Toward a More Perfect Union

Posted on August 23, 2016 by Robert Ringer


A visitor from another galaxy might be puzzled as to why so many Americans are so hung up on the issue of skin color. Given that slavery in the United States was abolished more than 150 years ago, you’d think that the subject would have faded into the marred pages of human history by now. So why is talk of racism still alive and well?

I believe the reason it’s so difficult for so many people to let go of the racism narrative is because it’s taken on a life of its own. But, contrary to what the radical left would like us to believe, most Americans moved beyond racism decades ago. Even the Jim Crow laws that were so ferociously promoted and protected by white Southern Democrats are but a distant, unpleasant memory.

Nevertheless, there still exists a large number of nefarious people who refuse to let the subject die, because they have found, to their delight, that they can profit handsomely by nurturing the idea that racism is at the heart of most of our nation’s problems. It is, of course, a totally false narrative, but one that is effectively used to prey upon those who live lives of noisy desperation.

Racism is relentlessly pushed to the forefront by race hustlers in their quest for ever more power and money, and shamelessly invoked by left-wing politicians as one of an array of nasty tools to help them stay in power. To be sure, it takes a person who is abjectly ignorant or hopelessly immoral to promote such a hoax, and, unfortunately, America has plenty of both.

The pretense of the promoters of racism is that they are protectors of helpless black folks who continue to be victimized by millions of whites who want to see them permanently oppressed. The safe haven the Dirty Dems offer them is the federal government’s welfare plantation, which is really a welfare prison.

Ironically, the election of America’s first (half) black president gave new life to the false claims of racism in America, which is a bit nutty considering the fact that his election was made possible by the votes of white Americans. But let me make it clear that I don’t for a second believe Barack Obama is particularly hung up on race, which is probably why blacks have ended up being so much worse off since his rise to power.

The truth be known, Obama has zero interest in helping blacks — or anyone else, for that matter. He is a totally committed ideologue who sincerely believes, in his angry, twisted mind, that the destruction of American exceptionalism is a noble undertaking.

And toward that end, he and his fellow American haters have skillfully used the false race narrative, especially to undermine anyone who opposes his policies. From whence comes the absurd claim that any resistance to his anti-American actions are a result of white people’s hatred of him because of his skin color.

Again, given the fact that he was elected not once, but twice, by a white-majority population, it’s an absurd claim, but the radical left continues to use it for one reason and one reason only: It works! So even though millions of people of all colors are experiencing racism fatigue, there is far too much profit in the exploitation of white guilt for the phony race card to go away anytime soon.

That’s right, the truth is that those who profit from racism do not want racial discord to die. They realize that because millions of Americans (both black and white) have no clue that they are being played for suckers, the so-called race card can be repeatedly dealt with predictable results.

We’ve seen this over and over again in recent years. Notwithstanding the adjudicated facts, the false Travon Martin narrative, the outrageous “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie in Ferguson, and the nasty fiction created by the perennially angry Marilyn Moseby about the Baltimore police are still believed by millions of information-challenged people.

As Joseph Goebbels infamously boasted, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Obama’s incredible success (in fundamentally changing the United States of America) is based on this simple tactic, as is his campaign for a third term (through his loathsome, blackmailed puppet, Hillary the Horrible).

So, is America’s future hopeless? It depends how far into the future you’re talking about. You certainly can’t fundamentally transform an upside-down culture into a civilized society overnight, but you do have the power of choice when it comes to transforming yourself into a more knowledgeable human being who refuses to accept lying and criminality in government as the status quo.

If enough people made a sincere effort to increase their own knowledge base, perhaps America could begin a slow — very slow — U-turn and eventually start moving in the direction of a more perfect union. By “a more perfect union,” I’m talking about a more enlightened and civilized America, one in which tyranny is reviled and liberty is extolled by a large majority of the populace.

I realize that right now a more civilized America sounds like a far-off fantasy, but perhaps real change at the top of the governmental food chain would give us all a bit more confidence that major, positive change is possible within a few generations. After all, you have to begin somewhere, so why not start by doing everything within your power to help defeat the Washington Crime Syndicate in November — from top to bottom.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

31 responses to “Toward a More Perfect Union”

  1. R Diamond says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful article. I think the Democrats have done more damage through propagating and supporting sub-standard schools that curse most of the kids who go through them to never reaching half their potential. Such a sad state of affairs. And to think our government is supposed to be one "by the people and for the people." Seems more like a government "for the politicians" to profit from.

    • NotPropagandizd says:

      Even worse, the American people have refused to judge the criminals and evil-doers since they began with installation of the smokescreen of relativism. Yes, the information challenged refuse to look truth in the mouth and believe anything they see. It's why conservatism is the only successful form of governance and why Trump was defective from the beginning. Conservatism is the only path to classical liberalism where man treads free and his held responsible for violating his/her neighbor's liberty. Sadly, restoration of our exceptional culture and nation can only be achieved through revolution which is risky in itself not knowing what emerges on the other side. Let's bend our knees en masse and appeal to Almighty without ceasing.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Government schools are at the heart of many of our problems, and why the government must get out of "education" (really, indoctrination, since they have been a horrid failure in real education!). The "progressives" do not want this, since it is a neat tool for dumbing down and manipulating the masses into accepting the almighty State and its brute force dictates. Along with the Federal Reserve (manipulating the money supply), the education establishment has created a dependent populace, unable to think for themselves, and thus fall for the lies of race-baiters, media presstitutes, and other divisive efforts (like those funded by George Soros).

  2. richard lee van der says:

    Start by cleaning up the voting process, maybe? Require Voter Registration, for starters?

    • Paul Anthony says:

      Every citizen has a right to vote, but rights come with responsibility. Every citizen who chooses to vote has a responsibility to become aware of the issues and knowledgeable about the candidates.

      Increasing the number of voters without increasing the knowledge of the voters will not improve the election process. Some of the people who choose not to vote have also chosen to be uninformed. If they don't care enough to learn about the issues, their votes will not benefit the nation – although they may benefit some politicians.

  3. Wil says:

    Robert, do you really think the media will ever back off this issue?

  4. Nasdaq7 says:

    One of the worst organizations that increases racial, cultural, ethnic divisions is Amnesty International. Their views are so extreme, they believe you shouldn't be doing business in the 3rd world unless you are actively and directly involved in corporate or individual welfare… you shouldn't even be there! Talk about being insane!

  5. Nasdaq7 says:

    Many extreme left wing and liberal websites censor or worse block comments and they try and fill up the google search results with articles spewing hatred, hate speech which fuels divisions.

  6. Nasdaq7 says:

    Google Hillary Vows To Shut Down Dissenting Internet Sites if She Wins Presidency

  7. Blank Reg says:

    The only qualifications for President are (1) be at least 35 years old, and (2) be a "natural born" citizen. That has become a big problem.

    But the BIGGER problem, as I see it, is that qualifications for VOTERS for President are (1) be at least 18 on the day of the election, and (2) have a pulse (except in Chicago). Everyone yammers about Killary and Drumph's "qualifications" to be President, but no one asks "What qualifies YOU to even VOTE for a President? Where's your studied background in all the major social, economic, and foreign policy issues facing us today?"

    I'd have more faith in the booboisie if they'd pick up a book now and then, instead of just parroting stupid internet memes.

  8. Reality Seeker says:

    As usual, an exceptionally well written, well thought-out, well intentioned article…..

    "millions of Americans (both black and white) have no clue that they are being played for suckers"

    Yes, indeed, so many suckers, so few clued-in. I hate to sound pessimistic, but the wheel has turned too far down the Road to Serfdom. And even if a "U-turn" was executed, it's too late to drive back. The point of no return was passed when LBJ finished creating the welfare state. Then and there the blacks were doomed to become bread and circus and unwed-sex lovers of Big Sugar Daddy. The black race is now murdering itself, and the whites aren't far behind. There is no U-turn, only a crash and burn…… Lots of burning; entire neighborhoods and large parts of major cities are going to burn…. Burn like Rome did…

    Trump might ( I'm not getting on it) delay the crash and burn, but that's only if he wins.

    If Trump loses, don't be surprised when he leads a splitting up of the "Union". Trump is ALL IN. I articulated before that the future was the Alternative. The Alternative is a movement led by for example, Drudge, Breitbart and hundreds of other Up-enders. The Up-enders are busy upending the system. And they know that it's about to get real. This next four years is a battle of life or death. Trump knows. And he's not playing. I had my doubts about him being truly committed. But now I know he's in this not just to advance his personal business interests. Trump was to make history. He wants to go down in history as a larger than life figure….. Win or lose the election, the Upending Movement shall continue….. even if that means splitting the Union.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      My recommendation is start to stockpile some necessities, e.g., food, water, medicine, fuel and a weapon. Even the German government is going to announce that its citizens have enough supplies to last 10 days. It's good advice for all those who reside in the EU. And it's good advise for Americans, too. I recommend buying food that's lasts a long time and keep it in durable, water proof containers. Put all of your supplies in durable, water proof containers.

      Have a plan of action for the next four years:. God, Gold, Guns, Grubstake and a get-out plan.

  9. Bobolito says:

    Great article, Robert, and right on the money. And, I am an informed voter.

  10. Nasdaq7 says:

    Google Julian Assange’s Lawyer Found Dead After Being Struck by Train

    • Reality Seeker says:

      Julian Assange and those associated with him are Up-enders, which means their lives are in peril. Going up against the corrupt political-system is a growing trend. When this trend flowers, look out!, there's going to be a running civil war.

  11. charlie goffnett says:

    Terrific Robert……One of your best !!!

  12. Kevin says:

    Hitler knew it. Stalin knew it. Mao knew it. To capture a nation you first capture the educational process. The children you raise will then be your army in 10 years or so.

    American educator John Deweyknew it too. A Marxist (look it up) he separated principle from action as a declared pragmatist…action without context. Today we have the chickens coming home to rooste.

    The U-Turn we need, I believe, should start back with the educational system that was infected so long ago with Dewey.

    I love what you write.


    • ◄Dave► says:

      Yes, it was planned by Dewy et al over a century ago, Kevin. The explanation is detailed in probably the most informative book I have ever read. I recently found it archived in PDF format: The Underground History of American Education.

      It is a tome, whose length at first appears daunting; but I found it well worth the time. At least read the Prologue, which begins thus:

      The shocking possibility that dumb people don’t exist in sufficient numbers to warrant the millions of careers devoted to tending them will seem incredible to you. Yet that is my central proposition: the mass dumbness which justifies official schooling first had to be dreamed of; it isn’t real.

      If you think you detest Progressives now, reading this remarkable history book will give you a whole new perspective, on just how utterly evil they are! ◄Dave►

      • Kevin says:

        I'll read it. Thanks Dave.

      • Jim Hallett says:

        Great book, Dave! John Taylor Gatto was "Teacher of the Year" in NYC, so saw the belly of the beast from within. Since forced schooling is what creates the erroneous mindset that gives the "progressive" movement its legs, it is at the heart of what MUST be removed, in order for liberty to flourish. The agenda of the federal school establishment, the teachers' unions, and the ever-growing, bloated administrators is not to educate, but to indoctrinate and deceive into the lies of progressive ideology.

        • ◄Dave► says:

          Agreed, Jim. Sending a child to a Public School is a particularly egregious form of child abuse. If I were a young man interested in having a family today, I wouldn't even consider marrying a woman who would not agree to put her personal career goals on hold, while she home schooled our children. I spent the past 20 years involved in the Private Montessori Preschool business, and know of what I speak. ◄Dave►

  13. Avery says:

    Robert, no one was held responsible for Freddie Gray's death. I know you are a reasonable man. If you or I had been transporting Freddie Gray and he would up dead, you and I would be sitting in jail facing criminal charges and at least one charge would stick. Don't you agree? So before you dismiss the race issue, you have to ask an answer one question, "Have black lives ever mattered?" #HAVEBLACKLIVESEVERMATTERED

    • Reality Seeker says:

      There is no question that America is a police state, but the fact is black lives don't matter to blacks. They are murdering each other at an astounding rate. Thr Chicago murder rate is a foregleam of things to come. If you take ALL of the annual police murders of black people in America, that doesn't come close to the black-on-black homicides in Chicago. Depending on what study you prefer to believe, blacks commit commit upwards of 70% of the violent crime in America.

      But, yes, the police can be no better than a goon squad. Frankly, I'd rather avoid both groups as a rule of thumb in low income neighborhoods. Where I frequent in Houston, black people are just like anybody else, no better and no worse, but I wouldn't want to be a cop patrolling the bad areas in this the forth largest city in amerika (sic)….

      • Avery Horton says:

        Gang crime is the big part of it. Take that out of the equation and the murder rate equals that of other races. But you are changing the topic. A tactic used to avoid discussing the issue.

        • Reality Seeker says:

          I'm not changing the topic. White people have gangs, too. Take that out of the equation.

          I've been "transported" by American police, on more than one occasion. And I've been tortured by them. And my experience goes pretty far back: I remember well the days when Serpico blew the lid off of a corrupt NYPD. I was living there. This crap has been going on a long time, and now the CIA and other federal agencies are heavily involved with state and local law enforcement. I repeat, America is a Super Police State. Most people have no clue how deep and broad the corruption goes.

          Police misconduct is nothing new, but it's on a whole new level now. And the private prison system has become something worse than the movie, Cool Hand Luke…. End the war on drugs, I say, just like we ended the war on beer. Do that, and many of the gangs will disband.

  14. RLG says:

    The government (both sides) has been telling the American people for a long time how dumb they are. We are starting to belive it. A large number of us no longer think for themsrlves. Whatever the government says, goes. Entitlements? Obama is racist and promotes it from the white house. This keeps things in chaos and keeps the focus off what Obama is doing… Breaking the constitution for one.

  15. Jay Smith says:

    Earl Silas Tupper (Tupperware) Work Ethic
    At the age of 71, he wrote in an autobiographical essay, "I'm ready to really go to work… so we older people don't look so lazy and stupid to our children and grandchildren, or to space visitors who will certainly be landing here one day and putting the torch to 75% of us, considering us to be worthless and damned poor breeding stock for the future."

  16. Rock Roach says:

    If it was up to the caucasians to elect Obama,I guess it may be up to the latino and African americans to elect Trump.How long can they block vote for a party that leaves them depressed and oppressed,selling their jobs to other countries and using them for propaganda?Increasing welfare by 58 percent (and charging more than that in grocery stores etc) is like dangling a carrot for votes.
    Obama wanted to eliminate the middle class and start a phony health care system that pulled them down further.(I'm really looking forward to my 2000 penalty for insurrance my wife and I can't afford that does nothing.)
    He and Hillary made wall streeters look good by allowing companies to have cheap labor outside the United States.Basically he cooked the books by running up a 20,000,000,000,000 dollar deficit now almost 60,000 for every individual in the United States.
    As for the election, if people can't look at the facts and tell that change is needed,then they are just not paying attention to very obvious facts and that includes whites ,blacks,asians,and everyone else.

  17. Jean says:

    One major point – any of the "isms" (racism, sexism, age-ism) can be a great way to avoid taking any personal responsibility for circumstances. As a professional resume writer, I work with a variety of people who are unemployed or underemployed. A good percentage of these people claim they have been "discriminated against" due to race/gender/age. Then I dig into their credentials and conduct a mini interview. I've found many of them also have poor work ethic, haven't kept up to date on their skills, and aren't very flexible in the kinds of work they are willing to undertake, despite the reality that what they had been doing is no longer an option. It's much simpler to elect the demagogue claiming he/she will fix everything for us and punish those who discriminate than it is to take a good,hard look at the other possibilities that may be getting in our path.

  18. Smucko says:

    How do you start to defeat the Washington Crime Syndicate from top to bottom in November 2016?

    1) Suggest to your friends that can't be bothered with reading or watching the news to go see Dinesh D'Souza's two movies — 2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA , and HILLARY'S AMERICA. Hopefully, they can connect the dots on what is going on in this country by comparing that to what Dinesh is proclaiming in the movies.

    2) Stop electing the same Congressmen that —
    * Lie to you about their opponent;
    * Lie to you about their own beliefs on the role of government;
    * Lie to you about why they voted the way they did on any legislation;
    * Gives the President his Supreme Court and other Federal Judge nominees because, after all, he won the election;
    * Takes State's Powers under the Constitution and gives them to Federal Bureaucrats to control every aspect of your life;
    * Assumes that you will stay with his Party because you told him that you don't think we need a 3rd Party.

    Replace Supreme Court Justices who believe that —
    *Their job is to give the people what they want;
    * If a law is ambiguous or silent on an issue, it is NOT the job of the Supreme Court to overturn the law, but their job is to simply "advise" Congress that they should clarify their position in the future. The result of this Judicial Deference is that Congress just writes a vague law and authorizes the Federal Agency (IRS, EPA, etc.) to "interpret what Congress intended", which means that the unelected bureaucrats at that agency get to tell you how to live.

    You need to learn who runs your city, county, and state. Going to vote every four years for the President, and then standing there at the voting machine asking yourself "What is a Land Commissioner?', and "Who are these guys running for judge?", ain't going to get it anymore. What it will get you is the government that you deserve.

    While you are doing that for the next few decades, remember to do what Obama mockingly said that we always do, "return to our guns and our religion", for as any soldier from the Greatest Generation will tell you, when you are in that foxhole, that and your buddy next to you is all that you have. Find some like-minded people that you can buddy-up with, for you are going to need them. Yours in Freedom.

  19. AlRiver says:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
    As in calling the US: “America”, a lie that most US citizens has been telling for so long as being the name of their country. America is the name of a continent from Canada to Chile/Argentina.