Compassion, Unity, and Love

Posted on June 29, 2016 by Robert Ringer Comments (34)


I wonder if corrupt puppet Loretta Lynch plans to go to Turkey and deliver her Orlando talking points to the families of the latest Islamic terrorist victims. Especially lines like “Our common humanity transcends our differences” and “our most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion, its unity, and its love.”

I’m always open to learning new things, so I was fascinated to hear that I, and the people with whom I associate, share a “common humanity” with bloodthirsty killers. O.J. Simpson, maybe. But for us normal, non-sociopathic folks who are products of Western culture, I have news for Lyin’ Loretta and her boss: Civilized people share no “common humanity” with terrorists.

Differences, for sure, but virtually nothing in common. To borrow from Barackus Obamacus himself, that’s not who we are — though it most definitely is who he is.

As to compassion, unity, and love being the most effective response to the actions of homicidal maniacs, you’ll have to excuse me but, for some reason, I’m a bit skeptical that such an approach would do a whole lot of good. Just a hunch, that’s all.

I was thinking more along the lines of carpet bombing Raqqa for a couple of weeks, twenty-four hours a day, with no rules of engagement. Then use social media to communicate to all radical Islamic terrorists, “If you force us to pay you another visit, the next time around we’ll bring a couple of nukes along with us, so you might want to think long and hard before misbehaving again. And no, we’re not bluffing.”

If the United States adopted such an approach to handling ISIS, it would be the most compassionate and loving thing it could do for millions of innocent, law-abiding people who live in fear of their lives day in and day out.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

34 responses to “Compassion, Unity, and Love”

  1. Robert, you are on a roll this week ! Obama and Lynch surely must have gauged that their carefully crafted poetic rhetoric would calm the masses. Next comes "Love a Muslim Day".

  2. Avery Horton says:

    Spare the rod and spoil the child. Spare the bomb and spoil the country.

  3. Paul Anthony says:

    As tempting as your solution is, I have to believe there are SOME good people in the countries you'd like to bomb into oblivion. No, Robert, there are no simple solutions for complex problems.

    But you know that. You just lost your temper for a moment. It's understandable. Breathe. It will pass. :)

    • Paul Anthony says:

      Robert, there have been days when I thought carpet-bombing liberal enclaves here in the US would be a good idea, but there may be some good people in California and New York. :)

      On any given day there are even good people in Washington, DC. They're called "tourists".

    • sam239 says:

      It's true – there are many thousands of conservative Muslim police and soldiers in Pakistan alone who died fighting terrorism.

      Also I recall reading that more Iranian police and soldiers have been murdered fighting Afghan-based terror/narcotics distribution groups than western personnel.

      That said, I share Ringer's anger against leftist-elitist hypocrites like Obama who lecture the rest of us about "Compassion, Unity, and Love", as he says – their sense of superiority and actions based on that are what is fueling the Brexit and Trump movements.

    • I would be interested to find out what your solution sounds like. The longer we wait, it is pretty much guaranteed that people will die.

  4. Aztex77 says:

    Yeah, let's just hug it out. Love cures everything…..Not ! Those barbarians have so much hate for the
    West, but you go Loretta, go over to the Middle East and hug it out. Then we will see if you return
    with your head. Yeah, and I'm sure Hillary will get a "rap on the Hand" for her unlawful deeds while
    in the State Department. Just let loving Loretta handle it the way the Department of Injustice does.
    Maybe you(Loretta) can just kiss her posterior and she will then be a good girl ! Because " all it
    takes is love", the Beatles said so, must be true. Me, I'll just stick with Ringers ideal.

    • John Eslinger says:

      Whether those flower tossin', make love not war types like it or not, Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused the japs to rethink their goals and objectives. That is the LAST time the USA did anything worthwhile to solve a serious conflict that about Cost the Uncle Sam his ass. You flower power folks brough us North Korea, Vietnam, and many other WINS…NOT. When it comes to Bullies, wheather in Jr. Hi. PE Class or on an International Basis, If you ain't the meanest SOB on the block, you are gonna get your BUTT KICKED! That is a historical fact. Human Nature hasn't changed since humans were killin' each other with rocks. We just have High Tech ways to do the same job. Ya just have to USE THEN if you are Goin To Prevail! Just.a thought.

  5. JOSEPH says:

    AGREE 100% with everything you said in this article. ISIS MUST BE ANNIHILATED.

  6. Birddog says:

    Anybody who thinks compassion and Love Is The Answer should take their dusty ass over there and see how it works for them

    • John Eslinger says:

      Boy Birddog, it is obvious YOU GET IT. Two tours in Vietnam and travels to 60+ countries and being a history junkie has tainted my thinkin'!

  7. Steve G says:

    What about just a tennis weenie little nuke? Just to wake em up. What about the nutron bomb? Remember that? God I hate all the pussyfooting crap this country does. Our friends don't trust us, and our enemies are laughing at us. Lord help us!

  8. John Jpsix says:

    The world has always been a dangerous place and our country has been fortunate in the past to have, most of the time, leadership that loved the country and it's constitution. This Administration is irrational to the point of clinical mental illness, or, they are a 5th column bent on the destruction of the United States by design and should be investigated for treason!!! The Iranian "Deal" was outrageous and its authors lied, absolutely lied, about the contents of the agreement as proven in recent information gleaned by the news media. Further, only Congress can ratify a Treaty! And yes, a "deal" is considered a treaty in international law! Read the Vienna Convention, The Law of Treaties, Article 1. Obama's "deal" is a "Treaty", period. Congress was derelict in its duty by refusing to stop the President on this issue. A number of individuals in this Administration should be investigated for criminal conduct.

  9. RBB says:

    Thanks Bob…for your unflinching and uncommon sense to this "complicated" issue. It's not complicated at all.

  10. William Nessun Dorma says:

    Sorry, Robert, I have to take issue with your view. Your plan to show force to bring an undefined enemy to heel regardless of who is killed makes you no different from the terrorist who kills indiscriminately in airports or nightclubs. Instead I recommend looking a bit more deeply into who ISIS is, who created them in the first place, and who funds them daily. I suspect you'll find that the real enemy is much closer to home than you'd like to believe. The Deep State may be the most insidious creation man has ever devised. We ignore it at our own peril.

    • John Jpsix says:

      Your points are salient. With today's weaponry, there is no need for "carpet bombing" which did not work in the first place in both WWII and Vietnam. What is highly effective is letting the military do the mission they are given and keep the damned politicians out of the execution phase of the war. That is what Generls do, not Community Organizers! Today's Theater of Combat weapons are highly sophisticated and accurate. Minimal fratricide is definitely doable. About your comments on the Deep State, I am afraid your insinuations are correct.

      • Anthony DeSimone says:

        Yes. We should use technology not bombs to bring ISIS down. The search for the root cause of ISIS power should be found and understood before we can act to stop it. Who, what & where questions need to be answered then an approach developed by the appropriate organization either within or outside the US. As was mention ISIS is against Europe, US and free thinking nations so we should involve them in the solution to eliminating ISIS! Let's fight fire with water instead of the other approach. Our superior technology is our ACE let's use it more wisely not just to drop bombs using drones but to use information as our weapon.

      • Like I been saying, LET THE GENERALS do what generals do! And NOT get rid of the ass-kickers as Ohole apparently did. Let's hope he LEAVES after his term is finished, and not create chaos as an excuse to continue. If he tries to pull something like that, I believe he would be cutting his own throat! I don't believe people would put up with a drama such as that. So now we hold our collective breath until the date he is supposed to be OUT!

  11. Marte says:

    You are so correct! You say the things that a few of our politicians might think – but don't have the intestinal fortitude to say out loud. (Gotta be politically correct, you know!)

    I say Ms. Lynch and BO should just go right ahead – hug them, love them, show them compassion – but do it in their countries, not ours. Then let's see how long their heads stay connected to their shoulders.

  12. Lee says:

    BO would retain his head, he's on their team. Just tead his book.

  13. S. Fearon says:

    Question though why is OJ Simpson the most prime,apposite example that came to Mr Ringer's mind … Is it because his transgressions is yet to trumped by that of any other in the history of the whole America … Or does the reason has more to do with a stronger, very popular human trait and or emotion?

  14. Rock Roach says:

    I was hoping they would have a vacation home at Gitmo for Obama,Lynch,and the Clintons after BHO lets everyone out.Vacation as permenantly move there. We could LOVE them more there.

  15. Bill Calhoun says:

    Absolutely right. Jefferson had to form the marines to kick ass in North Africa to stop pirates from seizing US ships and holding them for ransom. That's how they got "the shores of Tripoli" in Its theme song. Kicking ass did the trick too. Some people only understand violence. That was in 1800.

  16. Reality Seeker says:

    "We are Al-Qaeda" ~~ Jerome Corsi

    Go learn what Corsi means before you recommend deploying the nukes.

    Yes, we are ISIS, and then some. Yes we can and yes we do use proxy fighters to commit the most unspeakable war crimes.

    Who's we??? Washington, the CIA, MI and all of the sad-ass, dimwitted Americans who "support the troops" and support the endless wars of aggression and support the NSA which is commanded by warmongering Washington and support the crazed neocons.

    We are ISIS. We are the terrorists. We are the hedgemons.

    Only a war criminal uses nukes when no nukes are necessary. More than that: if there is a God, I sure wouldn't want to stand before Him and have to answer for for that level of violence……

  17. Marie says:

    Easy solution : just castrate all captured terrorists and send them back to tell the others ( no more virgins in Paradise ) .

  18. larajf says:

    With the terrorist mentality, I believe all they respect is force and violence, and that's what we should give them. Just like Tripoli.

  19. Phil P. says:

    I criticized you once for attacking Glenn Beck unfairly… but your comments today need to be heard by truth loving people. Yes, innocents must die for the truth to triumph – beginning with Jesus Crist and all his Apostles. What makes terrorism worse today is, I believe, people like Obama and all the power elites who want to rule the world, who have contracted with the radical islamist terroritst organization to do their business of spreading terror throughout the world to create anarchy and ultimately their global government to restore order.

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