Thanks Goodness I’m Not a Cow

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Robert Ringer


The longer I live, the more fascinated I am by two things. One is how much control I have over so many issues and events. The other is how little control I have over so many issues and events.

The reason I can control so many things is because they are, for the most part, a matter of choice. For example, I can choose to be happy. I can choose to be relentless and move forward in the face of adversity. I can choose to increase the odds of living a longer and healthier life by eating well and exercising. I can choose to read and fuel my brain with knowledge.

On the other hand, I have no power to stop a mentally disturbed pilot from killing hundreds of passengers by nose-diving into the ocean — or flying into the side of a mountain. I have no power to stop murderers from escaping from prison. I have no power to stop natural disasters — such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods — from occurring.

However, there is a bit of overlap in some of these areas. For example, when it comes to natural disasters, I can increase the odds in my favor by doing everything possible to prepare for them in advance. So even though many events are beyond my control, to one extent or another I can lessen their impact.

But on most macro issues, there’s no overlap. I can’t make a dent in ending worldwide poverty, no matter how hard I try. Neither can I choose to put an end to war. And as I watch another circus unfold in the race for the White House throne — and listen to the candidates promise to continue to increase their control over our lives — I am again reminded that I cannot stop government aggression against its own citizens.

The reason poverty, war, and political tyranny are beyond my control is because powerful people have too much at stake to allow anyone or anything to get in their way. Let’s get real here: Poverty, war, and political power are extremely profitable businesses, and if the ruling class believes you’re a serious threat to its agenda, you might just end up looking like an anti-Putin journalist who overdosed on radioactive poisoning.

In the United States, the instrument that controls all things macro is an oligarchy motivated by unfathomable amounts of money and power. This oligarchy has two factions. One is the so-called Democratic Party, which consists primarily of Marxists and socialists. The other is the so-called Republican Party, which consists primarily of liberals.

Notwithstanding their efforts to make the gullible public believe they are radically opposed to each other’s policies, in truth they agree on virtually all of the fundamentals of totalitarianism — especially the fundamental belief in the supremacy of politicians and bureaucrats over the rest of the populace.

This belief serves as the foundation of their common religion: statism. Make no mistake about it, virtually all politicians and bureaucrats in the Washington oligarchy are orthodox in their statist beliefs. To them, the state is everything and the individual’s chief purpose in life is to help perpetuate the power of the state.

Only a handful of the most powerful private citizens have any real say-so in macro issues. Ordinary citizens who naively believe they can fight the status quo usually become involved in group action, crusades, and protests of one kind or another, which absolutely delights the oligarchy. In fact, its members affectionately refer to such people as useful idiots.

The reason the oligarchy is so fond of useful idiots is because they do more to further entrench serfdom in America than just about other group of people. Even more than those hopelessly lost souls who prefer to ignore politics and anesthetize their brains with smart phones, iPads, sports, and junk TV, among other useless activities.

So how do the useful idiots further the cause of serfdom? By giving the appearance of serious dissent and thereby giving people hope that progress toward “a more just society” is possible. You know what I mean — the old “hope and change” routine. In effect, what they unwittingly do is provide free labor to the oligarchy, because their meaningless activities delude low- and no-information voters into believing that serious change is just around the corner.

To borrow a famous line from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, “Dumb f_____s.” And, as a side note, Zuckerberg and his fellow baby billionaires in Silicon Valley all enthusiastically support the oligarchy, because the oligarchy has a perpetual coalition with the super wealthy.

But don’t despair. As I said at the outset of this article, you have the power of choice when it comes to most issues and events in your day-to-day life. And it’s all made possible through a remarkable gift you received at birth: free will. Never take your free will for granted. Cherish it and use it to guide those things in your life over which you still have control.

And remember, everything is relative. How would you like to be a cow … or a chicken … or a sheep? Those poor guys have zero control over their lives — including and especially when and how they’re going to die. They have no idea that it’s just a matter of time before they face the guillotine. Their fate has already been decided by humans.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll play the hand I was dealt. With the help of free will and resourcefulness, I find I can still do quite well.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

47 responses to “Thanks Goodness I’m Not a Cow”

  1. Dr. B, RG (R) says:

    Welcome into my life, Robert. I love and welcome your way of thinking, and plan to help you distribute it WIDELY, Dr. B, RG (R)

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      And welcome to mine as well. Happy to have you on board.

      • Teri says:

        Thank you for the great article Mr. Ringer. And yes, there are some things I can't control like you said. But most of us are more powerful then we think. All it takes is having a good work ethic and working twice as hard as the boneheads who work next to you, which in most cases isn't that hard to do. Refuse to take a government handout i.e. welfare, unemployment, and for the most part, Social Security (no one contributed enough to last 20 years, let alone 40, but that's another story or should I say myth). And if people really wanted to get rid of Obamacare, then don't sign up. Ignore it and it might go away.
        We really could shrink government if more of us were willing to not take a dime from the government and live within our means. The reason government is so big now is because people in this country are so darn lazy.
        Just my thoughts.

  2. S.Moreland says:

    You are spot-on about the oligarchy. Democrat politicians are in your face about their statism; they don't hide it anymore. As an example, Hillary's big speech was an homage to all things progressive. It is about the power. Republicans are all about their own power, too. They just try to hide it behind conservative-sounding platitudes they think their base wants to hear. But to maintain their power and keep the status quo, republican politicians would rather have a lawless democrat like B.H.O. as president than an actual libertarian-leaning president that might actually make changes. That's why Ted Cruz doesn't have a chance – he actually talks about concepts like liberty and freedom, something the other candidates are careful not to mention. And the RNC can have none of that.

  3. Bill Ulman says:

    Another great op-ed by my favorite pseudo mentor!

  4. Bill Sadler says:

    A personal hero, Harry Browne, said it well in his book," How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World"

    • Jim Hallett says:

      A LIFE CHANGING book that I am glad I stumbled upon. R.I.P, Harry, as you had many fans, and I know RR was one of them

  5. I guess if we were cows there would be many activities we couldn't enjoy. On the other hand, we wouldn't be concerned about members of the political and financial establishment who consider us "milk cows." Do you wonder what extreme measures these parasites will take when they finally "milk" us dry?

  6. Carol says:

    Cows, chickens and sheep have no idea when, or even if they will die. The simply live in the moment, and some moments are good and some aren't. They do not anticipate pleasure or discomfort, and know absolutely nothing about the world other than their own personal one. They live in a world where ignorance is bliss. There is perhaps something to be said for that!

    • Daniel says:

      That's an excellent point, Carol! I doubt that the PETA people will ever acknowledge that, however.

  7. Excellent depiction of "how it really is" and "how things really are". And, in context I understand what "everything is relative" intends to mean, but apart from context, I don't believe "everything is relative" is true. Some things, such as VALUES, are better than others. I just finished reading Ayn Rand's two masterworks. I was influenced by reading HERE! Thank you again for that. AR dramatizes how things are in America NOW. The hopeful part is… that potentially, the human situation can be made better both individually and collectively. How's that for a "hopeful" belief? But, we must, I believe, act "as if" we have power to contribute to genuine change for the better, as a first step.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      The ONLY change we can contribute to is on the individual level – and that is the level where we all exist. There is no collective anything, except in the deluded minds of the socialists and other totalitarians who want to steal your liberty for their own power.

  8. Scott theczech says:

    Some pundits see a split, soon in the Republican party – the first major party split in over 150 years! If the conservative branch of the Republican party does divorce itself from the liberals a couple of things come to mind:
    1. how long before this new party becomes entrenched in life support of the state and
    2. is it really possible to downsize federal, yea all government power? Or do natural forces, i.e., physics, economic realities, laws of supply and demand always win out?

    • oscarwildeweenr says:

      metastasis ain't meiosis. celling is selling. philly bell belling. hear what i'm telling?

  9. Scott theczech says:

    PS. the Bull Moose party doesn't count…does it?

    • Jim Hallett says:

      TR was the first of the "Progressive" scoundrels that sped Amerika on this path to destruction, so another Bull Moose Party will be just another façade for totalitarian worship of the State.

  10. RealitySeeker says:

    "You know what I mean — the old “hope and change” routine."

    Yeah. I know what you mean….. and then some.

    I knew long before you were interviewing GOP, presidential (hope)fuls on the "Voice of Sanity" TM…..

    I knew, intuitively, as far back as I can remember right to the very day when the kindergarten teacher lined me up next to the other "bricks in the wall". The teacher actually asked the brick-headed,five-year olds to "vote" for who was to be the next president; the vote was held right after the flag salute and the school prayer.

    Something didn't feel right back then, and I viscerally knew I didn't belong with the herd. By the time I was old enough to read Animal Farm, I was well on my way to rejecting the political farmers. I have my family and step-family to thank, and some erudite mentors, for not falling victim to the mind-f**kers ( aka teachers) who run the public school system ( aka the serf hatchery) .

    Special thanks to all those who contributed to telling the truth thereby helping me to live a kick-ass life outside of the Matrix.

    This upcoming presidential election is actually going to be one of the most entertaining in memory. I'm actually looking forward to Donald Trump verbally clubbing the other candidates as he promises to resurrect the American economy back to its heyday. Trump is going to make this reality-race interesting. In fact, I think he'd make the prefect president inasmuch as the American Empire and the collectivist American-public both require a figurehead. Empires need a Cesar. More bread. More circus. More vassalage from other countries. More NYC, mafia-esque deals. America and Americans needs a big-mouthed ramrod to bully and push around the rest of the world. America needs a real-life Johnny Rocco. A guy who wants "MORE". Rocco wants more. So does Trump.

    I had "hopes" once, but I gave them up.

    • oscarwildeweenr says:

      Caesar coulda' been an actor. so he was. in a cast of billions.

      monkey-see, monkey-do, i see, hear, & speak only the evils "given" to me to see hear, speak. monkey fist in mouth makes coconut, percussion instrument, of cranium.

      listen to the music:
      Yes, I'm a sack of broken eggs
      I always have an unmade bed
      Don't you?
      Well, I hope we're not too messianic
      Or a trifle too satanic

      • RealitySeeker says:

        Cesar (aka the Dog Wisperer ) makes a good dog trainer. People wisperers make good people trainers. That's who the best political farmers become, e.g., Ronald Reagan. Trump kicks the dogs around. That's his style. Should be fun to watch.

        • oscarwildeweenr says:

          lavoisier's pappy was a legal beagle & he was a son of a dog; flogged phlogiston, & peasantry; conservation of – & especially "collection" from – mass; quantitative over qualitative, but still couldn't count, tell time; oxygen/combustion, politics/arson; gunpowder, too: royal arse-nal….
 "this video is targeted to blind users."

          tax farmers gotta have more cowbell. only thing that cuts the sow short is the reapin' blade. but greed-heads ain't afraid, just keep rollin'.
 definitely fun to watch, an snl best.

  11. Burt Dubin says:

    On the mark, Robert. I live by your principles since 1978. I persist in recommending you and your books to my readers.

  12. Concerned says:

    Robert, you have an articulate expression of what I have been feeling and noticing, the "D"'s are mostly socialists and marxists, while the "R"'s are primarily liberals. Talking to the useful idiots they are clueless and ready to be led into the abyss. We know what the problem is the real question is "what do we do to correct the problem and put our country back on the right path"?

  13. Stephan F says:

    “In the United States, the instrument that controls all things macro is an oligarchy motivated by unfathomable amounts of money and power.”

    You’re quite correct Robert. But then again, if that’s true, shouldn’t one be asking the question, “Just who or what put them there?” Did these people (the oligarchy) just materialize out of nowhere? Did they happen to stampede into the white house and the halls of congress one day and anoint themselves rulers for life? Maybe there was a military coup no one heard about? Was it an act of God?

    No, no, the credit for the existence of the oligarchy must go to those individuals who are firmly ensconced within the majority of the electorate. It’s that group of modern day contemporary voters who believe in the something for nothing philosophy and the morality of theft. You can thank those avarice, immoral, unscrupulous lowlifes of the “majority” for teaming up with the politicians to do their dirty little deeds. Ultimately, we must never forget to blame our political woes on not just our rulers, but also, and equally, on the people responsible for putting them there.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Of course, of course. The problem, however, is that you and I get the government the something-for-nothing crowd deserves.

  14. Tim says:

    Can't help but be a little bemused by your description of the Democratic Party as consisting "primarily of Marxists and socialists".
    Man, you're so far right you're out of sight, Mr Ringer.

  15. Paul Herring says:

    Very brave remarks, Robert. You're pretty courageous to post comments like these and similar pieces in a public forum. .

    A democratic form of gvernment may be the best that humans can bring about but it still clearly falls well short of the ideal. The Bible, by contrast, refers to theocracy which humans were taught to pray for in the Lord's Prayer. But few know about it and seemingly even less want to know about it.

  16. Bill says:

    Made possible by too many citizens who do not appreciate the sacrifices of those who gave them their freedom, but can tell you more than you’ll ever want to know about AMERICAN IDOL or DANCING WITH THE STARS

  17. Robby Bonter says:

    Accepting the premise, above, as being 100 per cent true, the question stumping me for years has been: to where can one retreat in the world to find serenity and peace of mind, far removed from government abridgement of one's freedom of choice, and other basic freedoms, and to escape a world replete with violence and terror and the tidal wave of immigrant encroachment upon foreign cultures, with all the societal upheaval that entails.

    For a long time my dream, just about 100 per cent up in smoke now, was to make the bucks, and retire to a leisurely, fun life spending summers in Scandinavia, and winters in the south of France. As a single man with no undue responsibility for others, it seemed like a workable plan. But now, things on the world scene look so bleak and foreboding for the immediate future, I cannot think of one safe haven where anyone can go to just drop out and live the good life until life has run its course. Being caught between domestic controlling forces and foreign invasive, plundering forces is one hard rock to be nailed against.

    • Carol says:

      You will find what you are looking for in small town Nova Scotia. Lots to see, do and enjoy, where people are friendly and courteous, crime consists of an occasional speeding ticket, you could find a community supper any night of the week all year round, and there is no government involvement in your life or encroachment of foreign immigrants. It's a perfect place to retire…with low cost property and low property taxes. I speak from experience…it's a great undiscovered place to live out the good life…especially in a beautiful little town called Annapolis Royal near the French settlement.

      • Jim Hallett says:

        While I too like Nova Scotia, it would not be accurate to say that the govt. does not encroach on one's life there, as Canada has a very rapacious tax structure. The climate in NS isn't the best either, when viewed thru the whole year. I think New Zealand, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Uruguay and Chile, and possibly some others are good for consideration (the latter all have great weather and are off the grid for the most part, and do not get involved with world bullying). Urban environments in the Northern Hemisphere (where most of the world's bad actors reside) are the least desirable. If one was sticking with Canada (a beautiful country), I think many parts of BC are phenomenal, and by Canadian standards, pretty decent weather. The big rub there is BC is quite pricey.

        • Carol says:

          There's a good reason why UNESCO named Annapolis Royal the "world's most livable small town". It has everything anyone could possibly need, all within walking distance, in a population of under 600 and property and taxes are low. So what if you might have snow 3 months out of the year! There are no tornados or earthquakes, no volcanos erupting, no landslides or massive flooding…and the only foul weather incident may be the threat of a hurricane every few years. There's a bountiful array of fresh locally grown and produced food at reasonable prices…and you just can't beat the smell of freshly mown hay that permeates the air along every country road. Yet there are still theatres, art galleries, museums, fine restaurants and other amenities as well, and the US dollar goes a long way in Nova Scotia.

          • Carol says:

            One more thing! There are no big chain fast food restaurants in the entire county of Annapolis. Not a golden arch in sight…no KFC, no Burger King, No Wendy's, no A&W, no Subway. There are places where one can get fast food, but they are all independent, Mom and Pop shops. And that is wonderfully refreshing!

          • Robby Bonter says:

            Thank you, Carol. I am also interested in the caliber and quality of the people, wherever I go. Are they private in their demeanor, or are they busybodies who involve themselves in malicious gossip and slander as regards their neighbors, even spying on their neighbors to curry favor with pubic domain oversight agencies? Are they fanatically political or religious freakazoids? Do they walk around replete with tattoos and extreme hair and clothing styles? Do they raise their children to be responsible and respectful or have they lost their children to day care brainwashing and telelvision "values," etc.

        • Robby Bonter says:

          "Quite pricey" keeps out the riff raff and the plundering hoards – at least that held true until the Apocalypse Now crowd from the Middle East ravaged Scandinavia. I am all in favor of "quite pricey" venues as the last vestige of sanity on this planet.

  18. Robby Bonter says:

    Definition of "Liberal" – A Marxist with no guts.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      In the common current vernacular, you are right, but liberal comes from "libere" meaning "to free" and is the root of libertarian. Modern liberals do not believe in freedom – only slavery to their agenda, though they call themselves progressive and enlightened.

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