The Culture War Heats Up

Posted on May 2, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Can a society without certitudes, without norms, without a generally accepted code of conduct survive? Yes, but survival is not the issue. A society that is fundamentally transformed may retain its name and geographic boundaries, but at its cultural core it is different.

Thus, the greatest danger the American Empire faces is not war with ISIS, or China, or Russia. And it certainly is not manmade global warming, which is nothing more than Gorified fiction. The real danger America faces is from the manmade secular-progressive war that is becoming increasingly bizarre and destructive.

Transgender bathrooms … a fictitious war on women … the legalization of illegal immigration … an insistence that bloody acts of terror are “workplace violence” … blaming black poverty on “institutionalized racism” rather than the breakup of the black family unit caused by left-wing politicians … repression of free speech … and a general hatred of all things civilized.

Perhaps never before has the crumbling of America’s once-civilized foundation been more apparent than in two California cities — Costa Mesa on Thursday and Burlingame on Friday — at two Donald Trump events. Young hoodlums who are devoid of both knowledge and purpose succeeded in forcing DT to have to be escorted by police through a back-door and hop over a fence in order to escape unharmed.

The media likes to refer to thugs like those in Costa Mesa and Burlingame as protesters, but a more correct (but politically incorrect) term is “criminals.” However, the rioters/criminals are not the worst of the problem.

The real problem is that authorities are so intimidated that they’re afraid to engage in swift, mass arrests. And even if someone jumping up and down on a police car is arrested, judges are afraid to send a message to other lawbreakers by giving such a social misfit a maximum jail sentence.

But perhaps the worst problem of all is the media. About an hour ago, my jaw dropped when I heard Fox News’s resident idiot, Juan Williams, argue that the rioting was Trump’s fault because he engages in “divisive” rhetoric (a.k.a. “free speech”).

Forget that tens of millions of Americans — who don’t jump up and down on police cars — agree with most of what Trump has to say. It’s a basic tenet of the radical left that all dissent must be quashed by any means necessary. (Suggestion: Read up on Marx, Lenin, and Alinsky.)

Most of the troublemakers appear to be of college age, which means they’ve been taught to engage in envy and hatred rather than critical thinking. And it’s these same non-thinkers who are now able to vote, which doesn’t bode well for a return to a civilized society any time soon.

But … hey … you know what the mayor of Baltimore says: Give space to “those who wish to destroy.” A cute thought, madam mayor, but my take is a little different: I say more arrests, more serious jail time, and, above all, raise the voting-age requirement to twenty-five.

Whoever wins the presidency for the Republicans (and, barring an “emergency” extension of Obama’s second term, a Republican will win) should make his first priority winning the culture war against the secular-progressive hate mongers. If you win that war, everything else falls into place.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. Ric Aragon says:

    Brilliant… I could have stopped reading at the end of the third paragraph and it would have been the best thing I've read in years.

  2. Right on, Mr. Ringer!!!

  3. Donald Muniz says:

    And the beat goes on!

    • Helen Roberts says:

      I'm more inclined to think "And the band played on" = as the Titanic began to sink…
      as America is sinking

  4. Marte says:

    You are absolutely right. The question is – HOW do we begin to win this culture war?

  5. david says:

    Why stop at 25.. why not raise the voting age to 65 and make it that only WASP's can vote, that's what you really want.. but that ain't going to happen… Romney got more of the old white coot vote than Reagan did and he still got his ass handed to him and it's going to be even worse for Trump… ain't democracy grand?

    • New style "gerrymandering"! sp?

    • Truth Seeker says:

      I agree with everything you wrote, except raining the voting age to 25. The problem is the education sytem in the U.S. is failing our children. Fix the schools (elementary and secondary) before thinking about raising the voting age.

      The transgenders in the women's bathrooms is media noise.

      In the 1970's I frequently traveled in AZ. The rest stops had metal urinals in the women's bathrooms. Several times I saw men (or women with a physical problem) with their feet turned the wrong way in the stall next to mine. Maybe they were transvestites or maybe the men's bathroom had plumbing problems. No one made a big deal about it.

      Women used the facility with the stall door shut, washed their hands, and left. We didn't care who was in the next stall, and we did not linger around to check.

      Just thought you men would like to know

      • patg2 says:

        Huh? Hey, I LIVE in Arizona. I've lived here 50 years. Rest stops have segregated bathrooms. Always have. So where is THIS coming from?

    • Barbara says:

      You are obviously a jerk! If you don't like it here get out! Robert Ringer is absolutely right on, and if you can't see what is taking place in this country, you are part of the problem. We will not miss you a bit.

  6. Paul Anthony says:

    I agree completely, Robert. Unfortunately, most of your readers are intelligent enough to already know. And those who aren't are afraid to read anything that disagrees with the nonsense they have been taught in our universities.

    Perhaps we should worry less about elections and focus on demanding more from our colleges.

  7. Fred Sagel says:

    This is absolutely wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It negates history . . . and America's violent history . . . and to say that either Trump or, even worse, Cruz, will win is ridiculous!!! Neither Trump nor Cruz (and especially Cruz) reflect the best part of American society. That is why, like her or not, Clinton will win the election. Just watch. And keep watching.

    • Barbara says:

      It's people like you who are part of the deterioration of our country. Why don't you get out of here if you despise the US so much. America love it or leave it.! We won't miss your contribution? one bit.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I will stand on what I've said for years – that Hillary will never be president. Zero chance. She is the most flawed candidate ever to run for president. Just ask James Comey.

  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! All you say is TRUE! I can just imagine my parents' response to what goes on now, if they were alive. B.1906 and 1911. And even me, B. 1936. The image of the A hole jumping on top of the car infuriated me! He needed a load of buckshot on his "target"! Juan Williams, yes, an "IDIOT" from beginning to end! WHY was he hired? I wondered then, and even more now! Yes, many of us wonder IF Ohole will in fact release his grip when Term's Up! I wonder what the puppet is being instructed "to do" or "not do". Lucky I changed professions in 1975. I would not have done well with certain types of students who came after that. What kind of homes must they have "grown up" in? I was thinking just today… when I was coming up, people had to WORK and on weekends rested. Part of the problem now is, maybe, too many people have time on their hands. How do they have money to live and buy drugs?This IS a very interesting year! It does get our attention! I admire Trump for taking on The Task when he could sit back and LET. I sure hope his Guard Staff is awake around the clock! I always wondered what it would be like to be an "old person" on the fringe of change. Now I know.

  9. Ken says:

    You and I agree on most things Robert, but I am disappointed in your bigotry towards Transgender individuals. Doesn't the right to liberty and freedom cover them as well? In most countries, like Japan, there are no separate Men's and women's restrooms, so that shouldn't be a big deal either. Shame on you.

    • Paul Anthony says:

      There is an old saying, "Your freedom ends at my nose". No one's rights should be more important than the rights of others, so making extraordinary accommodations for one class of people at the expense of all other classes is not justice.

      The only fair solution is single-use public restrooms, but that is a very expensive proposition for schools with thousands of users. We had them in our offices 10 years ago. No gender identification on the doors. Since only one person used it at a time, it didn;t matter what their gender was.

    • Kyle says:

      The "General Welfare" you libtards like to appropriate to grant special rights to special groups is a manifestation of your liberal activist justices that claim the constitution is a "living, breathing" document that means whatever they want it to mean. Which means it has no meaning. Which further implies we are NOT a nation of laws, so I nor anyone are bound by ANY law and we live in a state of anarchy. The "common defense and general welfare of the United States", as in Article 1, Section 8 applies to EVERYONE who is a citizen, with NO SPECIAL RIGHTS for ANYONE! True discrimination is when the SCOTUS finds rights for individuals and groups that don't exist. Special rights for a group discriminates against all who are not members of the protected class. I never hear LGBT's bashing muslims, who want to kill them, I never hear blacks complain about the largest slaveholders in the world, other blacks. In fact, compare the lives of even the poorest blacks here with the common black in Africa, and they should be thankful their BLACK countrymen sold their ancestors to the slave traders centuries ago! They would otherwise never had the opportunities they have in America. Reparations? Yes, they do owe white people reparations!

  10. Robert rdiamondesq says:

    Right on target as usual. Thanks for the clear thinking. I just wish some of those protesters from the liberal party who have been indoctrinated with hatred, incivility and intolerance would actually think about what their "leaders" are saying and where it leads. Black families were destroyed and thus we have too many black families with unstable foundations in their lives (meaning unstable families) and it is truly a tragedy of epic proportions we all pay for. too bad the liberals cannot see that their government "solutions" more often create more problems than actually ever solve the problem they were intended to solve. I assume they mean well in their hearts but they are not seeing clearly where their policies lead – to more suffering for those they purport to want to help. So sad.

  11. Barbara HP says:

    I always enjoy reading your columns whether or not I agree with everything that you opine. This time I agree with quite a few of your points, but I am not convinced that anyone but Hillary will be our next president. I don't like any of the current crop of candidates and I will have to hold my nose as I go into the voting booth no matter which one I ultimately decide to vote for. I don't dislike them all equally so I will be able to make a decision.
    I am appalled by the levels of violence and the total lack of civility in our society right now. I was always taught that good manners were the oil that greased the wheels of society. Politeness and respect for others simply make it easier for us to live in close proximity to each other and to be tolerant of our differences. Nowadays it seems to be the norm to shout over any intelligent discourse and hurl obscenities at any speaker with whom you disagree.
    I am also not certain that changing the voting age to 25 would do any good. There are a lot of fools of every age in every social strata and merely making it harder for young voices to be heard and taken seriously would do little. I firmly believe that people get the leadership they deserve when they are allowed to vote for or against those leaders. There is justice in that, though not mercy. I also believe that it is virtually impossible to predict with any accuracy how any given politician will act once the race is over and they are elected. I believe that all of them will say just about anything to get elected under the premise that the end justifies the means.
    I would love to see someone get elected who embraced the idea of smaller and less obtrusive government, but because so many are now dependent on the false largesse of the huge bureaucratic mess we now call our government, that is highly unlikely to happen.
    By the way, I read your books when I was in my teens and they had a profound effect on me and in how I viewed the world around me. It was unusual even then to find someone who thought and wrote logically. Thank you.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I agree that fools come in all ages, but the percentage is huge in the under-25 age group.

    • Jean says:

      I have to agree with Robert. Raising the voting age to 25 is actually sound science (and liberals all claim to love science, don't they?) It is known that the human brain doesn't reach full maturation until age 25, so those under this age are incapable of clear reasoning, logical thought or anticipation of consequences, all of which are important when deciding who will be the CEO of the nation. And when those younger than 25 have been in a cocoon, intellectually as well as emotionally, for the duration of their lives, they are in no position to make rational decisions for themselves or for anyone else. These are college "educated' youngsters who are allowed to escape to "safe spaces" if they are confronted with thoughts they disagree with and are not allowed to view movies or read books that might – just might – contain "harsh" words or non-PC thoughts (e.g. Mark Twain's novels, the movie "Suddenly Last Summer", etc.) Yet they are allowed to make decisions that require some semblance of familiarity with real life. I went to college before it became nothing more than an indoctrination factory, but it still took me 3 or 4 years to "unlearn" a lot of the ideological pablum with which I was fed. It will take a lifetime for many of these people to do so, if they do so at all.

  12. Jana says:

    Thank you. Maybe there's hope for our land.

  13. Jurgy says:

    I agree with every point except that a Republican will win the election. It is not possible. Her thighness is so deeply connected to every power faction of gov't that she can't possibly lose, because for her to lose means the power elites lose their hold on the country, and there is no way they will let go of that – they need hitlery in the White House, and they will do whatever it takes for her to win, and she knows that. She could stop campaigning and go home right now and she will win the election …

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      You're in for a pleasant surprise.

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      Trump will trounce Clinton in the debates. The whole political correctness and politically connected thing is burying the politicians. Nobody really likes a fake or a flake. They genuinely love the original.

  14. Sheila says:

    How did I miss this column? Brilliant analysis, Mr. Ringer! I don't always agree with all you say but what happened in California at the DT events is reprehensible and outrageous. We are becoming a nation of lawless thugs. As for Obama extending to a third term, don't be surprised. He's had no opposition so far, so why should it begin now?

  15. Albert says:

    Robert, totally agree, but the culture war is long lost. As long as the left has control of "education" there is no hope for a continued civilized and cultured society. We are now in the "winter" period of Western Society, just as Oswald Spengler predicted through his epic work "Decline of the West" more than a hundred years ago. The man was ahead of his time. I wish he was wrong.

  16. Gary Waltrip says:

    Excellent. As a society, we are being reprogrammed to accept far-left goals and theories. In order to brainwash a person, you must first break down his current beliefs and values so they can be replaced. The current assault on the American mind has never been more virulent or more obvious.

  17. Serge says:

    I can remember 40 years ago, political science professors telling students, when demonstrations don't work violence is the next step. I'm starting to wonder if todays professors are fueling these young brains as early as middle school. Violence and destruction is criminal and let's roll back the film and have every one of these vandals identified and arrested.

  18. Paul Herring says:

    An American writer some years ago stated that this world is 'becoming ungovernable'. It seems he was right. But realistically what can we expect when we as a society have rejected long established mores, values and standards?

    These worked reasonably well for decades up until about the 60s. That appears to be a watershed period with the large-scale introduction and acceptance of harmful activities into our system as being everyday. I'm referring to using recreational drugs as an example. The so-called Sexual Revolution is another indicator of the 60s giving the thumbs-up to activities which were always there, yes, but not openly encouraged. They are now.

    For someone who's lived the best part of the old 'three-score and 10 years', it's sad to have witnessed the degradation of so many worthwhile things. Still we, our societies, are now experiencing the biblical adage: 'you reap what you sow'. Our world seems set for a bitter harvest.

  19. Ellis Baxter says:

    We are in for a long hard climb. Donald may well be the Nominee, if so then the GOP looses 6 to 18 seats in the Senate. 30 to 40 in the House and we get Nancy Pelosi as speaker ..and of course Hillary in the White House. None of this would bother me as I think it might teach the regressive right a lesson however, with that goes the court and the Bill of Rights which may trigger a civil war… over the First and Second amendments! So we are in for a rough ride…. we need to keep our wits about us .. .and work to try and save the republic in two years. The democrats will try to import voters from everywhere to stay in control.. and the promises that they will make.. !

  20. Jay Smith says:

    In Sydney, Australia you cannot access cheap public transport unless you give your personal details to get an "opal card". Are you sure the Nazis were defeated???

  21. Jim Hallett says:

    I agree, Robert, that winning the culture war is of utmost importance, but since "progressives" (both right and left) control EVERY aspect of life – politics, education, regular and social media, TV & movies, the judiciary, major corporations, the globalists, et al. – that it is more than just an uphill battle, but nearly an impossible one. A major financial collapse is likely the only non-violent (and a collapse would spur many incidents of violence) way that the deceived and brainwashed masses might be open to the serfdom and coercion & theft that has been thrust upon them. Even if Hildabeast goes to jail (where she belongs), the "progressives" have the entire culture by the 'nads, and I doubt there will be any easing up. I am left to pursue the path of the late Harry Browne, when he demonstrated "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World." I share your sadness in all the shameful results of what was intended to be a free market, liberty-loving republic, but is now just the Criminal States of Amerika.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Also fitting that you posted this one day after May Day, the Communist Labor Day and shortly after Lenin's birthday (April 22), which we now memorialize as Nature Nazi Day (aka Earth Day), since the result of so much ruin has been wrought by the totalitarians.

  22. Nasdaq7 says:

    Political correctness is killing the world.

  23. Jack Aridas says:

    Excellent post. I surely appreciate this site . Thanks!

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