Even though I was one …

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Even though I was one of the millions of non-Democratic Americans who was disgusted by Mitt Romney’s cowardice in 2012 when he refused to lay a glove on Barack Obama, I have to admit that I always saw him as an upstanding, honorable, straight-arrow-type gentleman.

So much for that image. When he took off his mask today, what I saw on my TV screen was a world-class phony and a shameless fraud.

Of course, nothing should surprise me after watching politicians lie, steal, cheat, and engage in gutter politics for so many decades, but I have to say that I find it hard to believe that Romney would be willing to destroy his lifetime, clean-cut image in less than an hour.

What a price to pay for a few moments in the spotlight. I just published an article about how Glenn Beck appears to have a mental disorder, but, to be fair to Beck, I have to say that Romney also sounded very much like a man who has gone over the edge.

But perhaps Romney’s disgusting performance today was more calculated than crazy. Perhaps he sees the possibility of a cheap way to sneak in and become the Republican Party’s nominee without having to go through the rigors of a long, drawn-out campaign.

Put bluntly, he may see a way to win not through intimidation, but through cheating — i.e., keep Trump below the magic 1,237 delegate number, then, at the Republican convention, let Pimp Priebus, Paul Hussein Ryan, Mooch McConnell, and the rest of the criminal establishment crowd flip the bird to millions of voters yet again and declare Mitt to be the “compromise candidate.”

Are they not smart enough to realize that their action would be the end of the Republican Party? No! They are not. Collectively, establishment Republicans are the dumbest people on the face of the planet. Remember, for more than seven years they’ve given Barack Obama and the radical left everything they’ve wanted — and more.

So, yes, I believe they think they can steal the nomination from someone other than whom their voters choose — someone more to their Demopublican liking — and not only get away with it, but continue on with business as usual.

That said, if I were Donald Trump, I’d call their bluff and form a third party right now. With millions of Democrats and independents sure to get on board, the new third party would come in second to the Dirty Dems in the presidential election and the irreparably wounded Republicans would come in a distant third. And that would be the end of the reprehensible Republican Party.

Good riddance, I say.

Robert Ringer

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4 responses to “Even though I was one …”

  1. Nasdaq7 says:

    Here's the Youtube speech of Mitt Romney:

    Google Youtube Watch Mitt Romney's full speech: ‘Trump is a phony, a fraud’

    200,000+ views.

    My response to Mitt Romney is that if you have such high expectations of politicians, then you don't know enough about politics and politicians. What I like about Donald Trump is he has energy, he has enthusiasm and he is willing to get people to work. Sure things won't be perfect but it is 100 times better than to die with a broken heart believing the promises of someone like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton that will never deliver anything extraordinary. Trump might just do it.

  2. Nasdaq7 says:

    Here's Trump's full response to Mitt Romney:

    Google Donald Trump's Full Response to Mitt Romney Speech (3-3-16)

  3. ◄Dave► says:

    Agreed on your assessment of the unmasked Romney and his likely motive. Why anyone would ever want the job of POTUS is beyond my ken; but apparently once afflicted, it becomes an incurable obsession.

    If Trump would name a strategic VP choice ,and a short list of his potential Cabinet and SCOTUS picks, at the same time he announced the new 'Great American Party,' he might actually pull off a win. Although not discussed as much, the Left wing of the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly is in nearly as much disarray as the Right wing. Figure a way to woo their minorities away from them, and they become history too. :) ◄Dave►

  4. Nasdaq7 says:

    It is definitely not constructive criticism that Mitt Romney has leveled at Donald Trump. It is criticism. You see Donald Trump is a businessman and one of the most important characteristics of a businessman is energy and it is precisely what his opponents will focus on: breaking down his energy levels through criticism. And they might succeed. Such is life. Constant criticism can break down any person. People that drain your time and energy and money and enthusiasm.

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