Slow down, Mr. Comey … please slow down.

Posted on May 19, 2016 by Robert Ringer Comments (18)


A horrible thought has been stirring around in my head lately. You know what they say about being careful what you wish for. Like most red-blooded Americans, I’ve long looked forward to the day when the FBI drops the hammer on the Crooked Cackler (a.k.a. Hillary the Horrible or the Face of Evil). But now I’m not so sure that I want the process to move forward too quickly.

Why? Because now that it’s crystal clear to everyone smart enough not to have bought into the media’s narrative that Hillary will easily beat Donald Trump, the FBI could be a spoiler by ending her pathetic candidacy and opening the door for Joe Biden and perhaps Cherokee Liz to enter the race. Granted, both of them are certifiable idiots, but in today’s America, lunacy rules the day.

The perfect time for the FBI to make the good news public would be two or three weeks before the election. That would throw the Dirty Dems into disarray and create hysteria in throughout their corrupt ranks. But if the FBI presents its damning investigation results in the next month or so, that would sink Hillary before Trump has a chance to slice and dice her into skunk filet.

The only good thing about Hillary’s being given the boot early is that Trump would force Biden/Warren to go on record as staunch supporters of all of Obama’s disastrous policies — from Obamacare to the increased importation of unvetted Syrian refugees … from the phony Iranian nuke deal to supporting sanctuary cities … from stricter gun-control laws to shutting down the entire coal industry.

True, the Crooked Cackler is already on record as supporting virtually all of BHO’s anti-American policies, but she’s so universally disliked that it would be no contest, whereas Uncle Joe has the advantage of coming across as a likable buffoon.

That said, please, Mr. Comey, take your time. We’re all looking forward to Hillary shrieking “vast right wing conspiracy” to the rooftops, but not just yet. Now that she’s dead meat, we all need to take a deep breath, step back, and be patient.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

18 responses to “Slow down, Mr. Comey … please slow down.”

  1. Glenn Y. says:

    Another point of view about this happening 2-3 weeks before the election would be Obama instituting policy postponing the election until the democratic party had a fair chance to present a candidate of the people.
    This could possibly present the opportunity for the current administration to remain in office. The people will revolt of course, but then comes marshal law and further reason for the King to remain.

    • Helen Roberts says:

      Cannot think of a more horrible scenario but could happen…..I recall reading,when
      the WH misfit won "its" 2nd term,that "its" administration was already planning misfit's
      3rd term via martial law. GOD HELP AMERICA!

  2. Jurgy says:

    Sorry Robert, I simply cannot see the feds indicting her thighness. 1) It would be too disruptive to the election process – there would be pandemonium in the demopublican party and the nation 2) she's got too many corporate elites who need her and will levy all kinds of influence to not only keep her from being accused of any crimes but will make any and every effort – legal and illegal – to assure she is our next president 3) Omaba will not allow his administration – his pick for SOS – to be tarnished … all of which is why I have maintained from the get-go that killery will be president, and I will hold my position until she announces her withdrawal, which she will not …

  3. RealitySeeker says:

    Please don't bring the curtain down on the Clintons. Please, I beg you, Mr.Comey, don't prematurely end the greatest political match in my lifetime. I so want to see the Donald and Pretty Woman on the debate stage. This is a once in a lifetime shitshow. It would be a crime to not let the go on.

    Please, don't bring out the handcuffs before the last debate is done.

  4. Frederick Sagel says:

    Although I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, this article reeks of ignorance! Pure ignorance! How can you even claim to write any sort of reputable column, Mr. Ringer?

    • Paul Anthony says:

      An accusation of "ignorance not supported by facts is, itself, a demonstration of ignorance.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what in RR's article is ignorance. I found nothing to quibble with, and I, too, would like Hildabeast to be brought down and sent to jail, but not until Fall, when the Dumbocrats will have to scramble to field her replacement (likely Biden, and since Robert lives in Delaware, I am sure he is quite familiar with buffoon Biden).

    • Phil says:

      Serious or teasing?

    • Gene says:

      Mr. Sagel I am afraid that you are the one that comes , accros as the ignoramus . I sure am glad that you are not my next door neighbor….You remind me of the Burr person as described in one of Roberts books.

  5. John Jpsix says:

    I simply cannot improve anything about Mr. Ringer's commentary. What an outstanding article. It is spot on! Quite frankly, I also think that Trump will see a landslide either way. Biden is not debate competition for Trump in my opinion. I doubt that Hillary's or Bernie's folks would be very enthusiastic about supporting either Warren or Biden. However, this is somewhat like trying to time the stock market. You just can't do it with much success. My ultimate hope is that we, the American voters, can wipe out the Establishment in both parties over the next few years and instigate Statutory term limits on all Representatives and Senators to no more than two terms, period! Additionally, all politicians should NOT have any special privileges over and above the laws they pass governing the electorate. Anyone of them convicted of a felony should be permanently banned from office! This alone would probably wipe out most incumbents if charges were pressed for their misconduct in office!

  6. Charles says:

    If it appears likely that Trump will defeat clinton, he WILL suffer a fatal accident.

  7. Rocketman says:

    I have to believe that Hell-ary and Obama have had a private sit down and she has let Barack know in no uncertain terms that if she goes down she's talking to FOX news and taking him with her. She knows enough about him by now to have him impeached at the very least. Barack will protect her long enough for the next inhabitant of the white house to make the decision to put her in jail or not. And it the next president is her she will just pardon herself.

  8. S.A. Girbert says:

    Thanks for the article re: Trump and the bozo in the WH. Love what you have to say and how true it is! I still can't figure out WHY this evil man has not been impeached when soooooo many of us know the real truth about him. Only Satan can pull something off like this…..

  9. Yes, if you notice in everyday life, the "evil ones" seem to be propped up by some force. A Dark Force. To say that sounds a bit "esoteric", but, it sure does seem that way to me oftentimes. So many instances I've been familiar with. DUALISM is the basic movement in life, Point & Counterpoint, isn't it? Light and Dark. Good and Evil. And the evolutionary action-reaction between. Makes one wonder What or Who is runnin' things! Don't it? LOL

  10. Patrick says:

    No way Loretta Lynch will indict Hillary, LL has the Clinton's back. LL is a bigot and sees all women as a minority and will claim that Hillarys just being picked on in a man's world allowing Hitlery to not ever be accountable.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      It is NOT up to Lynch or Obama (if it were, you are right in that they would bail her sorry *ss out), but rather the FBI, and Ovomit has no sway over them.

      • ◄Dave► says:

        Please explain, Jim. I was under the impression that the AG served at the pleasure of the POTUS, and the FBI was part of the DOJ. If so, then the FBI budget is subject to the whim of both of them. How is that not 'sway?' ◄Dave►

  11. acw says:

    The powers that be have dirt on everyone…that's how "control" is implemented in the most corrupt city in the USA. The threat of exposure is enough to make all cowards run for their anthill. HOWEVER, there is also the possibility that key players in the FBI could also disappear…and then what? (perhaps evidence would disappear, someone dies, etc). I say NO—STRIKE now while the iron is hot. If LL doesn't come out and join in the bonfire of Hillary, she too will lose her job. Hillary will be rendered powerless, she'll be in such disarray and chagrin that nothing will save her. Her Party has no one who could possibly gain any footing at this point, and the entire US election process would be exposed for what it really is—A FARCE. OPTION 2- Wait for Hillary to win the election, then impeach her on charges of espeionage, stealing and selling, etc. It will send the country into a moral decline and make America look even more foolish to the world than it already does. Other countries will dis-trust us more than they do and Hillary's running mate will then be in a position to pull the strings. NOT GOOD.

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