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There have been a lot lies tossed around in this year’s race to the power throne, but the biggest lie of all is that Hillary would have the easiest path to victory if she ran against Trump.

First of all, I stick by what I’ve been saying from the outset of this campaign, namely that Hillary will not be the nominee. Obama may protect her from being indicted, but if the FBI makes public the essence of her email and Clinton Foundation crimes (among others), Joe Biden will be shoved into the arena without hesitation.

And even if Hillary were allowed to run as the Democratic nominee, Trump would bring her to tears and hysteria on day one. (Remember, the media has never asked her about ANY of her scandals, including and especially her attempts to destroy her sexual-predator husband’s victims.)

She’s such a bad liar and blatant fraud that all but her most loyal followers would jump ship as DT was eviscerating her, even if it meant their not voting. Trust me, it would be a landslide for Republicans.

And speaking of frauds, Republicans running for Congress who are dumb enough to take Mitch McConnell’s advice and run ads against Trump will not, as he would like them to believe, improve their chances of winning. On the contrary, most of them would end up losing as a RESULT of coming out against Trump.

It would take someone very out of touch with reality not to see how illogical it would be to distance himself from the guy whom his own constituents have voted for overwhelmingly — and whom millions of Democrats and independents are sure to vote for in the general election.

In any event, I hope I’m wrong and that Hillary does end up running against Trump, because it would be such fun to watch him kick the living lies out of her. BTW, it’s not just Trump. Any of the other four Republican candidates would do the same to the evil little woman in the Mao outfit (a.k.a. “pantsuit”).

Is there any Republican who could actually lose to Hillary? Yes — the ever-cowardly Mitt Romney, if the establishment could find a way to slip him in under the door. But not any of the five candidates who are still standing as of 3:30 pm today.

That said, Trump still would be the one to provide the most entertainment running against Hillary, and in our modern era of bread and circus, entertainment is everything.

Robert Ringer

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