I have long believed …

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I have long believed that Glenn Beck has a serious mental disorder, and he showed it again this morning with a wild rant about Donald Trump when he tried to play the age-old projection game.

Sorry, Glenn, but the Dirty Dem trick of projecting your own traits and deeds onto the object of your hatred isn’t working. It is YOU who needs psychiatric help, because YOU are the “narcissistic psychopath,” not Trump.

Beck, who has lost all credibility with most of his original base — and the public at large — went to on to say that he was “not name-calling, just searching for a diagnosis.” Gosh, Glenn, how caring of you.

In his frantic efforts to get back on television, Beck is clearly obsessed with Trump and frustrated by the man’s popularity. It’s only fitting that he plays the role of sycophant for his equally disturbed female counterpart, Megyn the Malevolent of Fox News, whose narcissism, like Beck’s, knows no bounds.

How sad to see this once enormously popular television personality drift into oblivion and continue to destroy himself with his ongoing, desperate attempts to get attention.

Cleanse your soul of hatred, Glenn, before you end up in a mental institution. I’m not name-calling, of course, just searching for a diagnosis for you.

Sad … very sad.

Robert Ringer

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