The Dirty Dem Auction Is Underway

Posted on January 22, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Those of us who were around to witness the big bang of the Victimization Trap are still amazed by how thoroughly entrenched it has become.  In the early going, it was pretty  much just a handful of hippies to whom no well-bathed person paid much attention.  I always thought the Haight-Ashbury kids were kind of humorous, though I did find it difficult to stomach their physical appearance.

Today, however, the Victimization Trap has mentally paralyzed most Western countries.  Millions of people have come to believe they are victims of an unjust world and, as a result, they have little incentive to try to improve their lives.

It is the overall disintegration of Western culture that has encouraged people to harbor the many false premises that make them vulnerable to the Victimization Trap.  The results are devastating, both to individuals and countries, because those who embrace the self-destructive notion of victimization are doomed, at best, to mediocrity; at worst, total failure.

The Victimization Trap has been set by vote-hungry politicians, self-anointed crusade leaders, and shameless legal hucksters operating under such respectable-sounding labels as “personal-injury attorney” and “civil-rights attorney.”  These master truth twisters spread lies that appeal to our human frailties, negatively condition our minds, and lead us to accept false premises.

There are two fundamental problems with victimization.  First, it allows a person to harbor the poisonous belief that material gain without work is possible.  Second, those who benefit from the Victimization Trap do so at the expense of others.

This is because in order to fulfill the perceived rights of one person, another person’s right to his liberty must be violated; i.e., any product or service that an individual desires must be produced by someone else.  And if the product or service (or the money to purchase it) is taken from a productive individual against his will, that individual’s rights have been sacrificed to the desires of the person who receives the largesse.

The Victimization Trap has reached such grotesque proportions in Western society that it now accords the victim label to virtually everyone.  Which is sad, because nothing deadens the soul and kills motivation quite like victimization.  After all, if the deck has been stacked against you, it’s futile to even try, right?

In order to escape the Victimization Trap, it is helpful to back up a step and examine its roots.  A human being is a creature of infinite desires, and it is quite normal to want to fulfill as many of those desires as possible.  However, he is aware that merely telling people that he wants something is not likely to produce results.

To overcome this problem, it has become popular to claim that whatever one desires is a “need.”  The transformation of a desire into a need is an integral component of the Victimization Trap.  But need, of course, is a subjective word; i.e., it is but an opinion.

Therefore, there is no such thing as an absolute need.  I may think that I need a Rolls-Royce; you may think I need a bicycle.  Neither of us is right or wrong; we merely have a difference of opinion.

However, my desire for a Rolls-Royce is an entirely different matter.  There is no opinion involved.  If I desire a Rolls-Royce, that’s my business.  It only becomes your business if I arbitrarily decide that you have an obligation to buy it for me on the grounds that it’s a “need” and that I am therefore “entitled” to it.

The fact that I may call my desire for a Rolls-Royce a need is, of course, semantic nonsense.  I may just as well call it a wart, because regardless of what word I assign to it, I still have no moral right to force you to help me acquire it just because I happen to want it.

However, this camouflage is only the first step in the semantics game that is part and parcel to the Victimization Trap.  The second step involves the clever elevation of “needs” to “rights.”

All Western cultures now accept the belief that every individual has a “right” to an education, a “right” to a “good” job, a “right” to a “living” wage, a “right” to a “decent” housing, a “right“ to “good” healthcare, a right to virtually anything that a person can establish as society’s obligation to him.  This is in direct contrast to earlier times in America when most people believed that no one had a right to anything except life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, Western civilization has devolved to the point where the use of force and fraud can be easily justified on the grounds that such measures are necessary to make certain that people’s “rights” are not violated, i.e., to make certain their individual desires are fulfilled.

This is precisely what politics, particularly left-wing politics, is all about.  H.L. Mencken summed it up perfectly when he described an election as “an advanced auction of stolen goods.”  It will be fascinating to watch the angry cretins vying for the top spot on the 2020 Democratic ticket frantically trying to outbid each other.  Whether it’s Bernie, Kamala, Cory, or Beto, you can be certain that the Dirty Dems will be falling all over themselves as the 2020 Democratic primary heats up.

What is not a given is how Donald Trump will respond to the Dirty Dems’ auction.  If he tries to outbid them, he will lose.  But if he responds by defending individualism, capitalism, and property rights, he is likely to be elevated to the status of hero.

Trump should explain to voters that government’s creation of artificial rights is immoral and that the centuries old idea of wealth without work is a fantasy.  He should explain that people have a far better chance of getting what they want in life — easier, faster, and in greater abundance — through their own efforts.

Above all, Trump should explain that if everyone were rewarded just for being alive, life itself would have no purpose.  Truth will be his best friend in the 2020 debates, but only if he has the courage to convey that truth to voters.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. R Diamond says:

    Such great clear thinking, one reason I enjoy your columns so much. Although my conclusion of how Trump n needs to react is a little different. I think Trump needs to appeal to the emotions of the voters, not logical explanations. Logic has such little power against emotion…

    • smucko says:

      I agree with R Diamond and RJR- use Ocasio-Cortez's own words "It is better to be Morally Right than factually correct" against her. Trump should use RJR's moral arguments.

      • lee says:

        What is your definition of morally right?

        • Randall says:

          The Fair Tax: HR25. Described in the book by Neil Boortz " The Fair Tax Book and at

        • Jean says:

          The question should be, what is AOC's definition of "morally right." She's the one who made that statement, and she believes that her feelings / beliefs / suppositions / superstitions are more important than facts, data and historical accuracy. AOC and the other leftist tools believe that their moral superiority to you is the reason that you should allow them to think for you and control your life.

          • lee says:

            Alexandria ocasio cortez.knows the facts,data,and historical accuracy.has shown.that corporations have had control over the people for along time.and she's going to try to give it back to the people.

          • Pat says:

            If you want to go live in Venezuela, go move there. Leave "we the people" alone. AOC wants to take control FROM "we the people" and give it to her favorite dictator. In fact, she'd probably like to BE that dictator. She's trying hard enough. Democrats support evil corporations like Monsanto/Bayer, Pfizer, Merck, et al. Democrats have taken more power away from the people than Republicans ever have.

          • lee says:

            Trump,democrats,and evil the ones you mentioned and more.

          • Rick G says:

            I agree. If you want to go to that garbage pit called Venezuela, knock yourself out and go. And don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out!

          • Rick G says:

            Woman-child Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn't know her a** from a hole in the ground.

          • Rick G says:

            She knows absolutely zero!

          • Rick G says:

            If people would ignore her, she would go away.

          • Rick G says:

            She knows a grand total of zero. Zero, zilch, nada! The only reason she is around is because the leftist media gives her attention. Otherwise, she would vaporize as a mist into thin air and never be seen again. She is dumber than a box of rocks. She's a bad joke. When presented with a simple question she can't answer, which is most questions by the way, she just puts on a big grin and dances for you. What a complete dumba**!

          • Jean says:

            Lee, she's been caught time and again citing "data" that is fictional – and by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, CBS and OTHER DEMOCRATS. She knows nothing. But she "feels" a lot of things.

            Can you tell me what her qualifications are? A bartender from Brooklyn???? Really???? That's who you're taking your directions from now???? She's the female version of Archie Bunker. Great job, lee.

          • lee says:

            You forgot to include fox.her qualifications are that she and her family have experienced.what so many families in this country have experienced.the exploitation of them by democrats and republicans.that have been placed in positons of power by corporations.instead of representing the people of this country.the democrats and republicans.and the so called benevolent dictator donald for the corporations.what she is trying to do is take the power back from the corporations and give it to the people.

          • Jean says:

            I didn't "forget" to include Fox; as yet, they haven't given her the air time the other networks have.

            As to your assessment of her qualifications, I have to say this: just because you've had brain surgery it doesn't qualify you to do it. As to her "exploitation," she allegedly has a college degree, yet she CHOSE to work as a bartender. I would call every bit of her "exploitation" voluntary. And if you actually did any research, you would know that her father is a very well paid architect who lives in one of the priciest suburbs of New York City. She is NOT the poverty-entrenched waif she makes herself out to be, except by her own decisions and behavior.

            She is already proven to be a slacker, underachieving entitled trust fund baby with a limited skill set. But, you can put all of YOUR intellectual and emotional capital on her and let it ride. You'll still end up exactly where you are today, except LESS FREE.

          • lee says:

            Fox news show sound bites.of her and they are so terrified of her.they try to degrade her.and call her a nut
            Her father died in 2008.just because she worked as bartender.does not mean she is not. An exceptional person.she excelled in college.she received many was her passion.that's how she received a scholarship to attend win against a person.that had been in office for 20 exceptional in its self.the democrats and republicans and media.that are funded by corporations are going to go after try to destroy her.i would suggest you go and look for the definition of the democrat that she is.

          • dol says:


          • Dave says:

            Just like they did in Venezuela. Gave the power to the people and everything collapsed. So Hey! lets do it here too! People who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

          • lee says:

            Dumb! Dumb! Dumber!.just like they did in sweden.

          • lee says:

            You forgot to include fox.her qualifications are that she and her family have experienced what.many families have experienced in this the democrats and republicans that have been placed in positions of power by corporations have exploited them.the democrats and republicans and the so called benevolent dictator donald trump.instead of representing the people.they work for the corporations.what she is trying to do is take the power back from the corporations and give it to the people.

          • Rick G says:

            Say all this again. This time I'll get the violin out and a hanky when you rattle all this off again and I shed a tear. Boo hoo hoo…..

          • lee says:

            Your going to boo hoo.alright when your hero and savior.trump and putin keep the government shutdown.sending the usa into chaos.and expediting the fall of the american empire.

        • Scott theczech says:

          What is your definition of "morally right" Lee?

          • lee says:

            My defintion of morally that if i earn one million and one dollars or more in income a year.i should be taxed 70 or more percent on that income.just like when Republican President ike Eisenhower was President in the 1950s. At that time the tax was 90 percent.that money can go towards developing good pay jobs.that the American people can live on.

    • Rick G says:

      I agree. People do not respond to logic very well. They prefer the colorful entertainment Trump put on during the primaries in 2016. Then and only the will they start to listen.

    • lee says:

      The founders of earlier times in America.established laws stating that the only ones that had a right to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness.were white men that owned property.poor white men,blacks,women and any other race.had no such right.through manifest Destiny they stated that god had chosen them to rule this land. Truth trumps best friend. Lol.

      • Pat says:

        Leftist propaganda. No, the Founders did NOT think that only white men who owned property were entitled to rights. They just knew they couldn't change the nation overnight. You are expressing more of the same "I NEED your property" mentality.

      • Robby Bonfire says:

        By your “logic” a tidal wave of destitute, cartel-criminal, diseased, illiterate, economy devastating, non-English speaking people is just what this country needs so that we should ignore the lessons inherent in the human time bomb infesting Europe and Sweden like there are no consequences attached to a nation’s self immolation.

        Our job, as Americans who love this country and want to ensure a secure future here for our natural born citizens, is to rout the anti-American element in our midst, starting with confronting grubby little poison pen moles and saboteurs like you who take the best this country has to offer and spew hatred for her, all the while.

        It is called HYPOCRISY, and it is who you are, once you are stripped of your phony “feel good” party line rhetoric and exposed as the Marxist/subversive fraud that you are.

        You are a dupe and a pawn for entrenched leaders in the highest echelons of our government who pander to and manipulate saps like you, as they expand their power base thanks to the ignorance of your kind which is oblivious to what is really happening here at home – the malicious agenda campaign to downgrade America to third world nation status.

        Your grandchildren will curse you – probably in Spanish.

        • Pat says:

          I wish I could give you TEN thumbs up.

        • Rick G says:

          Well said. So take that, lee, and wear it, custom designed and well-suited to fit you in style!

        • lee says:

          Your grand children will curse you in english.if you don't wake up.and see that international corporations are bringing this country and other countries around the world this country it's trump and putin that are bringing this country down.trump with his phoney shut down.that is hurting the citizens of this country.and the FBI so they can't reveal how he and putin got together to bring down this country.

        • lee says:

          Your grandchildren will curse you in english.if you don't wake up and see.that international corporations are bringing down this country and other countries around the this country is trump and putin bringing this country down.trump with his phoney shut down that is hurting the citizens of this country.and hurting the they. Won't be able to reveal how he and putin got together to bring this country down.

          • DOL says:


    • lee says:

      Trump has been appealing to voters emotions.he has no idea what logic is.

      • Rick G says:

        You are confusing President Trump with Horrible Hillary. Hillary is a delusional loser who has lost sense of time and place……and who needs to be punished for all the laws she and that rapist husband of hers have broken.

      • Jean says:

        Leftist voters have no idea what logic is. That's why they voted for Alexandria Occasionally Conscious. Between her word salads and factured fairy tales, she is a walking, talking example of the Westchester-bred trust fund baby who inherited her father's trophy wife's IQ.

      • Scott theczech says:

        Of course, every good salesman knows that people buy emotionally and justify logically. Think about that for a moment. I have no issue with someone trying to appeal to my emotions. It is one's duty to think, reason and deliberate.

        • lee says:

          That is should be a realist.look at the big picture .think,reason and logically arrive at a solution.

  2. Jon says:

    Hey, I'm a victim. I'm a victim of my own stupidity and ignorance when I do or say stupid things. I manage to put my foot in my mouth far more often than I'd like. So I continue to try to learn from my mistakes; not expect some one else to pay for those mistakes. Isn't that one of the definitions of a life properly lived?

    • Rick G says:

      Yes it is, Jon. Yes, it is.

    • lee says:

      You should be trumps advisor.

    • Jean says:

      Jon, you're not playing the victim card correctly!! As a victim, you are NOT responsible for your outcomes. Those belong to whatever oppressor you decide on – whites, men, gays, straights, Catholics, Protestants, people who own dogs, people who own cats, people who use rickshaws, you name it. Whatever failings you've experienced in life are because someone else succeeded!

      That's actually the primary payoff of being a perpetual victim. YOU never have to take any responsibility if you can shift blame. And very many sappy people will feel sorry for you. You might even be able to scam a bunch with a GoFundMe account – it's been done more than once. Just be sure that your narrative fits the template the mainstream media, the university crowd and every Ph D in social work has established, and you'll be set for life.

      • lee says:

        Donald trump,robert ringer,jean.have chosen the democrats and republicans as their opressors.if alexandria ocasio cortez. Survives being torn apart by the democrats and republicans swamp creatures.the corporations pets.they will have a more fierce opressor

  3. Arthur D. Reddin says:

    So eloquently expressed…! "…a right to virtually anything that a person can establish as society’s obligation to him. This is in direct contrast to earlier times in America when most people believed that no one had a right to anything except life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

    I face this arrogant attitude daily in classrooms of university students: most interpret their "right to education" as the right to passively receive what will appear as "knowledge" on tests, To the degree that they are spoonfed this and accumulate credits for their future societal status and income – all the while being entertained to the max – they rate their class as optimal. And so they convince themselves of their right to greater consumption of services – alter all, in receiving the schooling systems certification, they "rightfullly" consider themselves a justly privileged class of societal leaders ((albeit, bureaucratic ones) and go on to claim even greater privilege compared to their "less-educated" brethren.

    Fortunately, there are also students who take charge of their knowledge gathering and of their lives, with a passion to learn, an active attitude about grabbing the opportunities in front of them to improve… in a phrase, "the pursuit of happiness"!

    At this moment in history, it's-all too-painfully obvious which class of people are winning.

    • lee says:

      The founders of earlier times in America. Established laws stating that the only ones that had a right to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness.were white men that owned property.poor white men,women,blacks,or any other race. Had no such right.through manifest Destiny.they stated that god had chosen them to rule this land.

  4. Rick G says:

    Excellent going, Robert. While reading this article, it is so reminiscent of what I nostalgically read back in the eighties in your masterpiece, "How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization". I really wish that excellent book were still back in print, because so many people nowadays need to read it and become truly educated. It is a very prophetic eye-opener, as many of your predictions in it have already come to pass. Ok, let me get on thing straight here. Yes, I do intend to vote again to re-elect President Trump in 2020, no holds barred, come hell or high water, or both! He is at the very least on the right track, and a million percent better that all those Radic-Libs on the far hard ultra-Left combined. The Republicratic Party of Dirty Dems is so hard left now it is no longer comical or even astonishing, it is absolutely frightening beyond belief! I know I have recently gotten impatient and frustrated with Trump in some of my response to many of Robert Ringer's articles, but it is just because I want to see this whole country turned around and set on an entirely different course. I realize our problems are so entrenched and ingrained now, and how opposition (from both parties) to any real change is almost impossibly overwhelming, he is constantly running up against a steel wall, thus finding it extremely hard to get anything constructively done. We had waited too long, and the longer we waited all these years, the more insurmountable it becomes to get all this undone and to get this country back to the way it was and should be. So, yes, it is Trump-Pence in 2020. But we need truly ultra-riight Republican majorities in both the House AND the Senate. This will be a good start. I most highly recommend everyone get ahold of the book, "How You Can Find Happiness……", and read and re-read it, and understand it, because American society needs to be re-educated. Such a fantastic book! I was disappointed to see it taken out of print so quickly, and unlike his earlier books, I don't think it was ever reissued in paperback.

    Enough said on that. One thing I need to point out on "needs" is the statement President Trump has made on the food stamp issue. I have talked about this here earlier in previous articles. He says he is for it only for the truly needy. But everybody claims to be truly needy. While I believe that maybe eligibility requirements may be eventually tightened, and that is a "maybe", and maybe only a "temporary" possibility at best, don't get your hopes up. You can most certainly count on this: Welfare, food stamps, as well as Nobamacare will always be here and most probably to an even greater degree than it is now. That means, taxpayers will be stolen from and robbed to an even greater degree with even higher taxes than before imaginable. Believe it or not. I know what I'm talking about, and I mean what I say. No joking. It will soon be a mega-redistribution machine chaotically run amuck that will devastate this country, the individual, and all producers in it unlike anything ever seen before! Wake up, Americans! The time is here and now!

    • Pat says:

      Your steel wall belongs on the border, not fencing in Trump. As far as the truly needy is concerned, they can define that. So let them define it. Don't just let people come and claim to be needy.

      • Rick G says:

        But most of them do.

        • Rick G says:

          I believe the government needs to get out of the welfare business and turn it over to the churches and private charities. There they can make sure that only the truly needy get help. Government cannot do anything right. It is better done by the private sector and local level.

      • DOL says:


        • lee says:

          We know it's you don're not fooling posted.that it was save to go to the zoo.because there were walls to protect us from the animals.yes one wall on the north.and another on the south.and have canada and Mexico pay for them.this is the way punctuation and scholarship are spelled.

          • lee says:

            Dol,in an earlier asked how alexandria ocasio her scholarship.she received her scholarship.when she participated in a science project contest.and won first place.she was thinking of entering the medical she made a survey of her neighborhood.and found that many people there.had diabetes and other chronic illnesses.more than other areas of the city.the reason being they could not afford health care.

        • DOL says:


    • lee says:

      Wake up you paying higher taxes.and god forbid that you develop an illness.and can't look out for number one. may be able to qualify for welfare, food stamps, and some type of medical help .other than obama care.

      • Rick G says:

        I don't want or need any of the government plunder pie. I do very well on my own and am very self-sufficient. However, if I were to get down on my luck and could not help myself, I would seek help from the local private sector.The help would be much better quality and at a lower cost without being a burden to victimized taxpayers.

      • Jean says:

        Can you please engage what few brain cells you have that are operational? You think that if the productive classes pay higher taxes, they will benefit if they get sick? Try this on for size – the productive classes actually put aside enough out of their incomes to self-insure, using health insurance only for catastrophic needs. They cut out the middleman (i.e. government bureaucrats), who skim off over 70 percent of revenues in order to "redistribute" it to those in need. Welfare recipients today receive 15 cents out of every dollar of tax money earmarked for welfare. Any charity that ran that way would be audited and prosecuted for fraud.

        In addition, Obamacare is still the law. So all of the blabber about how we need "Medicare for all" is a stark admission that Obamacare FAILED miserably. One reason, beside the fact that it drove insurance premiums up and coverage down for all, was that it still doesn't address accessibility. O-care never reallocated primary care physicians to places that lack doctors. And if you look at the number of MDs who currently accept Medicare patients, you'll find that your options for a doctor will decrease dramatically when you get Medicare coverage. So, you'll have insurance, but you won't have a doctor around to take it.

        I'll take my chances with private coverage that I choose and pay for. I already grow and preserve most of my own food, I've established several sources of income so I'm not a slave to any one job, and I bought a piece of land and a home that I can afford, not one that has kept me a slave to debt.

        BTW, just because a person can qualify for a piece of the plunder pie, as Rick calls it, doesn't mean they are under obligation to take it. They can CHOOSE not to accept the yoke of slavery and use their God-given intelligence to find ways to deal with their situation. I would go to the Salvation Army before I would ask the government to own my soul.

        • Pat says:

          When you have been plundered all your life, and when you are forced to buy into government pension and insurance, and when jobs are scarce because the money the rich would use to hire people has been plundered as well, you're lucky to set aside any savings whatsoever.

        • lee says:

          Obamacare did was not meant to help the was meant to enrich the insurance companies.obama made a deal with the insurance companies.if Medicare for all is enacted.while some doctors will not participate.others will.believe it or not some doctors actually do want to help the people.thank you for stepping aside.and letting truly needy people get the help they need.

          • Rick G says:

            Waaaaaait a minute, all you Radic-Libs, including you, champions of Nobamacare, fell for that horsesh*t hook, line, and sinker, and fisherman and boat while you are at it. So don't suddenly act so innocent and try to separate yourself from that Titanic-disaster known as "Obamacare". That is your your baby you delivered to us. So it is your responsibility to own up to it and father it as the product of your stupidity.

          • Rick G says:

            And mind you, genius, doctors will have no choice but to participate in Medicare for All, because if they refuse, they will be publically executed for being an enemy of the state.,

          • Rick G says:

            Know your history.

          • June says:

            Rick G – I read your comments in every Ringer article and have to tell you thanks for all. You definitely speak for me in every comment you make. I wish that I was as articulate as you – I would join you, but since I’m not, I will just continue to read you and say, “Amen, brutha, amen”!

          • Jon says:

            Poor lee. I've been reading your comments, and you seem to exist in a 2 dimensional world where everything is static. I got news for ya. There really is a 3rd dimension. Add space and time, and it becomes a dynamic world. (I know you don't want to hear about it.)
            Oh! And there's a fourth dimension coming called the blockchain. Unstoppable.
            I know your head is exploding, but try to keep up with the rest of us here.

          • lee says:

            I want to hear.please tell me more.

          • Rick G says:

            If Red-Med known as "Medicare for All" is ever enacted, the country would plunge into a permanent depression it will never get out of, mark my word. And if doctors choose not to participate, they will be taken out and shot before a public firing squad as they would in socialistic dictatorships.

  5. Barbara Dyson says:

    I have been saying this all along and have had many discussions on this subject, some heated some productive.
    Thank you I do enjoy your logic and truth…

  6. Pat says:

    I think Trump does have the courage. He is one in a million.

    When the Founders chose the words for the Declaration, they made a serious mistake not including the natural right to property lawfully acquired. This would have put a sock in the current demands. Having to pay taxes at the point of a gun so someone else can have a material possession is really an anti-life act. People expend a portion of their lives doing the bidding of others for pay. When that money is plundered, his life is cut short by the hours he spent earning that money. Read The Law by Bastiat.

    The responsibility to help those in need belongs to the church, not the government. It is in the church's best interest to get people back on their feet, being productive. It is in the government's best interest to keep them dependent. Government squanders half of what it takes in, on administrative costs. If a private charity did that, the leadership would be in prison. It is the church's responsibility because we are commanded to give help in person, with love, in the name of Jesus. Government prevents us from doing any of these, and interferes with our First Amendment right to freedom of religion. When government helps the needy, government gets the glory. When the church helps the needy, God gets the glory. Government which helps the needy robs God of the glory that belongs to Him alone.

    Government's involvement in the medical industry has shortened our life expectancy and protected pharmaceutical companies that sell poisons. It has caused health care costs to skyrocket as we have to pay for the consequences of all these poisons. You are not safe if you go to the hospital, because they will give you multiple poisons against your will and behind your back, if you do not consent. They kill over 100,000 patients a year with these practices. They killed my best friend in spite of my best efforts to protect him. And there is no recourse. The only answer I know is to get the government out of medicine completely. If it takes a constitutional amendment, so be it.

    We also need separation of school and state. They need to stop indoctrinating our children. Even if I keep my kids out of public school, I have to live in a society created by those who attended.

    If we separate medicine and state, and school and state, we would receive an unprecedented tax cut and prosperity of all would soar, including the prosperity of the needy. Our state has a program to provide scholarships to any student whose parents want one, to attend the school of choice. It is paid for by 100% tax credit to the donor up to a sum exceeding $600. The government likes it because even though they get less tax revenue, what they save on education is greater, so they are ahead.

  7. Rick G says:

    Taxation is theft plain and simple as I know Robert Ringer agrees with. I have read it repeatedly in his earlier books. I for one believe that all services in society should be paid for BY THE INDIVIDUAL ON A VOLUNTARY BASIS, just like your gas and electric, garbage pickup, and sanitation where you get a bill every month. If you don't want or need it, you don't pay.

    • Pat says:

      Government should pay for police and courts. All other infrastructure, including fire protection, can be paid for by private means. But if the private sector pays for police and courts, then these will be partisan, bought by whomever paid the bill.

    • lee says:

      If Robert ringer.wrote it in his earlier must be true.

  8. Jean says:

    Please cite the specific paragraph(s) that makes that statement. Clearly, you've never actually read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. You've been fed this crap by some other leftist tool whose spends more time chooming it up than doing anything productive.

    • Pat says:

      He thinks if he repeats the same lie often enough, we will all believe him. This is the third time (so far) he has said this.

    • Pat says:

      And your point is? I don't think a person who doesn't own property should have the right to vote on anything involving taxes, and that would have to include offices that can vote to tax the people. But I don't think a person should be prevented from owning property on the basis of gender, religion, or superficial biological characteristics like the color of theiir skin or the shape of their eyes. The privilege of voting is not the same as basic human rights. And by the way, I am female, I own property, and I vote.

  9. Lana says:

    Am I the only one, or does AOC have "crazy eyes". Sort of like someone on psychiatric medication??? Why has no one sued the schools for discrimination, allowing them to to teach muslim religeon and not christianity. Why hasn't anyone sued a lot of people for descrimination. If I'm not mistaken, choosing one or another based on race, religeon or sex is a law, albeit a constituional one Why are we letting people make the constitution irrelevant. The fact that the left want's to do away with the 2nd Amendment is unconstitutional. Maybe I'm just not reading this whole thing right. There will always be war. People can't agree on a color to paint a wall, let alone how the entire planet is run. I have more opinions, but they aren't anymore important than anyone else.

  10. Stephan F says:

    Classic RJR at his best, this one is… and who better to bring it to you.

    Robert’s subject matter clearly gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to defining the problem that some would say is the most pressing issue facing freedom loving people everywhere. I can count on one hand just how few on line bloggers have the courage & fortitude to broach this subject, and I say BRAVO!

    “Millions of people have come to believe they are victims of an unjust world.” Let’s also add to that the millions of others inflicted with the “something for nothing” mentality who also suffer from the delusion
    that somehow life owes them a living without work, toil, or effort. This one issue by itself is the main threat to our posterity’s chance of living in a free society for the foreseeable future.

    “The purpose of government is for those who run it to plunder those who do not.” — Thomas Di Lorenzo

    “…any gratuity, any amount of goodness or any amount of benefit that flows your way engenders in the human being a sense of gratitude.” — Jack Abramoff

  11. Rocketman says:

    I would just simply explain to the people that her "Green New Deal" is a total fraud. For example, she wants a ban on fossil fuels by 2030. What happens to the commercial aircraft traffic, military aircraft and private planes after 2030? They either use JP-4, JP-5 or aviation grade gasoline, all fossil fuels . All aviation in this country would come to a complete standstill if she gets her way.

  12. NZ Steve says:

    After reading Looking Out For #1, I was certain I would make it. I am now comfortably retired and thankful, while so many of my contacts are still struggling.

    We need more Ringer-type blogs. This one is by Simon Black a retired US military intelligence x-pat:
    Source: http s

  13. Pat says:

    Incidentally, as long as there are property taxes, there are no freeholders. I think property taxes are virtually universal.

  14. larajf says:

    I saw Dr. Jordan Peterson speak last night, and I loved how diverse the crowd was. I'm hopeful that more people are waking up to this insanity that's hypocritical and beyond "unfair" (to use their words…nothing is fair but that's another thing).
    I think most of us have been quiet because we wanted to let others have free speech. But unfortunately, the minority have been screaming and now it looks like silence is consent. So it's time to speak up.
    However, the Covington boys were admirable in not responding. Sometimes silence can be useful. They showed how not to be a victim but instead speak out after with the truth.

  15. Real America says:

    Robert the "right to life" has also been taken from us. Just look at the state of New York celebrating the fact that infants can be murdered up to the minute of their delivery

    • lee says:

      No infant should be murdered.and if they survive.they should not be separated from their parents.not is a human rights violation.

  16. Pete says:

    He caved. Knelt down to Jew-olsi and the rest of the dirty dems. Meanwhile a flood of Juan’s and Jorge’s with drugs fill America. What a disgrace.

    • lee says:

      Don't worry. Law enforcement will confiscate juan's and jorge's assets.with those assets,they can go after more juans and jorges.and maybe even do something about the opiates epidemic.sending more money into the economy.

      • Pete says:

        Broken window fallacy. Doesn’t work. Just more spending for dem focused policies. Liberal ass backwards thinking.

        • lee says:

          It's not liberal ass backwards thinking.nor conservative ass backwards's reality.

          • Pete says:

            thw Reality is that thousands of spics are entering the us everyday with drugs and guns and Trump could have done something but now he’s just left