One Last Time: No Blue Wave

Posted on June 13, 2018 by Robert Ringer


I can’t understand what took conservative pundits and politicians so long to figure out that the 2018 Blue Wave is, and always has been, a myth.  I first wrote about this back on January 3rd of this year in an article titled “Spasms of a Dying Party.”

Now, with everyone from Hannity to Pat Buchanan jumping on the bandwagon and chiming in about the disappearance of the Blue Wave, it’s all but official:  There will be no Blue Wave in November.  Republicans will, at a minimum, hold their majority in the House and gain a net of anywhere from three to ten seats in the Senate.

How certain am I of this?  I like to break down my calls into three categories:  likelihoods, predictions, and guarantees.  My no-Blue Wave call on the upcoming midterms is somewhere between a prediction and a guarantee.  The only reason I don’t put it solidly in the guarantee category is because establishment Republicans — led by odious prom king Paul Ryan — appear determined to work overtime to pass amnesty legislation that is sure to turn populist Republican voters against them.

Unequivocally stating that Horrible Hillary would never be president was a much easier call for me than the demise of the Blue Wave.  After Horrible was pummeled in 2008 by a shiftless, pot-smoking community organizer with no serious work experience and deep ties to communist and socialist organizations, it was easy for me to guarantee that she would never be president of the United States.  I reaffirmed that guarantee many times over the next eight years, even though many of my readers were skeptical.

Trust me, I’m not a prophet.  Whenever I make a call, it’s based on nothing more than facts that are available to the general public coupled with a hefty dose of common sense.  Anyone who watched those wild Trump general-election rallies and added some good common sense into the mix should have arrived at the same conclusion.

And so it is with the so-called Blue Wave that media pundits (including those at Fox News, by the way) excessively talked about after Trump’s election.  Alas, it was nothing more than wishful thinking.  Like most of the fantasies put out by pundits and politicians, the Blue Wave was just a case of confusing desire with reality.

The good news is that even though establishment Republicans are doing everything they can to lose seats in 2018, the deranged Dirty Dems are doing even more to make sure Republicans are elected.  That’s right, the chief reason why the Dirty Dems have virtually no chance of bringing about a Blue Wave is because their hate, anger, and insanity are actually persuading more and more voters to move toward Republicans.

By insanity, I’m referring to such doozies as:

  • Nutty Nancy sarcastically blurting out, “Hip, hip, hooray, unemployment is down” and, referencing the Republican tax cut by saying, “Insulting crumbs they give working families are meager and temporary.” Put another way, let them eat cake.
  • Cryin’ Chuck equating violent offenders (referring to MS-13 gang members) to “our great grandparents.” Hmm … makes me wonder what his great grandparents did for a living.
  • Cory Booker pulling his “tears of rage” stunt over use of the term “chain migration.” It was a historic performance that rivaled Cryin’ Chuck’s bemoaning the plight of Syrian refugees.
  • Mad Mamma Obama admonishing women who voted for Trump, insultingly saying that she is “concerned about us as womenand how we think.”  Her pompous remark rivaled that of Madeleine Albright’s, who famously said, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t vote for Hillary Clinton.”
  • Bill Maher dropping jaws by saying, “I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy, so please, bring on the recession.” Of course, a severe recession would cause pain to millions of working people, but since Maher has a $10 million annual salary with HBO, he need not worry.
  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey groveling and expressing regret to the crazed left because he dared to eat at Chick-fil-A, a fast food chicken chain whose CEO opposes gay marriage on religious grounds.

Of course, these are just a handful of an endless list of examples with which I know you are all too familiar.  But when I look back on the total collapse of the Democratic Party, the Dirty Dem performance I will always think of as the crown jewel of idiotic remarks came from a relatively unknown Democratic strategist, Joel Payne.  On Laura Ingraham’s show, Payne — with a straight face, mind you — gave President Trump an F on domestic policy and a D+ on foreign policy.

If you’re like most people, you probably find yourself wondering if these folks are serious.  Well, the truth is that they are so crazed that they themselves probably don’t know if they’re serious, but the one thing that is clear is that their mental disorder is very serious.

Which raises the question, why do they continue to say such hateful and outrageous things if it repeatedly results in higher approval ratings for President Trump?  Hint:  What does it mean when someone does the same thing over and over again and expects a different result?  I believe it’s hate and anger that drive the Radical Left’s insanity, and their insanity, in turn, drives them to continue saying outrageous things even though they know it makes Trump more popular.

Which raises yet another question:  After their crushing defeats in 2018 and 2020 make it clear that they can never regain power so long as they cling to their hateful, angry, insane rhetoric, what will their next move be?  Will they ultimately conclude that their only option is violent revolution?  They certainly have demonstrated they are more than capable of violence.

A more likely possibility, however, is that the Democratic Party will split into two (or perhaps three) parties after the Republicans increase their numbers in the 2018 midterms and Trump wins overwhelmingly in 2020.  And the person who just might force that to happen is none other than U.B. — more commonly known to all as “Uncle Bernie.”  He is truly the Dirty Dems’ worst nightmare.

Any way you look at it, it sure promises to be fun.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

22 responses to “One Last Time: No Blue Wave”

  1. Steven Lidkea says:

    Love it! Love, love, love the left eating itself in huge mouthfuls.

    My only concern is that part of the black community that still believes Trump is a virulent racist and Obama was the best thing that ever happened. Many seem quite disposed to violence (at least at this point. Perhaps ongoing improvements to their lives will eventually change that).

    • Bill Thomas says:

      Yes, I think you can still figure on the Black community voting largely for the Democratic nominee in 2020. However, that wasn't enough to elect Hillary in 2016 and it won't be again in 2020. As Blacks percentage of the population is about 13% last time I checked, even though they vote largely as a bloc, it won't be enough to put Bernie or whomever in office. Sooner or later, the Black voting population will hopefully come off of the Democratic plantation and realize that the Dems have done them much more harm than good.

  2. Jon says:

    You surprised me with this one, Robert. The one acknowledgement I've felt I had to make is that the Dims are nothing if they're not unanimous in their hatred for Trump. Hence, thus far, they continue to vote as a bloc; insanity not withstanding. Meanwhile, the Rinos are seemingly split forever from the conservative crowd.

    I would like to think (hope) that you are spot-on with this assessment. I just have to admit I'm hard pressed to see it.

  3. greg says:

    All I see happening no matter who and what party advances in the short run is just a delay in the Shadow Government getting their way. It may take another 6 years for them to totally get control again but they still are doing plenty of damage in the meantime. Trump will be very lucky if the real powers-that-be don't take him out or harm his family some how. These crazy liberal/communists are relentless and will stop at nothing. In the meantime, I can't say just how much enjoyment I get watching the left (and even the extreme right) take their fits publicly against Trump. Nothing satisfies me more than knowing the Deep State hates him and that shows he’s doing a few things right.

    • Bill Thomas says:

      Yes, I think the idea about "draining the swamp" was quickly dispelled when Trump quickly put a bunch of Goldman Sachs boys in his Cabinet. Lately, his choices of Bolton and Pompei shows who really are in control, and whether it's Dem or Republican the Zionists and other right wing zealots seem to run things.

  4. Arthur Brown says:

    Not to belabor the point but the far left and far right are both guilty of – as some guy I remember wrote long ago – believing their own bull sh!t. What is hard is realizing that they DO BELIEVE IT! watching Shumer, Pelosi, et al, on The tube and thinking "what Liars!" when, in fact, they believe, I believe, are telling what is,to them, the truth! And it is the same for the far right, who hold fast their economic doctrines long after seeing them fail.

  5. Long Time Lurker says:

    For those trying to predict how 'the black community' will vote. Breaking news. There is no such thing as 'the black community'. The idea of 'community' is nonsense. Each individual black person has their own individual brain, which comes with an amazing thing known as 'free will' in deciding how to vote.

    Go on if you want to see evidence of many black people thinking for themselves and publishing anti-democrat views.

  6. Rocketman says:

    I completely agree with your analysis except for the break up of the Democrat Party. More likely, I think, is that the uber left (Bernie supporters) leaves the Democrats and joins the Green Party. The outright communists join the Communist Party USA. The ANTIFA branch create their own political party based on Mao communists which they have already said that they want to have the USA become and the moderate Democrats join the Libertarian Party. Of these only the Green Party and the Libertarian Party have long lasting staying power. I would like to see an article by you sometime on what you think is the best way for the Libertarian Party to approach this topic as I value greatly your opinions.

  7. Jean says:

    One of the beneficiaries of Trump's election – besides the average American – has been the Libertarian party. People are disgusted with the performance of the RINOs, who completely blew the opportunity to reign in spending with their last budget debacle, to defund several onerous, redundant and unnecessary agencies and to support what the American people voted for, and they distrust the Democrats with good reason. Libertarian and independent candidates are gaining both a toe-hold in many areas as well as a voice in helping to shape major legislation. Let Pelosi, Ellison and Uncle Bernie grandstand – it will ensure the left is slowly squashed into the dust, hopefully not to rise again until two or three generations have forgotten the damage they've done.

  8. Steven M Bate says:

    Democrats are Communists and Republicans are Fascists. Choose your poison. Trump, who as a candidate everyone thought was anti-establishment, has joined up at the hip with the swamp he promised to drain.

    • Jon says:

      By definition Fascists will use violence to achieve their goals. I don't see any Republicans, any where, resorting to violence. The Bolsheviks called the German National Socialists (Nazi) "right wing." But that's only because the Nazi's were to the right of the Bolsheviks. Unfortunately "right wing" stuck, but they were all in the socialist camp.

  9. TheLookOut says:

    RJR, love your optimistic musings, I only Hope & Pray they will come to pass.

  10. Rick G. says:

    I surely hope that you are right about "No Blue Wave". These cry baby Dirty Dems look and act like a bunch of spoiled brats who need their a***s blistered and sent to their room. If they only knew how silly they look in public acting like that. No class, no self-esteem, no shame. How pathetic. As for me, I am somewhat jaded in the realm of politics as we cannot be totally sure how all this will turn out for the midterms. A lot of things can happen that are beyond control. And voters are notoriously stupid too it goes without saying. I always believe that the check is never any good until it clears the bank.The main thing that worries me is that history has a bad habit of repeating itself. It shows that the out-party nearly always makes major inroads enough to shift the House and Senate from the party that is currently in power. I just hope that this time you are right, Robert, and those in power stay in power. These Blue Wavers are probably the same nut cases who predicted a landslide victory for Horrible Hillary. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  11. Tony says:

    A few of points that might merit attention:
    1. (a) Communists RARELY give up power once they achieve it. This is merely a historical fact. A doctrine whose fundamental premise is the achievement of totalitarian power is not prepared to give it up willingly.
    (b) Communists achieved power in the US. They took over the executive branch. They infiltrated over 14,000 new federal “employees” into the governmental infrastructure. Each one was ideologically vetted. Valerie Jarrett made sure of that. The stooges in the legislature and legislative staff were ecstatic. They’d done it!
    (c) With a stranglehold on the executive branch, they immediately made plans for completing the take-over of the government. The agit-prop units were activated again. The “vote-creation” units were activated. If necessary, a repeat of the “more votes than registered voters” phenomenon that occurred during the ©bama elections would be made to happen. The legislature had to be consolidated. The Supreme Court needed to be packed. More hacks like Sotomayor had to be placed in there. The plans were laid out. The Hilla would win and after that, it was just execution.
    2. But the Hilla lost! Horror of horrors! How could that be? Now the communists had to give up the power they had achieved. But that clashed completely with their ideology and what passes for their “philosophy”. The result? HATRED! HATRED OF THE STUPID FOOLS WHO WOULD NOT LET THEMSELVES BE RULED BY THE ELITE! HATRED OF THE STUPID FOOLS WHO DIDN’T WANT THE SUPERIOR ELITES TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO! AND MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, HATRED OF THE SYMBOL OF THOSE STUPID FOOLS… THE ONES WHO REJECTED THE COMMUNIST CANDIDATE… HATRED OF THE “ELECTED ONE”. He could have been called John Smith, for all they cared. His name just happened to be Trump… and he happens to have a “somewhat abrasive” personality. But it was the fact that he represents a glitch in their plan that ignited the HATRED. And that HATRED turned to RAGE! And it is that RAGE that is driving them to carry on – even when their actions become counterproductive. There is too much HATRED and RAGE behind them.
    3. Only TWO things kept us from outright violent revolution (which is “justified” under these people’s ideology, in order to retain power). One was the Constitution itself – specifically the electoral voting process described therein, which neutralized a lot of the false votes created at the “popular” level. Originally a mechanism to allow clearer minds to elect a worthy President even if the popular vote resulted in the election of a charismatic demagogue which would destroy the republic, it didn’t work when the charlatan ©bama was elected, but it saved the day in 2016. The charlatan was obliged to turn the government over to the newly elected head of state.
    The other thing that saved us was the Second Amendment. The prospect of revolutionary hordes having to face a good portion of the currently armed citizens as they attempted to impose their communist will, had to be a very sobering thought for them. This – by the way – explains in part WHY they are so rabidly opposed to the Right to Keep and bear Arms.
    4. So… what is left for them? Well, there is the obvious foaming at the mouth, which we see daily, especially if you momentarily dial through CNN, MSNBC and other yellow media outlets, or at newsstands, if your eyes happen to fall on the front page of the Washington Post, the New York Times or other has-beens which are now just yellow rags and communist mouthpieces. Then there are the corresponding radio stations, blaring out sound-bytes like rusted New Year’s trumpets. And there’s the braying of the antifa crowd and similar (or copy-cat) organizations, who attempt to hide behind anonymity (both personal and financial) to carry on their subversive work and their violent physical attacks.
    5. As they continue with these obvious (to some) tactics, even the most naïve and indifferent and sport obfuscated of Americans is starting to become aware of the fact that there is something WRONG with these people. I mean, you can spew HATRED and spittle out RAGE for just so long before people start wondering what your problem is.
    I notice some comments above making reference to the “Black community” and “counting on it” to vote for the Dems in 2020. It is interesting to note the psychology behind this… the differentiation on the basis on the admittedly superficial content of melanin in a person’s skin, which in turn, implies disregard for the mind driving that person.
    In my own dealings with individuals who happen to be Black, I have not observed this. I find as much sincere concern for what is happening with the country as I find anywhere else. We tend to forget that it was white Americans who swallowed the socialist line (or chose to disregard the obvious communist links, or – in many cases – covered them up) and elected the charlatan ©bama to the presidency. And many Americans – of all races – thought it was a good thing to have the first mulatto president – some for symbolism, others as an indication that perhaps our race obsession was abating, and so on. And many of those – again, thanks to cover ups largely by white Americans – gave no thought to the political-ideological disaster that was being unleashed on America.
    I think that as time passes, as more information comes to light, and as the communist behavior pattern becomes more evident (and influenced by HATE and RAGE), more and more people will find the “democratic” party option (AKA communist option) more and more repulsive. And I think that day will arrive much more quickly if WE start to re-examine our age-old thinking and stop thinking of people and judging them on the basis of superficial attributes, like skin-color, and start considering, as MLK once said, the content of their character.
    Some of the behaviors attributed to the “black community” are no different than behaviors attributed to white communities with similar demographics (poverty level, education, etc.).
    Anyways, just some food for thought as the debacle continues.

  12. Marte says:

    It really is hard to comprehend the insanity – but there it is.

  13. Jacque says:

    Democrats are buying vote by giving my money to voters that accept it in order to get more money. Is this a form of pandering?

  14. RealitySeeker says:

    "The chief reason why the Dirty Dems have virtually no chance of bringing about a Blue Wave is because their hate, anger, and insanity are actually persuading more and more voters to move toward Republicans."

    Yeah, and let's not forget people like "Punchy" De Niro, and the standing ovation Punchy received at the Tony Awards.

    My message to Punchy and all his Hollywood peers is this: "all you mothers can say hi to Tony Bourdain for me; and the only award any of you Trump haters deserve is a bathrobe belt.

    Really, Trump has actually exceeded my expectations, and I want to know where is his Nobel Peace Prize? President DT actually deserves an award. And I bet that even if Chublet Kim visits Trump in the White House and Trump does a peace deal better than JFK's deal with the despicable USSR and DT actually averts a nuclear war that would kill 30 million Asians, not one of those Liberal Mothers will give Trump any credit whatsoever…. not one! "Hillary would make a better deal", they'll say….

    My wish is that the Dirty Dems all hang themselves…. yeah, I know what you're thinking: that's too harsh. No it's not. I'd rather see as many of them dead, buried and their eternal fate in God's hands, than see them alive and completely ruin our country and possibly push America into a civil war. Anybody whose idea it is is to hope the economy crashes just to get rid of Trump deserves the Bordain Award. What in hell are these despicable people going to wish for next? — a nuclear war? That might get rid of Trump, too, you know.

    "Go hang yourself", Punchy……..

  15. Rock Roach says:

    Hey Robert how did you forget bafoons like Robert Dinero who completely make asses out of themselves on awards programs?I long ago added him to my boycott list with Meryl Streip,Johnny Depp,and many of the other hollywood liberals.They just keep guaranteeing the Red Flood will continue.The one thing that the average joe doesn't want to listen to is their political opinions.

  16. Robby Bonfire says:

    I foresee Radicals (not “progressives”) further hurting their power mongering cause by introducing legislation in key states banning home schooling, which is taking more children out of the public education P.C. brain washing system with each passing year. A relative of mine from Ontario, Canada told me, this past week, that public education up there is now indoctrinating third graders into the joys of oral and anal sex.

    Parents, united in fighting the high tide of the Hollywood slime bag culture, are going to become a loud voice as soon as the elitist forces start trying to co-opt choice as to how you raise your children as though THEY own your children’s nurturing process.

    The Trump Administration would be smart to jump on this family values bandwagon, right now. Enough degenerate society in the name of “equal rights.” They destroyed the institution of Holy Matrimony, they put Christmas to rout, how about standing up to the forces of darkness where the battle for your child’s mind is on the line?

  17. Freddy says:

    I feel like a small boy living in the rural Midwest, it's summer and every day a new circus comes to town. Here come the jugglers, next the elephants, then clowns, a barker, the ringmaster, twirling ladies, the fat man, assorted freaks, and on and on. I'm 75 years old and the last two years has been the greatest show on earth. Can't wait to wake up tomorrow.
    As an aside, the best line I've heard in 50 years of politics was DJT's line at the first Republican debate . . . "I own every man on this stage" and all those poseurs on the stage could only hang their heads as they knew it was absolutely true.

  18. larajf says:

    The Dems are completely free of any "rational thought." They only care about their feelings.

    And at some point, I think more and more will wake up and tire of seeing the rest act like spoiled six year olds demanding their free phones, and free college degrees, and free everything.

    Now if we could only put together a "free" daycare for the remaining spoiled Demo-Brats.