A Not-So-Happy Anniversary

Posted on March 3, 2017 by Robert Ringer


Today is the one-year anniversary of the Republican Party’s 9/11 — Mitt Romney’s vile attack on Donald Trump. It couldn’t come at a better time, because it’s a grim reminder of the stomach-turning reality that so many Republicans jump at the chance to eat their own.

As the holier-than-thou lowlife in the Republican Party continue to call for an investigation of Jeff Sessions, it should motivate the entire Trump administration to adopt a “Remember the Alamo!” mentality. Maybe Israel’s battle cry of “Never again!” would be even better.

In that vein, giving Nikki Haley the harmless but prestigious position of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations was a clever move by Trump, as it clearly demonstrated that he understands Vito Corleone’s advice about “keep your enemies closer.” Ditto with his humoring (and making a fool of) Romney by dangling the Secretary of State position in front of his nose. And double ditto for making peace with Paul Ryan and keeping him very close.

But Trump can’t do it all by himself. He has to fire up his attack dogs to keep the heat on the cannibals in the Republican Party. The goal should be to primary everyone who steps out of line.


Robert Ringer

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38 responses to “A Not-So-Happy Anniversary”

  1. Rick G says:

    I have really learned a lot.about how Republicans in general are. They are all talk, no do. Worthless, completely worthless. Hardly any of them are worth voting for. Looking back over the decades, I shake my head in disgust over my naiveness in thinking if only they are elected will we see change and a chance to make a difference. I think late former Alabama Governor George Wallace was right in saying there is not a dime's worth of difference between the two major parties. He also said the difference between Republicans and Democrats was like Tweetledee and Tweetledum. He was indeed correct. Someday down the road when President Trump finishes his second term (hopefully) and leaves office, it will be the same old seat warmers again back in control of the Republican Party, whining and complaining, paying a lot of lip service and accomplishing a grand total of.zero. And I will be a registered Independent then.

    • Phil says:

      You described my position perfectly – never did I think such scum could walk the earth as these GOP Establishment Republicans. Utterly vile individuals. At least one can respect the Democrats for doing what they say they will do (as hideous as their goals may be). These McCain, Romney, and Ryan types absolutely sicken me.

  2. larajf says:

    Two in one day? You must be fired up. And I swear we need to get rid of the politicians….they've supplanted the lawyers as the evil in society.

    • Charles N. Steele says:

      The nice thing about getting rid of the lawyers is that in doing so we'll simultaneously be rid of 99% of the politicians.

    • Virginia Cavalier says:

      What happened to universal disdain for car salesman? One of the more charming car sales professionals I have met here in The Sinkhole State was a disbarred attorney from New York…

  3. Jim says:

    Anyone who thinks or implies they are "holier-than-thou" is a lowlife.

  4. MM from Georgia says:

    Sam Francis was right : Repubs are the Stupid Party, Demos are the Evil Party. Some Repubs are worth voting for; no Demoleftist is. GOP : Generally Obtuse Party. Seat warmers is a good description of most – great comments by Rick G.. Trump is hated by the left – good for him. He hits back, unlike Juan McPain and Meek Mitt. Ever notice a physical resemblance between Mitch McConnell and (heavier) character actor Edward Andrews? Mitch claims now to be on the Trump team but boasted during the campaign that if nominated, the party would dump Trump "like a hot rock" – Mitch being just another frontrunner hot air artist. Trump connects with working class voters, as VDare.com always says is the key to victory. Savvy Robert Ringer writes fine columns.

  5. Reality Seeker says:

    President Trump has some things going for him. Drudge, for example, posted a kick-ass picture of Chuck Schumer and Vladimir Putin, together, yucking it up.

    A picture like that is worth a thousand words.

    On the other hand, you had Tucker Carlson of Fox News who interviewed Jeff Sessions. Now some of you out there in Fox TV Land have taken a liking to Tucker, but I was the first to say that he would never be a true friend of the Liberty Movement…. My opinion has been validated after the interview.

    I trust Drudge. I trust Alex Jones ( warts and all). I trust Greg Hunter. And I actually trust Robert Ringer to support the Liberty Movement. And of course I trust Ron Paul. There are others, but none work at Fox News.

    When the moment of truth arrives to kill Trump, Fox shall deliver the coup de grace. And Shitt Romney, George Bush and Bill O'Reilly shall sit down in a cozy interview together to discuss the "future of the GOP" post Donald Trump.

    • John E. Gabor says:

      Tucker Carlson reminds me of Morton Downey, Jr.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      "Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!" — President Trump

      President DT has just lit the fuse to a truckload of TNT by revealing the above truth for all the ignorant masses to see. Only Alex Jones would dare reveal such truth. This is America: a police/spy state. The US government is controlled by a deep-state apparatus. Guys like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts have been interviewed by Alex Jones for years warning the American people just how bad it is in Washington.

      Now the sitting President is telling it how it is to the ignorant masses. What shall be the result?

      They're going to have to kill Trump by either politically assassination, literal assassination or both.

      It's only been one month, and Trump just got out a political nuclear weapon and launched it directly at Obama….

      What do you think happens now? The SHTF….. that's what.

      • Stephan F says:

        I’m not sure what to think. The progressive/socialist scum — the liberal wing of the deep state — would be ecstatic if Trump was found locked-up in a Somalia death/torture camp tomorrow. On the other hand, the blood-thirsty neo-con warmongers would hardly shed a tear if confronted by the same news because the neoconic wolf-in-sheeps-clothing Pence would fit right in with their plans, but I dont think they would necessarily cheer it either. After all, let’s face it, Trump would never have been elected (nor could any other presidential hopeful) if he wasn’t a vocal cheerleader for Team USA’s War Council (Junta). After all, their current lunatic-in-chief wants to raise the military budget some what-is-it $64B! Never underestimate the staying power of a president who advocates for the M.I.C. cartel/cabal.

        To get a much better perspective than the tortured prose I present here, see: “TGIF: Trump Assumes Command of the American Church”, an absolute must read.


      • Stephan F says:

        I'm not sure what to think. The progressive/socialist lowlife — the liberal wing of the deep state — would be ecstatic if Trump was found locked-up in a Somalia torture camp tomorrow. On the other hand, the blood-thirsty neo-con warmongers would hardly shed a tear if confronted by the same news because the neoconic wolf-in-sheeps-clothing Pence would fit right in with their plans, but I dont think they would necessarily cheer it either. After all, let's face it, Trump would never have been elected (nor could any other presidential hopeful) if he wasn't a vocal cheerleader for Team USA's War Council (Junta). After all, their current lunatic-in-chief wants to raise the military budget some what-is-it $64B! Never underestimate the staying power of a president who advocates for the M.I.C. cartel/cabal.

        To get a much better perspective than the tortured prose I present here, see: "TGIF: Trump Assumes Command of the American Church", an absolute must read.

    • lee says:

      I would like to see a picture of putin and trump alone in helsinki. As putin tells him what their next move is going to be.

  6. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    RS – If Trump were to meet with an unfortunate demise, I believe Pence would carry on as tough as DT, but in a Clint Eastwood style. Don't sell him short.

    • Dave Vigna says:

      Hmm, I've wondered about that. I hope you're right RJR.

    • Rock Roach says:

      It wouldn't surprise me if Trump stepped down in 2020(age and other factors) and let Pence run in his place.
      Pence would almost be undefeatable as well,whereas Trump could actually lose(closeness of last election).
      Once Trump has his agenda in place,as a great busineessman,he can't let others run it and carry it out.

    • Phil Colbert says:

      In Italy there was a tradition (I don't know if there still is) to assassinate any politician (or pope for that matter) who looked like he was going to start investigating corruption and uncover the whole stinking mess. And Italy was almost completely corrupt, ruled by corruption and rotten to the core. And now the U.S. is almost at that point. The question is whether Trump will be too little, too late to turn it around

    • Phil says:

      Your lips to God's ears.

  7. Rick G says:

    Always listen and pay heed to the writings, philosophy, and comments by Robert J. Ringer, a.k.a. The Tortoise. He has THE answer to all things and is always right. Whenever I am in doubt about anything or has an internal question, I ask myself what The Tortoise believes to be true. I have been his biggest fan since the 1970's, have collected ALL his books and other writings. Having adopted his philosophy, I'm eternally grateful for him in helping me "grow up" into a responsible, rational adult. I don't know where I would be now otherwise. Thank you, Robert. You are the greatest!

    • Yes! His wisdom in the first books helped me greatly 1970s and after to survive self-employed after leaving my first career as a college instructor/professor. And because of that, I grew. I don't believe I would have had I continued to rot down on some pleasant campus.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Rick. Always feels good to know you've helped someone move forward in life.

      • lee says:

        Now that you have joined the deplorables. It reminded me of what you used to say about lawyers. Keep the hostilities going. I can here you saying keep the hostilities going deplorables so that i can keep selling my books and ideas to you. As a conman you make donald trump look like an amateur.

  8. Woody Garvey says:

    Principles are nice, like Christianity, and both ought to be tried sometime, but not now. The main problem with the old GOPs is that they are also part of the swamp's sewage. Perhaps the most important task for Trump, after the economy, is draining the swamp. Nevertheless, that is his LAST task since he needs to get the rest of the program passed FIRST. The swamp dwellers of both parties will continue to be obstructive despite the will of the people. Think of the power of ignoring them. The election is over and there is work to do.

    So, what to do? The first thing to consider is the complete suicide of the DDs. They are a corpse with money. Since their defeat they have had not a single idea for the future. Instead they hope to clog things up with total retro trivia. Honestly! Russians? I doubt anyone under 60 gives a damn, and those over 60 know that Russia is not the USSR. So why bring up the scary spectre of the 1950s-60s? My guess is the DDs' total lack of imagination or knowledge of the current world.

    Nevertheless, the Trump team gives them some life. In my opinion the DDs should be allowed to jump around and blather away with no reaction by the administration — no defenses, no resignations. Instead those of the current regime who don't seem to have enough to do moving things along should be unleashed on investigating the continuing corruption by the DDs. This includes looking closer at the Clinton Crime Foundation, Barry Sotero's behind the scenes work (e.g. the Kenyan airplane deal), and how George Soros has guaranteed the $60 million publishing advance to the Obamas (apparently neither Chelsea or her mother got a deal like that). There is no lack of DD corruption to investigate. It will be useful in trimming the bureaucracy of foot draggers, and it would give a leg up on draining the swamp in a year or two.

    • Rick G says:

      President Trump needs the votes and support from the swamp dwellers now in order to get his agenda passed and implemented. Once that is done, then he can, and will, throw them under the bus! And The Donald is quite aware of this.

      • Barbara Wells says:

        I sure hope you are right!!!

      • smucko says:

        And just how can President Trump get the vote and support from the Swamp Dwellers? Well, let's see, sticks and carrots are still the primary tools of persuasion for dealing with mammals. These Swamp Dweller prostitutes are no different. If the Trump voters just congratulate themselves for getting him elected and think that they can just cheer him on while they go back to their ballgame, then the prostitutes will continue to try to cut back-room deals with President Trump paying the price by giving up political capital to these scoundrels. The price to be paid (by THEM) for their support is that if they continue swamp-business as usual, then they face certain defeat in their next election. That certain defeat should not have to be paid by Trump having to finance their next opponent, but by the voters who relentlessly bombard their prostitute with calls that we are awake and taking notes. If these scoundrels are going to spy on our every phone call and e-mail, then they should know that we are going to cut thru their shell-game fiasco and send them packing. In fact, instead of 97% of incumbents getting re-elected, that number should be reversed except for the ones that can truly show that they are dedicated to supporting the constitutional republic that we inherited. Only an enraged, moral and enlightened citizenry can change this tide. Battle Stations!

      • lee says:

        Donald trump brought his own hungry swamp dwellers.

  9. Rick G says:

    Concerning the concept of Republicans eating their own. They most certainly do. A prime example was Barry Goldwater back in 1964. Yep, ole Au H2O himself! Just to show you what louses are in the GOP, the Republican Party literally crucified Goldwater in that year. Calling him war-mongerer, trigger happy, a "Negro" hater, psychotic, neurotic, reckless, radical, extremist, and a whole dictionary of other slanderous epithets. The main thrust of the anti-Goldwater movement was spear-headed by, but most certainly not limited to, Scranton and Rockefeller. And Republicans deserted him by the millions defecting to LBJ. Makes you wonder what the Republican establishment stands for, if they stand for anything. That primary and general campaign constantly came to mind while Donald Trump was in the political limelight last year. That is why I was shocked (and gleeful) when he won. And isn't it amazing how all those GOP cockroaches came around after he won, sucking up and making nice to him. President Kennedy said it best when saying, "Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan". How true, how true. Make no mistake about it. The Republican Party apparatus does NOT like Donald Trump. They hate him. But, you hardly see it, because they are "stuck" with him for at least four years, hopefully eight. I get the feeling they are just putting up with him. I like how they invited Mitt Romney to the White House for a possible position in the administration, only to tell him a flat out "NO". After all, he was one of Donald's biggest adversaries during the general campaign and literally did nothing to help him win. He probably even voted for Hillary. So the Donald returned the favor in a roundabout way in doing nothing for him. And ole Mitt looked foolish up there looking for a Trump handout only to end up with egg all over his face. And rightly so.

    • Jon says:

      Interesting that you should mention Au+H20. He is the only candidate I've ever actively supported. I actually helped at the local precinct level during that campaign. When I realized what the Pols did to Barry, it soured me completely on politics in general. That was a good, personal lesson I learned while in my 20s. I've never made that mistake again.

    • lee says:

      Donald trump and putin will eat republicans democrats deplorables anyone that stands in their way.

  10. Mick says:

    I live in the UK and just to say that the attacks on Trump (who I feel pretty neutral about by the way) are relentless (especially in the media) over here. For example, BBC news does its utmost to drag the man down at every turn and I too feel somewhat previously 'niave' to think that I believed that old-fashioned things like political balance and rational opinion stood for something in Western societies etc. How wrong I have been.

    • Jean says:

      In many ways I believe the politically entrenched in every nation "blames" President Trump for their problems. In the UK, there is suspicion that Donald Trump's pro-American stance helped to fuel Brexit. The French political class are flabbergasted that Ms. LePen, another pro-nationalist candidate, is receiving so much favorable attention. The media, by and large, are slaves to the political elites and have to take the so-called right side in the fray. This really is a revolution – the working class has had it up to its eyeballs with the elitists and are speaking out.

    • lee says:

      Putin and donald trump are against republicans democrats and so called usa born working class citizens.they are doing what robert ringer said in his book to do .looking out for number one.once they finish using all the useful deplorable idiots they will get rid of them.

  11. Rock roach says:

    business man and let others run it and carry it out.

  12. Jose Jackson says:

    The people that voted for Trump are against both Democrats and Republicans. Both parties have proven time and time again they don't care about the USA born working class people. Both are bad news in the minds of most people.

    Would love to see Trump suspend Habeas Corpus and declare both parties enemy of the people along with the main stream media, Hollywood and Silicon Valley, along with probably half of the 17 intel agencies (that so called protect the Homeland?) and install martial law in Chicago and other MSA parts of the USA that have a high crime part per capita.

    Lincoln did it to keep the confederates in line, time to do it to the global free traders, plutocracy corporatists
    and drug lords in our own USA, that obviously do not have the best interest in minds of the native born working class citizens.

  13. Allan L. Vandall says:

    Trump needs to assertively operate to implement his full agenda with the knowledge that he won't want to run in 2020. He needs to fully disclose the many dirty, self centered Republicans, in addition to the whole Socialist Democratic party, who want the demise of our great country.

    This strategy would get Pence elected in 2020, and also allow Trump to fully enjoy his life and his wonderful family.

  14. Monty Solera says:

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