The Melody of Life

Posted on August 21, 2014 by Robert Ringer


Amidst all the insanity and meaningless chatter that overwhelms us each day, every so often the Conscious Universal Power Source cuts us a break and hooks us up to nature’s Sanity Support System. We have little control over when such soothing, awareness-elevating interventions will take place, how often they will occur, or what their components will be.

I often wish I had the power to bring about a heightened state of awareness at any time I choose, but that’s not the way the rules of the game work. That being the case, I’ll take what’s given to me, and this past Sunday evening a lot was given.

My wife and I had been out for several hours in the humid 85-degree summer heat. When we finally arrived back home, I turned down the air conditioning, kicked back, and cooled off for an hour or so. As time passed, ominous storm clouds began moving into view.

Nevertheless, for reasons I cannot explain, we decided to go outside and stroll around on our veranda. There was a deliciously strong breeze blowing, which swept away all thoughts of such secular issues as politics, protests, crime, and, above all, petty and banal matters.

And to top it off, coming from our outdoor speakers was a soothing voice from another time — Neil Sedaka. We’re talking Solitaire, King of Clowns, Love Will Keep Us Together … and more. Surely, Heaven has Neil Sedaka piped in.

But Neil Sedaka’s wasn’t the only music we could hear. He was just one part of a massive symphony with which nature presented us. To the left and somewhat distant from our veranda lies a huge conglomeration of tall trees that create a tranquil shield from the outside world. For what seemed like an eternity, the wind whipped those trees into a choreographed frenzy that brought with it a windy, rustling melody — a melody that seemed as though it were being guided by a master Conductor.

It immediately brought to mind the “melody of life” that Guy Murchie wrote about so eloquently. According to Murchie, as well as others whose understanding of such scientific issues is far beyond what my brain is capable of absorbing, the earth and every other “sphere” in the universe oscillate much like musical instruments. Supposedly, the two fundamental “notes” to which the earth’s body oscillates are one vibration every 53.1 minutes and the other every 54.7 minutes — but I’m not the guy to ask about that.

I do, however, know that there was music and choreography happening with those trees, and it was happening all around us — as far as the eye could see. If my description is inadequate, it’s because the scene is impossible for me to accurately describe. Moments like this have to be experienced firsthand.

On and off, light raindrops fell, but my wife and I chose to remain outside and enjoy nature’s symphony. Like the other times in my life that nature hooked me up to her Sanity Support System, I was immersed in metaphysical magic that I did not want to end. A man could solve all of the world’s problems if he could exist in such a heightened state of awareness throughout his life.

Finally, the rain started coming down more heavily, and, reluctantly, we were forced to retreat inside. But we talked about those otherworldly moments we experienced on the veranda for quite some time, and I will never forget that evening.

Undoubtedly, you’ve experienced similar moments in your own life … times when you felt only peace and tranquility … and, perhaps for a brief moment, a connection to all the knowledge the Universe contains. I hope so … but, if not, I suspect your time will come.

One bit of advice: When nature’s Sanity Support System makes its appearance, forget about everything else and seize the moment. Whatever you may be doing at that time is not nearly as important as tuning in. The secular nonsense can wait.

Nature, on the other hand, will not. When she is ready to connect with you, she’s impatient. And it’s always a mistake to keep a lady waiting.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

17 responses to “The Melody of Life”

  1. TheLookOut says:

    A serenade by Nature is truly awesome, it's my kind of tune.

  2. vanvonu says:

    A bit of further investigation would lead Robert to multiple ways of raising ones awareness consciously and naturally.
    I just finished a book called "Induced after death communication," by Allan L. Botkin, Psy.D., that might give some clues into one possible method.

  3. larajf says:

    Sounds lovely being in the moment and appreciating it!

  4. american real says:

    that's how I feel when I'm surfing

  5. Scott theczech says:

    Somewhere in the Bible I believe it reveals God saying something like this to us: "If you wish to find me you can seek me in my creation." I appreciate Robert choosing to share one such moment of connection with the Conscious Universal Power Source…written such that I was almost transported there.

  6. Liz says:

    That was lovely, Robert. Thank you.

  7. Yes, the "ineffables"… the realities that there are no words for. The best of the poets and musical composers try. To appreciate Life's Ineffables suggests that some of use are innately civilized. And then there are those lower on the evolutionary scale who only want to kill. All humans are "equal", NO WAAAAAY! Some say, "similar but different". In our time, not even similar. Now is the time of the War that always was on the Earth Plane or Planet Dirt: Good against Evil. As the Ancients of India wrote, the world moves cyclically: Creation, Preservation, and then Destruction. And then over and over again. So why? To create a theater for the human evolutionary drama: EVOLUTION THROUGH INVOLUTION. By involving ourselves in matter, we evolve our selves. Or ought to. I'd say most of the world believes in reincarnation. Maybe Christians would also, if the Bible had not been tampered with by politician-theologians back in da bad ol' days!

    • Steven Hathaway says:

      As a poet O have had many such moments when certain phrases U was seeking seem to appear out of nowhere. It seem that there are undiscovered thing awaiting in the universe for our own enlightenment.

  8. If you can define GOD, you don't have a clue to That Reality. Another "ineffable".

  9. Jim Hallett says:

    I have often found that the run-up to a storm is a time where Nature shows us some excitement, and in that energy, wakes up our higher selves. Keeping the TV off and not surfing all the web negativity are other ways to allow the higher self to be heard above the din of political and media liars. Of course, if we try and orchestrate these moments, they don't seem to happen, but when they completely captivate us in the joy and richness of the present moment, it is indeed memorable. Thanks for sharing, Robert!

    • Robby Bonfire says:

      Thanks, Jim, you inspire me to want to break my "Yahoo News" habit, one deep vat of negative mind and spiritual pollution (and propaganda) it is.

  10. Jerry Christian says:

    Robert, you are so incredibly gifted! THANK YOU for sharing these moving words…

  11. Murray Suid says:

    Thank you, Robert. Your essay is particularly welcome this week, which has brought so much unhappy world news. Perhaps happiness is always local.

  12. Robby Bonfire says:

    I have a different way of looking at Nature's pattern of music, which may be complementary with yours, Robert. And that has to do with my compiling a list of "renewal" functions connected with both Nature and the human mind and body. My surely incomplete starter list goes like this…

    1. Sleep
    2. Sex
    3. Food and Water
    4. Elimination Functions
    5. Sunrise

    6. Sunshine
    7. Rain
    8. Springtime
    9. Exercise

    Of the above, I find the Springtime renewal of our earth and our spirits the most interesting to ponder, so much so that I included it in a verse to a song I composed called "Earth Day When Values Collide." The verse goes: "In the springtime of the year, for Earth Day we can cheer, knowing that as the world comes alive, our children will long survive."

    So instead of looking at the above list as mundane and routine parts of life, they take on new significance when put into the perspective of the cycle the life of each one of us is gifted with.

  13. Phiosophizer says:

    Like happened to Robert, it is especially nice when those "magic" moments happen right in your yard! So you can be at home and still experience natures majesty…

    The times I find that are most likely to bring about serendipity is when I am on a traveling camping vacation. Without fail every time I go on one I am awed by how the mysterious things that happen along the way continue without fail every single day, at every stop…

    Some of the greatest or most unusual moments of my life have happened while camping in the most remote or most beautiful places and towns, and the people I meet have been incredible – I have always managed to be in the right place at the right time to have the most unbelievable things happen.

    I think it's called "being in flow" – and if you see or have something happen like that, it's a sure sign the Universe has aligned itself for you to experience it – it is just for you!

  14. Emma says:

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