Resisting Conformity

Posted on January 12, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Scientists tell us that human intelligence is the most powerful force in the universe. That’s right — not gamma-ray bursts, not black holes, not gravity, but human intelligence. To the best of our knowledge, man is the only compilation of atoms that is both aware of itself and gifted with the power to reason.

His awareness, coupled with his reasoning powers, are what give him the ability to plot, plan, conceptualize, and even will things to happen. Among other things:

  • He is aware of his fellow man, of his past, and of his ability to play an active role in helping to determine his own future.
  • He is aware of his own short life span.
  • He is aware that even though he is born without any say-so in the matter, it is against his will that he will die.
  • He is aware that he will die either before his loved ones and not know how their lives turn out, or that they will die before him and he will have to live without them.
  • He is aware of how helpless he is against the forces of nature.
  • Above all, he is aware of his separateness, i.e., that he is separate from everything and everybody around him.

Man’s awareness of his separateness causes him a great deal of anxiety, and it is this anxiety that is the source of his desire to reach out and unite with other human beings — to become part of something bigger than himself. It is, in fact, the source of his conformity to the herd’s mentality.

Arguably, then, man’s deepest need is his need to overcome his separateness, and the most common way that he accomplishes this is by conforming to the herd’s customs, practices, and beliefs. Though it’s true that in a totalitarian state individuals are forced to conform, the reality is that people nonetheless want to conform, as evidenced by the conformity in Western democratic societies.

The irony is that most people are not even aware of their desire to conform. They delude themselves into believing they are guided by their own thoughts, and that it’s merely a coincidence that their ideas happen to be the same as a majority of the herd’s ideas. In addition, the herd’s consensus serves as “proof” to the conformist that his ideas are sound, rational, and moral.

What’s at play here is the modern concept of worldwide equality, particularly in advanced countries. Equality in a religious context has always meant that we are all God’s children, that the differences between individuals should be respected, and that no man should be the means to another man’s ends.

In recent times, however, socialists thinkers have redefined the term equality to mean equality of results, “social justice,” and the abolition of “exploitation.” These themes run not only throughout the fabric of socialist societies, but so-called capitalistic societies as well. As a result, their moral validity goes virtually unchallenged.

All this is by the design of those who hunger for power over others. Just as modern mass production requires the standardization of materials and machines, so, too, does the top-down social process require the standardization of people. Toward that end, statists — and the radical left, in particular — now erroneously refer to standardization as equality.

As one would expect, however, converting human beings into automatons has serious consequences. For example, the biggest problem China’s bustling factories are groping with today is rampant suicide among its workers, with eighteen workers jumping to their deaths in just one Apple factory alone in the city of Shenzhen.

The situation has gotten so bad that Apple has put up suicide nets to prevent workers — many of whom make less than $2.00 an hour for performing such monotonous tasks as cleaning screens and smoothing out the edges of the Apple logo for ten hours at a time —from leaping to their deaths.

Unfortunately, conformity is a permanent, lifetime phenomenon. The individual is introduced to conformity when he’s a small child, and, if necessary, shamed, derided, and intimidated into submission. Anyone who has put children through twelve years of schooling — public or private — knows just how destructive this kind of harassment can be to a child’s self-esteem. Even worse, such conformity continues throughout his work career, into retirement, and, finally, even at his own funeral.

It is conformity that keeps the clan, the human race, and society together. That’s why both totalitarian regimes and so-called democratic governments preach conformity — always, of course, in the name of freedom and patriotism. And it is man’s awareness of his separateness that makes him vulnerable to calls (or demands) for him to conform.

I believe that man’s natural state is anarchy, and in a perfect world it would be the optimum system (or non-system) for people to interact with each other on a peaceful and voluntary basis. But life isn’t perfect, and in an anarchistic society, the same kind of criminals who hold the reins of power in today’s governments would prey upon their unprotected neighbors.

Even so, with the end of the American Empire on the horizon, you should refuse to allow yourself to be swallowed up by patriotic slogans calling for you to sacrifice your life and the lives of your loved ones for “the good of society.”

Whether the stock market collapses to 2,000 or hyper-inflates to 100,000 (both very real possibilities) … whether China’s economy rebounds or collapses like a house of cards … whether the United States is increasingly overrun by homicidal maniacs or an iron-fisted leader eliminates almost all traces of such people … the surest way for you to not only survive but prosper is to be vigilant about refusing to conform.

While it’s a fact that you are separate, the challenge is to not be so fearful of your separateness that you allow it to turn you into an automaton. With fundamental changes in America continuing at an accelerating pace, it’s a good idea to start rising to the challenge today, before chaotic events have an opportunity to overwhelm your reasoning powers.

Remember, you do have free will, which, along with your awareness and ability to reason, makes you the most powerful force in the universe. That said, it’s your job to use that power in constructive ways.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

50 responses to “Resisting Conformity”

  1. Reality Seeker says:

    Really, really good article.

  2. Bob Bly says:

    Taken literally, you are saying here that no other primate (e.g., chimps, gorillas) have the power to reason or are self aware, and as you know, that is not true.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I kind of anticipated that someone would make this point, Bob, and I guess it's a fair one. Perhaps it would be more technically correct to say that even though certain experiments have demonstrated that some animal primates possess a degree of self awareness and reasoning power, they are dwarfed by those possessed by man.

    • Johnny M says:

      True, but at least lower-order primates have the intellect, or at least the common decency, not to vote for liberals or RINOs. Perhaps some Americans can learn from,or at least "ape" the behavior of (pun intended) our fellow primates, particularly when it comes from the survival instinct, and NOT doing something that will hasten the individuals – and entire species – demise.

  3. Bill Schuhle says:

    Have just started reading the article, but believe that in bullet point 4 (about loved ones and death), you got things flipped backwards. Might want to fix it.

  4. Burt Dubin says:

    Again, on the mark,Robert. For over 20 years I have been encouraging my clients to be iconoclasts. By this I mean to observe rules and laws. Then to decide whether and to what extent they will abide by those mandates..

    • Dean Striker says:

      Yeah, "observing" is one thing, while "abiding" is quite another. Any decision not to abide terrifies most men. That's the problem always when we are "governed"; always.

    • Richard Lee VanDV says:

      Simple, according to the Ancients of India. Ahimsa: DO NO HARM TO SELF OF OTHER. Judgment required!

  5. Chotaharti says:

    You say scientists say man is the most powertful force in the universe then you say mankind realises it's helpless against the forces of nature. Since the sixties scientists all over the world have begun to acknowledge the evidence of the Mystical Experience of Reality that shows there is nothing bigger nor more powerful than even a fraction of what is known of Reality. Some are suggesting there is no evidence that the human race has any superior significance in this Reality.

    • stogiechomper says:

      I have had the mystical experience three times in my youth, and the human advantage is that he is able to experience it, while lower life forms are not. However, the experience taught me the opposite of what you say,, I.e., that my existence is as significant as the largest sun. Far from looking for "superior significance," however, the mystical experience is a realization of the interconnectedmess of all things, a feeling of oneness with the universe.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      That's right, many scientists believe that human intelligence is the most powerful force in the universe. However, I did not say that I believe it. It's a very debatable subject – far too complex to get into a blog post. But if it's true, it would not be a contradiction to point out that man is helpless against the forces of nature. Something can be the most powerful, but not necessarily omnipotent.

    • Dean Striker says:

      Man has managed to deal with the forces of nature, perhaps not perfectly, but…
      The forces imposed by some men whose objective is to Force all other men terrifies me far more. They call that "GOVERNment", you know.

  6. stogiechomper says:

    Very well written article. The feeling of separateness is used as a weapon by our statist society through social ostracism of those who refuse to conform. I will never believe that anarchy is the answer,however. Men do need to act in concert from time to time,in resisting aggressors,setting rules for interstate commerce,and building infrastructure,etc.

  7. Bill says:

    An excellent article. Intentions are everything. A transformation of the human race is underway, and for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, the meaning of this, and many other of Mr. Ringers writings are in between the words themselves. So be it.

  8. John N says:

    A slam-dunk.


  9. Scott theczech says:

    There seems to me a general loss of human creativity and imagination as the collective intrudes on individuality. Music, art, science and business all suffer when individuality is crushed under the weight of governance. I suppose there must be a proper balance between the two in order for society and the individual to flourish, however the scales should be tilted in favor of the individual. An example of this might be sound zoning rules vs. the infamous home owners association; most of us can live with the former and barely survive the latter!

    • Jean says:

      Not just creativity, but critical thinking as well. There have been studies done that indicate the now-popular "team effort" problem solving techniques used in business and industry are not just less effective than allowing individuals to think on their own and develop innovative methods, groupthink tends to be counterproductive, creating every result but the one intended. Genuine thought is diluted in a sea of assumptions and popularly held beliefs.

  10. D_Striker says:

    "Arguably, then, man’s deepest need is his need to overcome his separateness, and the most common way that he accomplishes this is by conforming to the herd’s customs, practices, and beliefs."
    Man has sex, which is by far the most-used way of overcoming separateness. It's also a huge distraction, but does manage to propagate the species. Whether that's a good thing is debatable!

  11. Stilted Rubric says:

    America used to pride itself on its Liberty and freedom of the individual to each reach his God given ability – not so since Obummer took control. He has produced the next generation of automatons in the millennial generation that will be the end of this country as we know it. These millennials are the stupidest and most lemming like generation in American history – all due to "political correctness". America is looking like Japan or some other conformity country. It's a sickness that will bring the patient to its death in a cancer like spiral.

    On top of all that crap, we have decided to let in a Trojan horse of the greatest magnitude in order to assure our demise. Immigration, refugees, and illegal aliens should be a thing of the past, but just now we see it is becoming our third world future. Islam is the end of all civilization as stated in none other than the Bible, and the West decided to join it and allow the cancer to consume the patient – you and your Constitution. Kiss your derriere goodbye.

    So now America will conform to Islam and political correctness. This means of course the end of cordial society and in with blood and guts and murder and mayhem and your life as you knew it, all in order to pacify the most evil "religion" thats only function is to murder Christians and Jews! Oh happy day! Where do I sign up? And how can we talk about conformity when we want folks to assimilate, yet now under political correctness want them not to assimilate but to be a vulcanized contagion that will metastasize and destroy the host?

    Isn't all this a bit confusing for the "Grubers" to handle?

    • Scorned Rubric says:

      Yes, the "Grubers" (Dems who fell for the OC lie and believed it) always have been the backbone of every society which leads to the demise of that nation. Here is what they fall for every time as Robert said, "patriotic slogans calling for you to sacrifice your life for the "good of society". These morons continuously fall for this tripe and we end up with the fallout from their stupidity – like women voting for the Dem candidate in the last two elections by an overwhelming majority. There are actually certain groups of people who are innately dimwitted as a whole – Asians, Hispanics, and all minority groups in the Dem party. Why are they sometimes so "smart" in measured brain activity, but so dim in every political manner? How did this happen, and what can be done to smarten them up? Is it possible?

      These are the lemming Grubers who ruin every society with their Communist Alinsky leanings. They think they are so in with the "in crowd" and how cool it is to use tyranny to advance their societal baloney. Mostly college age Grubers, which is the reason the age to vote should be changed to 25. We don't need young idiots who think they know everything but know nothing to be voting.

      And we should immigrate no one to America who comes from anywhere but Western philosophy. Islam has no business being in America as they are not Western thinking, they come from the opposite philosophy, thus they cannot assimilate. They are here in this universe to experience "restriction", not freedom, they can't handle Liberty, and they even say so. They don't want your liberty, they want to take away YOUR liberty, and restrict YOU. Most do not understand this dynamic, and unfortunately, they are your moronic elected officials.

      Robert is talking philosophy in a world gone by, and never to return. Now we need to be concerned with our survival, not how cool we can be by non conforming with such coolness as "Anonymous" or Marlon Brando movies. Time to get real, and worry about canned goods, not philosophy. We can't even get the philosophy of our Constitution right, let alone esoteric luxury indulgences.

      Sad state of the world indeed…

  12. It is not that conformity is bad or non-conformity is good. Society offers us with both choices and it is we who choose. The problem arises when we choose to conform when we should should not, and choose not to conform when we should!

  13. Froy says:

    Sensei as always, you distilled wisdom in your words. As John F. Kennedy said, "Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."

    • Robby Bonfire says:

      That Kennedy quote would have meant more had he not been a part of big government and the system which mandates conformity or suffering severe penalties for going off on your own little tangent.

  14. Phil says:

    I notice that Robert references possible hyperinflation/depression in the stock market – certainly I share the perspective that we are in serious trouble economically, along with (I would think) a large number of his readers. As the odds seem to be increasing that we may experiencing something extraordinary quite soon, I would be interested in learning more about his views on the outlook for the near future – the various dynamics he sees at work, etc. Of course, this is referenced explicitly and implicitly in many of his columns, but it would be really fascinating to get an "update" so to speak.

    Great column as always!

  15. Richard Lee Van DV says:

    It appears that, in accord with the wrtings of the ancients, AND, certain modern psychoanalytic theorists, such as Carl Jung, that humans are born with PREDISPOSITIONS. They , we, have an innate "tendency" to conform or rebel. The the Existentialists came along and assured us that we are "condemned to our freedom" in the sense that we MUST choose. We cannot not choose, because, a choice to not choose is a choice, the choice to not choose. I go with PREDISPOSITIONS. "Probably" we go with how we are naturally bent. So, why is any given population more given to one of the other? Oh, the the Behaviorists explained that one. Even natural born dissenters "can be" conditioned. The issue becomes complex.

  16. Skip Russell says:

    On what basis can you conclude that "in an anarchistic society, the same kind of criminals who hold the reins of power in today’s governments would prey upon their unprotected neighbors." or that such is a superior state of affairs to predation by the greatest power of "exploitation", government? First, the developing "wild west" of the railroad days is a fiction because it was not so wild and people successfully organized voluntarily to protect themselves and their property. This is the purpose of the 2nd amendment to the constitution. No government with a monopoly of force needed. In fact, it is government that causes the "unprotected neighbors" which you speak of since it eliminates competitive protection organizations and, thereafter, continually decreases protections unopposed. Even worse, the failure to protect leads to calls for more forceful control by the same corrupt, incompetent government whose "reins of power" can be more easily bought by these "criminals" since there is no competitor allowed. The experts in protection are the insurance agencies with something to lose in the event that they are wrong. This leads to more peaceful, less costly settlement of situations both with prevention and afterwards. Again, no government needed. Freedom to own one's self and property and to voluntarily contract within the framework of anarchy works best for all and that is the only thing which government is supposed to protect but doesn't. If it is so good or better, than it and its "criminals" holding the reins can successfully compete against other voluntary arrangements without a monopoly privilege. Less prisoners, less theft, less conflict, less criminals. What's not to like (unless you are a power hungry criminal)?

  17. Robby Bonfire says:

    There is a critical point as regards "qualifying" to be an iconoclast. To go that route ~without leverage or power of any kind~ is to beg to have your head handed to you on a platter. But then, if you do have wealth and powerful social contacts and status, you have a real immunity for just about any apostasy you care to express.

    I would be very careful as regards going up against established powers when it is akin to your having a water pistol and their having a nuclear arsenal, in effect, at their disposal, to swat little flies like you like the no account you really are.

    My first rule of thumb, learned the hard way, by the way, is to NEVER underestimate the force and the magnitude of the other side against you, because of some idealistic misgiving about "fairness" and your "rights,: in any kind of conflict, especially as, you irritate them, you will pay. They are never "nice" or "understanding," in fact, some of them, backed by the machine that monitors and controls all of us, in every way, live to literally crush little upstart nobodies for a living.

    • skip says:

      You are absolutely correct and I have the scars from being imprisoned for 6 years for something which I did not do and the justice system's agents did not care one bit about correctness or justice.

      • Robby Bonfire says:

        Can you furnish us with specific details? I would like to know more.

        What were the charges against you?

        What was your defense or alibi that was refuted?

        Was there some kind of vendetta against you because of your previously ramming heads vs. some one or some institution of powerful status?

        Was the "evidence" against you skimpy, given that in our system, no one is supposed to be convicted by a judge or jury if there is a "reasonable doubt" as to one's guilt?

        If the evidence against you was circumstantial or weak, how did the prosecution obtain a verdict of "guilty?"

        Use this site as your forum to educate and enlighten the rest of us so that we may benefit from your experience in this case.

        Thank you.

        What did the prosecution stand to gain, in so far as reelection to office, or financial incentives were connected with your conviction?

  18. Charles James says:

    The urge, instinct, to gravitate to fellow humans has nothing to do with separateness, it is about survival. We ban together to survive and it is that uniqueness and perceived separateness that allows us the choice to ban with those of like mind to survive.

  19. Charles Martel says:

    My comment has no value, I am just expressing my gratitude for the quality of thought from both Robert and the many well considered comments on this blog.

  20. Paul Herring says:

    I might run the risk of being labelled a Bible-basher/fanatic but I feel it necessary to make a comment on this post, Robert. Particularly on this point you've made: "I believe that man’s natural state is anarchy, and in a perfect world it would be the optimum system (or non-system) for people to interact with each other on a peaceful and voluntary basis."
    Anarchy, to my knowledge has never produced a workable human society. The hippie movement of the late 60s may have been something like that, but with drugs and free love as its main fare it didn't make for a perfect world as you state. Humans haven't been engineered to govern themselves according to the Bible at Jeremiah 10:23.
    So we need rulership. Had Adam and Eve not broken with God in Eden the world today would be fully populated with perfect humans who genuinely care for their fellowman. They did of course, and we're now reaping 6,000 years of man's independence from God. No wonder the world's in a mess.
    Still, God's purpose hasn't changed and it will work out as it originally would have, in God's due time. The Bible promises all of this but, sadly, few people put any credence to it. Interestingly, if I'd stated these points from a holy book of so-called paganism, like the writings of the Buddha or the Vedas many would believe it.

    • Richard Lee Van DV says:

      6000 years? The IGNORANCE of Bible Thumpers is amazing! A Theocracy? Like of similar to what the Muslims want? No wonder the "new people" are turning away from Christianityi, and those who like to say that they believer every word in "the Bible" is true, and it is all directly from God. Men, SUPPOSEDLY inspired, penned the Christian Bible. I am a THEIST, but not a proponet of obvious ignorance!

      • Paul Herring says:

        You are entitled to your opinion of course. However, as a "Bible Thumper" as you label us we do have credibility to point to. The Bible has never been proven to be wrong in what it says. And men have tried let me add. The Churches have no credibility it's true, but they've apostatised from the Bible anyway as I've stated earlier in this forum. Can you measurably and reliably offer a better explanation as to why things are as they are, Richard?

  21. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    I think you need to go back and reread the entire paragraph containing this sentence:

    "I believe that man’s natural state is anarchy, and in a perfect world it would be the optimum system (or non-system) for people to interact with each other on a peaceful and voluntary basis."

    • Paul Herring says:

      I did reread it and had previously read it, Robert. So if anarchy won't work, and it doesn't seem democracy is, what's left but theocracy (God-rule)? From a human government perspective, all forms of rulership have been tried it seems. Realistically though, none of them has worked.

      • oscarwildeweenr says:

        administered directly? or will god employ human representatives? hasn't theo crassly ruled unjust thusly before?

        sigh-entists say a lot of things. i.e., hopefully, one’s ability to sigh is not impeded.

        an anarchist's natural state is anarchy. a conformist's natural state is conformity. man, plural, is not an individual man. putting = between individuals & cohorts is an error. Plus, in between those poles is a spherical, at the least, continuum. throw in time, as should, & now it’s 4D(imensions).

        “matter determines how space is curved, & space determines how matter moves.” but what determines dance partners is unknown. prolly all that dark meat (darkmatter, darkenergy). ☻

        • Paul Herring says:

          Thanks for your response here. You raised a question at the top of it: "…will god employ human representatives?" As one of Jehovah's Witnesses and a Bible student, I believe God will use human representatives as 'administrators' of the earth. However, such ones will have proven, even in their imperfection, preparedness to do things God's way – as directed by Him.

          The challenges human society faces today comes as a result of leaders who have their own agendas. In the main they don't have the welfare of those they rule over as paramount even though they purport to do so at election time. Such "me-first" politicians have never and will never rule successfully because their motives aren't altruistic. This fact is now becoming evident to even the most politically-minded of those amongst us.

          • oscarwildeweenr says:

            there's the rub. actually, more of a grinding. god's mouth to rep's ears is just as much a synchro-less transmission as "but if we tax you the representation will be better…" is. whatever made of, rulers should be limited to 12" & the drawing of the types of lines that don't exist in nature. now that would be a golden rule. ☻

      • Reality Seeker says:

        Paul, you sound like a Jehovah's Witness who is preaching the "Good News of God's Kingdom".

        I used to live steps away from the "World Headquarters of The Watchtower Tract & Bible Society". If I heard Jeremiah 10:23 quoted once, I've heard it a thousand times. Yes, I've heard it uttered and interpreted by some of the most intelligent and interesting members from that group of devout Bible Students, including Fredrick William Franz.

        Everybody has to make a choice, Paul, even if you choose to do nothing. The Jehovah's Witnesses might be right in their belief that an individual should remain "neutral" in "worldly" governmental affairs and instead choose God and wait for His "Kingdom" to come and His divine Will be done. God's Government might be the answer, but man's religion is not. Religion record is clear. Personally, I have nothing but admiration for the Amish, Jehovah's Witnesses, or other groups who live a non-violent lifestyle in voluntary cooperation. It remains to be seen whether or not there shall be divine intervention anytime soon. But, I'll tell you this: nothing short of divine intervention will stop the painful reality in store for mankind. "Man has dominated man to his own injury" Ecclesiastes 8:9. And that fact shall continue unabated……..

        • Paul Herring says:

          Thanks for your fine comments, Reality Seeker. Yes, I'm a Witness of 40 years+ from Australia. What I've written here I like to think is scriptural. You're right in saying that religion's record is not a good one (you said "clear" so I'm assuming not real good!). Of all institutions organised religion has done more to damage the image of God and the Bible than any other. No wonder there is so much unbelief.

          However, Robert spoke here of conformity/nonconformity. Governments worldwide in imperfect human society need to be there but once in power the abuse of their mandate is pretty much universal. Therefore we believe what you've stated from Eccl 8:9. So again, if all forms of human governments haven't worked, surely aligning ourselves with God's future government makes sense. It will happen whether we (humans individually or collectively) do that or not. Appreciate your remarks – thanks again.

          • Richard Lee Van DV says:

            "God's future government"? That is the most empty statement I have ever read! Thumpers seem to have lost any ability they may have had TO THINK. To include "reason".

          • Paul Herring says:

            My last comment on this, Richard. Resorting to insults and name-calling has always been the last refuge of those who don't have something better to offer. Over several of RJR's posts you've made comments which seem to reflect respect for your own views and no one else's. So I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this topic. Cheers!

  22. trying2b-amused says:

    Mr. Ringer, I have gotten much insight from your work, and I offer the following in the hope of, in a small way, "paying back" , so to speak. You say: "in an anarchistic society, the same kind of criminals who hold the reins of power in today's governments would prey upon their unprotected neighbors." There will, of course, always be criminals. But is the situation not made much worse by the existence of an institution embodying, in essence, the idea that it is legitimate and necessary for some individuals to do things which, by common moral consent, would be considered wrong if anyone else did them, that is to say, government, or more precisely, the State? Will criminals not be inexorably drawn to the State and the shield of legitimacy which it provides, and does that legitimacy not make it all but impossible for the honest and the decent to defend themselves against such criminals? However much violence and disorder might exist in a society without the State, is it reasonable to suppose it could even remotely approach the level of destruction and mass slaughter facilitated, as history all too clearly shows, by the coercive machinery of the State? Is not the true utopian delusion the notion that the State can be limited, that the same "flawed" humans which are supposedly unfit for anarchy will suddenly become angels when granted exception from the moral law as elements of the State?

    • ◄Dave► says:

      Profound, sir! Thanks for sharing that perspective. I have been inching closer and closer to declaring myself a committed anarchist, and have spent considerable time trying to answer this one seemingly legitimate objection to the idea, which most opponents raise – the notion that the brutes will take over our neighborhoods creating chaos. Alas, most sheeple even equate the terms anarchy and chaos.

      I have used the conditions in the largely ungovernable territories in the Old West, during our Westward expansion, when the settlers had no 911 system, and had to defend themselves and their families with no more help than available from friends and neighbors. I have posited that there are several ungovernable territories in the world today (e.g. along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border) where the local inhabitants live in relative peace and harmony, without interference from any government claiming sovereignty over their tribal homeland.

      Yet, the argument you make here is the very best rebuttal I have yet encountered, to the standard 'chaos' objection. It fits well with an argument I have often made, regarding my observation that the predominant job of many police forces, seems to be to protect known criminals, from the wrath of the friends and family of their victims. It shall now occupy a prominent spot in my rhetorical quiver, for which I am grateful. ◄Dave►

  23. Will says:

    What have you people done positive today then vent?

  24. saintquinn says:

    Robert Wrote:
    "In recent times, however, socialists thinkers have redefined the term equality to mean EQUALITY OF RESULTS, “social justice,” and the abolition of “exploitation.” These themes run not only throughout the fabric of socialist societies, but so-called capitalistic societies as well. As a result, their moral validity goes virtually unchallenged."
    The only way there can be "EQUALITY OF RESULTS" is to HAMMER DOWN and Destroy THE WHITE RACE…
    Which is what: "Brown vs The BOE", "the civil rights act", affirmative action, diversity, the 1964 immigration act HAVE DONE….PROGRESSIVELY DESTROY WHITES….
    Whites BETTER Face that and RESPOND ACCORDINGLY….

    Also Robert wrote:
    "All this is by the design of those who hunger for power over others. Just as modern mass production requires the standardization of materials and machines, so, too, does the top-down social process require the STANDARDIZATION OF PEOPLE. Toward that end, statists — and the radical left, in particular — now erroneously refer to standardization as equality".
    In case you haven't noticed the DESTRUCTION of Whites includes WHITE RACIAL DESTRUCTION….
    Haven't you noticed the incessant media BRAIN WASHING and FORCED race mixing social engineering?