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In the event you haven’t yet seen the video of Horrid Hillary singing the praises of the late Robert Byrd, one-time Exalted Cyclops of his local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, feast your eyes on this:

As I’m sure just about everyone reading this post realizes, it’s the Dirty Dems who are the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow segregation laws, and the party of “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” (the title of Star Parker’s book).

When confronted with the facts, of course, the Dirty Dems argue that slavery and Jim Crow laws were long ago, and that they have been pro-black for nearly 50 years. But it’s a lie. All they did was figure out that if they pandered to blacks instead of openly trying to repress them, they could count on them to vote Democratic. And they were right.

But what they have no coherent answer to is the fact that their policies have kept a majority of blacks firmly confined to Uncle Sam’s Plantation — i.e., chained to government programs that keep them in poverty, promote out-of-wedlock childbirths, and all but guarantee criminal futures for their children. These are nothing less than crimes against humanity, because they are deliberate and ongoing.

Cities like Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago — where crime and poverty are the worst — have been controlled by Democrats for decades. Detroit’s lead-poisoned water is a result of Democrats being in control. Baltimore’s sky-high crime rate and riots are a result of Democrats being in control. The nonstop black-on-black murders in Chicago are the result of Democrats being in control.

If a majority of blacks understood the real cause of their plight, it would be the Democratic Party that would be fracturing rather than the Republicans. It’s too bad the Republican presidential candidates aren’t spending their time exposing, point by point, how the Democrats have destroyed the lives of black people and continue to work hard to keep them living in poverty.

This is why it’s most unfortunate that Ben Carson was all but ignored by debate moderators and the media in his run for the Republican nomination. It will take a strong, highly skilled communicator of color to get the truth across to a majority of blacks. That would include exposing black politicians who have conspired with white Democrats to preserve blacks as a Democratic voting block that could always be counted on.

If it’s up to the Democrats, black freedom will always be out of reach — by design. It might just take a president like Ben Carson, Allen West, or Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke to do what is needed to set blacks free. And perhaps it will take a third party to get such an Obama-opposite nominated.

Robert Ringer

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4 responses to “In the event you haven’t yet seen …”

  1. Nasdaq7 says:

    Carson went to Israel sometime ago and the ideas he had to solve some of the Middle East problems was quite interesting. I know quite a lot about the Middle East, everything, I try and read when I have time to understand other countries and regions. Daily. Especially international newspapers and online forums are very interesting. And his ideas are quite good and his understanding of what is happening there in the Middle East.

    The challenge is always to promote people on merit, to reward hard work, to recognize ability and to encourage self-reliance. Democrats and Republicans will need to live up to that challenge to keep winning elections, to keep winning the support and trust of people.

  2. Phil says:

    God, your last paragraph is enough to give me hope. Maybe as a VP nominee?


    • ◄Dave► says:

      Trump could do worse than choose West for VP. I like the other two also; but neither has the Washington political experience that Trump needs, or street cred and potential to educate, and motivate, the ghetto dwellers that West does. ◄Dave►

  3. Gloria says:

    I was a Dr. Ben Carson supporter and was saddened that he didn't continue in his quest for the presidency. But, I think several things were working against him, not the least of which was his inability to communicate like most politicians do. The irony is, I liked Dr. Carson because he wasn't a politician, and he even admitted that he doesn't have the communication skills that most politicians have, so he knew it would be a hurdle to overcome. Another thing that doomed him was the lie that Ted Cruz's delegation told the caucus leaders in Iowa that Ben was dropping out. I think his numbers would have been better in Iowa if not for that, and he could have made a continuing impact in the following primaries and he might still be in the running now. Hopefully Trump, if he is the GOP nominee, will consider Dr. Carson as his running mate. It could really help get voters to the polls that might not have gone to vote for Trump and some other running mate. If Ben Carson becomes VP he'll have an advantage 8 years down the road if chooses to try for the presidency again.

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