The NFL and the Decline of Rome

Posted on January 10, 2014 by Robert Ringer


When the news broke that three of the National Football League wildcard playoff games last weekend did not sell out, it got me thinking about, of all things, the connection between the NFL and the decline of the Roman Empire.  The NFL is to the United States what the gladiatorial contests were to Rome, sans gladiators killing each other (though NFL players certainly seem to be trying hard to mimic them).

But the reality is that professional football is no longer a sport.  It’s all about hype, entertainment, and, above all, money.  The problem the NFL is having with ticket sales is a result of marketplace forces overriding lies, distortions, and delusions and winning out over the long term.  Even the most fanatical fans are fed up with having to pay astronomical prices for football tickets, especially when they have to sit in freezing weather and put up with wind, rain, and/or snow.

While ticket prices continue to skyrocket beyond the means of the average fan, the incomes (in real terms) of the people who are expected to pay the freight and keep professional athletes living like potentates is dropping (down more than $3,500 over the past five years alone) — and will continue to drop, no matter what politicians, government agencies, and news pundits tell us (e.g., tales of the totally fabricated “recovery”).

Virtually everything you hear from these sources is based on purposeful deceit (a.k.a. lying), naïveté, or ignorance.  Not that all news commentators are the same, of course.  For example, while it’s true that a majority of commentators on the far-left networks rely heavily on lies, I feel obliged to point out that many of the most notorious far-left pundits are simply so wrapped up in their ideology that they suffer not from malevolence but self-delusion.

A Bill O’Reilly, on the other hand, would be someone who would fall into the naïve category.  Though I believe he’s a reasonably intelligent and well-meaning guy (his breathtaking rudeness aside), he simply can’t bring himself to believe that any politician would actually want to see America reduced to banana-republic status.  You might call it the Kumbaya Mental Disorder — everyone’s motives are pure … we must all love one another … trees are primarily for hugging … yadda-yadda-yadda.

Which brings us to ignorance.  Keep in mind that ignorance is not stupidity.  Probably a majority of media folks are reasonably smart — some very smart — but, nonetheless, they are ignorant, i.e., they have a knowledge deficit.  I never cease to be amazed at the things that come out of the mouths of some of the most highly respected news commentators on radio and television.

The problem is that even when the level of knowledge of high-level media types is substantial, it exists within a mental paradigm that blocks out any information that is “unthinkable” to them — e.g., the stock-market crash of 1929 (as well as 1987), the events of 9/11, and the possibility of New Orleans someday becoming Atlantis II.  It’s what is commonly referred to as a normalcy bias.

A normalcy bias is what causes otherwise well-informed individuals to make statements like, “Whether the government likes it or not, Social Security will run out of money by such and such a date.”  Their mental paradigm does not allow them to even consider the possibility that all the government needs to do is terminate FICA and raise whatever revenue is needed for Social Security by simply increasing income taxes and printing more paper dollars.

The same is true of healthcare.  I often hear statements to the effect of, “Whether or not the government likes it, doctors will simply stop accepting Medicaid patients.”  Their mental paradigm does not allow them to even consider the possibility of government using the threat of force to make doctors accept Medicaid patients.  “But they’ll quit their practices,” someone imprisoned by a normalcy bias might respond.  Answer:  not if the government forces them to continue practicing.

Those who have broken through the normalcy bias barrier realize that today we live in the United States of Lawlessness, where government force trumps all.  Even after Ruby Ridge, Waco, spying on (and even killing) American citizens without charges being filed against them, most people simply cannot overcome their normalcy biases and accept the fact that we are no longer a nation of laws — that we are ruled by an elite, permanently entrenched political class in Washington.

So, what does all this have to do with NFL games not selling out?  A lot.  The practical result of an outlaw government is an ever-lower standard of living — even for those who are on the receiving end of bloated government benefits — so fewer and fewer people can afford to go to sporting events.

This is a potential problem for the government because it relies on professional sports (and, to a great extent, big-time college football and basketball programs as well) to distract the public’s attention.  Notwithstanding their crocodile tears about income inequality, the political class actually wants professional athletes to continue to make obscene salaries, because they play an integral role in helping to keep the public mesmerized and thus uninformed.

Which means there is a conflict between government’s desire to reduce everyone to poverty (and thereby make them dependent on government benefits) and the fact that impoverished people can’t afford to buy tickets to games.  True, the government can make sports somas available to all by seeing to it that everyone has a giant, high-definition TV set, but without the drama and excitement of being surrounded by bare-chested, paint-splattered, screaming fans in drunken stupors, the games just wouldn’t be as much fun.

Long before it becomes a problem, however, the government might very well utilize one of its most common and effective power tools — subsidization.  That’s right, just subsidize team owners and players with money from taxpayers, which would be a drop in the bucket compared to having to deal with nonstop irate mobs.  (Remember, taxpayers have already paid for most NFL stadiums.)

If all this sounds farfetched, you owe it to yourself to read up on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.  In its dying days, the government subsidized farmers while at the same time giving free food to a large chunk of the citizenry.  And, of course, the daily “circuses” (i.e., bloodbaths at the Colosseum and other great Roman amphitheatres) were also free.  There’s no question that bread and circus is what caused Rome’s demise, not barbarians from afar.

Neither I nor anyone else knows for certain exactly how all this will play out in America, but it’s going to be fascinating to watch.  In the meantime, to end on a positive note, it’s good for the spirit to realize that no matter what happens to the American Empire, resourceful people, in all likelihood, will always do well.

Enough said.  Now, kick back, relax, and enjoy being mesmerized by the NFL’s gladiatorial contests this weekend.  And while you’re at it, think about how the Roman plebs would have loved to have been able to watch the action on flat-screen TVs.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

72 responses to “The NFL and the Decline of Rome”

  1. Grundoon says:

    I was thinking some statements were exaggerations, but the "U.S. of Lawlessness" and "ruled by an elite….political class" hit me 'tween the eyes as an uncomfortable truth. Laws passed by previous Congresses are being increasingly ignored by this administration and will, no doubt, continue to be under future administrations, since nobody's enforcing outa bounds calls from referees (the courts), even when they make the right calls.

  2. hisdivineappointments831 says:

    Wonderful post! It is right on target and addresses where we are with precision. "Reality' TV the music shows, the island shows, etc keep the masses 'entertained…few have any idea how close ROme is to burning.

  3. RedStateDan says:

    Mr. Ringer, I read all your posts with interest, but this one is especially good. No offense intended to any readers, but I struggle with libertarian thought at many points; my hopes and ideas are shaped by Scripture. But your comment, "We are no longer a nation of laws . . . we are ruled by an elite, permanently entrenched political class in Washington" is SPOT ON. It's that word "permanently" that gives me a heavy heart . . . even saps my spirits. Is there nothing that the average, blue-collar family can do–no organization to join, no local activity to engage in–that will help return our once-great nation to a constitutional republic? I would love to see readers' feedback!

    • Philip Pizzurro says:

      To RedStateDan, 1) start with yourself, be straight with God and follow his laws. 2) Then, speak out any chance you get, to let others know how you feel. 3) Spread the truth to others and support real conservative candidates running for office..

    • Bill Zimmerly says:

      The best that one can do now is to arm yourself and make sure that your preparations are well stocked. Network with like-minded neighbours, friends, and family.

    • FatherLode says:

      RSDan – you might find with further study that much libertarian thought lines up with scripture. It requires, however, to take off the jersey you wear (I wore it for 30 years) and really commit to ferreting the issues out. Further… "Is there nothing that the average, blue-collar family can do–no organization to join, no local activity to engage in–that will help return our once-great nation to a constitutional republic?" No. Not at the national level. It must break to change. It will. Get involved in your community locally. This is where influence is exercised effectively. When things break you are going to want strong local relationships in your church and community.

  4. JKJ says:

    There is always a choice, always something that can be done. The question is whether people are willing to endure pain, to get the change. Keeping things the same is quite comfortable.

  5. Dau Tieng 59 says:

    The government will have "free" circus. The games will be "free".

  6. Rich says:

    3 or 4 or 5 amendments to the constitution could go a long way in solving this. Start by repealing the 16th and 17th amendments. Let the states fund the federal government and go back to appointing Senators Also let the Senators be paid from the state treasury so they know for whom they work . Make it so Supreme Courts Justices do not have lifetime appointments and any ruling they offer up must be 7-2 to be effective.

    Then give every student a opportunity scholarship and let parents decide how their children should be educated and what they should learn to be successful. That is a start.

    • Support And Defend says:

      U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 1, 2nd sentence reads: The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

      Please note: It is NOT a lifetime appointment for the Supremes nor for the inferiors, but only during "good Behaviour" which when breached (as has all too often been the case) they CAN and SHOULD be removed.

  7. Scott theczech says:

    We believe in competition, right? The NFL has no competitor and has either squashed or gobbled up any upstart in the last 60 years. We believe in the law, equally and fairly applied, right? The NFL is exempt from nearly all provisions of the law (Anti-trust, etc.) and ignores most local laws, including the New Jersey law prohibiting favored ticket status and selling tickets on the secondary market. We believe in fair play, right? Scandal has plagued the NFL in recent years; cash bounties for extra violent conduct, "sexting," suicide and homicide numbers far greater than the norm, lawsuits and counter-suits galore, etc., etc.

    Perhaps the NFL is just a reflection, a microcosm of our society at large? The parallels with ancient Rome are astounding.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      The NFL is most definitely a microcosm of American society. Cultural decay has an infinite number of tentacles.

      • RealitySeeker says:

        Yes, indeed, there are oh so many parallels between ancient Rome and modern America that it's actually laughable, viz., the abjectly ignorant masses of Americans and their leaders (think: Chris Glutton Christie) and sports demigods (think: Dennis Rodman) and the currency debasers (think: Janet Yellen) and the three branches of government and every part of the welfare-warfare state, add infinitum. .

        Americans are so much like Romans—only more stupid and ignorant— that Americans should start adding a cognomen and an agnomen to their individual names.

  8. Murray Suid says:

    Robert, I'm having trouble grokking your statement that "we are no longer a nation of laws." Are you saying that no federal laws are currently being enforced? If some laws are enforced, has the percentage of enforcement gone down? Or–as I think is quite obvious–were you using the rhetoric of exaggeration to make a point. I've done that, but all smart writers understand that exaggeration has a price. It can make the writer look foolish or untrustworthy. I believe more is accomplished rhetorically using unvarnished truth, rather than statements that seem ridiculous on the surface.

    I do listen to extremist radio shows–on the left and on the right–and it's amazing how often the hosts rely on exaggeration. Quite different from, say, the days of Edward R. Murrow.

  9. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    When I say we are no longer a nation of laws, I mean those at the top ignore the law, do whatever they please, and have no fear of either removal from office or criminal indictment. Perhaps you know something I don't.

    • P atrick says:

      You must be referring to Ted Kennedy, drunk driving, left the scene of an accident and left someone to die and stays in office another 39 years. Thanks God that silly family has decided to stay out of politics, at least the men side. Doubtful the women Kennedy's would behave so recklessly.

  10. Debbie Ayton says:

    America has always been like this. Even Ben Franklin allowed the unions in in the early 20th century. Nixon caused the modern downfall by allowing money printing in the ’70s which devalues the USD and caused the price of gold to skyrocket. The days of dominion of the USD are over and China and the other superpowers know this. They are all just waiting for the downfall so they can kick Americas teeth in which is exactly what she deserves. Generally it has always been the elite controlling the masses. When has it ever been any different? Except for indigenous cultures however they are a whole nother league of nurture based society which we completely ignore.

    • Robby Bonter says:

      Interesting how nobody ever has anything to say about FDR CONFISCATING U.S. Citizens private stores of gold, in 1933, under severe penalty of law for those who did not comply with this extortion. Nixon, in fact, closed the gold window to foreign governements because their claims upon our gold reserves with U.S. dollars exceeding our national gold inventory. On top of that it was Richard Nixon who allowed U.S. Citizens, in 1972, to once again privately own gold, a privileged taken away by all presidents preceeding him from FDR, onward. Can you just not buy into the party line you subscribe to, so blindly, from now on?

  11. Jon Mayer says:

    Aaaah Debbie, …..ol' Ben was around in the late 18th Century, (the 1700's), not the 20th Century. That's his signature on our Declaration of Independence.
    B. China needs us as a big customer to employ their BIG population. They are hedging their bet with gold
    purchases as are the Indians. But they need us to remain a viable, vibrant market for their exports.

  12. Heather Carder says:

    Great Post, Robert. Perhaps I am more of the mentality of Bill O'Reilly, because I believe that there is a divine direction to our existence and free will has a huge role. It may not appear that way to everyone, but everything in your life is a result of your decisions – yours, not any one else's. You choose to accept or reject ideas philosophies, decisions by others, etc. We are more powerful than most of us realize, and taking responsibility for our lives is, indeed, a scary prospect for many people – much easier to go along with the crowd than to stand out. But free-will will persevere, I am certain of it.

  13. Patrick says:

    This will always be a matter of what the market will bear. As long as each NFL market can get 45,000 or 75,000 willing fans to pay what the NFL is considered the going rate, it is a business after all.
    Seems rather high priced for just a few hours of entertainment, and unless one is betting on the games, go bowling instead. Frankly, with all the head injuries, not so sure football will be around, just due to the legal risks suits to high schools and colleges that is coming up on the horizon. Then the tv companys and those who advertise may have something to answer to for making this a huge buzz sport.

  14. Daniel says:

    …and now $30.7M+ per year for Kershaw. If he pitches 25 games and averages 100 throws per game (just numbers I picked for ease of calculation) that's over $12,000 per pitch. Of course that doesn't figure in all the other stuff a major league baseball player does to earn his pay; but still… I have turned away from pro sports, one-by-one, over the past couple of decades. The absurdity became intolerable for what is, basically, just another form of entertainment; and the time and money saved by not jaw-jacking with the boys the day after "the big game" are now invested in productive endeavors and real person-to-person interaction.

  15. John Huynh says:

    Great post. May be ending all the lobbying in Washington should be a starting point?

  16. This should come as no surprise to seniors. Eisenhower warned Kennedy, on the eve of JFK’s inauguration, to beware of the “military/industrial complex” i.e. those who profit from wars. Since that time we have been involved all over the globe in constant conflict with that advice. Our former “enemies” are now our best trading partners. We continue to spend American blood and treasure in senseless conflict. Pogo had it right when he said, “We have met the enemy and it is us!!!”

  17. Robby Bonter says:

    Another reason for the decline in ticket sales, at least on my part, is the over-baked ~commercialization~ of network television. Do people know that there are 16 scripted television commercial breaks, for every televised game? On top of that you have, in the NFL, the phony "Two minute warning" commercial breaks, before each half ends. Plus as soon as someone gets injured – boom, another commercial break. Plus the timeouts allocated to each coach = that is more delay.

    Also, when was the last time anyone saw a marching band getting camera time at half-time? They just cut to the in-studio two minute " expert analysis", and then it's right back to the commercial hammering on people's frazzled, by now, brain cells.

    Oh yes, I gave my TV set to a neighbor, three years ago, and fired the entire brain-dead medium of commercial television, for my trouble. People say to me, "Yes, but there are still many quality programs on television." I tell them that just SURFING the glut of garbage programs and humanity on the screen to find a redeeming program pulls me into to a spirtually-bankrupt abyss from where no enlightened programming can extricate me.

    Too many games, too many playoff teams in all sports, too much commercialism, too many multi-millionaire spoiled-brat athletes displaying too many idiotic tattoos, too many insider-fix sporting events (see: World Series 2004 and 2008; Pittsburgh – Seattle Super Bowl), too much grossly incompetent officiating with too many "the play is being reviewed" futher delays = Damn, I must have a good book to read somewhere in the house?

    Plus, to their credit, I don't think Schiller, Poe, or Dickens ever played in the NFL, so that they still might have something worth while to offer without needing to expedite a chest-pumping ritual to bring attention to themselves just because they tackled somebody for a loss. Hey, when it comes down to Schiller vs. Geico, I know where I stand.

  18. Robby Bonter says:

    The complex that worries me is the "Lobbyist-Politician Complex." We the people are far removed from their thoughts, and from their back room deals.

  19. George LanceBoyle says:

    Robert, your post is spot on! All one needs to do is watch a "jaywalking" epsisode with Leno and you can readily see how completely clueless so many citizens are as to what is really going on. Tweets, Facebook, the NFL, they're all just distractions. Try and wake people up and they think you're crazy. All I know is this is NOT the country I grew up in and it's not looking good.

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