Still Not Getting It

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Does the stupidity of establishment Republicans know no end? It appears not. “They still don’t get it” has become something of a cliché in this election cycle. But it’s true — they don’t. In their frantic efforts to stop the Trumpster, Republican power players continue to do one thing after another that only strengthens his support.

I was in disbelief when weak-kneed Mitt Romney, who stands for everything the rebellious Republican base hates about the establishment, went on television and gave a long, rambling, lie-filled speech about Trump. It was not only breathtaking, it was classless.

Trump supporters were ecstatic, but the establishment had no clue that they had just handed DT a huge gift. What more could you possibly ask for than to have MittMan come out against you in a year when the Republican base is furious about being betrayed by the party?

Then there’s the media arm of the establishment. Every time the supercilious Fox crowd — George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Steve Hayes, et al — badmouths DT, it reminds his supporters once again why they so hate the establishment.

Ditto when Robo Rubio made an ass of himself by suddenly morphing into Don Rickles, then following that up by joining forces with Lyin’ Ted and, instead of standing up for Donald Trump’s First Amendment rights, blaming him for the thug-induced rabble-rousing in Chicago.

The result was predictable. Trump proceeded to win four of five states on the second super Tuesday, losing only to John Kasich in his home state of Ohio. You would have thought that the establishment finally got the message, but it was not to be.

On Friday, Obama-fearing Mitt Romney jumped in front of the cameras once again and announced he’s going to vote for Ted Cruz, the guy who for years has been number one on the establishment’s hit list. Granted, Mitt’s vote of confidence could help Cruz win in Mormon-dominated Utah, but it will prove to be a liability almost everywhere else.

Based on their proven track record, it’s my considered opinion that people who believe traditional Republicans are evil miss the point. Their real problem is not that they’re evil; they are simply stupid — really stupid.

From George Will to Charles Krauthammer … from Bill Kristol to Rich Lowry … from Mush McCain to Gomer Graham … from Tea Party turncoat Nikki Haley to Tea Party turncoat Tim Scott — these guys are clueless. Don’t let their degrees or flair for intellectual prose fool you. Their IQs may be high, but their EQs are in the abyss.

It’s too bad one of Trump’s advisors can’t just convince him to tone down his speech and act presidential, because if he did so, it would be game over. Why? Because his detractors would push him across the finish line with their childish rhetoric. And what great fun it would be to watch their teeth-gnashing and carotid arteries exploding.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

52 responses to “Still Not Getting It”

  1. ◄Dave► says:

    During his speech today in Arizona, Trump acknowledged that his two principal advisers, Ivanka & Melania, are insisting that he start acting presidential. He suggested that his demeanor during the last debate was in reaction to their advice. Perhaps he will continue to listen to them. Personally, I would have no difficulty doing whatever Melania might ask of me. 😉 ◄Dave►

  2. Reality Seeker says:

    Yes, Trump is actually feeding off of the hate. The more they hate him, the more alive and competitive he feels. He's a rare type of man, his juices flow during intense situations and he loves the heat of battle.. And the people feel his electric energy, so his support is growing. The establishment hasn't come up against such a man as Trump in more than a generation. The violence that's about to be perpetrated upon Trump by the Alinsky followers shall only help increase what I call Trump Fever. And make no mistake about what's about to happen: TRUMP FEVER! is going to spread into every corner of the country and this is going to be one hell of a summer. The summer of 2016 is going to be one for the history books.

    Charles Krauthammer admitted he was wrong about Trump, meaning he underestimated Trump…… lol…..I've always maintained that Krauthammer isn't nearly the great political analyst that he's cracked up to be. If Krauthammer was exceptional, he'd have seen months ago that there's a massive political realignment taking place. These realignments take place about once every century. The last great political realignment occurred when the Southern States switched from being mostly Southern Democrat to supporting the Republican party.

    Millions of Americans have finally cried, " Enough"! And the Silent Majority is starting to rant like Alex Jones. This is how revolutions take place —- loud, pissed-off and in your face. Revolutions aren't led by F.A. Hayek types. I wish revolutions were led by such men, because education is the best path to meaningful change for the better. But the ignorant masses require a hotbed of emotion, not a head full of cool intellect.

    No, revolutions are led by a Trump. And grassroots rebellions are started by the Alex Jones types. And the intellectual support is provided by the Jerome Corsi types. And the devastating thrusts are done by the Joe Arpaio(s). And the political strategy is carried out by Roger Stone(s). And the guerrilla, media warfare is led by Drudge.

    This is war! There's no other way to put it…….

  3. Greggsan says:

    As I see it, Trump is the only candidate who can't be bought.

    All else is commentary.

    • Teri says:

      And the only people who don't like him are the ones working their own dirty little deals.
      He might actually have us all pay our own way through life. The 65% are afraid of that happening.

  4. Emily says:

    Vote for Trump/Clinton and promote the establishment. How about Hillary for VP?

  5. Lee says:

    Robert, you have called Ted Cruz a liar on more than one occassion, what lies is he telling? Serious question, I want to know what you are seeing.

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cruz lied about Carson and his financial dealings on his FEC filing. Worst of all–he has ads telling voters that he will abolish the IRS. He can't be that ignorant, so I know he is lying to get votes, The IRS is a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury and was created by Congress. No president has the power to "abolish the IRS."

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        Even if you could send your tax return in on a postcard, someone has to make sure you send in what you owe as well. And go after you if you don't send in what you owe. And audit enough to scare people into not "cheating." Etc.

        You can change the name of the agency from IRS to Theft 'r Us, but it would be the same thing. So long as there are taxes, there has to be an agency. The real solution is to abolish all taxes.

        • ◄Dave► says:

          An even better solution is to abolish the Federal government. 😉 ◄Dave►

          • SickofStupidPeople says:

            What the hell are you smoking!? We need a federal government – one limited and adhering to the Constitution. Your type of reaction – slash and burn, all or nothing is the type that gives citizens of this country a bad image. Think, pause, and then say something intelligent.

          • Jim Hallett says:

            No we don't!! There is not ONE thing the federal govt. does that cannot be done better and for less cost by the free market, with the advantage that everyone gets to voluntarily choose what they wish to purchase, and not have their funds stolen, their lives coerced, etc. Limited govt. is a TOTAL oxymoron, since who is going to limit the folks in govt., since their powers are self-regulated, meaning it is ALWAYS for more power, more theft, more regulation, etc. A lack of govt. does not mean a lack of rules, just a lack of rulers, and we don't need any stinkin' rulers!!

          • ◄Dave► says:

            While I do not smoke, drink, or partake of any mind altering substances, I too am weary of ignorant, thoughtless, and arrogant sheeple. I see that I need not say anything intelligent, as Jim above has succinctly covered much of the case for a laissez faire, stateless society, blessedly devoid of wannabe rulers.

            I will say that if you think I came by my current disdain for the fools in Sodom by the Potomac without considerable forethought, allow me to correct your error in judgement. I am a 70-year-old veteran and lifelong patriot of America, who has only reluctantly concluded that, while I still love the land of our fathers, I despise and can no longer support the bureaucratic central government claiming dominion over it.

            When you have invested anywhere near as much time as I have in the past few years, studying and cogitating with an open mind, the practicality of anarchy as an alternative to 'mob-rule democracy,' then perhaps we can debate the issue intelligently without innuendo. Until then, please notice that your ideal of a benevolent, Constitutionally limited, central government, hasn't existed on these shores since at least the time of Lincoln, and no amount of wishful thinking, or hopeful voting, is ever going to bring it back. ◄Dave►

        • Scott theczech says:

          At least there should be no income tax on wages! To tax one's wages is criminal and should be outlawed in a civilized society. Income from other sources e.g. interest, dividends, capital gains etc., is open for discussion, however it akin to slavery (involuntary servitude) to tax labor. I agree though that all taxes should be abolished. A much better way to raise revenue for certain required public works and national defense is through bonds; completely voluntary and funding depends completely upon the value proposition of the underlying project.

    • Richard Lee Van DV says:

      Listen closely to TC's "lines of argument". The are SLIMEY! Very manipulative. EG, may start of seemingly positive, only to twist and turn to damn! After listening to him at length, I regard him as a SNAKE! His linguistic moves are similar!

  6. CoachD says:

    Are they stupid, or are they bewildered that so many people are getting behind "The Donald?"

    Maybe they're in awe that we've finally caught onto their games and sold us out by doing NOTHING when they had the power to do so in Washington D.C. I don't know if they're scared of Obama and being called 'racist' if they go against him, or if they just thought they had the wool pulled over our eyes and could get away with whatever they want. I believe it's the latter part.

    The D.C. elites think they're better than and know what's best for us "common folk."

    Is Donald Trump what America needs to get us back on track?

    I honestly don't know.

    But I do know that if Hillary Clinton gets elected, or any of the other GOP 'leaders,' we're just going to stay on the crash course we've been on… the one Obama stuck the accelerator to the floor on.

    • Jean says:

      They're stupid and as willfully ignorant as the left is of their successive failures. As of 2004, I was done with the Republican party and told one of their fundraisers so. At that point, the Republican controlled House, Senate and WH not only failed to rein in spending and revamp policies in order to increase individual freedoms, they instead increased spending and introduced a plethora of new government "benefits" (Med Part D for one). During the entire Obama campaign and subsequent administrations, the "leadership" did nothing to thwart any of the regressive policies and executive orders put through. Trump is one of the few candidates who tells it like it is, and was willing to bash the establishment wings of both parties when they needed bashing. Joe Six-Pack American respects that. The establishment leadership doesn't get it – and doesn't want to.

  7. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    I'm not willing to put in the time to search for Ted Cruz's lies, but if search Google yourself, you can then make your own determination as to his honesty. Speaking for myself, I see Cruz (whom I actually supported for several years) as more of a slippery, sleazy guy than a black-and-white liar. He lies, but he does so with a Clintonesque finesse. For example, you lose five out of five races in one night, then give a "victory" speech saying that you've beaten Trump again, and again, and again. It's akin to "That depends upon what the meaning of "is" is. Not technically a lie, but in real-world terms, it's a lie through omission. It's sleazy and insulting to the public.

    • Richard Lee Van DV says:

      "Slippery and sleazy", yes! And yes, "finesse". Very tricky, and often leading to ILLogical conclusions.

    • larajf says:

      That's how my husband feels about him. He calls him "Just another Bill Clinton." Hubby feels like Cruz has a plan behind all of his decisions to get him where he wants to go rather then asking what's best for the people. I wasn't sure and supported Cruz. Now I'm just confused :-)

      • Hobert says:

        "…Cruz has a plan behind all of his decisions to get him where he wants to go rather then asking what's best for the people."

        That's because Cruz is a politician. That''s what they all do, even Trump. That's what politics is all about. If nothing else, Rush Limbaugh defined it perfectly. The acquisition of power.

      • Scott theczech says:

        They're all human…oh and some of them are lawyers.

    • TiredofHypocrisy says:

      You have just described Trump. We are clearly in trouble as a country.

  8. Lee says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Robert. I will pay close attention with that perspective in mind.

  9. Richard Lee Van DV says:

    I am an American living in the Philippines. Today a 40 year old Virginian visited my hangout restaurant. So, I queried his political stance, and he said: I favor Republicans, but, I'd rather have Hillary than Trump. Why? Because, he said, she has "experience"! OMG! How many of him are there in American!? I tried to tell him about how EVIL she is, but, he only looked at me blankly. I also brought up the idea of the CLINTON BODY BAGS. Made no impression on him. We can only hope that his "lack of mind set" is not in the majority!

    • ◄Dave► says:

      These mind-numbed sheeple certainly exist in the ghettos and college towns of America; but increasingly in flyover country, political experience is now considered a liability, not an asset. ◄Dave►

      • Hobert says:

        Political experience is used and interpreted differently depending on a political stance of who is using the term. If a politician is Dem/liberal, PE is a virtue and means they can get others to work with them, compromise, etc., etc. If a Repub/conservative, PE is a pejorative and it means the candidate is a dealmaker, a sellout, a turncoat who will work with the enemy rather than do what is best for their supports or the country.

        • Hobert says:

          Oops! Should have ended with "best for their supporters or the country."

        • Jim Hallett says:

          Although the libtards never worried about Ovomit's complete lack of experience (at ANYTHING!) when he ran in '08 and '12. If Hildabeast's "experience" is at discussion, it just means Amerika will get more of the nonsense she has supported in all her past dealings. She is a liar, a murderer, a con, and a gross violator of the Constitution.

      • dolmontero says:


  10. Richard Lee Van DV says:

    RE Trump's potential "lack of experience", I'm certain he would surround himself with the best and brightest advisers like-mindedness and money can buy. Presidents are not loners.They are quarter backs.

    • Helen Roberts says:

      These "best and brightest advisers" should already be telling DT to tone it down. I am a
      Trump supporter but became quite disgusted when he called Cruz the "p" word…totally
      uncalled for and definitely not 'presidential' behavior; it's obvious he doesn't understand
      that he doesn't have to rely on this type of language to make a point!!

  11. larajf says:

    I'm glad to see the establishment getting messed up. I wish I'd been able to upset their apple cart years ago before we were stuck with Obummer. Still, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today. So let's do what we can to remove being a politician as a career and take back "we the people."

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  13. Marte says:

    "Really stupid" is right – but I also believe they're just a bit evil. Why else would they be going along with BO's plan to turn America into a 3rd world nation?

  14. Stuart says:

    The "elites" know what's up: this is a Nationalist revolution against the internationalist/globalists. The Dems. and Republicans have the same economic and foreign policy: "free trade" and foreign intervention. Trump needs to see if there's enough support in the military to back him in a coup if the election/nomination is taken from him. We really need a Trump dictatorship for about two years (vote afterwards) and a shutdown of the Congress of whores and sociopaths. Isn't this always the way Democracies end–in corruption?

  15. Nasdaq7 says:

    I wonder if it is possible that Robert Ringer can upload all his videos he has produced over the years to a video section on this website, it will be interesting. I've gone through some of them in Youtube, but I'm sure there must be many interviews and speeches people haven't seen before. Even if it dates back to the 70s. Any all and all speeches will be interesting. The videos can be embedded on their own into a webpage or they can be embedded with a link to Youtube.

  16. Sheila says:

    Robo Rubio
    Lyin’ Ted
    Mush McCain
    Gomer Graham

    Is that all there is? Do I have the names right?

    If you did not like their views or even their actions, you would disagree and dispute their views. But name calling? No wonder Trump’s your man.

    By the way, calling Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted,” is a real low blow. A person is only a liar if he is caught in the act of their “lie” or are proven to be lying. If you accuse someone of lying it must be substantiated. Without evidence, it is only speculation. Do you have any verifiable proof that Ted Cruz is a liar? In Iowa, I know one of his campaign workers did not update the news report that had already been issued by CNN. But that does not make Ted Cruz a liar. If I recall, Sen. Cruz fired the worker. So where is the evidence?

    Your last paragraph must be a joke. Trump tone down his rhetoric and act presidential? It would be easier to convince Cecile Richards to will her estate to National Right to Life.

    • Trey says:

      I don't believe he is a Trump supporter actually. I think the right word would be something similar to enthusiast or spectator. I have gathered that he enjoys Trump's outspokenness, but finds him to be rude, egotistical, and self-interested. Cruz has been caught not disclosing information that should have been disclosed. That is a lie in my book. Not to mention the sketchy things he has done to sway voters on voting days in numerous states.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Actually, longtime readers know that when I make up names like MittMan, Robo Rubio, and Lyin' Ted, it's meant to be tongue in cheek. Lighten up and enjoy the spectacle.

      As to Cruz, I've explained my position in detail numerous times, so all I will say here again is that for years I had the same opinion of him as you about him, but the past six months or so I've come to see him as an extremely nasty guy. I don't like nasty guys.

      As to Trump, I've also made my position clear on him as well. For whatever reason, he can't seem to control himself when it comes to saying offensive things, but it doesn't matter to me if he just goes to Washington and wrecks the gravy train. Maybe he'll be the best president ever; or maybe the worst. I don't care, because I don't trust or like ANY politicians.

      • Richard Lee Van DV says:

        If somebody doesn't like playful names and word play, the haven't read of wouldn't appreciate the writings of H.L. Mencken. Mencken was very perceptive and made his points using memorable and colorful descriptions. It get attention AND entertains. Critics of CREATIVITY might try reading Read Books, not only newspapers. And TV comments are no substitute for reading some solid BOOKS on whatever is important. Regarding earlier commentary RE FOX News and CNN: after many years, I too scan the channels for alternatives. EG, FOX has sunk to a show by that repulsive twit, and his strange guests, SchMuck Gutfeld. Not funny! Disgusting.

  17. Richard Lee Van DV says:

    Sorry for the mistakes above. Cause: late night fatigue.

  18. Reality99r says:

    Mr. Ringer – once again you start stimulative reaction.
    Keep 'em coming.

  19. Sheila says:

    "Critics of CREATIVITY might try reading Read Books, not only newspapers. And TV comments are no substitute for reading some solid BOOKS on whatever is important."

    I'm not a critic of creativity. That would be unlikely, as I am a musician and freelance writer (although I made a rare grammatical error in my entry above. "Their" should have been "he". Sorry, late night fatigue.) I still maintain it is not creative or playful to call someone a liar. It is a serious charge. However, Mr. Ringer's follow-up response makes sense and is better expressed. If Mr. Ringer believes Ted Cruz is nasty, that's fine because it's his opinion. I feel the same way about Trump. I've seen his nastiness and intolerance for criticism up front and center in all the debates except for the last one. But I won't call Trump a liar. None of this has anything to do with what I read.

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