Plausible Deniability

Posted on September 1, 2023 by Robert Ringer


Like all pundits, I’ve had my share of predictions that didn’t pan out, so I try not to stick my neck out too often.  My best and easiest call was assuring readers at least two years before the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton would never be president of the United States.  I didn’t think my prediction was that big of a deal, because to me it was so obvious.  I never understood why more people didn’t see that Hillary was the ultimate deplorable even in the eyes of many Democrats.

Hillary aside, I try to resist making predictions, because there are too many unforeseen factors in today’s tumultuous world that can quickly turn things upside down.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist making an exception for Joe Biden.  Everyone is now predicting he won’t run in 2024, but I put that in writing in an article clear back in January 2022.

In that article, I said Biden would be forced to step aside, but that it might not be for a year or more, because Democrats first have to solve the Kamala problem they created for themselves.  The problem, of course, was insisting on anointing a “black” woman vice president even though their own voters had rejected Kamala in a humiliating fashion in the 2016 primaries.

A year later, in a January 17, 2023 article, I wrote:  “My best guess is that the Dems will allow Joe to continue being the make-believe president for as long as possible to avoid the negative optic of a lame duck in the Oval Office.  Then, shortly before the primaries begin, he will announce that he’s not going to run for reelection ‘for the good of the country.’  He will be hailed as a magnanimous patriot who put the wellbeing of America before his own.”

Which brings us to the present.  Though the Dems desperately want Joe gone, they still have not resolved the Kamala problem, but James Comer could conceivably bring it to a head.  If he continues to dig up damning evidence that Joe Biden has for years been running a bribery, racketeering, and money-laundering enterprise, they may have no choice but to give him the boot sooner rather than later.

One way or another, Biden is headed for the exit.  Unless, of course, his rotted, delusional brain causes him believe he will always be untouchable.  Remember, he’s been getting away with committing massive crimes and telling massive lies his entire life, so he has every reason to be confident.  His modus operandi is straightforward:  Refuse to answer questions, and when occasionally cornered by a “stupid son of a bitch” like Steve Doocy, simply mumble “It’s not true” and walk away.

We all remember when Tony Bobulinski asked Joe Biden’s brother, “How are you guys getting away with this?  Aren’t you concerned?” to which Jim Biden chuckled and answered, “plausible deniability.”  To a normal person, it seems incomprehensible that anyone would have the audacity to simply deny something in the face of overwhelmingly evidence to the contrary, but through decades of criminal activity revolving around the selling of the Biden brand, the Bidens have learned that a simple denial is all they need.

In a civilized world, such insulting audacity would never fly, but we’re not living in a civilized world.  If you’re a Democrat in 2023, you can deny the most heinous crimes imaginable, because you know the legacy media will cover for you.  The media’s complicity has, in fact, been an integral part of the greatest criminal conspiracy in U.S. history, and it will continue indefinitely, because none of their commentators will ever be prosecuted for their lies.

Nor will they ever admit they were wrong, and they certainly will never be embarrassed when caught lying.  On the contrary, they simply move on to the next story and double down on their falsehoods.  A few years ago, it was Trump-Russia collusion, today it’s “There’s not one shred of evidence connecting Joe Biden to his son’s business dealings.”  It never stops.

Meanwhile, a few Republican Congressmen are still resisting a Biden impeachment.  And Kevin McCarthy, a Benedict Arnold waiting to happen, says the House “might” start an impeachment inquiry in late September.  Gee, Kevin, how bold of you.  Why not the first week of September?  Take a cue from Democrats who act now when they have an enemy in their sights.  They don’t even allow a little thing like a lack of evidence to slow them down.

In the meantime, sleepy Joe keeps chugging along as puppet president of the United States, and no one seems curious about why he would stop 50 years of influence peddling now that he occupies the highest office in the country.  Sadly, we’ll probably never know how much money Biden has made since becoming president, particularly how much he’s made from funding Zelensky and the Ukraine War.

I believe it was a patriot by the name of JRB Ware who once said, “Cheating isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”  And to their financial credit, the Bidens bought into his mantra hook, line, and sinker.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

2 responses to “Plausible Deniability”

  1. ebookaholic says:

    I still stand by my theory that Obama has been running a shadow government since 2016 and is currently on his 4th term as Banana Republic dictator.

    This is the only reason why we have moved closer to the destruction of the country and why there were so many betrayals while Trump was in office.

    The only question is who is pulling Obummer's strings?

  2. eventhrottle says:

    Only Trump seems bold (and creative) enough to tangle with the Dems toe-to-toe. Trouble is, he's still a political/government amateur and has made himself an easy target. Kind of like sending up an eminent barroom brawler, however ferocious and determined, against Sugar Ray Leonard or Floyd Mayweather. Sharp as he is, I'm afraid Vivek Ramaswamy would have similar limitations in a different way. I'm partial to Tom Cotton myself, who's sadly bowed out of the coming contest. What I'd love way more than President Tom Cotton would be President Tom Cotton with prolonged national emergency powers.

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