a glutton for punishment, I’m hoping some Republican Senate and House members read this article and think long and hard about how to react to the criminal behavior […]

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Wake Up, Republicans!

Posted on October 28, 2019 by Robert Ringer


President Trump laid yet another delicate tweet on his detractors when he wrote, “The Never Trumper Republicans, though on respirators with not many left, are in certain ways worse and more dangerous for our Country than the Do Nothing Democrats.  Watch out for them, they are human scum!”  The media went crazy and Never Trumpers, […]

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Once Upon a Time in America

Posted on October 17, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Given America’s moral decline, the NBA’s hypocritical groveling to China should come as no surprise.  The China brouhaha comes on the heels of the NFL’s weak-kneed response to the Colin Kaepernick protests, which resulted in a three-year nightmare for the NFL. Given the backlash from NFL fans, you would have thought the NBA would know […]

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The Political Necessity of Lying

Posted on October 10, 2019 by Robert Ringer


As the crazed Democratic presidential candidates continue to ramp up their frantic efforts to outbid one another in the hopes of buying primary votes, I am reminded of an article in The New York Times titled “Who will tell the people?” written by Thomas Friedman, one of those rare liberals who occasionally displays a modicum […]

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Impeaching Truth

Posted on October 2, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Moronic Al Green, Democrat representative from Texas’ 9th congressional district, handed President Trump a huge win when he openly and foolishly stated that he’s “concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get reelected.”  Thanks, Al.  You just confirmed what I’ve been saying since Donald Trump took office, namely, that Democrats (and some Republicans!) […]

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A Matter of Liberty or Tyranny

Posted on September 24, 2019 by Robert Ringer


While serial rapist Brett Kavanaugh, Part II, may look like adolescent silliness to normal people, it’s just another day at the office for Radical Leftists — another chapter out of their time-tested playbook:  smear, intimidate, destroy. Deranged Democrats insist that because Kavanaugh has so many sexual misconduct allegations against him, he isn’t fit to sit […]

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