The Jokester Dems

Posted on April 3, 2023 by Robert Ringer


I have often said that the saving grace for Republicans is that Democrats never fail to overplay their hand.  They can’t help it, it’s in their blood.  They get something akin to a carnal thrill out of seeing their enemies upset, even if they know it’s temporary.

The Dems’ addiction to this kind of false high is so strong that it overrides what their intellect tells them is in their own long-term best interest.  When they make a wild accusation that they know will be exposed, it’s worth it to them just for the momentary gratification of making their enemies apoplectic.  No matter how many times they are proven wrong, they’re never embarrassed and they never apologize.  After all, why would an ultra-virtuous person have any reason to apologize?

The nonstop dishonest allegations from the left are no longer a tool Democrats employ now and then.  Telling an occasional lie has been a thing of the past since Barack Obama first appeared on the scene.  Today, lying is a way of life for Democrats, the fuel that relentlessly drives them toward their goal of establishing a one-party totalitarianism system.

With their control of all levers of government power, and with the complicity of the corrupt media, academia, and even most of corporate America, Democrats are in a unique position to create their own reality.  They know they don’t have to worry about negative consequences, because that same corrupt media, along with the Department of Justice, the courts, and even some Republicans, are on their side.

Whether it’s Hakeem Jeffries saying, “Extreme MAGA Republicans don’t want the children of America to learn about the Holocaust” … or Joe Biden, when confronted with proof that millions of dollars have flowed from Chinese companies to a number of Biden family members, saying, with a senile grimace on his face, “It’s not true” … or Alejandro Mayorkas insisting that “the border is secure” as millions of illegal aliens continue to enter the United States in violation of federal law … Democrats engage in nonstop lying with impunity.

It doesn’t matter to them that the whole world knows they were lying for more than two years about the Russia-collusion hoax.  It doesn’t matter to them that millions of rational people knew that the two Trump impeachments were not based on hard evidence.  And it certainly doesn’t matter to them that everyone — including every Democrat — knows that the Trump indictment in New York over a misdemeanor is a desecration of the rule of law.  The important thing to Democrats nationwide is that they are able to experience the temporary thrill of believing they are humiliating their number-one enemy, Donald J. Trump.

Even when it becomes clear to them that the Trump indictment is going down in flames, look for Democrats to stay on offense and continue to push the envelope.  That’s their M.O., and, let’s be honest, they’re experts at it.  What matters most to them is that they not only have caused Donald Trump to spend a lot of time and money fighting the indictment, they also have brought a lot of grief to millions of Trump supporters.  With Democrats, it’s never about right and wrong; it’s always about momentary pleasure.

As embarrassing as this sideshow is for the United States, I think there’s an excellent chance that it will ultimately produce more good than bad.  First and foremost, it will cause a lot of naïve people to finally wake up and realize that the United States now has a legal system that is rotten to the core.  It needs a complete overhaul, which can only commence if Republicans win control of the House, the Senate, and the White House in 2024.

But even if Republicans do manage to gain full control of the levers of power, they still have to demonstrate they are prepared to ruthlessly clean house and go after the bad actors who have been corrupting all phases of the government for years, and it should start with Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Alejandro Mayorkas.  An attorney general like Kash Patel would have a field day prosecuting the plethora of federal crimes they have committed.

All this reminds me of the opening words in a famous Bee Gees song:  “I started a joke which started the whole world crying.”  The Trump indictment is a joke — a bad joke — and America is crying.  This particular joke may have to go all the way to the Supreme Court to be exposed, but in the end, Democrats may be mouthing the second line of that same Bee Gees song:  “But I didn’t see that the joke was on me.”

Fingers crossed.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

8 responses to “The Jokester Dems”

  1. Ghost_1776 says:

    Robert, I fear you have more faith in the Republicans "doing the right thing" than I do. I view all of them in D.C. on both sides as elitist and corrupt. I have heard for decades how if the Republicans win this or that, then they will fix this, jail them, etc. Nothing ever happens. Despite the Republicans having all the levers of power more than once in my lifetime, they have done nothing. Hillary and Obama are free and prospering from years of peddling influence and government gravy. I think it is a wistful dream to think Republicans will ever change anything, no matter how many times they get all the levers of power. Both parties play the political game, and we, the citizens, lose. Heads, they win, tails we lose.

    • larajf says:

      I think we need to make it clear how we feel. Whenever the RNC calls, I tell them I won't support them until they support Trump. They still call. Sometimes I answer and tell them the same thing. They need to stand for the constitution and not the swamp. But we'll see.

  2. JurassicRick says:

    My big concern is the fact that it will get increasingly more difficult for a Republican to get elected President of the United States. With the ever increasing number of illegal immigrants continually pouring into the country at an unprecedented rate, most of them will probably vote Democrat. Plus, the Dirty Dems know best how to steal elections where it is in their best interest not to lose, which is always, if you can remember what happened in the 1960 and 2020 presidential elections. Then you have the government, media, academia, businesses, etc. all heavily leaning the country toward the Dems. And on and on. If this leftward trend continues unabated, Republicans can sadly kiss any future control of the White House goodbye! This gets me to one important point I want to make. I am supporting Ron DeSantis for President. He has a much, much better chance of winning than does Donald Trump. I just don't believe Trump can win. I do believe that Trump would be a great candidate however. But this coming election is too important for the Republicans to lose.

    • larajf says:

      It's a valid point…Trump had his time….people lost respect for him due to his bombastic nature….I still believe in him and he learned some hard lessons about politics and whom to trust. A lot can happen between now and the nomination too.

    • TX_Citizen says:

      I agree with you. Trump has several positives but more negatives, IMHO. DeSantis, I think, is the more marketable candidate. That said, Trump and his hardcore supporters will do whatever it takes to destroy any challenger. I wish Trump had been more effective in his first term, but too many people and the Deep State were dead set against him.

      That said, the radical left has already mobilized against DeSantis. It's going to be a tough 2024 election season as whoever gets the Republican nomination will be demonized. I expect AntiFa and BLM will burn our cities in the summer of 2024. This, of course, can work against the Dems, but it may also intimidate weak willed conservatives to not speak out and push back. Whatever happens, you can expect the Dems will do whatever it takes to hold onto power and keep conservatives down.

  3. larajf says:

    The Dems suffer from a severe lack of EQ (let alone IQ). All their talk about wanting an adult in the White House…and yet they're the ones that bragged about jumping on the bed in the Lincoln bedroom, hiding their mistakes, refusing to take responsibility for anything, etc. etc. It's pure narcissism. And it's going to implode. I hope we can control the blast zone.

  4. boboclock says:

    Even if the present charges against Trump prove too stormy to handle there are other misdeeds that can be brought against him. Even for a politician the orange man has been proven an adroit liar.

  5. hharry12800 says:

    Until the Republicans can conquer the ballot harvesting schemes they will never win another election in any contested arena. Anybody who believes Biden got 81M votes is deluded. It won't be until a huge majority understands that something is wrong will the system get reformed. My hope is that Biden does run and wins, then we will really know and the public will scream.

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