The Justification for a Preemptive Autocracy

Posted on February 13, 2017 by Robert Ringer


In my article “My Next Unequivocal Prediction,” I said there is zero chance that the Dirty Dems will ever stop their hate mongering, slandering, race-baiting, and lying. You can be certain that even after the bloodbath they are almost certain to take in the 2018 midterms, they still will not admit even to themselves that their childish theatrical tantrums do not work. As a result, you can expect them to ratchet up their violence-prone behavior even more.

Donald Trump is a too-good-to-be-true gift for the Radical Left, because he gives them soft pitches to hit every day of the week. And, like Wile E. Coyote, they’ve been having a field day swinging hard at every pitch. The problem is that they’re swinging at too many bad pitches and are not only missing the ball, they’re swinging so hard that they’re hitting themselves in the back of the head. Beep! Beep!

Although legislators of goodwill are in short supply in the Democratic Party, the handful that remain have got to be getting very concerned that the party is just a few more Pocahontas or Chuckie Schumer rants away from ceasing to exist as a major party.

Even the ever-nasty Rahm Emanuel recently said, in a speech at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, “It took us (the Democratic Party) a long time to get this low. It ain’t gonna happen in 2018. Take a chill pill, man. You gotta be in this for the long haul. And if you think it’s going to be a quick turn around like that, it’s not.”

And in a speech last month, Obama’s one-time senior advisor, David Axelrod, said, “I have a concern that we’re in this mad cycle of mutually assured destruction, and if our attitude is we’re not going to do anything — even if it’s meritorious because it might redound to the benefit of this president — I think that we are only going to increase the level of already very significant cynicism people have about whether the system can work. If that happens, it’s actually Democrats who will suffer the most, because they actually believe in government.”

So can the small number of influential, sane Democrats rescue the party from its kamikaze-like mission of self-destruction? It’s possible — anything is possible — but the odds are against it. If liberalism is, in the words of Michael Savage, a mental disorder, then Radical Leftism is hardcore insanity. Despicable people like Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Al Franken, et al are certifiable psychopaths who appear to be totally incapable of tamping down their hatred and malevolence.

Insanity is not just doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. To be sure, the Dirty Dems are notorious for making this well-known mistake. But insanity could also be described as a willingness to destroy oneself if it also results in inflicting pain on those you hate. This is why the Radical Left has such an infinity for using violence against its enemies even though it hurts them politically.

What I find quite enjoyable about all this is that the deplorables on the left are so out of touch that they don’t even realize they’re cannibalizing themselves. Even so, while we’re sitting back and taking delight in watching the Dirty Dems destroy themselves, we should keep in mind that in the process of doing so, they may very well also succeed in destroying what’s left of America.

Of course, slander and mudslinging between political parties are nothing new to American politics. However, this is the first time in history that one party has openly let it be known that it will do anything — anything — to stop a president from implementing his agenda.

Which includes, among other things, making up false news stories, lying, cheating, and employing violence to obstruct the current administration from carrying out its constitutional duties, even though it 62 million people voted in favor of its agenda! Nothing is off limits anymore — not even Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, the privacy of First Lady, or the president’s 10-year-old son.

Ever since I was a teenager I have believed that the world would ultimate come down to war between “civil” and “uncivilized” people. Even though I had a very shallow knowledge of politics and government in my teens, the more I observed the words and actions of those around me, as well as people in the news, it seemed to me that a showdown was inevitable. I just couldn’t see how there could ever be a lasting compromise between good and evil, especially since everyone describes those terms to suit himself.

Having said this, I am obliged to point out that what makes the prospect of violence so great is not just the Radical Left’s “by any means necessary” philosophy, but the Boy Scout, holier-than-thou cooperation of so many high-profile Republicans who rush to denounce any attempt by those on the right to fight back against the fascist tactics of the left.

You cannot afford to have Benedict Arnolds like Jason Chaffetz, Mush McCain, Mitt Romney, Gomer Graham, and Little Marco in your ranks while doing battle with an enemy that rejects all rules of warfare. These unprincipled Boy Scouts are as much the enemy as are people like Harry Reid, Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, Al Franken, Tim Kaine, et al who view them as nothing more than useful idiots.

And, though no one seems to be willing to utter his name in a negative light, make no mistake about the fact that Barack Obama was the trigger for all this. Notice that I said trigger, because it all started decades before he was born.

The Radical Left has been hell bent on destroying Western culture, America, and the Constitution since at least the days of FDR. But through his hateful and divisive rhetoric, what Obama managed to accomplish was to embolden those on the left to resort to whatever dirty tactics and violence are necessary to bring about a full-blown police state.

Also to his credit, Obama, through his “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” and “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends” style of rhetoric, did nearly succeed in his goal of establishing a left-wing, fascist dictatorship in the United States (as in, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”).

The only thing that tripped him up was his own arrogance, which led him to believe he could use his vastly overrated personal charm to get Horrible Hillary elected, then, because he held the keys to her jail cell, use her as a puppet to finish the job. But a funny thing happened on the way to his reaching his goal: Donald Trump.

Now Trump is pumping up the right at least as much, if not more, than Barack Obama was able to pump up his anti-American, anti-Western civilization, anti-white, anti-Christian followers. And neither Obama nor his mindless supporters have a clue as to what to do about it, so in their panic they have apparently decided to continue to make the same mistakes that got them booted out of office in the first place.

I’ve prolonged saying this for many years, but I believe the time has now come to put it out there: As a one-time purist libertarian, my patience is growing thin with the Radical Left that is now in full control of the Democratic Party. So much so that I am starting rethink my libertarian roots and pondering the unthinkable — the idea of those now in power taking preemptive action against those who are actively trying to destroy America.

An autocracy would be anathema to me, but if those on the Radical Left are committed to bringing one about — which they clearly are — the lesser of two evils would be to empower a Trump-like autocracy to crack down on them first. Time and again throughout history we have learned that the only thing evildoers seem to understand is brute force. Purist ideology is a delicious fantasy, but pragmatism is the most effective tool for dealing with reality.

I thought about this a lot last Friday when a group of Black Lives Matters thugs tried to block Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from entering Jefferson Middle School in Washington D.C. It had the look and feel of a serious revolution that cried out for a new marker to be laid down — a red line in the concrete jungles of our major cities, as in “enough is enough!”

Unless there is a swift and powerful crackdown on lawlessness in the immediate future, I fear that the Radical Left’s hatred runs so deep that the United States might soon find itself in a real, live civil war — meaning a shooting war — even before the coming 2018 midterm massacre.

What a loving thought leading into Valentine’s Day. But, hey, I could be wrong.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

49 responses to “The Justification for a Preemptive Autocracy”

  1. Jean says:

    Not wrong at all, Robert. Many of us who have been lumped into a "basket of deplorables" are ready to take up arms, if for no other reason than to defend our lives and our property. We know that much of the violence occurring is bought and paid for. We also know that there is little that state or local police agencies can do to protect any of us.

    Rahm Emmanuel gets it. He's under pretty close scrutiny now, having alienated CPD with his "stand down" commands and by actively fudging crime statistics to try and make Chicago look more civilized than it is. The recent warning that the feds may be coming in has him on tippy toes, so he's signalling the left to chill pretty much to cover his tutu-clad a**.

    And BHO, much like Osama bin Laden, is still jinning up his peeps via Organizing for America, far away from the fray but perfectly happy when his acolytes are injured, killed or jailed acting on his orders.

    We do live in interesting times. And Elizabeth Warren and other self-proclaimed nasty women and men have helped demarcate the battle lines.

    • John John says:

      Jean, excellent commentary! You express my sentiments to the letter. I do believe that those of us who support the constitution and the traditional American way of life need to get highly organized and implement protective changes. I have joined the Convention of States (COS) movement to, in part, get term limits on congress and mandate a balanced budget. Six state legislatures have so far passed legislation to call for this action. Momentum is growing strong.

      Thanks again for your commentary. Spot on!


  2. Alb says:

    You're one smart cookie Robert…it seems to be you're dead on in your assessment on the state of current US politics…it may just take an autocracy to save democracy for regular republicans are no match for the radicals on the left.

  3. TheLookOut says:

    Robert, I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for another great article.
    Keep em coming.

  4. You are, I believe, absolutely RIGHT! In both senses (of "Right"). What a difficult task President Trump has taken on. But, hopefully he was born "a man of destiny"! One of those figuree who will go down in history as one of the Greats! Without, maybe, even getting to the end of his first term. I'd bet he knows that better than anyone. May The Force be with him! and those allied.

  5. larajf says:

    Thankfully, we have more guns and ammo than they do. And I mean that literally and figuratively. It's time to put the hammer down and enforce the rules of law again. Stop caring about hurt feelings. No more shutting down businesses because they aren't in lockstep.

  6. I agree with you 100%. Assumming the left keeps up its dangerous antics and unrestrained violence, funded by the evil George Soros, I fear civil war may be the only answer. But we have the guns and ammo and are not afraid to use them.

  7. edda says:

    So I didn't want to read this essay. ..not on a Monday morning. But like eating my favorite cashews, I couldn't stop at just a few, and I read and reread some powerful graphs. A 'war' between 'civilized' and 'uncivilized' people nailed it! Mr. Ringer, your instincts remain spot on. I pray the 'shooting' part doesn't come to pass. But I'm sure many Americans – after decades of compromise, speeches and debates – never expected 1861.

  8. JJB says:

    autocracy – definition: a system of government by one person with absolute power
    synonyms: absolutism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, tyranny, monocracy, autarchy
    And how is this desirable?

    • Whether it is desirable or not isn't the question, the left will inevitably succeed in creating one (think Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.) because those with their hands out reproduce faster than those that pay the bills. I have no doubt that had Hillary been elected she would have so corrupted our political system to their advantage that no Republican government would have ever followed. And they eventually will do that, with whichever mob-elected promisor-in-chief; and that will be the end of our democratic system as we've known it over the history of our country. Therefore, if it is inevitable, which it is, might as well get the first punch in. It saved Israel in 1967 and is ultimately the only thing that will save the U.S.

    • edda says:

      Not desirable – inevitable, perhaps! Sadly. when we cannot govern ourselves, there's this thing called a 'vacuum' that develops.

    • John says:

      I agree with you JJB, it isn't desirable and shouldn't be advocated.
      What it shows I think is how fed up people are with the children, they are misbehaving badly, and anybody who has misbehaving children knows there are two basic options when it happens:
      1. You whack the kid and tell them never to do it again or
      2. You explain why its wrong, what they should have done, etc etc etc and hope they understand.
      So now it seems whacking (ie killing, imprisoning, banishing) is the preferred option but violence only begets more violence and while the better armed side always wins, it doesn't do much to address the original problem.

  9. Mike says:

    The whole spectacle of the Left sickens me. Their Soros-backed violent protests are staged and orchestrated to draw media attention, which they get from the likes of CNN (the new MSNBC-lite) and the mainstream media. Even worse, the Left is lead by idiots like Franken who accused Betsy Devos of not being qualified (ironic that his low-level comedic talents make him qualified to be a US senator). And what about Maxine Waters who recently said Putin is about to invade Korea. That's not fake news, that's downright stupidity in action. Yet the Left voters keep doing their job re-electing these morons. LOCK 'EM ALL UP I say!

  10. Jurgy says:

    better get me some guns …

  11. John John says:

    How is this desirable? It isn't, but it may be necessary as Mr. Ringer pointed out. In our nation's history, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt pretty much became an autocrat, not that I agree with this, but arguably had to given the social conditions of the time. Mr. Ringer's argument is, as I understand it to be, that given the level of lawlessness and violence that we are now seeing in this country, unusual measures may be necessary. I believe that what is proposed as a possibility would be better than martial law. We are certainly headed in that direction given the incredible mindless resistance to law and order of the Progressives, some of which is funded to provide paid agitators to raise hell.

  12. Elida says:

    term limits for all!

  13. Wendy says:

    You nailed it. You summed up so well what has been rolling around in my head. As I sit here and watch or read the news about the violence from the left, what is happening on college campuses, the shutting down now of all the Republican town halls around the country, the ongoing protests and/or riots, prevention of some artists from performing if there is ANY hint of Trump support, and just ongoing bullying to force their own agenda, I've thought we are destined for a civil war. What the Left does not stop and think about is that, by and large, conservatives and many independents have already spent 8 years stewing under an oppressive Obama administration. Now we've made our voices heard and the Left insists on taking that right away from us. As we sit here and observe what is going on the underlying resentment and "stewing" continues to quietly brew. If this pattern does not change the Left is going to do something that will cross the point of no return and those who have been quietly stewing for so long will snap. The problem is, I fear, when that snap happens it will happen fast and hard.

    These folks on the Left are so self-focused and self-centered and determined to get what THEY want they are not stopping to think about what affect this is having on those they are trying to trample over. There is one lesson I learned a very long time ago with folks who do not get mad easy at all….that is when they finally do get mad you better get out of their way because all hell will break loose. This is where I fear we are headed if the current in this country does not change and change fast.

  14. Mgh says:

    The country could go two ways. Either completely libertarian in which case rule would soon be by raging corruption and competing warlords with their heavily armed militias fighting it out in the streets (note Libya, Somalia, big banks in 2008, etc.), or to a dictatorship in which case President Trump could learn much from Putin about kicking down the inconvenient pillars in his way. Suppression of the free press, taming of independent judiciary, turning elected offices into appointments from the top, arrest, criminalization or even assassination of opposition threats, and support by the super rich who are allowed to get richer by whatever means they like so long as they don’t tick off the leader. You have to knock down the education system. The more ignorant the population is kept the more likely it is to believe whatever it is told. Make sure there is lots of poverty at the bottom so that the masses, deprived of any safety net, are too busy struggling to survive to bother with political action. Flatten the troublemaking middle class which is the one with time, means and schooling to march about and complain.

    America could purchase Putin’s tip-filled game plan which, like so much else, is probably for sale. However, this tried and true formula is available for free from any glance at history where it has worked a treat since time immemorial. There is no reason America’s much vaunted experiment in democracy should be immune.

    • That is a ridiculous definition of libertarian. I've been an active Libertarian (and registered Republican) for 35 years. Wanting less government and more freedom is what libertarians stand for. The Republican Party sometimes gives lip service to the Constitution, but has been consistent in its support of bigger government at every turn. Campaign promises aside, name a government program that was abolished even by Reagan. Find me a Republican on the state or national level who actually cut even one dollar in total spending. But some would claim that if libertarians prevail, it will be anarchy, warlords and corruption. Prove it. Give examples. Somalia and Libya are the opposite of libertarian. The most libertarian state in the US is New Hampshire. I haven't heard any reports of NH descending into anarchy. The 2008 bailout was opposed by libertarians, and spawned the Tea Party. The government education system is a failure and should be knocked down. I know a couple who unschooled their kids and they are now adults and doing just fine. They never suffered the bullying, drugs, peer pressure to conform, or pro-state indoctrination that they would have received in government schools. So you think the country could go 2 ways, anarchy or dictatorship. How about a return to limited, Constitutional government? Not an option you would care to promote?

      • Jim Hallett says:

        While I agree that there are other options besides the 2 that Mgh proposed, the "limited" Constitutional govt. is not reality, since that is what was intended in the beginning, and look at the mess it has morphed into. Govt. always seeks to expand, and that is the rub. Anarchy is NOT a lack of rules, but rather the absence of RULERS, and the only way to achieve freedom is to have free market consequences for violating the freedom of another (their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness). Govt. is a FAILURE by definition, since it is designed to coerce and exists by stealing from its subjects – hardly a description of freedom, regardless of whatever good intentions (and there are very FEW of those from govt. anyway) were at the root of the coercion/theft game of govt. The Radical Left has no intention of freedom, so they must create a separate State to enact their agenda, as no compromise is possible (nor desirable, either). As always, any good solution will come from the citizen(s) UP and not from the District of Criminals in Washington DOWN. Trump can hold the dam from bursting perhaps, and deny the Libtards their way, but real freedom requires much more, and I am not sure how many committed folks to such a vision really exist in today's Amerika. Interesting times, indeed, but also pretty despicable as well.

  15. Jana says:

    Wouldn't need to be a shooting war if we enforced RICO laws on the money sources. I have hope for some of the dunces out there because they are clueless. They can be persuaded, perhaps with a good job (after a rough time fixing the financial damage done-I remember the early Reagan years, and this is worse. And enforcing local laws would really help too. Destroying property is ILLEGAL! Obstructing traffic, particularly emergency vehicles is ILLEGAL. Restricting people going to a speech is ILLEGAL. Threatening the President (as well as others) with death and/or harm is ILLEGAL! Beating people for whatever reason is ILLEGAL! We some gonad transplants for our RINOs (if they really are on our side at all!)

  16. Mike B says:

    This line, "But insanity could also be described as a willingness to destroy oneself if it also results in inflicting pain on those you hate", is the scariest to me. We have all seen this at individual levels in our lives, but to bring it to an organized national level is a serious threat to the peaceful pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness that is the treasure of America. I will continue to pray and hope as I prepare.

  17. John says:

    Political discourse, American style, certainly has reached new lows.
    I remain very very skeptical, however, of anybody who suggests, implies or otherwise promotes the idea that somehow, 'force may be necessary' to keep the heathens under control, whether those heathens be democrats, republicans, left or right.
    The idea implies a fascist state ruled by ideologues who 'know what's best'. Complete crap, a betrayal of libertarian values that feature oneself as the only person who knows what's best. Replaces what is with something worse, a zero sum game where nobody can win but ensures countless dead, and finally, the chance to fire off all those fancy weapons.
    Cooler heads need to prevail Robert, and just because you're frustrated with the left doesn't mean you have to destroy the constitution and everything it represents, including the right to dissent, it is, after all, what makes America truly great.

    • Gloria says:

      A right to dissent, yes, but not to destroy, as these protesters have been doing, John.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I agree with most of what you said. I abhor dictatorships, but if the Radical Left's goal is to impose a left-wing fascist autocracy, I prefer the lesser of two evils – a pro-liberty autocracy. Anyone who believes he can reason with the Radical Left is naive.

      • John says:

        Problem is, autocracy and fascism are very similar, so 'preferring' one may just as easily get you the other.
        Quick definition from Merriam Webster on fascism:
        …. stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader…..
        Quick definition from Google on autocracy:
        …a system of government by one person with absolute power…..
        So no, neither one works for me, thanks.

    • You are already living in a fascist state. It's called Corporatocracy. Directed,controlled and put into practice by your friendly Dynasty of Rothschilds,Rockefeller's,Morgan's,Chase's,Aldriche's,Bushes,et al.

      • John says:

        True enough, but, as Robert says, I prefer Corporatocracy with its relatively peaceful state, at least here at home, than autocracy, which is guaranteed to produce tons of violence. Why must you lust after blood so much, this is the problem with having such a strong, large military, they are there basically to do just one thing and that is kill and it is definitely spilling over to the general population.
        This is the 21st century, we are more advanced than kill to get what you want, we just have to own that and act accordingly.

  18. Shelley Ross says:

    " A Republic if you can keep it!" Let's keep it, not Democracy…

  19. Reality Seeker says:

    This is the best article I've read this far in 2017 — and I read a lot of articles.

    I totally agree that a "showdown is inevitable".

    This country isn't big enough for the two sides to coexist. The best option is a nonviolent breakup of the Union. History repeats ( or at least rymes) and the Civil War was our bloodiest. So I'm not looking forward to Civil War ll.

    Buy gold. Buy silver. Buy lead. And have faith.

  20. Phil says:

    Not sure that wanting a solid defeat of the enemies of liberalism is autocratic. Sounds like the simple desire to see that we and our progeny continue to enjoy the natural rights that our ancestors secured for us. I do not see how the Left and Right continue to coexist. Even in Texas, we are hearing about public school teachers handing out flyers to students advising them on how to deal with ICE (in order to, it would seem, escape the consequence of illegal immigrant status). Such teachers are willfully attempting to contravene the law. A great talk show host down here, Trey Ware, entertained a caller this morning who voiced disbelief that parents of the students could tolerate such a waste of learning time. Ware responded, "well, the problem we have is that most of those parents likely AGREE with what these conniving teachers are doing."

    If this can happen in Texas (even admitting that Austin is more like L.A. than Dallas), it can happen anywhere.

  21. TN Ray says:

    "Legislators of goodwill are in short supply in the Democratic Party"… quite an understatement ! I agree with this insightful article 100%. It will be telling to see if there are 8 Democrat Senators voting to approve Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. An imminently qualified nominee. If not, it will confirm to me that the D Party is a "hate group". Re: Liberalism: I don't know if Liberalism is a form of insanity, or if the long term refusal to accept responsibility and face reality leads to such mind rot. Either way, these people are dangerous and need a good dose of law and order, or medication at the very least.

  22. Charles N. Steele says:

    I would like to give a slightly different take on this. That "swift, powerful crackdown" isn't autocracy, but simply rule of law. If the radical left, i.e. most of the Democrats, ever regain national political power, they will crush their political opponents, physically, violently. This must never be allowed to happen.

    They are currently destroying what's left of their own credibility with their rioting, their screaming that everyone not marching in lockstep with them is a racist and fascist, etc. and likely increasing the numbers and resolve of their opponents. With sound principles, a clear vision of a libertarian future, and iron determination, I think we can defeat them politically and culturally. Cut all federal funds to Democrat-run cities and states that are defying the Constitution and law. Cut to universities that teach new left dogma. Fire leftist political appointees in the federal bureaucracies. Those of them who resort to violence — including the financiers and organizers — can be arrested and prosecuted. None of this requires authoritarianism, and most of it is within the purview of the President and his cabinet officials. The part about principles and vision and determination is what everyone at grassroots level who opposes the left must provide.

    If this doesn't succeed, I suppose one could call for authoritarianism but I think civil war will preempt it.

  23. AlinaAustin1 says:

    I also love reading your post and the way you express your thoughts. Thank you for this one too. Keep us posted for more thoughts. Keep going.

  24. JohnGalt says:

    Be careful what you wish for Robert

  25. Jose Jackson says:

    The left would define themselves as loud, obnoxious bullies, but in all reality they are psychotic and evil
    willing to go to great lengths to hassle, heckle and harass those who do not follow their absolute moralist agenda.

    I recently left an organization that prided itself in diversity, unless you were a white male that voted for Trump. So I get what RR is saying. The GOP can do better to get more people under their tent, but must make sure they are decent and to put a stop to this out of control behavior.

    As in any situation, we all have to make our best effort of casting pearls in the work place and at home and in the community and to be aware of being trampled upon by the xenophobic swine left, who only want power over the people and will gladly cause you harm at any level if you do not agree with them.

    RR you are right it really is about no longer associating with the evil ones and to sum it up as Matthew 7:23 would state about such people " I never knew you, Get back get away you evil doers.

    Time for some serious cutbacks to academia at all levels and creating a voucher system at the basic levels of education and at the higher levels that have no platform rules and safe houses; zero federal funding across the board including student loans. These places are nothing but cults.

  26. Jay says:

    The bellicose nature of the "we want it now" crowd has emboldened the destructive natured to express themselves in any manner that they see fit.
    “Give me the child for the first seven years and I'll give you the man.”

  27. As one who has always admired you and respected your political views, I now believe you have officially lost your way, if not your mind. This is the most preposterous babble I've ever heard come from you. How you can support this corrupt administration and their fascist agenda. And are you really saying autocracy is a viable way to preserve a democracy? That's insane. Trump is a narcissistic, pathological liar, incapable of facing reality. Trump is truly only "Looking Out for #1"–himself. And this current GOP has been hijacked and turned into Trump's personal "Gang Of Puppets." The Republican party is out of control and no longer has this country's best interest at heart. They're so busy trying to "win" at all costs, they've forgotten who they're suppose to be fighting for–We The People. I hope you don't mean what you said about a "Trump-style autocracy" being a good thing for this country–evening as a last resort. That's the talk of a man who has lost his footing on terra firma of reality and veered into the quicksand of unstable reasoning and "alternative facts." You're better than that.

    • Barbara Wells says:

      You are apparently dreaming instead of observing what is really going on in this country now and are a part of the radical left. Take warning: We are mad as hell and are not going to take this anymore!"

  28. TN Ray says:

    Prescient article. As I watch breaking news today, coup d'etat attempts have begun, aided by the dirty Dems and undercover apparatchiks of Obama. Espionage, sedition occurring within the US Capitol. In conjunction with the dishonest news media Trump/Flynn association is portrayed as "worse than Watergate…Pearl Harbor…9/11"…"let the impeachment of Trump begin!" We are witnessing the true slime of the Washington swamp. The liberal establishment appears Hell bent on total chaos in hopes of regaining power. If successful we will be living in a facist nightmare. Robert Ringer's prescription for Preemptive Autocracy would be far better. Godspeed Donald Trump. The swamp runs deep.

    • NotPropagandized says:

      Thank you and anybody for using truthful words for what has been going on for 8 years and longer in its planning: Coup d'état. Yes.

  29. djoshua says:

    Less is more

    President Trump should now practice the ‘less is more’ principle.

    Frankly he is too visible. Tone it down and watch them all go crazy. They will go bonkers trying to figure out what is going on.

    I am pessimistic he will do so as he is bombastic. At times good but also it can backfire badly.

  30. Pitch says:

    The Civil War and powerful crackdown has already begun. This video clearly shows what the pitiful brainwashed "uncivilized" snowflakes future will be in America with a Trump administration.

  31. The Civil War and powerful crackdown has already begun. This video clearly shows what the pitiful brainwashed "uncivilized" snowflakes future will be in America with a Trump administration.

  32. Alan says:

    Robert, stop bandying about the word "fascist." It was a radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe, typified by the government of Italy. Key word: "nationalism."

  33. Lysander Paul says:

    An autocracy to pragmatically solve the problem of an overbearing dem/fascist/repressive "democracy" is not the answer. If the need to fight the violence and oppression of those unlimited government advocates in control of government at any particular time arises, it should be we the people acting as individuals and small groups rather than acting as government who take up arms and fight violence with violence rather than a responding autocracy. It should not come to that, but if it does, remember that the largest army in the world is the American deerhunters.

  34. Rob says:

    I see a civil war coming, only not between North and South, but the snowflakes, illegal aliens on one side and vets from many wars, and yes hunters as Lysander pointed out. All of the midwest states has about 400,000 in each. An autocracy might work for a short time. I grew up 40 minutes away from Trump so I understand his ways. Most others will not. We face other dangers, so as I tell liberals, look at Venezuela, that is the world you are trying to build. Nationalism is why I voted for Trump. I'd like to keep my country and destroying borders is a sure way to lose it.