Our Rigged Game of Monopoly

Posted on March 22, 2023 by Robert Ringer


When it comes to government scams, the banking crisis is once again the topic du jour worldwide, but most of the talk surrounding it is frivolous.  Anyone with even a layman’s knowledge of finance realizes that the U.S. banking system is unsound and, technically speaking, has been unsound at least since President Nixon finished the job of separating gold from the dollar.

Fellow Americans, it’s time to get real.  Like it or not, we’re all involved in a rigged game of monopoly.  The way it works is that the Democrat Party’s biggest donors make billions when the printing presses are running at full speed and the Fed keeps interest rates artificially low.  Then, when the inevitable consequences set in, taxpayers are given the honor of bailing out the failed banks.  The net effect is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, a predictable result whenever government meddles in the economy.

What is becoming ever more obvious to rank-and-file citizens is that the government’s game of monopoly favors the establishment, especially the donor class.  The bailouts that were quickly implemented when SVB and Signature Bank came crashing down are nothing less than a transfer of wealth from middle- and lower-class taxpayers to Silicon Valley billionaires.

The justification for creating the Federal Reserve in 1913 was that it was supposed to protect against bank failures, but that myth was exposed 16 years later with the advent of the Great Depression.  Ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve, the government has artificially manipulated the economy by performing a balancing act between a deflationary depression and an inflationary depression.

It’s not as complicated as government talking heads would like you to believe:  Printing too much paper money and keeping interest rates artificially low can lead to a Weimar-style inflation, which leads to chaos and violence, which can lead to a dictatorship.  On the other hand, if the Fed tightens the money supply too much and allows interest rates to rise to their true market levels, it can lead to a deflationary depression, which is precisely what we got in 1929.

Today, with the United States government being run by children masquerading as adults, reality has started to set in.  The Biden puppeteers are dutifully carrying out the wishes of the leftwing crazies who call for unlimited government spending.  As we have been witnessing over the past two years, this leads to price inflation, which causes interest rates to rise.  Rising interest rates, in turn, cause bond prices to drop, and when that happens, banks become illiquid.

If all this sounds like a great way to destroy a country, it shouldn’t surprise you that in The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx wrote that one of the most important aspects of achieving societal control is “centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.”

The U.S. dollar has lost about 96% of its value since it came into existence.  With trillions of dollars in new spending on pursuits that create nothing of value, that decline in value is certain to accelerate in the coming years.  In case you’re wondering how the Fed can continue to inflate away the value of the dollar even after it has lost most of its value, the answer is through the magic of infinity.  Meaning, when the dollar has decreased in value by 99%, no problem.  Just keep right on inflating until the decrease in value is 99.9% … then 99.99% … then 99.999% … and so on to infinity.

The central bank serves the interests of big-spending politicians, big bankers, big government contractors, et al, so there’s a lot of incentive for the Fed to continue to inflate.  It’s the faceless commonfolk who pay for it in higher prices, higher debt, lower real wages, and lower employment.

But fear not.  We are told that U.S. currency is backed by “the full faith and credit of the United States Government.”  Which sounds good, except for the fact that the entity guaranteeing the value of your dollars is more than $31 trillion in debt!  Plain and simple, your dollars are backed by an entity that is bankrupt.  Take away government’s printing presses, coupled with its monopoly on the use of force, and the entire house of cards would collapse overnight.

Ron Paul has been calling for the abolishment of the Federal Reserve for decades.  He argues that it was created to bail out big banks when they get into trouble, which gives them a huge advantage over smaller banks.  As Paul has long argued, the Fed is both corrupt and unconstitutional.  Its policies consistently lower the living standard of most Americans while enriching well-connected elites.

To end on a positive note, I believe Vivek Ramaswamy is on target when he boldly states that the major government agencies (and, make no mistake about it, the Fed is a quasi-government agency) cannot be reformed; rather, they need to be dismantled.  And this week, Donald Trump also pledged to “dismantle the deep state” by firing rogue bureaucrats and career politicians.  Hopefully, Ron DeSantis will get on board and state something similar on the record.  (What any of the other Republican presidential hopefuls think is pretty much irrelevant.)

Robert Ringer

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