The Shameful Manicured Class

Posted on August 1, 2023 by Robert Ringer


A friend of mine, Henry, was lamenting last week about the fact that there is no counterforce in the United States to push back against the evils of leftism.  It drives him nuts to see Democrats get away with virtually every kind of atrocity known to mankind, while the manicured class (a.k.a. Republicans) offer nothing but hollow chatter about all kinds of things average Americans don’t care about.

On occasion, the manicured class even dares to talk about opening investigations into Democrat wrongdoing, which history has taught us will lead to absolutely nothing.  They are people who have no interest whatsoever in what their constituents want, because they’re too busy working on things that make their own lives better.

I tried to console Henry, but he was having none of it and proceeded to rattle off a panoply of crimes that Democrats have committed, misdeeds that don’t seem to bother Republican lawmakers in the least — e.g., Chuck Schumer openly threatening Supreme Court justices, endless election-interference schemes, Joe Biden’s brazen influence peddling, Ilhan Omar’s many violations of immigration laws, millions of foreigners entering the country illegally without consequence, Merrick Garland openly using the justice system to punish enemies of the left … his rant went on and on.

While I agreed with everything Henry said, I also pointed out that while it’s true that leftists are enemies of law-abiding citizens, I have long maintained that the more dangerous enemies are those in the manicured class — well-mannered gentlemen prancing around D.C. in dark blue suits, white dress shirts, spit-shined shoes, and beautifully polished nails — dignified fellows with names like Thune, Cornyn, Lankford, Cassidy, and Tillis.  They have managed to execute the world’s longest-running sting, pulling the wool over the eyes of gullible Americans who can always be counted on to return them to office every election day.

Getting back to Henry’s point that there is no counterforce pushing back against leftist reprobates, he said his main concern is that the bad guys will ultimately prevail because they are so incredibly dedicated to their pursuit of power that they are willing to resort to any kind of tactics, no matter how immoral or illegal those tactics may be.  Worst of all, he sees the hoi polloi as nothing more than sheep stumbling into the slaughter house without the slightest bit of resistance.

Henry’s negative outlook is the polar opposite of Tucker Carlson’s.  Tucker believes the ruling class will ultimately fail, because if you keep telling people to shut up, it’s only a matter of time until they fight back with a fury.  I believe Tucker is right in the long term, but I’m concerned about what happens before a silenced people musters enough courage to revolt.

What I’m getting at is that before a revolution takes hold, millions of people usually suffer over long periods of time at the hands of the tyrants who silenced them.  Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Castro, and Mao are just a few of the names that come quickly to mind.  Totalitarian rule in China is going on 75 years, with the tyranny baton being handed off from one leader to another, so hundreds of millions of people have had to endure silencing for a very long period of time.

Which brings me to Donald Trump and the heat he’s taking for insisting that bringing swamp criminals to justice is a top priority.  The manicured class argues that Republicans should instead focus on the economy, and there’s no doubt that people are always thinking about their pocketbooks.  Nevertheless, if those who hate both the country and the working class are allowed to violate the law with impunity, put their political opponents in jail, and rig elections, the state of the economy won’t matter, because America as we know it will cease to exist.

Unlike the manicured class, Democrats are never embarrassed, never remorseful, and never, ever apologetic.  On the contrary, when caught red-handed in a lie or criminal act, they become belligerent.  For example, Leon Panetta says he doesn’t regret signing the letter that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation, a fraudulent document signed by 51 former intelligence officials that helped swing the last presidential election to Joe Biden.

Likewise, the always incorrigible Adam Schiff says he takes being censured for his never-ending river of lies as a badge of honor.  And to this day, no Democrat has ever acknowledged that the claim about Trump colluding with Russia was a monumental hoax based on zero evidence.

Henry’s fears are well taken, because Democrats are always on offense, no matter how egregious their lies and crimes may be.  They don’t care about the law and, above all, they don’t care what you think.  After several Supreme Court decisions that were constitutionally sound, Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet published a letter urging Joe Biden to simply ignore any decisions made by the “MAGA” Supreme Court that are “bad.”

If a miracle happens and Joe Biden is eventually marched out of a courtroom in handcuffs and fitted for an orange jump suit, rest assured Democrats will not be saying, “Gee, I guess we were wrong about Biden.  The old coot really is a criminal.”  On the contrary, they will be angry, probably hysterical, and insist that Biden was railroaded, then continue right on gaslighting, denying, and scheming.

It always gets down to the same question:  Will enough voters ever wake up and banish the manicured class by voting lawmakers into office who have the stones to ruthlessly go after the criminal left?  I hope so, because I don’t look forward to Henry constantly saying to me, “I told you so.”

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

8 responses to “The Shameful Manicured Class”

  1. Ghost_1776 says:

    I am sorry, but I am going to side with your friend Henry and say I told you so now. If you need some further proof that the GOP will continue to sit on their hands and do nothing just look at McCarthy who is still talking about thinking about, possibly talking about, just maybe, holding an impeachment of Biden. If it were Pelosi in the House and Trump was still in office she would probably be on the 28th impeachment proceeding by now, but all McCarthy can manage is more idle chatter that goes nowhere. Nobody on the left will ever see the inside of a court room or feel the rough fabric of an orange jump suit.

  2. Ghost_1776 says:

    The problem is that hoping the American people will "wake up" is a pipe dream. It isn't about waking up that is the problem. One thing the left has figured out is make sure people have just enough on balance to be comfy and well fed. To not have want and hunger sitting just outside the door as it was in all the communist countries for so long. As long as people remain well fed and have Netflix and other "qualify of life" standards they are too soft and unmotivated to lead a new revolution. They will stay asleep or simply not care enough to get off their duff to do something. Just pass the tacos and see what just dropped on Hulu, life is good as Rome continues to burn and disintegrate.

    • BFenton1981 says:

      Well said Ghost. This is the drum I’ve been beating for many moons, yet I’ve seen very very few comments which addresses this most important issue. You simply & adroitly point out the major issue which, I contend, gets to the absolute the heart of the matter driving most of our political problems in this perverted social democracy we seem to be trapped in. For the few of us who think this issue is an enormous problem, you’d think pointing out the situation would gather at least a modicum of traction on the internet with freedom loving folks, yet all we hear is crickets when we make our case. So the question I ask is, why the silent treatment? Why are people afraid to speak out on the subject?

      For many people they just don’t want to rock the boat. Ok, fine, we get it. For others, it’s a subject polite people aren’t supposed to discuss as it crosses the line of political correctness. Fine, we get that too.

      But the biggest reason far and away is the simple fact that most of the populace today have adopted and are motivated by the “something for nothing mentality”. In other words, the majority of people today have been bought off & rewarded with taxpayer money by politicians and the parasitical political class in exchange for their votes & support. This moral degeneration has been occurring for many years, ever since bloc voters have learned the neat little trick of grouping together in order to outvote & game the system at the expense of those in the minority. The hard fact is most adults today derive some or all of their income from government.

      I can only conclude that most freedom advocates either don’t understand the situation and the impact it’s having on the overburdened & dwindling number of taxpayers who actually foot the bill, in which case they need a cold slap in the face. Or, they intentionally ignore the facts perhaps because they too receive some of the booty and don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

      So, does the average person really desire to hear the truth or care about the reality of this moral conundrum? Answer: . . .you know the answer.

  3. daleops77 says:

    I can always count on getting the Parallax view from you and the Trump syncophants

  4. tao69fl says:

    Have to take exception to the Panetta letter thing. Hunter's laptop and the Russian disinformation campaign did not "swing the election to Biden".

    Cheating did. Cheating, and nothing but.

  5. RRCbyname says:

    I am 75 and living on SSA – no pension – small savings. I won't live to see a real alternative to the Left. The country is gone already. The explanation for Joe Walkaway Biden's 20 phone inquiries about the weather by a Democrat attorney does not pass any smell test. I have a plaque on my office wall. "NATION OF SHEEP, RULED BY WOLVES, OWNED BY PIGS". Amen.

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